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Re: Edit that quote!

Postby Kathy0 » Tue May 16, 2017 12:08 pm

Connie G. wrote:
Kathy0 wrote:
GJ wrote:
Connie G. wrote:
Kathy0 wrote:
Lizzy88 wrote:
GJ wrote:
Woody wrote:
Paula wrote:
Connie G. wrote:
Lizzy88 wrote:
Gaberk wrote:
Sameria_ZX wrote:
Gaberk wrote:
Paula wrote: >=] I expect to get FB, what do you think Sameria?

Well I think that you should get chocolate Paula! :shame:

Gaberk! How could you? What is your problem? ( :!!!: )

My problem is a severe lack of chocolate. Your suggestions?

I suggest you find a large vat of cocoa butter and throw me into it, then lick me clean.

*returns life to the thread that apparently died with melted cheese*

*hands Connie a machete*

*bakes cookies in his house

I love eating chocolate more than showering or living =P~

I shall be here in the morning

I shall be murder you in your sleep before then. :badgrin:

Kathy, you know polyester is bad for your skin?

I have to crack at least eighty-seven walnuts every day.

GJ, don't you know how Goerge Washington messed up Abraham Lincoln's teeth?

Of course, that's when the treaty of Versailles that should have ended the revolutionary war was torn up and used as a tooth for Abraham Lincoln

Wow, that is enough History for today. *hides*
I guess I'll stick around
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