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 Post Post subject: Rebuilding the Church: Part 1
Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 8:05 pm 
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Welcome to the first of eight studies through the books of I and II Thessalonians. We will look at one chapter per week, while discussing the books as a whole. Here are a few of my thoughts regarding I Thessalonians 1 to get us started.

Paul, writing to the church at Thessalonica, makes special mention in the first verse of how they were "in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ." (All of my quotations will be taken from the KJV.) This praise was not extended to just any church that Paul wrote to. See I Corinthians through Colossians for proof of this. This commendation is extended through the fourth verse, mentioning their "work of faith", "labour of love," "patience of hope," and "election of God." I was most interested by the last phrase: "election of God," and so looked it up. It appears that the meaning referred to their being chosen by God. It is evident that He was using them in a special way! This entire first chapter is praising the Thessalonians for their stedfastness. Whenever the Gospel came to them, it "came not unto them in word only, but also in power." They heard the Gospel and immediately began to be used for his cause!

Applications: What can we learn from this chapter? I will post what I got out of it, and compile your thoughts into this post as well.

1. God wants to use us! If we let the Gospel, God's Word, reach us in power as well as word, God will use us to do His plan!

2. Being a Christian is not supposed to be easy. In verse 5, it says they received the word "in much affliction." Is this not true for us today as well? More and more, whether it be at school, in the workplace, and even in some homes, persecution of Christianity is taking place. I pray that we be like the Thessalonians and have patience of hope, and joy in the Holy Ghost, to be able to readily share Christ with our world.


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 Post Post subject: Re: Rebuilding the Church: Part 1
Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 9:09 pm 
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This is what I thought of it:


Paul is making note of the fact they are saved and are of God. He is letting them know that he is praying for them.
We need to let other believers know that we are praying for them. Encourage them, just like Paul did for the Thessalonians.


He is acknowledging the fact that they knew what they believed. "For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance". They knew what they were believing, and why they were believing it. Too few people nowdays know what they believe. We need to let Christians know they aren't saved just to be saved. They're to serve God.


Paul says that the Thessalonians were "ensamples", or examples, to other believers. They were bold for their faith and made it known. They were like the "Billy Sunday of the ancient times" if you will. Everyone knew who he was. Just like him, the Thessalonians were known for their faith. Believers in this time need to be bold and steadfast for Christ.


The Thessalonians were waiting for Christ to come. They knew he was coming again. They were getting ready. Lots of Christians today are just waiting around and doing nothing for the cause of Christ. We need to be getting ready for His second coming. It would be awful to stand before God and have nothing to say or offer to Him.

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