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Postby NatetheGreat » Fri Sep 08, 2006 7:16 am

Catspaw wrote:
NatetheGreat wrote:
Catspaw wrote:
NatetheGreat wrote:
Catspaw wrote:
NatetheGreat wrote:
Darcie wrote:*sees image of Regis in his jammies sipping tea while on laptop scheming*

:hilarious: And.. and... MUNCHING CATSPAWS COOKIES!!! :hilarious:


Hey! :x I make famous creampuffs, not cookies! *threatens Nate with her nail file*

Oh, right, creampuffs. How could I forget? :anxious:

Because you're mean and incompetent! *glares* Don't make me force you to eat one of my creampuffs! :x

Oh, no- I, I didn't mean- I mean, I was- wasn't trying to insult you- I, I was just be- being in- in- incompo... incompra... incormpa... FORGETFULL! Yeah, that's it... :anxious:

Yeah. Yeah, that's what I thought. :x In the future, please try to avoid insulting Catspaw, and your life will be long and happy. Otherwise, there are definitely no guarantees! :noway:

My only true alligence is to Dr. Blackgaard. :noway:

BTW, is anyone trying to discover what the second D.O.L.L.Y. project is? :anxious:
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