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 Post Post subject: Devotions - Tuesday, May 16th, 2006
Posted: Tue May 16, 2006 6:08 am 
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Reading: 2 Samuel 16-18; John 5:1-24

Good morning Church,

David's perspective is certainly one that is unique in the Old Testament scriptures. Unlike many of the blood thirsty fellows that surrounded him David saw the possibility of God in everything. It can be difficult to understand, especially when we allow ourselves to be conditioned simply to read and not understand the scripture.

As David left the city, in essence he left the kingdom, he employed the same tactic that he used with king Saul. He had enough troops that he could have stayed to fight, but this was his son, whom he loved. King Saul had also been a man whom he loved. In both cases he avoided the fight to give God room to work. I cannot recall a time when David lifted a hand to defend himself, except in the case of the battle that was about to take place. But even in this, how much of it was the Lord's direction, if not all?

As David came from the city there was the Benjamite man Shimei who heaped insults on the king and even threw rocks at him. David would not allow anyone to touch the man because God may have arranged this. It almost seems like an animal lover who refuses to kill a housefly because it is a living thing. David refused to raise his hand against his enemy unless directed to do so by the Lord, in case it was God's will. David had offended his God once he did not want to do it again.

Some of us may misunderstand David and may even consider that he was losing it in his old age, but this was the attitude and perspective that David had gained over the years of service to his God. We on the other hand do not consider God's will very much at all. We consider most things chance and simply circumstances. This attitude of David's rubs us the wrong way because it is so foreign to us. Good people and good leaders are those who are decisive, so we think. But decisive in what? Decisive in making decisions? Some people consider that any decision is better than no decision. What a terrible attitude.

David was decisive. He did not waiver on anything. He was decisive in allowing things to take place as God had arranged it. He did not consider anything to be by chance. He saw God's hand in everything. Instead of fighting against it he tried to understand it. Often times it took a while before God's purpose was seen or revealed to him, but one thing David had come to accept is that God can be trusted.

As you move through your day today look for the hand of God in everything. Actually see everything as if it were put into motion by the Lord. Accept the bad with the good. If you can understand the scripture that tells us to stand, to be faithful to our duties no matter what is taking place around us, then you can understand that we are in motion, passing through the plans of God. We are told that he uses all things for good. To stand with our King instead of fighting against him in the "circumstances" that he has allowed and designed takes trust; trust on the same level as David. We can be like Absalom and deal with everything in the flesh, or we can be like David and understand we walk in the Spirit.

Do as Jesus did, seek that honest relationship with the Father, and we will gain the perspective that allows us to see God's hand in everything.

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