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Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 8:41 pm 
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Hey y'all. I didn't enjoy the Nature In A Nutshell book too much (I had it as a devotion last year). And I didn't think everyone else would either, so I'm going to start to post a devotion from a new devotion book, entitled Getups!. I'll be posting it daily, as that is the format of this devotion book. Every day, the story is based on what happened that exact day, long, long ago. I also reccomend to come to this board in the morning and read it. That's why the book is called Getups! It helps jumpstart your day.

Book Information:

Review & Herald Publishing published the book, written by Dorothy Eaton Watts.. If you want to get your very own copy of the devotion I'll be posting from, click here! It's really great, from what I've read so far. Remember these words are the words of Mrs. Watts and they are copyrighted by her. She originially published as This Is The Day in 1982 and has revised it for this year :). Getups! was edited by Bobbie Jane Van Dolson in co-operation with Mrs. Dorothy Eaton Watts. Mrs. Watts assumes full responsibility for the accuracy of all facts and quotations cited in her stories. This book was also copyedited by James Cavil. This book's ISBN number is 0-8280-1844-8 and can be bought at your local Christian Book Store or here. It's $13.99 in the US and $18.99 in Canada.

Info About The Author:
Dorothy Eaton Watts grew up in the hills of southern Ohio, where she learned to love bird-watching and animals of all kinds. (She's had a vareity of pets, including a python and three monkeys.) She is currently the associate secretary of the Southern Asia Division of Seventh-day Adventists in India, where her husband, Ron, is the division president. They have served God nearly 25 years in India, where she was the first director of Sunshine Orphanage, a home for abandoned babies. Mrs. Watts has written 25 books, as well as Stories (for the magazines) Primary Treasure, Guide, Insight, and the Adventist Review.

Okay. Now for the January 6th's devotion...
Puny Teedie
“And in every work that he began…he did it with all his heart and prospered.”
-2 Chronicles 31:21

“I just don’t know what we can do about Teedie,” sighed Mrs. Roosevelt. “Sometimes it seems that he can hardly breathe.”

It was a real problem for the robust Roosevelts. Teedie, as they affectionately called puny little Theodore, had asthma so bad that it did at times seem that he would quit breathing altogether. There were other problems, too. One day when Theodore was playing with some friends, the boys began reading the words on a nearby billboard. Theodore could not only not read the words; he couldn’t even see the giant letters. From that time on, his round face was adorned with big glasses.

When Theodore was 12, his father told him frankly that if he were to have a sharp mind, he would have to develop a strong body. So Theodore began working on the project. He hiked, swam, and played in the outdoors as much as possible. And before long, he was on the way to becoming a strong athlete.

His mind developed too. Folks began to hear about Theodore Roosevelt, who was now called Teddy by crowds of affectionate people. When his picture was taken holding a small bear cub, a toy manufacturer commenced making little stuffed cubs, which were called then and forevermore teddy bears.

Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest man ever to become president of the United States. During his terms of service, the Panama Canal was begun. President Roosevelt became concerned about the giant business trusts in which one man would control an entire industry and thousands of lives. He worked hard to break up these monopolies.

He was very active in conservation, doing all his power to preserve the natural beauties of our land.

At the time of his death on January 6, 1919, puny little Teedie Roosevelt was known as a rough-and-ready champion of the people. He was one of our four presidents chosen to be immortalized by the giant sculpture on Mount Rushmore.

What a wonderful lesson he has left with us. There is no excuse for anyone, particularly a Christian, not to improve himself or herself. God has God has given to every person a measure of strength, a talent of some kind or a special gift. He leaves it with each of us to increase it to His honor and glory.

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