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 Post Post subject: Devotions - Friday April 28th, 2006
Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 6:32 am 
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Reading: 1 Samuel 15-16; Luke 20:1-26

Good morning Church,

It is terrible to watch the folly of a person, especially when the answer to their difficulty is plain and simple. Saul was heading down a dangerous path. He had already taken on the role of the priest. His zeal had no base of knowledge. So then next we find him becoming arrogant and treating God as if he is a far away God.

Saul had lost the dynasty and failed to repent because of his actions. Now he was stepping into complete disobedience and self-worth as he failed to follow the instructions of the Lord and set up a monument for himself. He failed to see himself as a servant of the Lord. His arrogance was making him useless to God. He lacked the discernment to understand his place and purpose in life. It was not as a mighty king but instead as a servant who must follow the word of the Lord exactly as it was given to him. For not understanding this and living a life based on it he was about to have the kingdom taken out of his hands.

He complicates matters by lying to his friend Samuel who was forced to abandon their friendship. For Samuel nothing and no one was as important as God so when his friend turned against God Samuel had to turn against his friend. Then Saul made a half-hearted attempt at repentance but was actually more concerned about being honoured in front of the elders. Appearance was everything to a leader, even in Saul’s day.

It went from bad to worse. Saul’s demise came quickly after his mistake with the sacrifice before the great battle. Soon he was abandoned by God and his prophet and another king was secretly anointed. We are told that God’s spirit (or anointing) left Saul and came upon David from time to time. We see that God has an interesting way of setting things up as he brings David into Saul’s service. From here we see God agitate Saul who quickly slips away from reality, a completely broken man. All he needed to avoid all of this was to repent, sincerely.

Repentance does not require anything other than a humble heart. Thus arrogance is an enemy of repentance. Arrogance treats God as non-important, as if he is at some great distance from us, not involved in our day-to-day living. It can also be the attitude that we are too important to God’s plans for him to deal with our sins. With this type of attitude we become useless to God, non-pliable, and in a place where God has to turn us over to our own demise.

Let us hope and pray that we are not in this place of arrogance. We need to search our hearts and ask ourselves if we are truly humble of heart, seeking after God’s will and desire for us. Are we who we ought to be or are we being left to our own demise? Is there sin upon us? Has God been forced to remove his hand from us? If we cannot ask the honest questions of ourselves then we need to ask ourselves why.

“Until the day Samuel died he did not go to see Saul again, though Samuel mourned for him. And the Lord was grieved that he had made Saul king over Israel.”

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