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Ember Patrol: Death by Desert
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Author:  Tikvah [ Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:28 pm ]
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I give my XP to Woody for helping me with the performance.

Author:  Skid [ Wed Feb 17, 2016 3:37 pm ]
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Previously, the heroes infiltrated the enemy camp under the guise of traveling entertainers and were scheduled to perform that night.

1 XP, and 1 XP to give away to Bookworm, Woody, and Tikvah.

In the last, extra-long session, they put on a daring performance, disrupted the enemy commander's shapeshifting ability, discovered the enemy's artillery, set fire to the cultist's tents, stole their clothes, and made off with the dragon's dinner, in addition to miscellaneous mayhem and horse-thievery.

They each earn 4 XP, and gain another to give away.

Author:  bookworm [ Wed Feb 17, 2016 3:57 pm ]
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I give my XP to Tikvah for planning the performance.

Author:  Woody [ Sun Feb 21, 2016 3:42 pm ]
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2 weeks ago: I give my XP to bookworm for talking to Mr. Stabby

Author:  bookworm [ Sun Feb 21, 2016 3:45 pm ]
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I give my XP to Woody for helping with our escape.

Author:  Tikvah [ Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:09 pm ]
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Two Weeks Ago: I give my XP to Woody for volunteering to help with the performance.

Author:  bookworm [ Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:00 pm ]
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Barbarian Camp, Session 2 of 4
Continued from Part 1, Continued by Part 3, Part 4
We need an infiltration team. Gather intel on the approaching band of barbarians to discern their intentions.
17:59 bookworm is now known as Gareth
18:00 Tikvah is now known as Olwen
18:00 Woody is now known as Leviticus
18:00 <Gareth>: Levi, your pet naming convention is an anachronism.
18:00 <Gareth>: I just realized what you were doing.
18:01 <Gareth>: I'm slow sometimes :p
18:02 <Skid_GMing>: Heh.
18:02 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, you guys get your night's rest before setting out towards the enemy camp. What general strategy do you have in mind?
18:03 <Gareth>: I have no idea; I'm nervous
18:05 <Olwen>: Well, I think I can try my new disguise skill to sneak in. Maybe.
18:05 <Gareth>: We're supposed to sneak in and observe in secret right? Not infiltrate and blend in, like at the city?
18:06 <Skid_GMing>: That's up to you.
18:07 <Skid_GMing>: Blending in will be more difficult in this case, since they're expecting company from a specific source.
18:07 <Olwen>: I think it might be easiest to have at least one person that can be in sight, but I won't use it immediately.
18:08 <Skid_GMing>: Right. You can do disguises on the fly if the situation calls for it.
18:09 <Gareth>: What time is it?
18:10 <Skid_GMing>: It will take several hours to travel to the distant wisps of smoke that mark the enemy camp. You can pick the time you approach at.
18:13 <Gareth>: I guess dusk if we want to observe from outside before deciding how to get inside?
18:13 <Gareth>: Olwen?
18:13 <Skid_GMing>: Their camp is situated on a low bluff overlooking the dunes. Even from a vast distance you san see about a dozen large tents, notably lacking any sort of marking banners or flags.
18:15 <Olwen>: Sounds good.
18:16 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, roll perception checks for general recon, as well as any special details about how you do it.
18:16 <Skid_GMing>: And how long you want to spend at it.
18:16 <Gareth>: Wait is dusk early darkness or late darkness?
18:16 <Gareth>: I might have meant twilight
18:16 <Skid_GMing>: Dusk is evening, twilight is at both ends.
18:17 <Gareth>: The one that leads into nighttime
18:17 <Skid_GMing>: Okay.
18:18 <Gareth>: I approach stealthily to whatever is a safe range for initial camp observation.
18:19 <Skid_GMing>: Completely safe? Or do you want to roll for it?
18:19 <Gareth>: What I know is safe, for now
18:23 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, perception checks.
18:23 <Gareth>: !roll d20 trained, effort
18:23 <Dicebot>: Gareth, trained, effort: 18
18:25 <Olwen>: !roll d20 specialized
18:25 <Dicebot>: Olwen, specialized: 8
18:26 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, you plant yourself on a dune about a mile away from the camp. It's on a wedge of rock slanting gently out of the sand, rising at it's highest to about 30 feet. The tent at the highest point is two or three times larger than the others. You see several sledges loaded with tarped cargo in the middle of the camp. At the lower end, about three dozen camels and a few heavy, rhino-like beasts are tethered.
18:26 <Skid_GMing>: Sentries are posted every 50 feet or so along the edge of the cliff, which means there are 5 of them on the side you're on (south).
18:30 <Gareth>: So should we do the cliche make a diversion and sneak in? Or do we need to be more subtle here?
18:31 <Olwen>: Let's try to sneak in first.
18:31 <Skid_GMing>: I have a few ideas, but I guess I can't share them.
18:31 <Olwen>: If it's too difficult, then we make a diversion.
18:31 <Gareth>: Sneak in without a distraction?
18:32 <Gareth>: How can we do that if they're keeping watch?
18:32 <Olwen>: I could be a distraction if I impersonate Pete from that last mission.
18:32 <Gareth>: If it's too difficult we're caught?
18:32 <Gareth>: Kind of late to evaluate :p
18:32 <Skid_GMing>: You do have some gadgets that could help with that.
18:33 <Leviticus>: We could enter under the pretense that Olwen is Pete and we are the remaining mercenaries
18:33 <Gareth>: Can you convince everyone forever though?
18:33 <Gareth>: Once you launch into that it has to stick, there's no going back
18:33 <Olwen>: True.
18:34 <Gareth>: I thought we said we weren't infiltrating
18:34 <Gareth>: Can we get up to the side with the animals? Or it's a lower level in back?
18:35 <Skid_GMing>: The side with the animals has no cliff.
18:35 <Gareth>: I'm not entirely clear on topography
18:35 <Olwen>: We could climb the cliff.
18:35 <Gareth>: Are they on a cliff, or under one
18:35 <Skid_GMing>: They're on top of one, with a ramp up to it on the animal side.
18:36 <Gareth>: I still don't get it, so Olwen can decide
18:36 <Gareth>: :p
18:36 <Olwen>: Hmmm....
18:37 <Gareth>: My idea is to untie the animals and duck into camp when a couple go to regather them
18:37 <Gareth>: But I can't tell if that's possible
18:37 <Olwen>: That sounds like a good idea.
18:38 <Gareth>: If we can approach from that side. But it sounds like that's *through* the camp
18:38 <Gareth>: It's a one way
18:38 <Skid_GMing>: _|^^^-.__
18:38 <Olwen>: ?
18:38 <Gareth>: ASCII map?
18:38 <Skid_GMing>: It's a very tiny illustration of the topography.
18:39 <Olwen>: Oh, got it.
18:39 <Skid_GMing>: Cliff on the left side, tents on top, ramp on the right. Desert around.
18:40 <Gareth>: So we can go up the ramp to the animals?
18:40 <Olwen>: We could make a distraction on the slope side then climb the cliff.
18:40 <Skid_GMing>: Yes, through the animals.
18:41 <Gareth>: The animals don't have to be the distraction, I just mean I can cause one wherever we approach from
18:41 <Gareth>: With the force
18:42 <Gareth>: So if you find a way up, I'll find a way in
18:42 <Olwen>: OK, so I climb the cliff?
18:42 <Gareth>: The sentries are on the cliff, that might be tricky
18:42 <Gareth>: We'd need them *all* to leave
18:44 <Olwen>: Can you handle that? I probably could, too.
18:45 <Gareth>: Oh wait wait
18:45 <Gareth>: Are there sentries all along the perimeter or just along the *cliff* edge?
18:45 <Skid_GMing>: There are some down with the animals too.
18:46 <Gareth>: But in formation like that? Or just around?
18:46 <Skid_GMing>: Roughly spaced like that, yes.
18:47 <Gareth>: I don't think we have a chance getting in anywhere, we should turn back >_>
18:47 <Gareth>: I cautiously start up the ramp
18:48 <Olwen>: Do we still have the puffy bread?
18:48 <Skid_GMing>: If you do, it's thoroughly stale.
18:48 <Olwen>: We could feed it to the animals.
18:49 <Gareth>: Not with us
18:49 <Gareth>: I was going to give it to ex-fancy hat if we still have him in jail.
18:49 <Olwen>: Who?
18:49 <Olwen>: Ohh, him.
18:49 <Gareth>: The jerk guy
18:49 <Gareth>: I don't like him
18:50 <Olwen>: I wish I had some more fireworks.
18:50 <Gareth>: I look for a place we can duck inside the encampment if the lookouts are occupied.
18:50 <Gareth>: Maybe my character can figure out the layout since I can't :p
18:50 <Skid_GMing>: The ramp is about a hundred feet wide, with clusters of animals dotted across it. A sentry stands at each edge, and one at the bottom.
18:52 <Gareth>: So much for that
18:52 <Gareth>: I recuse myself from planning; I have literally zero ideas
18:53 <Skid_GMing>: None?
18:53 <Gareth>: That fit the objective anyway
18:54 <Skid_GMing>: What objective are you aiming for?
18:55 <Skid_GMing>: And review your assets. Nothing you can do with invisiblity?
18:55 <Gareth>: I have several ideas how we could get in if we just needed in. But not to get in for covert surveillance.
18:55 <Leviticus>: Durh
18:57 <Skid_GMing>: So, throw out the ideas for just getting in.
18:58 <Olwen>: Moontide says we should just walk in and pretend to be health inspectors.
18:58 <Gareth>: 1) just start taking folks out
18:58 <Gareth>: 2) fire bomb a tent
18:59 <Gareth>: 3) grapple the cliff, lasso guards, yank them off the side
18:59 <Gareth>: Others of the same idea
18:59 <Gareth>: Would cause a distraction so we could slip in; but they would know someone was there
18:59 <Skid_GMing>: 3 has merit, if you add some steps.
19:00 <Gareth>: Silence them so they don't scream while falling
19:00 <Gareth>: But the others won't see them zip over the side?
19:00 <Skid_GMing>: Have you read the description of Olwen's new power set?
19:01 <Olwen>: I could just pretend to be a guard.
19:03 <Gareth>: Everything sounds like a bad idea to me
19:03 <Leviticus>: I thought the invisibility thingy had merit
19:03 <Olwen>: But won't they be able to sense it?
19:04 <Leviticus>: Skid, description?
19:05 <Skid_GMing>: Yes. if they're watching out for magic, they'll notice something magical moving through the area.
19:05 <Skid_GMing>: Invisibility Cartridge (1 day recharge, 4 intellect recharge, 10 minutes of invisiblity, mutates) - When activated by touch, grants the wielder 10 minutes of visible-spectrum invisibility. Making an action other than moving disrupts the invisibility for 1 full turn. Random temporary cosmetic mutations likely.
19:05 <Leviticus>: All our archive items, while you're at it
19:06 <Skid_GMing>: Magic Jammer (1 day recharge, 4 int recharge, use: Jam Magic Sensors, 500 ft range) - Activating this device unleashes an undirected wave of entropy magic that overwhelms all magical sensory systems within 500 ft for up to an hour. Observers will know that something is definitely wrong, but will be unable to detect magic or detect things through magical means.
19:06 <Leviticus>: Hmm
19:07 <Leviticus>: We could jam their magic, then enter invisibly
19:07 <Leviticus>: They'd know something was wrong, but not that someone got inside
19:07 <Olwen>: That would work.
19:07 <Leviticus>: It would preferably be Olwen, given her disguise skills
19:09 <Olwen>: How about I go in with my disguise, then if I get caught I just go invisible and leave?
19:09 <Olwen>: I could pretend to be a traveling entertainer, I have skills in that area.
19:09 <Olwen>: :P
19:10 <Gareth>: We're not supposed to be noticed, but that's the best option I've heard so far honestly
19:10 <Gareth>: You can intentionally hold their attention
19:10 <Gareth>: At least most of them
19:11 <Olwen>: I could imitate you, then we could go as twin performers. :P
19:11 <Olwen>: Not really.
19:11 <Gareth>: They probably wouldn't go for it though
19:11 <Gareth>: They're barbarians
19:12 <Olwen>: Maybe.
19:12 <Skid_GMing>: Need to perform something sufficiently dangerous.
19:12 <Gareth>: Heh yeah
19:13 <Skid_GMing>: "And for my next trick, I'll disappear!"
19:13 <Olwen>: Do I have the skill to create an act all by myself?
19:13 <Skid_GMing>: Probably. Something acrobatics based.
19:13 <Olwen>: OK.
19:14 <Olwen>: I could challenge someone to a fight.
19:14 <Skid_GMing>: Oooh.
19:15 <Olwen>: I think I could win a single combat without killing anybody.
19:15 <Olwen>: Then if they get distracted enough you can sneak in.
19:16 <Olwen>: Any thoughts?
19:17 <Skid_GMing>: *I* like it. But probably for the wrong reasons.
19:17 <Leviticus>: Oh dear
19:17 <Gareth>: Or just a target shooting competition perhaps?
19:17 <Olwen>: That makes me suspicious.
19:18 <Olwen>: I could try that first, but if they don't go for it then I can challenge someone to a match.
19:20 <Gareth>: I don't like it, but I support that if you do
19:20 <Olwen>: Well, we don't really have a better idea.
19:20 <Gareth>: Nope
19:21 <Olwen>: Alright, let's do this.
19:21 <Leviticus>: What's wrong with the jamming and invisibility
19:21 <Skid_GMing>: Okay.
19:21 <Leviticus>: ?
19:21 <Skid_GMing>: You could hold that for someone else to go in as backup.
19:21 <Olwen>: We'll use that as a last resort, but this way we can be in and out with no-one any the wiser.
19:22 <Gareth>: Okay so if that gets us two in, you disengage when you can safely, act like your leaving, then come back in after somehow
19:22 <Olwen>: Or I just find someone, konk them on the head, and imitate them.
19:23 <Gareth>: We'll try to find you a way in from inside
19:23 <Gareth>: Yes exactly
19:24 <Olwen>: Alright, so I go in, you sneak in while they're distracted, then you use the invisibility if you need to, and I'll meet you in there?
19:24 <Leviticus>: What about me?
19:24 <Olwen>: 'cause they'll know somethings up if we use the jammer, and they could blame it on me.
19:24 <Gareth>: Are we taking the cloaker?
19:25 <Olwen>: you mean the invisibility cartridge?
19:25 <Gareth>: Yeah, do we need it? We'll hopefully be in already
19:25 <Gareth>: You might need it to come in last
19:26 <Olwen>: If we get busted, then you use it and I imitate someone.
19:26 <Olwen>: But not unless we have to.
19:26 <Gareth>: Oh right
19:26 <Gareth>: Okay
19:30 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, ready to go?
19:31 <Olwen>: I guess so.
19:31 <Olwen>: What is Leviticus doing?
19:32 Leviticus shrugs
19:32 <Skid_GMing>: Waiting for things to catch on fire and then rush in, I guess.
19:34 <Skid_GMing>: Okay to start with a short bit of plan, this is going to have several moving parts that I need to keep track of.
19:36 <Skid_GMing>: All right, what time of day do you want to try to make an impression on the camp?
19:37 <Olwen>: Well, are there still lot's of people up and active now?
19:38 <Skid_GMing>: The major activity in the camp seems to have died down. There's too little fuel for fires, so outside of some lamplight in the tents and the torches held by the sentries its pretty dark.
19:38 <Olwen>: I need to go into the camp sometime when it's more active.
19:39 <Olwen>: Entertainers aren't useful when there is nobody to entertain.
19:39 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, so, try for some time tomrrow?
19:40 <Olwen>: Yeah.
19:40 <Skid_GMing>: Say, noonish?
19:40 <Gareth>: In the daylight?
19:40 <Olwen>: Can Gareth sneak in in the daylight?
19:41 <Olwen>: Can we see what these guy's uniforms look like?
19:41 <Olwen>: If they're similar to the last mercenaries then the disguise would be fairly simple.
19:42 <Skid_GMing>: From the sentries, they don't appear to be strictly uniformed.
19:42 <Olwen>: OK.
19:47 <Skid_GMing>: Okay. The dawn of the next day, you see the regular activity of a camp starting up, and a few pairs of scouts leave the camp and fan out across the desert. A couple hours later you also notice two of the heavy rhinos being hitched to one of the sledges and being led off to the west by a group of three soldiers.
19:48 <Olwen>: That sounds suspicious.
19:48 <Olwen>: What do you think, Leviticus?
19:50 <Leviticus>: Which way is Dawn Fortress?
19:50 <Skid_GMing>: South.
19:50 <Leviticus>: I imagine they're meeting the other army, then
19:52 <Olwen>: Well, it might be important to know where the rhinos are going.
19:52 <Leviticus>: I assume I can do a wilderness knowledge check to gain some idea, Skid?
19:52 <Skid_GMing>: Sure.
19:53 <Leviticus>: !roll d20 trained
19:53 <Dicebot>: Leviticus, trained: 9
19:53 <Skid_GMing>: Hmm.
19:54 <Skid_GMing>: The camp's location is defensible and won't be buried in a sandstorm, but won't have a source of water. With the number of men and livestock there, they need a supply.
19:57 <Leviticus>: So basic routine, nothing to worry about
19:57 <Leviticus>: Just a note, one could hitch a ride on the water wagon when it returns
20:00 <Olwen>: Do I have any costumes that aren't an ember's uniform?
20:01 <Skid_GMing>: You can improvise. What look are you aiming for?
20:02 <Olwen>: Something that a traveling entertainer would wear, so a little worn, not too fancy... Whatever.
20:02 <Skid_GMing>: Sure. Make a disguise check.
20:03 <Olwen>: !roll d20 trained
20:03 <Dicebot>: Olwen, trained: 14
20:04 <Olwen>: Also I have a disguise kit.
20:04 <Skid_GMing>: You make clever use of scarves and turn your clothing colorful and unrecognizable.
20:06 <Gareth>: So are will still doing the same plan?
20:06 <Gareth>: Are we supposed to hide somewhere if we get through?
20:06 <Gareth>: I'm concerned doing it in daylight now
20:06 <Olwen>: You could get in by pretending to be my assistant or something.
20:07 <Olwen>: Then wander away during my act.
20:07 <Gareth>: I was thinking that myself
20:08 <Gareth>: We would need them to think I wandered away, not into the camp, bit it's worth a try
20:08 <Olwen>: Can I disguise Gareth too, Skid?
20:09 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
20:10 <Gareth>: Okay, I'll sneak in during the show, then divert from inside so you can follow?
20:10 <Olwen>: I can just come after my performance.
20:11 <Gareth>: Right, but to get you an entrance I mean
20:11 <Gareth>: If you need one
20:11 <Olwen>: OK.
20:11 <Gareth>: Cause they'll be watching you leave probably
20:11 <Olwen>: Then I give Gareth a costume.
20:12 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, he gets the scarves treatment too.
20:12 <Gareth>: One question about the camp Skid: are we supposed to duck between tents or something or are there just a few?
20:12 <Gareth>: How do we hide once in there?
20:13 <Skid_GMing>: There are 14 regularish tents, and then the big one. They're arranged in haphazard circle with the sledges of supplies in the middle.
20:14 <Olwen>: Well, if it's small enough we can probably gather intel without having to hide. You gather intel while I perform, then we leave.
20:14 <Gareth>: Oh it's a quick op? Great
20:14 <Gareth>: I thought we had to be here for a while
20:15 <Gareth>: I just need to find the boss and get him to drink some blood right
20:15 <Gareth>: No problem...
20:15 <Skid_GMing>: Entirely depends on how long you want to spend time gathering intel.
20:15 <Olwen>: Heh.
20:15 <Olwen>: We'll have to see.
20:15 <Olwen>: Ready?
20:16 <Skid_GMing>: Ready as you are.
20:17 Leviticus watches
20:17 Leviticus waits for some combat
20:18 <Gareth>: Is Levi not coming?
20:18 <Olwen>: He could come too, as another performer.
20:18 Leviticus shrugs
20:18 <Leviticus>: Sure
20:18 <Olwen>: I don't know what he could do though.
20:18 <Olwen>: You could challenge people to a duel.
20:18 <Gareth>: I would appriciate backup if you're staying at the show the whole time
20:19 <Olwen>: True, so he can just carry luggage or something.
20:19 <Olwen>: Okay, I disguise Leviticus as well.
20:19 <Gareth>: Sure
20:20 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, you all look more or less like members of a traveling circus.
20:21 <Olwen>: I head towards the encampment.
20:21 <Gareth>: I follow, looking assistant like.
20:21 <Skid_GMing>: All right. Openly, I assume.
20:22 <Olwen>: Yes.
20:22 <Leviticus>: I follow, looking like a burly baggage carrier
20:22 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, about a half mile out you see a scout riding to intercept you.
20:23 Leviticus lets Olwen do the talking
20:23 <Olwen>: Yay, they saw us.
20:23 <Olwen>: I don't talk to people from half a mile away.
20:24 <Olwen>: I keep going.
20:24 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, the camel-mounted scout rides up and hails you from about 25 feet away. "Who are you?"
20:25 <Olwen>: "We're a group of humble performers, looking for a willing audience."
20:25 <Skid_GMing>: Roll a deception check, and anyone who wants to roll sense motive.
20:25 <Skid_GMing>: So... a perception check.
20:26 <Gareth>: Too bad I can't roll the deception, I'm trained now
20:26 <Gareth>: !roll d20 effort
20:26 <Dicebot>: Gareth, effort: 6
20:27 <Gareth>: Oh if it's perception, trained on that
20:27 <Olwen>: !roll d20 specialized
20:27 <Dicebot>: Olwen, specialized: 13
20:27 <Skid_GMing>: And your deception chack?
20:28 <Gareth>: You're specialized in perception?
20:28 <Gareth>: I meant deception
20:28 <Gareth>: Thought you did that first
20:28 <Skid_GMing>: She's specialized in perception.
20:28 <Gareth>: I know
20:29 <Olwen>: I'm rolling for perception.
20:29 <Gareth>: You roll both
20:29 <Olwen>: Ok, fine.
20:30 <Olwen>: !roll d20
20:30 <Dicebot>: Olwen: 11
20:30 <Olwen>: There. Deception.
20:30 <Gareth>: You had to do that one because you talked
20:31 <Skid_GMing>: The scout smiles and says "I see. I think we may have some use for you."
20:31 <Gareth>: What kind of smile?...
20:31 <Olwen>: That's what I'm wondering.
20:32 <Skid_GMing>: The poorly veiled sinister grin of the gleefully dishonest.
20:33 <Olwen>: Oh. That kind.
20:33 <Skid_GMing>: "What brings you out to this forsaken corner of the desert anyway?" he asks.
20:36 <Olwen>: "We were hoping that we might find the Embers starved for entertainment and willing to spend some of their ample pay, but the snobs wouldn't let us in."
20:36 <Olwen>: "Hearing that there was a camp over here, we decided to try our luck."
20:37 <Skid_GMing>: "Their loss, I guess."
20:37 <Skid_GMing>: "Oh? Who did you hear that from? I thought we were pretty well out of the way." he turns, motioning for you to follow him back towards camp.
20:38 <Leviticus>: Great, they're the ones getting intel from us =P
20:41 <Skid_GMing>: What do you do.
20:42 <Olwen>: "Eh, I have a crazy cousin that lives in the area. He's another reason I came out here actually, to make sure he was still alive. Thinks he's gonna find some amazing treasure out here. But anyway, we met him last night and he said he saw some activity over here. We thought anyone this far out in the wastelands could use a little livening up."
20:42 <Olwen>: Why did you let me do the talking. >_>
20:42 <Olwen>: I'm not trained for this.
20:42 <Gareth>: I am, but I didn't want to :p
20:43 <Olwen>: Well, you see how it's turning out.
20:45 <Gareth>: Noted for next time
20:45 <Gareth>: If there is one ;)
20:45 <Skid_GMing>: He nods, only half listening, and moseys towards the camp.
20:48 <Skid_GMing>: You guys following him or just standing around?
20:48 <Olwen>: We're following.
20:48 <Gareth>: Against better judgment
20:49 <Skid_GMing>: Okay.
20:50 <Olwen>: Look, you could have done the talking.
20:51 <Gareth>: You started before I was going to ask if you wanted me to
20:51 <Gareth>: But I figured you would want to since you actually know this stuff
20:51 <Skid_GMing>: He leads you back towards the camp. At the bottom of the ramp, five other moderately-tough looking barbarians move in to circle around you.
20:51 <Skid_GMing>: "What we got here?"
20:52 <Skid_GMing>: "Bunch of clowns." The scout says. "Thought they'd be good for a couple laughs."
20:53 <Skid_GMing>: One of the soldiers holds up a chip of deepglow steel. "They've got some magic on them."
20:54 <Gareth>: "Just a few trinkets."
20:54 <Gareth>: "From our travels, you know."
20:54 <Skid_GMing>: "Let me see."
20:55 <Gareth>: I produce the glowstone.
20:55 <Skid_GMing>: He reaches for it.
20:56 <Gareth>: I don't hand it to him, but I release if he takes it.
20:56 <Skid_GMing>: He takes it and holds it close to the steel.
20:56 <Skid_GMing>: "This isn't all you've got. Are you a mage?"
20:57 <Skid_GMing>: Also, roll a deception check.
20:57 <Olwen>: Gareth, or everybody?
20:57 <Skid_GMing>: Gareth.
20:58 <Gareth>: I wouldn't say mage really, but I do have a slight level of inherent magic if that's what you're sensing. I use it for effects for the act.
20:58 <Gareth>: !roll d20 trained
20:58 <Dicebot>: Gareth, trained: 5
20:58 <Gareth>: Effort
21:00 <Skid_GMing>: He raises an eyebrow.
21:00 <Skid_GMing>: "Care to show off a sample?"
21:01 <Gareth>: "Certainly, that's why we're here."
21:01 <Gareth>: "It's not much, but..."
21:02 <Gareth>: I cast distort space on one of Olwen's arrows to make it shimmer.
21:02 <Gareth>: "Just to pretty up the presentation."
21:02 <Gareth>: "Have to add flair to keep attention these days you know."
21:03 <Skid_GMing>: "You seem mighty well armed for a circus. It's a dangerous wilderness, but you're safe here. Would you mind leaving your weapons with the guards while you ply your trade?"
21:04 <Olwen>: O_O
21:04 <Gareth>: "If that is the custom I have no issue."
21:04 <Gareth>: I hand over my sword.
21:04 <Olwen>: Oh man, I should have left my bow in the desert.
21:04 <Gareth>: "But their weapons are part of the show."
21:06 <Gareth>: "Feats of archery and swordsmanship."
21:06 <Skid_GMing>: "I'm afraid we're a bit of a nervous bunch with the violence of late. I really must insist."
21:07 <Gareth>: "It will cut out a great deal of the performance..." I put on a 'sorry for what you'll miss out on' face
21:08 <Skid_GMing>: "Oi, these wimps ain't nothing." One of the other soldiers chimes in.
21:08 <Skid_GMing>: "Let them keep their pointy sticks."
21:09 <Skid_GMing>: The first soldier glares at him. "It's a matter of base security. And you know what."
21:11 <Skid_GMing>: The situation seems to be tilting, but needs a shove.
21:12 <Olwen>: That's you, Gareth. Unless you want me to talk some more.
21:12 <Olwen>: :P
21:13 <Gareth>: I'd do it if I knew an appropriate method
21:13 <Olwen>: Well, here I go...
21:13 <Leviticus>: No!
21:13 <Leviticus>: Wait
21:14 <Olwen>: Yes?
21:14 <Gareth>: Lol
21:14 <Olwen>: I knew that would make you say something.
21:14 <Leviticus>: We could show them our least powerful weapons and say something like "I can't imagine this being any challenge for someone such as yourself"
21:15 <Leviticus>: Throw in a little flattery, y'know
21:16 <Olwen>: I can hardly hide my bow.
21:16 <Gareth>: We're trying to get attention *off* the weapons
21:16 <Gareth>: "I do think you would appreciate this part of our show."
21:16 <Gareth>: "More than what would be left otherwise."
21:16 <Olwen>: I have to go really soon.
21:17 <Skid_GMing>: Okay. We can pause this here.
21:17 <Leviticus>: How about "I can't imagine any of you would want to miss seeing me slice one of her arrows in half mid-flight"?
21:18 <Gareth>: We don't want to sound *that* good
21:18 <Gareth>: Reinforces their reason to be wary
21:18 <Olwen>: Are you crazy, Leviticus?! I don't think we can do that!
21:18 <Olwen>: Well, I have to go.
21:18 <Gareth>: And we can't do that anyway
21:18 <Leviticus>: Strangely enough, I kinda think I could =P
21:18 <Leviticus>: You think of a trick involving a sword and a bow =P
21:19 <Gareth>: I'm trying to set us up as a decent but not spectacular show
21:19 <Gareth>: No awe insipiting tricks
21:20 <Olwen>: So are we done for tonight?
21:20 <Leviticus>: Hey Skid
21:20 <Leviticus>: Just for a one-off thing, not part of canon
21:21 <Leviticus>: But I'd like to try a fight to the death between the three of us sometime
21:21 <Gareth>: Lol
21:21 <Leviticus>: It'd help expose our weaknesses
21:21 <Gareth>: We could just spar
21:21 <Gareth>: You're always so extreme
21:21 <Leviticus>: We really should've done it a while ago
21:22 <Olwen>: Unless one of us just happens to get really bad rolls, then it won't show anything.
21:22 <Olwen>: Well, I'm leaving.
21:22 <Olwen>: Goodnight.
21:22 <Leviticus>: It'd still be fun =P
21:22 Olwen quit
21:22 <Skid_GMing>: Given your absurdly high armor class I think you'd win in a straight-up fight. Olwen's taken the swiss army knife route and Gareth went towards battlefield control.
21:22 <Leviticus>: =P
21:23 <Leviticus>: Why do you think I wanna do it?
21:23 <Leviticus>: Gotta boost my self-esteem xP
21:23 <Leviticus>: Read: ego
21:24 <Gareth>: I would box you in and just toss grenades in the top :-
21:24 <Leviticus>: xD
21:25 <Skid_GMing>: I think he could make the strength check to escape the box after a few tries at this point.
21:25 <Leviticus>: I'd hurl my 20 swords at you =P
21:25 <Gareth>: I would dodge
21:25 <Gareth>: I'm good at that
21:25 <Leviticus>: And send my dogs after you
21:25 <Leviticus>: Since they are unhindered by force walls on the shadowpath
21:25 <Skid_GMing>: If there's terrain, Olwen might have you both with huge bow range and climbing ability.
21:26 <Gareth>: You don't get to use your dogs
21:26 <Gareth>: You said between us
21:26 <Leviticus>: My dogs are part of me =P
21:27 <Gareth>: Heh, no, they aren't
21:27 <Gareth>: That's just silly
21:27 <Gareth>: But a good try
21:27 <Leviticus>: My animals are part of my character. Pieces of equipment, so to speak
21:27 <Skid_GMing>: It would be an interesting matchup, even with them, I think.
21:27 <Leviticus>: We oughta try it sometime, just for fun
21:27 Skid_GMing is now known as Skid
21:27 <Leviticus>: Maybe after the campaign is over, Ember Patrol goes Hunger Games on us xP
21:28 <Gareth>: Alternate universe
21:28 <Skid>: Actually, you could shut down the control of his animals with bind tongue.
21:28 <Skid>: Since it relies on a command to summon/dismiss.
21:28 Leviticus teaches his dogs sign language
21:28 <Gareth>: Can't sign while holding swords
21:29 <Leviticus>: xD
21:29 <Leviticus>: I'll invent a new language: Foot Sign Language
21:29 <Gareth>: There you go
21:30 <Skid>: Levi and his amazing tapdance of animal command.
21:31 <Leviticus>: xP

Author:  Woody [ Tue Feb 23, 2016 8:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ember Patrol: Death by Desert

An excerpt from the journal of Leviticus Rutter:
(Mercenary Occupation, Session 1)

We returned home triumphant, delivering the dragon egg to Ursa and the Archivist safely. There was a brief moment of awkwardness between the Archivist and myself due to clashing perspectives on the use of the dragon. Luckily, Ursa spared us further conversation, whisking us away to his office, where he informed us of some... troubling matters.
The group of mercenaries that had killed our brother had become a much greater threat, having overtaken the mountain town of Apex. We, of course, were assigned to free the town from their reign. We were allotted a small army of twenty men. Needless to say, we were nervous about how we might face a group more than two times our numbers. Nevertheless, we set off, and upon reaching Apex, left our backup outside the town, going in ourselves to gain a better idea of how to defeat our enemy.
We ran into trouble almost immediately. A mercenary, one of a group hanging around outside a tavern, was being more than a little cruel to a young baker's daughter, stealing her bread and pushing her into the mud. Olwen rushed to her aid, turning the mercenaries' heckling to her. They forced her to attempt to shoot the girl's basket off her head. Thankfully, Olwen was more than up to this challenge, and the mercenary backed down.
Meanwhile, I separated myself from the group, wishing to maintain a strong image in the mercenaries' minds. This was due to a comment I had heard during the exchange with Olwen; the group was accepting applicants! I figured this was the perfect opportunity to infiltrate the group and gain intelligence so as to strenghen our attack. Little did I know just how much we would learn...

Author:  bookworm [ Fri Feb 26, 2016 12:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ember Patrol: Death by Desert

Barbarian Camp, Session 3 of 4
Continued from Part 1, Part 2, Continued by Part 4
We need an infiltration team. Gather intel on the approaching band of barbarians to discern their intentions.
18:00 bookworm is now known as Gareth
18:01 Woody is now known as Leviticus
18:02 Tikvah is now known as Olwen
18:03 <Skid_GMing>: Give me a sec, hacking together a map.
18:06 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, when we left off, you three were surrounded by barbarian mercenaries, talking your way into the camp under the guise of being traveling entertainers.
18:06 <Olwen>: Yeah.
18:07 <Skid_GMing>:
18:08 <Skid_GMing>: You guys are down near the word "animals", surrounded by a small crowd of smelly men clothed in scraps of furs and steel.
18:12 <Skid_GMing>: Suddenly, you see three dark-robed figures decending the hill, clearly dragon cultists. The circle of barbarians goes silent and pulls back to allow them passage.
18:12 <Olwen>: Uh Oh.
18:14 <Skid_GMing>: "I'm sorry, guests." The tallest says, his face obscured by his hood. "We must, of course, offer hospitality to our fellow travellers. Come, refresh yourselves."
18:14 <Skid_GMing>: He gestures broadly, inviting you toward the circle of tents.
18:14 <Olwen>: Well, at least we're going into the camp.
18:14 <Leviticus>: ...
18:14 <Olwen>: I bet it's trap though
18:15 <Gareth>: "Thank you sir."
18:15 <Olwen>: "Yes, thank you very much."
18:16 <Olwen>: Do we still have our weapons?
18:16 <Skid_GMing>: You do.
18:16 <Gareth>: I don't, unless it was given back.
18:17 <Gareth>: I had agreed to give it
18:17 <Skid_GMing>: Well, your weapon status hasn't changed.
18:17 <Gareth>: Not a problem
18:18 <Olwen>: :D
18:19 <Olwen>: Well, can we go into the camp?
18:19 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
18:20 <Skid_GMing>: He leads the way, calling for drinks to be brought.
18:20 <Olwen>: I follow, then.
18:20 <Skid_GMing>: Roll perception checks.
18:21 <Olwen>: !roll d20 specialised
18:21 <Dicebot>: Olwen, specialised: 13
18:21 <Gareth>: !roll d20 trained, effort
18:21 <Dicebot>: Gareth, trained, effort: 17
18:23 <Leviticus>: !roll d20
18:23 <Dicebot>: Leviticus: 19
18:23 <Leviticus>: Tonight is shaping up to be a good night
18:24 <Olwen>: Shhh..
18:24 <Skid_GMing>: This camp works hard to be indistinct. No banners or colorful flags fly, unusual even for caravaneers. However, you manage to pick out some details. The inner left tent has a chimney and a thin plume of smoke rising from it, and the sledge next to it is full of barrels. The servant goes inside to fetch your drinks. Clearly a kitchen tent.
18:25 <Olwen>: Ooh..
18:25 <Leviticus>: That's our in for the dragon blood
18:25 <Gareth>: Once we determine who to use it on
18:25 <Skid_GMing>: The whole camp is saturated with magical auras, the most prominent being a golden one that reaches you as soon as you pass into the ring of tents.
18:26 <Skid_GMing>: Two others, deep red in color, eminate from the eastern sleds, which hold covered machinery of some sort.
18:26 <Olwen>: Hmm...
18:27 <Skid_GMing>: The large tent to the north appears to be the commander's. Two guards in full plate armor stand at the front entrance, despite the heat.
18:28 <Olwen>: Well, are there a lot of people around?
18:29 <Skid_GMing>: There are are not a lot. The sentires stand guard at the edges, but most of the people are sheltering from the sun in tents.
18:30 <Olwen>: What time of day is it?
18:30 <Skid_GMing>: Also of note, the tent just east of the commander's is oddly square in shape, as if it was concealing something big and rectangular.
18:31 <Skid_GMing>: Just before noon, I believe.
18:32 <Olwen>: Hmm.. Let's see if we can stay here till nightfall.
18:32 <Skid_GMing>: The servant returns with large mugs of cold water.
18:33 <Olwen>: "Ah, just what one wants after trekking through the desert."
18:34 <Gareth>: I descretely give Levi a look.
18:35 <Gareth>: A pointed look, if that's the right adjective
18:35 <Gareth>: (One that has a meaning to it)
18:35 <Skid_GMing>: "You should rest yourselves. I will have the southwestern tent cleared for your use. We can't have you wandering the camp, you understand, but make yourselves confortable."
18:36 <Olwen>: "Thank you very much."
18:36 <Olwen>: Leviticus?
18:36 <Leviticus>: Here
18:37 <Leviticus>: I am looked at pointedlty
18:37 <Olwen>: Is the water poisoned, do you think?
18:37 <Gareth>: You can't ask him that >_>
18:37 <Gareth>: Metagaming
18:38 <Olwen>: I'm pretty sure he would get the idea.
18:38 <Gareth>: That's what I was trying to do, but he has to get the message himself
18:38 <Skid_GMing>: He still needs to get the idea himself though.
18:38 <Olwen>: True.
18:38 <Leviticus>: I got it from Gareth, just to clarify
18:39 Olwen represses the urge to say anything.
18:39 <Leviticus>: Just a thought, a telepathy skill might be useful one day
18:39 <Gareth>: I thought of that a while back
18:39 <Skid_GMing>: So... you want to check?
18:39 <Leviticus>: I suppose I'm best suited to that, huh?
18:39 <Leviticus>: !roll d20 trained wilderness
18:39 <Dicebot>: Leviticus, trained wilderness: 7
18:40 <Skid_GMing>: The water is clear, with no sign of contamination.
18:41 <Skid_GMing>: The hooded man waits expectantly for you to drink.
18:42 <Olwen>: I nonchalantly take a mouthfull.
18:42 <Skid_GMing>: It tastes like cold, clear water.
18:42 <Leviticus>: What do I know about clear poisons?
18:43 <Skid_GMing>: You don't know of any that are easy to conceal in water.
18:44 <Olwen>: I hope it's not magical and continue to drink.
18:44 <Leviticus>: Do I detect any magic about it?
18:44 <Skid_GMing>: The camp is saturated in magic. You don't notice any specific to the water.
18:45 <Leviticus>: Alright
18:45 <Leviticus>: Any chance I could pretend to slip and spill my water?
18:47 <Olwen>: Just bump into someone.
18:48 <Skid_GMing>: That would be a deception check, I guess.
18:48 <Leviticus>: Wait
18:48 <Leviticus>: Are we sitting, by any chance?
18:49 <Skid_GMing>: You're standing, but there are improvised benches and such about, if you wish.
18:50 <Leviticus>: I sit in a chair and lean back on two legs
18:50 <Leviticus>: Any chance one of the legs will break?
18:51 <Olwen>: I come and lean one elbow on the back on Levi's chair.
18:51 <Skid_GMing>: !roll d20
18:51 <Dicebot>: Skid_GMing: 2
18:52 <Skid_GMing>: The chair fails spectacularly. Levi's drink goes on the ground, Olwen's drink goes on Levi.
18:52 <Leviticus>: Perfect
18:53 <Olwen>: Hooray!.
18:53 <Skid_GMing>: The barbarians nearby roar with laughter.
18:53 <Leviticus>: I blush slightly
18:53 <Leviticus>: "If you think that's funny, just wait 'til the show!"
18:53 <Olwen>: Now only Gareth has to drink his.
18:54 <Gareth>: I dump it in the distraction :roll:
18:54 <Skid_GMing>: Roll a slight of hand check.
18:56 <Gareth>: I dont think that should be necessary, if they're looking over there. Just takes a second
18:56 <Gareth>: but fine
18:56 <Gareth>: I don't do that then, I put the glass down and go help Levi up
18:57 <Skid_GMing>: It's not necessarily a hard check, but there are a fair number of possible people watching.
18:58 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, you get Levi back to his feet.
19:00 <Skid_GMing>: The hooded man says "Make yourselves at home, and don't hesitate to ask Tharl here for anything you might need." He gestures to the servant.
19:00 <Skid_GMing>: "I am a busy man, I'm afraid, but I hope to see you put on a good show tonight."
19:01 <Olwen>: "We will do our best."
19:01 <Gareth>: "Thank you, it will be nice to rest for a bit. Been on the road a while."
19:01 <Leviticus>: We may want to think up a few tricks =P
19:01 <Skid_GMing>: Tharl says "If it pleases you, the tent is ready. You may shelter from the sun and rest as you desire."
19:01 <Gareth>: Archery and sword tricks was the idea
19:02 <Leviticus>: "Speaking of which, Olwen, which acts do you want to use tonight?"
19:02 <Leviticus>: Just to eliminate the metagaming
19:03 <Gareth>: Well that's not; we were discussing it before
19:03 <Skid_GMing>: You have plenty of time to discuss it.
19:03 <Olwen>: Well, I'm thinking I'll open a challenge for archery, and the first one to beat me gets those daggers I picked up a while ago.
19:04 <Olwen>: But we need to come up with some tricks, too.
19:04 <Leviticus>: Good idea, shows us the more powerful fighters too
19:05 <Olwen>: I could challenge people to some sparring matches too. Without weapons.
19:06 <Olwen>: We could do the old shooting an object off your head trick.
19:06 <Leviticus>: Ehhh, sparring with the camp members doesn't work too well with scoundrels. Remember my fight with Cyrus?
19:07 <Olwen>: I could fight you, then.
19:08 <Leviticus>: Fair enough
19:09 <Gareth>: Is he referring to the square tent?
19:09 <Skid_GMing>: Who referring to the square tent?
19:10 <Gareth>: Tharl
19:11 <Skid_GMing>: No.
19:11 <Gareth>: I just want to know where he said we could go
19:13 <Skid_GMing>:
19:13 <Gareth>: "I believe I will." And I go in.
19:15 <Olwen>: I follow Gareth since I have nothing else to do.
19:16 <Leviticus>: Sure, why not?
19:16 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, the personal belongings of several mercenaries have been removed and you're left with a tent empty save for four raised cots on a sandy floor. It's about 10 feet by 15 feet, much larger than you strictly need, but they seem intent on giving you your privacy.
19:16 <Olwen>: Why are they being so nice....
19:17 <Leviticus>: I anticipate an ambush in our sleep tonight
19:17 <Gareth>: Well we're not sleeping here
19:20 <Olwen>: Fortunately.
19:20 <Skid_GMing>: So, you've got some hours to kill. What do you do?
19:20 <Olwen>: Hmm..
19:21 <Leviticus>: If I take time to practice, can I have an extra asset for the show?
19:21 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
19:21 <Gareth>: Let's each take a vial in case you're in position to use it
19:21 <Gareth>: But I feel I'll be the one that ends up doing so since I have more options
19:21 <Olwen>: Yup.
19:21 <Gareth>: (Like floating it with the force if needed, etc)
19:22 <Olwen>: Well, I think we should practice for the show.
19:22 <Gareth>: I wander around trying to peek into the different tents
19:23 <Skid_GMing>: Hmm. You want to make a skill roll to do that? You were asked not to wander.
19:24 <Gareth>: We were?
19:24 <Olwen>: Yeah.
19:24 <Gareth>: I thought he said to do whatever
19:24 <Gareth>: I definitely don't then, that's fine
19:24 <Leviticus>: Gareth, why don't you socialize in search of intel/gossip?
19:25 <Skid_GMing>: You can definitely find some barbarians idling around nearby.
19:25 <Skid_GMing>: And there's Tharl.
19:25 <Gareth>: Sure I hang around our tent area and chat up anyone around who doesn't look like they'd mind.
19:27 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, you find a scrawny looking barbarian mage hanging out in the shade of the neighbouring tent, etching runes into an animal skull.
19:28 <Gareth>: Do I have to actually talk it out? I don't have an aim at all...
19:29 <Skid_GMing>: Well, yeah.
19:29 <Gareth>: I'm just here to throw blood on some guy and run.
19:29 <Gareth>: I, the player, don't have an aim. I don't know what I should be doing.
19:30 <Skid_GMing>: Well, you're here to gather all the intel you can get, and on a broader level, defeat the dragon and save the empire.
19:30 <Gareth>: Intel on...
19:32 <Skid_GMing>: Well, the army that's currently preparing to wipe out the Embers might be start.
19:32 <Gareth>: We already know about them?
19:33 <Skid_GMing>: You know they exist. Yes. That would be why you're in the middle of their camp.
19:33 <Leviticus>: What about their weapons?
19:33 <Skid_GMing>: And you know, the massive magical signatures that are in this camp, and are still a bit of a mystery.
19:34 <Gareth>: Of course, but I wouldn't think that's intel gettable by talking.
19:34 <Gareth>: I sit down by the guy and take out my own carving.
19:35 <Skid_GMing>: Maybe not. But you'd have to know the right questions to ask.
19:36 <Gareth>: "Looking forward to the show? I imagine you don't get much entertainment out here."
19:37 <Skid_GMing>: "Just stabbings. You going to have stabbings?"
19:37 <Skid_GMing>: "Nothing beats a good stabbings."
19:37 <Olwen>: We should do that.
19:37 <Gareth>: Is he being serious or light?
19:38 <Skid_GMing>: Roll a read person?
19:38 <Leviticus>: Wait, what?
19:38 <Skid_GMing>: His delivery is deadpan.
19:38 <Gareth>: !roll d20 effort
19:38 <Dicebot>: Gareth, effort: 5
19:38 <Gareth>: Ugh
19:38 <Skid_GMing>: He appears entirely serious.
19:39 <Skid_GMing>: This is a man who would enjoy a good stabbing.
19:39 <Gareth>: I wanted to build some rapport, but the response I had isn't appropriate if I don't know for sure
19:39 <Gareth>: So I skip it
19:40 <Olwen>: Can't we make some sort of illusion for a stabbing? :P
19:40 <Gareth>: "Not usually part of the act, but you never know."
19:41 <Gareth>: "Will your leader be watching do you think?"
19:41 <Skid_GMing>: "Heh. Guess you never will."
19:42 <Skid_GMing>: "/Our/ leader? Or the man who pays us gold?"
19:42 <Gareth>: Have we got the impression that this will be a full camp event? Or just whoever wants to come by?
19:42 <Skid_GMing>: You'll probably be the main entertainment for the evening.
19:43 <Gareth>: "The leader of your group, yes. Or are they both here?"
19:44 <Skid_GMing>: "Chief Crusher loves a good stabbing. He'll be there."
19:45 <Skid_GMing>: "The commander? I'm not sure that gold-plated sissy has ever seen a drop of blood."
19:46 <Gareth>: "But he's come on march with you? Rather than just send you off?"
19:48 <Skid_GMing>: "Yes."
19:48 <Gareth>: "What kind of person is he? We want to be sure the show is pleasing. Other than stabbing related, I've already noted that."
19:49 <Skid_GMing>: Who are you asking about?
19:50 <Gareth>: The chief
19:50 <Skid_GMing>: Ah.
19:52 <Skid_GMing>: "Crusher's the strogest man in all the North, maybe the whole empire. He shatters skulls with his bare hands and could break a bear across his knee."
19:52 <Skid_GMing>: "If you've got stabbing and drink and some good laughs, he'll be happy."
19:53 <Gareth>: So the potential dragon is the other guy?
19:54 <Skid_GMing>: ~~~
19:54 <Skid_GMing>: Can't really answer that.
19:55 <Gareth>: This guy doesn't seem the type?
19:55 <Skid_GMing>: You've got other options, and you're assuming the dragon is actually here. Your current intel only says that someone here has dragon powers.
19:55 <Gareth>: Oh
19:57 <Gareth>: "So I take it the commander isn't one if your group, he just came and hired you?"
19:58 <Skid_GMing>: "A son of the city, through and through."
20:01 <Skid_GMing>: "Yes. Pays good gold, but I've no love for him. Him and those robes he keeps around, acting so myserious."
20:01 <Gareth>: "Ah, they're with him are they."
20:04 <Skid_GMing>: "You think those skirts are with us?"
20:04 <Gareth>: "Heh, of course not. But they may have been a third party."
20:05 <Gareth>: "I don't know who all is involved in whatever this is."
20:06 <Skid_GMing>: "And best you don't ask."
20:08 <Gareth>: "Well I'll take your suggestions back to the others. Make sure all your friends plan to come by tonight."
20:09 <Skid_GMing>: He nods and goes back to his etching.
20:09 <Gareth>: I go back to the tent.
20:10 <Gareth>: So my plan is to slip away during the show and go through the tents.
20:10 <Olwen>: "Well, the thugs give you any ideas for the show?"
20:10 <Gareth>: "They request stabbings."
20:11 <Olwen>: "Stabbings."
20:11 <Gareth>: "Stabbings."
20:11 <Olwen>: "Great. You have any illusions that would help with that?"
20:12 <Gareth>: "Not offhand."
20:12 <Gareth>: "But I think they'll be adequately entertained by some weapon skill demonstrations."
20:13 <Gareth>: "And I like the idea of engaging them in some competitions."
20:13 <Gareth>: Get them invested; and attentive
20:13 <Skid_GMing>: !roll d20
20:13 <Dicebot>: Skid_GMing: 14
20:14 <Skid_GMing>: Your disguise kit has fake blood.
20:14 <Olwen>: Ooh..
20:14 <Olwen>: Well, maybe I can work that into my "fight" with Levi.
20:14 <Gareth>: Heh
20:14 <Gareth>: You can do whatever you want; I'm going to slip away
20:16 <Olwen>: Leviticus, we need to come up with some joint tricks.
20:16 <Gareth>: I need to check the tents before figuring out how to splash the dragon
20:16 <Gareth>: *I* dont want to be the metagamer now, but a voice of clairvoyance told me to make sure we loot the camp before leaving
20:17 <Gareth>: So I need to be able to poke around
20:17 <Olwen>: We're adventurers. Or course we'll loot it.
20:17 <Gareth>: Usually, but in this case the plan was just splash and run
20:17 <Gareth>: Was not going to look around
20:19 <Skid_GMing>: So, you want to time skip forwards to the evening?
20:19 <Olwen>: Ehh...
20:19 <Gareth>: I would like the invisibility thing then Levi
20:20 <Gareth>: In case everyone doesn't come to the show
20:20 <Olwen>: But remember it doesn't last long.
20:20 <Gareth>: I know
20:21 <Skid_GMing>: Lasts penty long to do a tour of the camp.
20:21 <Olwen>: So, I need Leviticus' input on the show.
20:21 Leviticus gives Gareth the invisibility thing
20:21 <Leviticus>: Hmm
20:21 <Olwen>: We need to do at least one joint trick.
20:21 <Leviticus>: You could disguise yourself as me and I could fight myself
20:21 <Gareth>: Oh I think Olwen had it actually
20:22 <Gareth>: I don't remember
20:22 <Leviticus>: Doesn't matter, you get it
20:22 <Gareth>: And the magic jammer
20:22 <Olwen>: Eh, I'd rather not show my secret talent.
20:23 <Leviticus>: Hmm
20:23 <Olwen>: Like I could stand on your shoulders or something while I do my archery, but that wouldn't be very spectacular.
20:24 <Gareth>: I like shooting off the head, that seems like the kind of thing they'd go for
20:24 <Gareth>: Chance of injury
20:24 <Gareth>: In theory. There wouldn't actually be
20:24 <Gareth>: But they don't know that
20:24 <Olwen>: I've done that before.
20:24 <Leviticus>: Also, I might be able to pull off a Shadowpaths trick
20:25 <Olwen>: That would be good.
20:26 <Leviticus>: Hmm
20:27 <Leviticus>: We could try the arrow slicing thing =P
20:27 <Leviticus>: Gareth's distort space would be helpful
20:27 <Olwen>: Maaaybe...
20:27 <Gareth>: That was the idea
20:28 <Gareth>: I'll set you up for anything like that, then leave when you go into it
20:28 <Leviticus>: With a decent roll and double effort, it could happen
20:28 <Olwen>: OK, we can try it.
20:28 <Leviticus>: Right, Skid?
20:28 <Gareth>: Don't waste points on it, it's fine if you miss
20:28 <Leviticus>: Or is that a cinematic-only action?
20:29 <Skid_GMing>: Slicing an arrow out of the air?
20:29 Leviticus nods
20:31 <Skid_GMing>: Hmm. You could do it. It wouldn't be easy, but definitely not impossible.
20:32 <Skid_GMing>: If you wanted to do it in combat you'd have to reserve an action for it. Like "I cut their next arrow out of the air." as your action.
20:32 Leviticus nods
20:32 <Leviticus>: But as a trick, it'd be totally possible
20:32 <Olwen>: Well, what about just blocking the arrow with your blade? That would still look cool and it would be easier.
20:33 <Gareth>: I like that idea
20:34 <Gareth>: So what exact feats do you plan to do, and what order? So I know what I'm needed for
20:35 <Skid_GMing>: You're clearly needed for the disappearing act.
20:35 <Leviticus>: He is?
20:35 <Gareth>: The what?
20:36 <Skid_GMing>: Since you're going invisible. Nevermind.
20:36 <Gareth>: Oh 'my' act, I know ;)
20:36 <Leviticus>: What about the Shadowpaths trick, Skid?
20:36 <Gareth>: I wasn't planning to make it part of the show though
20:36 <Gareth>: But I could...
20:36 <Olwen>: Well, I shoot at Levi, he blocks the arrows, I could shoot something off his head, I could stand on his head while shooting at a target, we could fight, we can have an archery contest, and Levi can do some fancy stuff with his shadowpath and his sword.
20:37 <Leviticus>: They would get suspicious if you didn't reappear, Gareth
20:37 <Gareth>: Not if reappearing isn't part of the 'trick'
20:37 <Gareth>: I could introduce you, disappear in a smoke bomb, and you go right into the first feat
20:37 <Leviticus>: That'd work
20:37 <Leviticus>: Can I make an object disappear and reappear without the animal being seen?
20:37 <Skid_GMing>: Not unless you had some sort of cover for the animal.
20:38 <Leviticus>: Olwen can do that, right Skid?
20:38 <Leviticus>: OH
20:38 <Leviticus>: Can Olwen make a dog look like a person?
20:38 <Leviticus>: Because then we could do a disappearing act
20:39 <Skid_GMing>: That... would require some critical success.
20:39 <Leviticus>: I figured
20:39 <Skid_GMing>: And acting skill on the dog's part.
20:39 <Olwen>: I don't want to use up my disguise before I need it. Gareth's idea sounds good though.
20:39 <Leviticus>: But she could provide enough cover for a convincing trick, right?
20:40 <Gareth>: I think I'll do that; it gives me a cover for being away from the stage if I'm noticed later
20:40 <Olwen>: Good.
20:40 <Olwen>: We're all set then.
20:41 <Gareth>: So I definitely need to set up the shooting off the head
20:41 <Gareth>: Distort the object
20:41 <Gareth>: So that should be first
20:41 <Gareth>: Then I can go
20:42 <Olwen>: Did we confirm that Levi will be able to block my arrows without too much trouble?
20:42 <Leviticus>: Sets the bar pretty high for a first act
20:42 <Leviticus>: So we should save the fake stabbing for the final act
20:42 <Olwen>: Or if people start to get bored.
20:42 <Skid_GMing>: He'll block them on good rolls, and given the level of armor he's wearing you could rapid fire at him and he'd just tank it.
20:43 <Gareth>: I can distort on the sword to make them 'want' to make contact?
20:43 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
20:43 <Olwen>: Yeah.
20:43 <Gareth>: Then put that later on, so I have time to come back and cast again
20:44 <Olwen>: OK.
20:45 <Skid_GMing>: Then we can start next week by setting this in motion.
20:45 <Gareth>: This should be good for searching the camp, I still don't know how to douse the dragon though
20:46 <Olwen>: Attach the bottle to an arrow and then shoot him.
20:46 <Gareth>: Unless we just do it outright when we're ready to go, then book it
20:46 <Gareth>: I thought of that
20:46 <Olwen>: Do you have a bow of any sort?
20:47 <Olwen>: 'cause if you don't you could use my tackle bow, maybe. Or my crossbow.
20:47 <Skid_GMing>: You should probably prepare some noisy distractions if your plan is going to conclude with running screaming into the desert.
20:47 <Gareth>: I have to do it?
20:47 <Olwen>: Just in case you get the opportunity.
20:48 <Gareth>: If I do it I'll just throw/launch it at him
20:48 <Olwen>: If we're planning a noisy exit then should I blow up the magic carts? That'd be fun.
20:49 <Gareth>: I would hope none of this has to happen and we have the opportunity to just dump it in a drink
20:50 <Gareth>: Idea
20:50 <Gareth>: While I'm poking around tents I tell someone in the kitchen to bring the boss a drink
20:50 <Gareth>: Simple?
20:51 <Gareth>: We have four vials right?
20:51 <Skid_GMing>: Something like that.
20:51 <Gareth>: Ok I have two. If I have a chance to serve drinks I'll check both leaders
20:51 <Olwen>: But you're not supposed to wander off.
20:52 <Olwen>: Or just put half in one and half in the other.
20:52 <Gareth>: I know but the thought was to appear I was sent
20:52 <Gareth>: To request drinks
20:52 <Gareth>: I'll make it work
20:53 <Skid_GMing>: Huh. Well, I know how I would do this.
20:53 Olwen glares...
20:53 <Gareth>: I cast Phone a GM
20:54 <Skid_GMing>: Heh.
20:55 <Gareth>: We're newbies. You know how to think this way
20:55 <Skid_GMing>: It's a lot like your plan, but with different players in different roles.
20:56 <Olwen>: I could mimic a servant, I guess.
20:57 <Skid_GMing>: You've got the privacy of a tent now, which you won't have later.
20:58 <Olwen>: It will be dark though.
20:58 <Gareth>: I should go
20:59 <Olwen>: OK, We'll continue next week.
21:00 <Skid_GMing>: Okay.

Author:  Woody [ Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ember Patrol: Death by Desert

An excerpt from the journal of Leviticus Rutter:
(Mercenary Occupation, Session 2)

Having satisfied the mercenaries' cruel sense of humor, Olwen left us to follow the girl. Wishing to follow up on my plan to infiltrate the mercenary band, I accompanied Gareth as far as the castle, where we split. I went to speak with Eyeless Pete, who was in charge of new recruits, while Gareth watched from afar. Eyeless Pete called over one of the other mercenaries to fight me fist to fist. I quickly bested the other man, knocking him down with a single punch. This attracted the attention of others, and thus began the hardest fight of my life...
A large, muscly blond man approached me, challenging me to a duel. Sensing that he had some amount of authority, I did not refuse him, and we began to fight. A large crowd gathered to watch us. It was an grueling experience. The man weilded two greatswords, with which he launched attack after brutal attack. Most of his blows connected, but I managed to dodge a few, allowing the thorn shield to fight for me. With the help of my new rapier, I managed to continue the fight with surprising capability. I believe that in any other circumstance, I would have won this fight, overpowering the man with the help of my dogs. But feeling that to cheat in this battle would hurt my chances of gaining useful information. I did manage, however, to put up a strong fight, and indeed, I might have won, but suddenly, I was pulled off my feet by someone in the crowd. It was just as well, I decided. Killing a high-ranking mercenary would not be an ideal way to gain trust in the group. I surrendered, and the blond man seemed to respect me for it. He introduced himself as Cyrus, and promised me a high starting wage. I was pleased, of course, that my plan had worked out so well. Things did seem to be looking more hopeful for our mission, and I was beginning to feel optimistic about our chances.

Author:  bookworm [ Mon Feb 29, 2016 12:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ember Patrol: Death by Desert

Barbarian Camp, Session 4 of 4
Continued from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
We need an infiltration team. Gather intel on the approaching band of barbarians to discern their intentions.
18:10 Tikvah is now known as Olwen
18:10 bookworm is now known as Gareth
18:11 Woody is now known as Leviticus
18:12 <Skid_GMing>: Tonight you are scheduled to perform feats of entertainment for the enemy camp, while gathering intel for the Ember Patrol.
18:12 <Gareth>: Yes
18:13 <Olwen>: This was a terrible idea. :/
18:13 <Gareth>: Why?
18:14 <Gareth>: I'm actually feeling pretty good about it
18:14 <Skid_GMing>: You are gathered in your tent, with Tharl the servant standing outside the door. It's mid afternoon.
18:14 <Olwen>: I don't know if I can entertain a crowd like this.
18:15 <Gareth>: Do you doubt you can keep their attention? This is what you used to do.
18:15 <Olwen>: I guess, I'm just afraid the dice will decide to hate me.
18:15 <Olwen>: :P
18:16 <Gareth>: That's a fair point, it's not your usual audience
18:16 <Gareth>: But if anyone can you have the experience to make it work
18:16 <Olwen>: True.
18:16 <Leviticus>: Plus we have an extra asset from practicing
18:17 <Skid_GMing>: Acrobatics training is an asset here, yes.
18:17 <Olwen>: Good.
18:18 <Gareth>: Well, and again, as far as I think failing isn't terrible
18:18 <Olwen>: True.
18:19 <Gareth>: The point is simply to distract, not put on a stellar show
18:19 <Gareth>: Having them mock you is as good as aweing them
18:19 <Gareth>: ;)
18:19 <Leviticus>: The cultists definitely have something up their sleeve, remember
18:19 <Olwen>: I'm sure it won't go as planned, but what can I expect?
18:20 <Leviticus>: Well, shall we quit talking and get on with it?
18:20 <Olwen>: Yeah.
18:20 <Gareth>: I'm ready if you guys are, you have the hard part
18:21 <Olwen>: I'm ready.
18:21 <Leviticus>: Ready
18:21 <Olwen>: Have we practiced?
18:22 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
18:22 <Skid_GMing>: Okay. Evening approaches, and the Barbarains gather in the middle of the camp for a dinner. It's a thick stew which could only smell delicious to someone used to eating fried shoes.
18:22 <Skid_GMing>: Roll perception checks.
18:23 <Gareth>: !roll d20 trained, effort
18:23 <Dicebot>: Gareth, trained, effort: 4
18:23 <Olwen>: !roll d20 specialized
18:23 <Dicebot>: Olwen, specialized: 13
18:24 <Leviticus>: !roll d20
18:24 <Dicebot>: Leviticus: 16
18:25 <Skid_GMing>: There's about 60 barbarians in the open, and five robed cultists off to one side. You manage to pick out the man who must be Crusher, a hulking barbarian clothed in scraps of hide and iron, with no sign of a weapon about him.
18:25 <Olwen>: Ooh.
18:25 <Skid_GMing>: The audience turns expectantly as you emerge from the tent, with scattered cheers and jeers.
18:25 <Gareth>: Okay
18:25 <Olwen>: I bow dramatically.
18:26 <Gareth>: I stand in front as they take their places.
18:27 <Leviticus>: What's our schedule again?
18:27 <Skid_GMing>: The cheering rises. Some bones and a couple daggers are thrown into the arena around you.
18:27 <Gareth>: "Gather around!"
18:27 <Gareth>: "The show is about to begin!"
18:27 <Leviticus>: Can I pick up one of the daggers as loot?
18:27 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
18:27 <Leviticus>: Why not, then?
18:27 <Gareth>: "Gentlemen, we thank you for your hospitality today and hope our show provides adequate entertainment as repayment."
18:28 <Gareth>: I start moving to one side as I'm delivering the introduction.
18:28 Leviticus subtly grabs the nicest dagger
18:29 <Skid_GMing>: It's not a very nice dagger, but it's made from decent iron.
18:29 <Leviticus>: I can at least get some nobles
18:30 <Skid_GMing>: The crowd awaits the start of the show.
18:30 <Gareth>: "If you haven't already met our performers, let me introduce them!"
18:30 <Gareth>: ...did anyone give a fake name?
18:30 <Olwen>: I didn't.
18:31 <Gareth>: Ok good
18:31 <Gareth>: "We have our sword specialist, Leviticus!"
18:31 <Gareth>: I gesture.
18:32 <Skid_GMing>: !roll d20
18:32 <Dicebot>: Skid_GMing: 12
18:33 <Gareth>: I realize I should have introduced Olwen first.
18:33 <Gareth>: I shrug internally.
18:33 <Olwen>: Saving the best for last. :)
18:33 <Olwen>: :P
18:34 <Gareth>: Only because I think they'd connect better with swords, that should have been the lead in
18:34 <Gareth>: oh well
18:34 <Gareth>: "And our master archer, Olwen!"
18:34 <Gareth>: I gesture.
18:34 <Skid_GMing>: "Wooooo!"
18:34 <Olwen>: I wave to everyone enthusiastically.
18:35 <Leviticus>: I don't get cheers? =[
18:35 <Skid_GMing>: You got a dagger.
18:36 <Gareth>: "Tonight you will witness impressive feats of skill! Acts of bravery! And perhaps... a bit of mystery-"
18:36 <Gareth>: I throw down a smoke bomb.
18:36 <Skid_GMing>: The crowd roars as the smoke fills the circle. You can't see their faces, but they seem to be enjoying themsleves.
18:37 <Gareth>: I circle behind the crowd.
18:37 <Olwen>: Alright, what should we do first?
18:37 <Gareth>: I cast distort space on whatever is going to be shot off Levi.
18:37 <Skid_GMing>:
18:38 <Skid_GMing>: Are you activiating invisiblity before you do so?
18:38 <Skid_GMing>: Okay.
18:39 <Gareth>: No
18:39 <Skid_GMing>: The smoke bomb radius isn't big enough to provide full cover clear behind the whole audience.
18:39 <Gareth>: Ugh, fine
18:40 <Gareth>: I guess we're really on the clock then
18:40 <Gareth>: I wasn't anticipating that
18:40 <Skid_GMing>: You've got 10 minutes, I think, before the invisiblity runs out.
18:40 <Gareth>: Oh okay
18:41 <Skid_GMing>: Remember, you'll be briefly visible when you touch things or cast magic.
18:41 <Gareth>: Noted
18:41 <Olwen>: Well, I'm doing some shooting off of Levi's head, right?
18:42 <Gareth>: I go to the nearest tent. I guess I'll just circle around
18:42 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, you've vanished then.
18:42 <Skid_GMing>: Pick a direction for the tent you want to go to. Intrested in the kitcchen, the commander's tent, the cultists, or a general barracks tent?
18:43 <Skid_GMing>: If that's the act you want to start with, yes.
18:44 <Olwen>: Well, Gareth shouldn't take too much time, and we have plenty to do.
18:44 <Leviticus>: I place a large basket of stale bloatbread on my head
18:44 <Gareth>: Where are we performing? In the camp.
18:44 <Gareth>: On the map
18:44 <Skid_GMing>: In the middle.
18:44 <Skid_GMing>: Say around the C in Camp.
18:45 <Gareth>: I'll start at the kitchen
18:45 <Olwen>: Ok, what distance can I go to and still have a high chance of not killing Levi?
18:45 <Skid_GMing>: With his armor? You could shoot him in the face and he'd shrug it off.
18:45 <Olwen>: Hehehe.
18:46 <Gareth>: And they'd love it
18:46 <Gareth>: Should be as good as a stabbing
18:46 <Skid_GMing>: But you have a high chance of sucess from anywhere in the circle.
18:46 <Olwen>: OK, I go pretty far then.
18:46 <Olwen>: I guess the mercs would love it if I actually shot you.
18:46 <Olwen>: :P
18:47 <Leviticus>: I use braced defense
18:47 <Leviticus>: Just in case she wants to try a faceshot
18:47 <Olwen>: OK I shoot at the basket.
18:48 <Skid_GMing>: Roll for it.
18:48 <Skid_GMing>: !roll d20
18:48 <Dicebot>: Skid_GMing: 15
18:48 <Skid_GMing>: I'm rolling for something else.
18:48 <Olwen>: !roll d20 specialised 1 effort
18:48 <Dicebot>: Olwen, specialised 1 effort: 19
18:48 <Gareth>: Does she have five assets? O.o
18:48 <Olwen>: :D
18:49 <Gareth>: That's a 34
18:50 <Skid_GMing>: Well, the basket explodes in a shower of crumbs.
18:51 <Olwen>: So, how much damage would I do if I did hit Levi in the face?
18:51 <Skid_GMing>: What's your bow damage?
18:51 <Olwen>: Let me check.
18:51 <Leviticus>: Also, what did the crowd think?
18:51 <Skid_GMing>: Unless the effort goes to damage it's still just the default.
18:51 <Olwen>: OK
18:52 <Skid_GMing>: There are scattered cheers, but the audience is looking for something more dangerous.
18:53 <Olwen>: Ok, Levi. are you ready to block my arrows?
18:54 <Leviticus>: Shoot me in the face first
18:55 <Leviticus>: I can take it
18:55 <Olwen>: I think I'll do that last.
18:55 <Olwen>: build up to it.
18:55 <Leviticus>: kk
18:55 <Leviticus>: Well, shoot me some arrows, then
18:55 <Skid_GMing>: Gareth, what are you up to?
18:55 <Gareth>: Looking in the kitchen
18:57 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, it's a regular army kitchen tent for the most part, with a huge cauldron of stew sitting on a squat little stove. A servant alternates between stirring it idly and serving out bowls to barbarians who poke their heads inside.
18:57 <Olwen>: Ok, I shoot the first arrow.
18:58 <Gareth>: I continue to the commanders tent.
18:58 <Skid_GMing>: A second servant is preparing clearly higher quality food on another table, dicing meat and adding spices.
18:58 <Gareth>: Oh
18:58 <Gareth>: What kind of food?
18:58 <Skid_GMing>: Roll for shooting.
18:59 <Olwen>: !roll d20
18:59 <Dicebot>: Olwen: 6
18:59 <Skid_GMing>: Roll a perception check and apply anything that might apply to cooking?
18:59 <Gareth>: I just meant is it meat, bread, etc
18:59 <Gareth>: !roll d20 trained, effort
18:59 <Dicebot>: Gareth, trained, effort: 16
19:01 <Skid_GMing>: It's meat, and a very large serving. You realize that the bones he's peeling it from must be human.
19:01 <Olwen>: O_O
19:01 <Gareth>: How is it being prepared?
19:01 <Gareth>: I'm trying to see when I can add the blood
19:02 <Gareth>: Into a steak? Stew?
19:02 <Skid_GMing>: Well, it's being sliced and spiced raw. The stew is being eaten by the barbarians and seems to be a separate dish.
19:02 <Leviticus>: Drink the blood, since we're probably the guy's next meal
19:02 <Leviticus>: =P
19:03 <Leviticus>: Anyway, do I roll for arrow blocking?
19:03 <Skid_GMing>: You do.
19:04 <Skid_GMing>: It's a dodge roll, same as avoiding any other attack.
19:04 <Leviticus>: But I have to hit them with my sword?
19:05 <Skid_GMing>: Yeah, it's a defensive move.
19:05 <Leviticus>: !roll d20 trained
19:05 <Dicebot>: Leviticus, trained: 4
19:06 <Skid_GMing>: It's not a hard shot, but you still manage to miss it. It splinters against your chest.
19:06 <Skid_GMing>: You two roll perception checks.
19:06 <Olwen>: us?
19:06 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
19:07 <Olwen>: !roll d20 specialized
19:07 <Dicebot>: Olwen, specialized: 3
19:07 <Olwen>: hmph.
19:08 <Skid_GMing>: As the crowd laughs, the robed cultists begin to fan out through the audience.
19:08 <Gareth>: I continue to the commanders tent.
19:09 <Olwen>: Uh-oh.
19:09 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, the Commander's tent is quite large, and two heavily armored guards stand at the closed front tent flap.
19:09 <Olwen>: I shoot the next arrow.
19:10 <Skid_GMing>: Fire away.
19:10 <Olwen>: !roll d20
19:10 <Dicebot>: Olwen: 5
19:10 <Olwen>: Oops.
19:10 <Gareth>: I go around back.
19:12 <Skid_GMing>: The back looks like the back end of most tents. Canvas hangs down to the ground, where it is staked to the rock every five feet by iron spikes.
19:12 <Leviticus>: !roll d20
19:12 <Dicebot>: Leviticus: 16
19:12 <Leviticus>: For my perception
19:12 <Leviticus>: And
19:13 <Leviticus>: !roll d20 trained
19:13 <Dicebot>: Leviticus, trained: 5
19:13 <Leviticus>: For the dodge
19:13 <Skid_GMing>: You manage to catch this arrow with your sword, batting it away where sinks into the sand between the feet of a startled barbarian.
19:13 <Leviticus>: The other barbs think that's funny, I hope
19:13 <Gareth>: Can I pull up a spike to go under?
19:13 <Leviticus>: There may be someone inside
19:13 <Skid_GMing>: That would be a strength check, I think.
19:14 <Leviticus>: And my perception?
19:15 <Skid_GMing>: You see the cultists circling around your performance arena.
19:15 <Gareth>: Can I do it with the force?
19:15 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
19:15 <Gareth>: I try to lift a stake out with telekinesis.
19:15 <Skid_GMing>: Hmm, roll a general force skill check for that.
19:16 <Gareth>: !roll d20 trained, with staff
19:16 <Dicebot>: Gareth, trained, with staff : 17
19:17 <Skid_GMing>: Your invisiblity drops for a second, and the iron spike pops loose with a dry "kaCHINK".
19:17 <Gareth>: I lift the canvas and peek in
19:17 <Skid_GMing>: Roll a stealth check.
19:18 <Gareth>: Speed?
19:18 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
19:18 <Gareth>: !roll d20 trained
19:18 <Dicebot>: Gareth, trained: 4
19:19 <Skid_GMing>: You hear a "Huh?" from one of the sentries posted along the cliff's edge, to the west.
19:19 <Gareth>: Oh they're still there?..
19:19 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
19:19 <Gareth>: How far away?
19:20 <Skid_GMing>: 30ish feet, around the corner of the next tent.
19:21 <Gareth>: Is he xomingzm
19:21 <Skid_GMing>: You gonna wait and see?
19:22 <Gareth>: I don't know :x
19:22 <Gareth>: Everyone was supposed to be watching the show, this situation wasn't prepared for
19:23 <Gareth>: I put the stake back in the hole and move on to the mystery tent.
19:23 <Skid_GMing>: Xomingzm steps out of the other tent's shadow and looks around, before going back.
19:23 <Skid_GMing>: You find a sentry leaning against the square tent, if that's the one you're talking about.
19:24 <Skid_GMing>: Olwen, Leviticus, how's the performance going?
19:25 <Olwen>: Well, Levi just deflected an arrow. How are people reacting?
19:26 <Skid_GMing>: You're holding the crowd's interest. You're getting warm cheers, but nobody's going wild.
19:26 <Olwen>: OK, I launch an arrow at Levi's face.
19:25 <Gareth>: I go back to the other one and now peek.
19:27 <Skid_GMing>: Gareth: You lift the canvas of the commander's tent and peek inside. Roll perception.
19:27 <Skid_GMing>: Olwen: Fire away.
19:27 <Gareth>: !roll d20 trained, effort
19:27 <Dicebot>: Gareth, trained, effort: 19
19:27 <Olwen>: !roll d20 specialised 1 effort
19:27 <Dicebot>: Olwen, specialised 1 effort: 20
19:27 <Olwen>: :D
19:28 <Skid_GMing>: You fire an arrow straight into Levi's face, with both your eyes closed.
19:28 <Skid_GMing>: Levi, you might want to do something.
19:31 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, you see the back of a man clothed in light armor of shimmering golden scales, sitting at a desk with his back to you. The entire room, lavishly furnished for a field tent, glows with his oppressive magical aura.
19:31 <Gareth>: Oh yeah there are two commanders
19:31 <Gareth>: Shoot
19:32 <Leviticus>: Like what?
19:32 <Leviticus>: We want it to hit me, right?
19:32 <Skid_GMing>: If you want it to hit you.
19:33 <Leviticus>: Will I take damage?
19:33 <Skid_GMing>: You know what? I'll carry over Olwen's crit. You catch the arrow between your teeth. The crowd goes wild. Ohe of the cultists is knocked over.
19:34 <Olwen>: :D
19:34 <Leviticus>: Sweet
19:35 <Skid_GMing>: Gareth, you see the man in golden scales get up, walking to peer out his tent flap at the noise outside.
19:38 <Skid_GMing>: And then the rest of you see him as well. He has the face of a young man with short cropped hair the same color as his armor. His expression is annoyed and impatient.
19:38 <Leviticus>: poop
19:39 <Skid_GMing>: He's also the first person you've seen with a magical radiance visible to the naked eye.
19:39 <Gareth>: He doesn't have a drink laying around does he?
19:39 <Skid_GMing>: !roll d20
19:39 <Dicebot>: Skid_GMing: 20
19:40 <Skid_GMing>: He does. There is a tall, thin goblet sitting on the desk, filled with a dark red liquid.
19:40 <Gareth>: I quickly float a vial over and dump blood in it.
19:42 <Skid_GMing>: Okay. That's a kinda finicky task. Roll a force check for that.
19:42 <Gareth>: !roll d20 trained, effort, with staff
19:42 <Dicebot>: Gareth, trained, effort, with staff: 18
19:43 <Skid_GMing>: You dribble it into the glass and retrieve the vial without incident.
19:43 <Gareth>: So what exactly is this going to do? Do I need to stay and watch the effect or will we know if something happens?
19:43 <Skid_GMing>: You don't know the answer to that.
19:44 <Gareth>: Ursa told us
19:44 <Gareth>: I just didn't understand
19:44 <Skid_GMing>: He told you it, but didn't specify if you'd be able to see what happened through the wall of a tent.
19:45 <Gareth>: So objective accomplished but mission failed
19:46 <Leviticus>: You are invisible
19:46 <Gareth>: No, How can I make sure it does what it's supposed to when I don't know what to watch for?
19:46 <Skid_GMing>: The commander just takes one solid glare around at the crowd before closing the tent flap again, and walking back towards his desk.
19:47 <Skid_GMing>: I think this is a "you'll know it when you see it" thing.
19:47 <Gareth>: He probably will too then. So that's that.
19:48 <Leviticus>: The big question is, what will happen once he knows he's been found out?
19:48 <Gareth>: He'll kill everyone, to make sure he gets whoever the traitor is
19:48 <Gareth>: So we have to go. We get the intel but not the loot
19:48 <Gareth>: And can't finish searching the camp
19:48 <Gareth>: Why did you have such bad good timing? :x
19:48 <Gareth>: I couldn't pass on the opportunity, but it wasn't at the right overall time
19:49 <Skid_GMing>: Outside, the crowd has gone uncomfortably hushed, with quiet grumbling about the commander not appreciating a good show.
19:49 <Leviticus>: Hrm
19:49 <Leviticus>: Move on to my shadowpath act?
19:50 <Skid_GMing>: Actually, roll perception.
19:50 <Leviticus>: !roll d20
19:50 <Dicebot>: Leviticus: 15
19:51 <Olwen>: me too?
19:51 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
19:51 <Olwen>: !roll d20 specialised
19:51 <Dicebot>: Olwen, specialised: 5
19:52 <Skid_GMing>: The leader of the cultists accepts the commander's glare as some sort of command and pulls back his hood, the other four encircling you doing the same. Roll initative.
19:52 <Gareth>: ...what
19:52 <Leviticus>: Ugh
19:53 <Olwen>: Told ya so.
19:53 <Leviticus>: I knew something like this was coming
19:53 <Leviticus>: !roll d20
19:53 <Dicebot>: Leviticus: 20
19:53 <Leviticus>: BOO YA
19:53 <Olwen>: !roll d20
19:53 <Dicebot>: Olwen: 4
19:53 <Skid_GMing>: Well, you're going first.
19:53 <Olwen>: Hmph.
19:54 <Skid_GMing>: Turn order: Leviticus, cultists, Olwen, others, Gareth.
19:55 <Leviticus>: "What's this, then?" I holler "Have we offended you?"
19:56 <Skid_GMing>: Meanwhile, Golden guy returns to his desk, put his feet up on it, and takes a long swig from his glass of blood.
19:57 <Olwen>: "Woah, what's going on?"
19:57 <Leviticus>: This just got ten times worse
19:57 <Gareth>: Not really, the plan was always douse and run
19:57 <Gareth>: I was just supposed to be able to loot first
19:58 <Leviticus>: Except Olwen and I are surrounded
19:58 <Gareth>: No you aren't
19:58 <Skid_GMing>: You did just pick up a very good set of gear for that...
19:58 <Skid_GMing>: And some gadgets.
19:58 <Leviticus>: If it comes to it, I think we can turn the barbarians against the cultists
19:59 <Skid_GMing>: Nothing happens for half a second, then his magical aura gutter like a candle, and his form flickers from himself, to an old man in royal ceremonial garb, to a young woman in black, half a dozen other forms too blurred to make out, and back. He curses, jumps up, and throws the glass on the floor.
19:59 <Olwen>: Oh cool.
20:00 <Skid_GMing>: Levi, you doing anything else this turn besides ask questions?
20:00 <Leviticus>: Review the situation for me?
20:02 <Skid_GMing>: You're in the middle of the performance arena, an arrow between your teeth, with 50 moderately disinterested barbarians and five unhooded cultists with glowing eyes surrounding you.
20:02 <Skid_GMing>: To be entirely clear: the barbarians are treating this as if it were the next act starting up.
20:02 <Leviticus>: So we are surrounded, then?
20:03 <Skid_GMing>: More or less. There are thin spots, and you can tell most of the barbarians aren't really a threatening level.
20:03 <Leviticus>: In that case
20:03 <Skid_GMing>: You weren't along on that first slave rescue raid in the mines, were you?
20:04 <Leviticus>: No
20:04 <Skid_GMing>: Gareth and Olwen were.
20:04 <Skid_GMing>: Okay.
20:04 <Olwen>: Oh, these guys. I remember them.
20:05 <Skid_GMing>: Yes, one particular nasty mode of attack.
20:05 <Leviticus>: "Alright, everyone! You get to join in on this act!" We're going to have a spar with these lovely fellows!"
20:06 <Leviticus>: "Join in, pick a side! You've seen our skills, I'm sure you'll make the right choice!"
20:06 <Skid_GMing>: Roll a diplomacy check?
20:06 <Leviticus>: !roll d20 1 effort
20:06 <Dicebot>: Leviticus, 1 effort: 15
20:06 <Leviticus>: From intelligence?
20:06 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
20:06 <Leviticus>: *intellect
20:06 <Leviticus>: Oh
20:07 <Leviticus>: I forgot to do my animals at the beginning
20:07 <Skid_GMing>: You're gonna have to play to their baser interests to win them over.
20:07 <Leviticus>: Such as?
20:07 <Leviticus>: Stabbings? =P
20:08 <Olwen>: money, rewards, survival.
20:08 <Skid_GMing>: ^
20:08 <Gareth>: Whoever stabs the most wins a prize!
20:09 <Leviticus>: "The best fighter takes home this lovely blade!" I hold up my remaining pirate blade
20:10 <Skid_GMing>: A few of the mercenaries get to their feet with unclear intentions.
20:10 <Leviticus>: "The runner-up gets a prize of 500 nobles!"
20:10 <Gareth>: I go back to the square tent quick
20:10 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, the square tent still has a sentry at it, but he's busy looking at what's happening in the ring.
20:11 <Gareth>: I slip in
20:12 <Skid_GMing>: You actually have trouble slipping, as you find a set of vertical iron bars directly inside the tent flap, barring access. You find a half dozen prisoners inside a huge iron cage.
20:12 <Leviticus>: Oi
20:13 <Leviticus>: I hope I'm not winning mercs to fight against us =P
20:14 <Skid_GMing>: Levi, Olwen: Two of the cultists lock eyes with each of you. Roll a mental defense roll.
20:14 <Leviticus>: !roll d20
20:14 <Olwen>: !roll d20
20:14 <Dicebot>: Leviticus: 7
20:14 <Dicebot>: Olwen: 7
20:14 <Olwen>: Heh.
20:15 <Leviticus>: BTW, Skid, can we pause for a moment to work out my intellect pool, since I forgot to do my animals at the beginning?
20:15 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
20:15 <Skid_GMing>: That will be important here, actually.
20:15 <Leviticus>: Okay, so, -12 to shadowmark all three
20:15 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
20:15 <Leviticus>: !roll d6+3
20:15 <Dicebot>: Leviticus: 5:2+3
20:16 <Leviticus>: So, I'm at 3 intellect at that point
20:16 <Leviticus>: Which goes to my effort
20:16 <Leviticus>: Emptying my pool
20:16 <Leviticus>: At which point I
20:16 <Leviticus>: !roll d6+3
20:16 <Dicebot>: Leviticus: 4:1+3
20:16 <Leviticus>: Bringing me to 4 intellect
20:17 <Leviticus>: Alright
20:18 <Skid_GMing>: You each take 10 intellect damage as the cultists sap the will from you. Levi, make an additional intellect check with magical knowledge as an asset.
20:18 <Skid_GMing>: Gareth, roll a perception check.
20:19 <Leviticus>: Wuuuuuuut
20:19 <Leviticus>: Where does the remaining damage come from?
20:19 <Skid_GMing>: Might pool.
20:20 <Leviticus>: !roll d20 trained magic
20:20 <Dicebot>: Leviticus, trained magic: 15
20:20 <Gareth>: !roll d20 trained, effort
20:20 <Dicebot>: Gareth, trained, effort: 16
20:20 <Leviticus>: I'm beginning to wonder if Olwen and I will survive this...
20:20 <Gareth>: Of course you wont!
20:20 <Gareth>: We were explicitly told to not fight on this one
20:20 <Skid_GMing>: You realize that their mental attack requires direct line of sight to your eyes to work.
20:20 <Olwen>: Hmm.. We need sunglasses.
20:21 <Leviticus>: Olwen, any costume help there?
20:21 <Olwen>: Uh...
20:21 <Skid_GMing>: Gareth, you see a set of keys hooked on the distracted sentry's belt.
20:21 <Leviticus>: Well we're surrounded having our brains sucked out, what can we do?
20:22 <Olwen>: Get away.
20:22 <Skid_GMing>: You just used something to block line of sight earlier this mission...
20:22 <Olwen>: smoke.
20:22 Leviticus drops a smoke bomb
20:22 <Skid_GMing>: It's Olwen's turn.
20:22 <Leviticus>: Please tell me you have one, Olwen
20:23 <Leviticus>: It's an escape plan too
20:23 <Leviticus>: We slip away while it's smoky
20:23 <Gareth>: I take the keys
20:24 <Skid_GMing>: Roll a stealth check if you don't want to be noticed.
20:24 <Olwen>: Just a second, I'm sure I have one, but I have to check and the ToO is being incredible slow.
20:24 <Gareth>: I know you got at least one
20:24 <Gareth>: Or no
20:24 <Gareth>: You got a flashbang
20:25 <Olwen>: Oh, bother.
20:25 <Skid_GMing>: Who knows what that would do to an eye-based attack.
20:25 <Olwen>: Well, it might blind them for a bit.
20:25 <Gareth>: That is, I know you got a flashbang. You could have also gotten smoke bombs, I just don't know myself
20:26 <Skid_GMing>: The ToO is dead.
20:26 <Skid_GMing>: You grab Levi's smoke bomb.
20:26 <Olwen>: Arghhh.
20:26 <Olwen>: Ok, I grab Levi's smoke bomb and throw that.
20:26 <Gareth>: !roll d20 trained
20:26 <Dicebot>: Gareth, trained: 13
20:27 <Olwen>: And my intellect pool is empty.
20:27 <Skid_GMing>: The arena is once again filled with smoke, up to the first row of tents.
20:27 <Skid_GMing>: The crowd boos at the arena going dark.
20:27 <Skid_GMing>: Gareth: you have keys, the sentry is none the wiser.
20:28 <Gareth>: I open the door
20:28 <Skid_GMing>: The prisoners look up dully at first, and then confused by your clothing.
20:29 <Skid_GMing>: And it's Levi's turn in combat.
20:29 <Skid_GMing>: Having an empty pool means that all tasks are 1 level harder until you get at least one point back in it.
20:29 <Gareth>: I show my badge
20:29 <Gareth>: ...invisibly
20:30 <Skid_GMing>: You're visible as you interact with the cage, they get the idea.
20:31 <Skid_GMing>: Leviticus.
20:31 <Leviticus>: Um
20:31 <Leviticus>: Can we make a run for it?
20:31 <Gareth>: If they're not going to say anything I move on
20:32 <Skid_GMing>: You're in smoke dense enough that you can't see the crowd. You can definitely try. What direction?
20:32 <Leviticus>: Hrm
20:33 <Leviticus>: I feel like I should say through the crowd, but I feel like they'd make a stabbing of me
20:34 <Skid_GMing>: You're reasonably armored.
20:34 <Leviticus>: Alright, through the crowd then
20:35 <Leviticus>: Wait
20:35 <Skid_GMing>: And have the element of surprise moving through smoke.
20:35 <Leviticus>: What are our special items?
20:36 <Skid_GMing>: Well, Gareth is playing with the invisiblity thing.
20:36 <Skid_GMing>: You have the magical detection jammer and some old stuff.
20:36 <Skid_GMing>: Oh. You have the vitality spike somewhere in the party.
20:37 <Skid_GMing>: Three damage to everyone in 50 feet, unresistable.
20:37 <Gareth>: ...
20:37 <Leviticus>: Woah
20:38 <Skid_GMing>: Indiscriminate, though.
20:38 <Leviticus>: I use the magic jammer and charge through the crowd
20:38 <Skid_GMing>: No time to dally though, the smoke is gonna clear eventually.
20:38 <Gareth>: I have that
20:39 <Leviticus>: You do?
20:39 <Gareth>: For if I had to hide the cartridge
20:39 <Leviticus>: Well, if it has enough distance, you use it
20:39 <Gareth>: For what?
20:39 <Leviticus>: To keep the cultists from attacking Olwen
20:39 <Skid_GMing>: And which side of the crowd? Going towards the animals, the commander's tent, or somewhere else?
20:40 <Leviticus>: I go toward Gareth, wherever he is
20:40 <Gareth>: You don't know
20:40 <Skid_GMing>: He's invisible, you don't actually know where he is.
20:40 <Gareth>: It just covers the signature
20:40 <Gareth>: Right?
20:40 <Leviticus>: Fine, I go toward the animals
20:41 <Skid_GMing>: Yeah, but the magical contamination in this place is incredibly dense already.
20:41 <Gareth>: Yeah it doesn't actually stop magic
20:41 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, roll a charge check. Might based.
20:41 <Leviticus>: Never mind, I just charge toward the animals
20:43 <Leviticus>: !roll d20 1 effort
20:43 <Dicebot>: Leviticus, 1 effort: 1
20:43 <Leviticus>: Oh dang it
20:43 <Gareth>: I feel a disturbance in the force.
20:44 <Leviticus>: Well, it was nice knowing y'all
20:44 <Skid_GMing>: You trip over a cultist, and land sprawled at the edge of the circle.
20:44 <Skid_GMing>: The cultist looks deep into your eyes and attempts to force your submission. Roll an intellect defense.
20:45 <Leviticus>: I close my eyes...
20:45 <Leviticus>: I assume I faceplanted, after all
20:45 <Skid_GMing>: You're in more of a hugging position.
20:46 <Skid_GMing>: Olwen, a cultist emerges blindly from the smoke in front of you, and lunges with a dagger.
20:46 <Leviticus>: Fine
20:46 <Leviticus>: !roll d20
20:46 <Dicebot>: Leviticus: 1
20:46 <Leviticus>: I'm dead
20:46 <Leviticus>: I'm so so dead
20:46 <Olwen>: Ouch.
20:46 <Olwen>: Nice knowing you.
20:46 <Leviticus>: Skid have mercy on my soul
20:47 <Gareth>: I'm checking the cultist tent
20:47 <Skid_GMing>: Hmmmmm.
20:48 <Leviticus>: ...
20:49 <Leviticus>: I told you I was gonna die @Gareth
20:49 <Skid_GMing>: You take 5 intellect damage and feel heavy hands grab your arms and pin you down.
20:50 <Leviticus>: Hold on
20:50 <Leviticus>: Does armor apply to intellect damage?
20:50 <Skid_GMing>: It does not.
20:50 <Leviticus>: Dang it
20:50 <Leviticus>: I might actually have a chance if it did
20:50 <Skid_GMing>: Olwen, you need to make your dodge roll.
20:51 <Skid_GMing>: And then it's your turn.
20:51 <Olwen>: !roll d20 trained 1 effort
20:51 <Dicebot>: Olwen, trained 1 effort: 3
20:51 <Olwen>: Arrgh..
20:51 <Skid_GMing>: You take 3 damage as the flailing dagger catches you.
20:52 <Skid_GMing>: Gareth, you continue your tour, I assume arriving at the back end of Cultist's tent as smoke explodes in the arena.
20:52 <Gareth>: Yes
20:52 <Gareth>: This isn't our fault guys, they attacked for no reason. Our plan was good.
20:52 <Skid_GMing>: Well... outside of a few flaws.
20:53 <Leviticus>: Like?
20:53 <Leviticus>: Olwen, your turn
20:53 <Leviticus>: Gosh, two crit fails, that hurt
20:53 <Olwen>: Am I closer to the animals or the cliff?
20:54 <Skid_GMing>: About equidistant, and you just heard Levi go down towards the animals.
20:54 <Leviticus>: Also, why didn't I get something for my 20 on initiative?
20:54 <Skid_GMing>: It wasn't a combat action, so it just put you at absolute first.
20:54 <Olwen>: Well, what's between me and the cliff?
20:55 <Skid_GMing>: Smoke, scattered barbarians, and a row of tents.
20:55 <Skid_GMing>: Was the last thing you saw before smoke was everywhere.
20:55 <Skid_GMing>: You could make the distance in a single turn.
20:55 <Gareth>: I go in the tent.
20:55 <Olwen>: Well, I make a dash for the cliff.
20:55 <Skid_GMing>: Roll a run check.
20:56 <Olwen>: !roll d20 1 effort
20:56 <Dicebot>: Olwen, 1 effort: 12
20:57 <Skid_GMing>: You burst out of the smoke, weave between a couple barbarians, and make it to...
20:57 <Skid_GMing>: !roll d3
20:57 <Dicebot>: Skid_GMing: 1
20:57 <Skid_GMing>: Which edge do you want?
20:57 <Olwen>: Uh-oh.
20:57 <Olwen>: The cliff.
20:57 <Skid_GMing>: So, the north?
20:57 <Skid_GMing>: Where it's highest.
20:58 <Olwen>: Yes.
20:58 <Skid_GMing>: Okay. You get there.
20:58 <Olwen>: Yay!
20:58 <Olwen>: What can I see?
20:59 <Gareth>: Does it matter?
20:59 <Skid_GMing>: You see a drop of about 50 feet, a small pile of bones at the bottom, and slaves beating down a single barbarian sentry to your right.
20:59 <Leviticus>: Dicebot loves the crit fails tonight, don't he?
21:00 <Gareth>: It's not a crit when rolling 3
21:00 <Skid_GMing>: Yeah, that was just a decision maker thing.
21:02 <Leviticus>: Ah
21:02 <Skid_GMing>: Gareth: the cultist's tent contains a book on dragonology, five beds, spare robes, and the parts of some machine, and several tools for repairing it.
21:02 <Skid_GMing>: Levi's turn.
21:02 <Leviticus>: I just realized what those prisoners were
21:02 <Leviticus>: The commander's food supply
21:03 <Olwen>: Yup.
21:03 <Leviticus>: I use my armor's special power
21:05 <Skid_GMing>: Okay the air around you turns into a whirling mass of blades. The hands release you, and the unarmored cultist on top of you vanishes in a haze of sticky red.
21:05 <Olwen>: Ewwwwww....
21:06 <Skid_GMing>: You can stand up unrestricted.
21:06 <Gareth>: What size parts?
21:06 <Skid_GMing>: Big parts. Like car parts sized. But not car parts.
21:06 <Gareth>: I bag the book and tools and two robes
21:07 <Gareth>: And put on another
21:07 <Skid_GMing>: Okay.
21:07 <Gareth>: Is there a machine? Or just parts
21:07 <Skid_GMing>: Roll a mechanics or intellect check?
21:08 <Leviticus>: I stand up and activate the vitality spike
21:08 <Gareth>: !roll d20 effort
21:08 <Dicebot>: Gareth, effort: 17
21:08 <Skid_GMing>: You don't have enough actions to get the spike fired off, but you get up.
21:09 <Skid_GMing>: These are just parts to a bigger machine somewhere else. You think they look similar to parts of that gun you guys looted in an earlier mission, but much, much bigger.
21:10 Leviticus quit
21:10 <Skid_GMing>: Let's see, other cultists are still in the smoke, so it's Olwen's turn.
21:10 <Olwen>: SO, who else is in my vicinity?
21:11 <Gareth>: I go outside and light the tent.
21:12 <Skid_GMing>: It's really just you and the slaves and that slightly pulpy sentry. Everyone else headed towards the center of the camp. You can hear the Commander shouting in his tent, but it's indistinct and growly.
21:12 <Olwen>: How close are the slaves?
21:12 Leviticus joined #Gowers
21:12 <Skid_GMing>: The closest is about 10 feet away.
21:13 <Skid_GMing>: The greased canvas of the tent starts to burn cheerily.
21:13 <Leviticus>: What?
21:13 <Leviticus>: Why is it burning?
21:13 <Gareth>: I continue the circle back toward the smoke.
21:14 <Skid_GMing>: Gareth is arsoning.
21:14 <Skid_GMing>: And it's your turn.
21:15 <Leviticus>: How many actions do I get?
21:16 <Skid_GMing>: One.
21:16 <Skid_GMing>: You can move a long distance, or move short distance and do something.
21:16 <Leviticus>: Alright, I book it toward the flaming tent since I assume that's where Gareth is
21:17 <Skid_GMing>: The smoke has mostly lifted, bringing the remaining four cultists into view as they stop stumbling around in the smoke and turn to face you. A wide circle has formed away from you as those injured in your blade blast pull back to lick their wounds and judge your strength.
21:17 <Leviticus>: Is that a short distance?
21:17 <Leviticus>: Please say it is, cuz I could use a heal
21:18 <Skid_GMing>: It's run action to get all the way over there.
21:18 <Leviticus>: Will anyone get in my way?
21:19 <Skid_GMing>: You've got a few people you'll need to scatter or intimidate to make it there, since you're down closer to the animals.
21:19 <Gareth>: I examine the sleds.
21:19 <Olwen>: Are we still doing turn based?
21:19 <Skid_GMing>: Yes, sorta.
21:20 <Leviticus>: What kind of people?
21:20 <Skid_GMing>: Barbarians, mook-level.
21:20 <Olwen>: Then where's my turn? You said it was mine a while ago, but then the others started doing stuff and I didn't get to move.
21:20 <Skid_GMing>: Oh right you just did your look around. What's your action?
21:21 <Olwen>: How close are the slaves?
21:21 <Skid_GMing>: The closest is 10 feet away
21:21 <Leviticus>: Alright, I run for it
21:21 <Leviticus>: !ROLL D20.
21:21 <Leviticus>: Let's see how all caps do
21:21 <Skid_GMing>: Caps apparently don't parse.
21:21 <Leviticus>: !roll d20
21:21 <Dicebot>: Leviticus: 4
21:21 <Leviticus>: I hate this
21:21 <Olwen>: I hook my grappling hook to the cliff-side.
21:22 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, your hook is hooked.
21:22 <Olwen>: Is that my whole action?
21:22 <Skid_GMing>: What else would you like to do?
21:23 <Skid_GMing>: It would normally be part of a move to climb down the cliff or something.
21:23 <Olwen>: I want to call over the slaves to offer them an escape route.
21:23 <Olwen>: I assume they can slide down a rope.
21:23 <Skid_GMing>: You can do that.
21:23 <Olwen>: OK, I do that.
21:24 <Skid_GMing>: Levi: you bash through a couple mooks, but your progress is slowed. You manage to put one of the sledges between yourself and the bulk of the crowd, however.
21:25 <Gareth>: "Oh hi Levi."
21:25 <Gareth>: "They didn't like you, huh?"
21:25 <Leviticus>: xP
21:25 <Skid_GMing>: Levi, the voices in your head are talking to you.
21:25 <Leviticus>: What have you been doing all this time?
21:25 <Gareth>: I bang on the sled so I turn visible
21:26 <Gareth>: :p
21:26 <Gareth>: And that wasn't a joke, I did say that. I'm trying to insert some levity as I can see it's an intense situation.
21:26 <Gareth>: "I'll tell you later."
21:27 <Gareth>: "We should go."
21:27 <Leviticus>: Indeed
21:27 <Skid_GMing>: The state of the camp has risen to general chaos. Most of the camp has no idea what has happened, orders are being shouted and not obeyed. There is a general rushing to pick up weapons laid aside and evaluate what exactly hit the camp.
21:27 <Leviticus>: Off we go then =P
21:27 <Gareth>: I examine the sled.
21:27 <Leviticus>: But first
21:27 <Leviticus>: I activate the vitality spike, just to increase the chaos
21:28 <Gareth>: And I levitate my sword back to me
21:28 <Skid_GMing>: This sled contains one of those gigantic guns.
21:28 <Skid_GMing>: Olwen, you get to take this round's action now.
21:28 <Olwen>: Well, is anyone going to use my rope to escape?
21:29 <Gareth>: Where are you on the map?
21:29 <Gareth>: We might just go the way we came
21:29 <Skid_GMing>: Yes, The slaves start to break away from the fight and come down the rope.
21:29 <Skid_GMing>: Olwen is at the north edge, behind the square tent.
21:29 <Olwen>: Alright, how long will it take them to all go down?
21:31 <Skid_GMing>: Probably a few more rounds.
21:31 <Olwen>: OK, is anyone approaching?
21:31 <Skid_GMing>: !roll d20
21:31 <Dicebot>: Skid_GMing: 1
21:31 <Skid_GMing>: Nobody is approaching.
21:31 <Olwen>: Well then...
21:31 <Olwen>: I guess I just stand guard.
21:31 <Gareth>: Does it have a signature?
21:31 <Skid_GMing>: The sled? Yes. Deep red.
21:31 <Gareth>: I can't drain it into Levi can I? Just myself
21:31 <Skid_GMing>: Right.
21:31 <Gareth>: Darn
21:33 <Skid_GMing>: Oh. Just make Levi put the gloves on.
21:33 <Leviticus>: Drain what into me?
21:33 <Gareth>: Intellect points
21:33 <Gareth>: He's not an enchanter?
21:34 <Skid_GMing>: He's a mage.
21:34 <Skid_GMing>: Of sorts.
21:34 <Skid_GMing>: Or did you take skill in enchanting, specifically?
21:34 <Gareth>: Well for goodness sake!
21:34 <Gareth>: I take out the gloves
21:34 <Gareth>: "Put these on and touch the gun, quick!"
21:35 <Gareth>: What kinds of animals are these?
21:35 <Skid_GMing>: Camels, horses, and a few of those heavy rhinos used to drag the sledges around.
21:35 <Gareth>: They're tethered?
21:35 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
21:35 <Gareth>: So like a... 3 to hit?
21:36 <Skid_GMing>: If you're shooting one of the animals, it's pretty easy, yeah.
21:36 <Leviticus>: Okay, I put on the gloves and touch the gun
21:36 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, top of the turn order, Levi, assuming you don't want to use the vitality spike instead.
21:37 <Skid_GMing>: You suck energy from enchanted artillery, restoring seven intellect points.
21:38 <Leviticus>: Nice
21:38 <Leviticus>: #Handicap off
21:38 <Gareth>: I shoot chain lightning at a horse.
21:38 <Leviticus>: Why are you attacking the animals?
21:38 <Gareth>: So they can't chase us
21:38 <Leviticus>: Ahhh
21:38 <Leviticus>: Good idea
21:38 <Gareth>: I thought so
21:38 <Leviticus>: We could steal animals for ourselves
21:38 <Leviticus>: If you don't kill them all
21:38 <Gareth>: Aha
21:38 <Gareth>: Good idea yourself!
21:38 <Gareth>: I hold that, since it wasn't my turn yet anyway
21:38 <Skid_GMing>: Olwen, you doing anything besides standing guard?
21:38 <Skid_GMing>: The last two slaves are beginning to descend.
21:38 <Olwen>: Can I see anyone else?
21:39 <Skid_GMing>: !roll d20
21:39 <Dicebot>: Skid_GMing: 17
21:39 <Skid_GMing>: Yes, you see scattered barbarians rushing into tents to retrieve gear, and finally someone notices you and shouts that the slaves are escaping. He doesn't seem eager to attack, however.
21:40 <Olwen>: Distance?
21:40 <Skid_GMing>: 25 feet. Round the front corner of the commander's tent.
21:41 <Olwen>: I fire a warning shot by his feet.
21:41 <Skid_GMing>: Levi, Gareth. Crusher crashes down on top of your artillery sled, grinning from ear to ear. "I'M GONNA TURN YOU TO DUST."
21:41 <Olwen>: Uh-oh.
21:41 <Skid_GMing>: Olwen: roll an intimidation check
21:41 <Olwen>: !roll d20
21:41 <Dicebot>: Olwen: 15
21:42 <Skid_GMing>: He thinks better of getting frisky and waits for backup.
21:42 <Gareth>: "Get us a ride Levi!"
21:42 <Gareth>: I push at Crusher
21:43 <Leviticus>: Oiiiiii vey
21:43 <Leviticus>: I grab whatever looks fast
21:43 <Gareth>: I'd recommend two horses
21:43 <Leviticus>: Alright, two horses it is
21:43 <Olwen>: Is there room on the rope yet?
21:43 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
21:43 <Olwen>: Where are Gareth and Levi?
21:43 <Gareth>: Across the camp from you
21:43 <Gareth>: Take the rope
21:43 <Skid_GMing>: You're still invisible, notably. Loud, but invisible.
21:44 <Skid_GMing>: Roll your push against Crusher.
21:45 <Gareth>: Is that an asset to push? Does it matter if he sees it coming?
21:45 <Skid_GMing>: He's on slightly unstable footing.
21:45 <Gareth>: Hmm
21:45 <Skid_GMing>: And yeah, he isn't expecting it.
21:46 <Gareth>: Then I guess...
21:46 <Gareth>: !roll d20 trained, with staff, effort to distance
21:46 <Dicebot>: Gareth, trained, with staff, effort to distance: 7
21:46 <Skid_GMing>: Oooh, close. His grin disappears, and then so does he.
21:47 <Gareth>: I get on a horse if they're here
21:47 <Skid_GMing>: Levi, you need to get horses so an.. animal handling check?
21:48 <Gareth>: What if we mount before untying them?
21:48 <Skid_GMing>: Still.
21:49 <Skid_GMing>: You're invisible-person jumping unfamiliar horses in the middle of a battle.
21:49 <Skid_GMing>: Or, Levi is, minus the invisible part.
21:49 <Gareth>: It works in the movies
21:49 <Skid_GMing>: It'll probably work here.
21:50 <Skid_GMing>: But it's not easy, and neither of you are trained riders.
21:50 <Gareth>: I didn't know we had to be
21:50 <Gareth>: Figured everyone in this world was
21:51 <Skid_GMing>: Well, you can ride easy horses. But this is special circumstances.
21:51 <Gareth>: Ah okay
21:51 <Leviticus>: !roll d20 trained
21:51 <Dicebot>: Leviticus, trained: 11
21:52 <Skid_GMing>: You mangage to pick out a pair of reasonably calm looking horses to steal.
21:53 <Skid_GMing>: But are surrounded by a loose crowd of barbarians.
21:53 <Gareth>: I chain lightning one
21:53 <Skid_GMing>: Waityur turn.
21:53 <Leviticus>: Vitality spike?
21:53 <Gareth>: Oh yeah sure
21:54 <Skid_GMing>: It's indiscriminate, remember?
21:54 <Gareth>: It won't kill the horses will it
21:54 <Skid_GMing>: Olwen, the group up against you has grown to four and is looking brave again.
21:54 <Olwen>: Is the rope clear?
21:54 <Skid_GMing>: Yes.
21:54 <Olwen>: How long will it take me to slide down?
21:55 <Skid_GMing>: A move.
21:55 <Leviticus>: Make your descent quickly
21:55 <Leviticus>: They'll probably cut the rope
21:55 <Olwen>: I slide down as fast as I can.
21:55 <Olwen>: I hope they don't cut it, I really want my grapple back.
21:55 <Skid_GMing>: You can slide down and take your grapple in one move.
21:55 <Olwen>: Ok, then I take it down.
21:55 <Leviticus>: The horses can take it right?
21:55 <Skid_GMing>: It probably won't do enough damage to be lethal to horses.
21:55 <Gareth>: But will it scare them past control?
21:55 <Leviticus>: Alright, deploy the spike
21:55 <Leviticus>: Or not
21:55 <Gareth>: Can Levi hold his action
21:56 <Gareth>: Oh we're surrounded though, doesn't matter
21:56 <Skid_GMing>: Levi will be taking his action after you, since it is your turn now?
21:57 <Skid_GMing>: You've mostly got barbarians crowding in from the north.
21:57 <Leviticus>: "These are not the horses you are looking for"
21:57 <Leviticus>: Since Gareth is a Jedi =P
21:57 <Skid_GMing>: !roll d20
21:57 <Dicebot>: Skid_GMing: 10
21:57 <Skid_GMing>: Hmm.
21:57 <Gareth>: Levi didn't do anything
21:58 <Skid_GMing>: He got the horses. You haven't done anything. We're doing one turn cycle.
21:58 <Olwen>: I have to go soon.
21:58 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, let's get these guys on a horse then call it a night.
21:58 <Olwen>: K.
21:58 <Gareth>: I thought he got them last turn
21:58 <Gareth>: And I'm a Sith actually
21:59 <Gareth>: Lightning
21:59 <Skid_GMing>: So... you getting on a horse?
22:00 <Leviticus>: Yeah, I got them last cycle then Gareth pushed the barbarian, right?
22:00 <Gareth>: I guess you used the gloves, I pushed, then you got them
22:00 <Gareth>: Doesn't really matter
22:00 <Gareth>: Yeah I swing up and look at the people
22:00 <Gareth>: "Let us pass and no one else has to die."
22:02 <Gareth>: I charge an orb but don't shoot it yet.
22:02 <Skid_GMing>: You see archers aiming at you without hesitiation.
22:02 <Olwen>: Oh dear.
22:03 <Gareth>: I let it go then.
22:03 <Skid_GMing>: Fire away.
22:03 <Gareth>: Its a chain btw
22:03 <Skid_GMing>: okay.
22:03 <Skid_GMing>: You see the cultists at their tent, trying to beat out the fire.
22:03 <Leviticus>: LET IT GOOOOO
22:03 <Leviticus>: LET IT GO
22:03 <Gareth>: !roll d20 specialized, effort to hit
22:03 <Dicebot>: Gareth, specialized, effort to hit: 15
22:03 <Gareth>: Boom
22:03 <Skid_GMing>: Let's see...
22:04 <Gareth>: That's a 24
22:04 <Gareth>: To 21, 17
22:04 <Skid_GMing>: Your chain bolts off of several of the barbarians, clearing yourself some space as they fall back.
22:05 <Skid_GMing>: Crusher rushes forwards as the others shrink back, and a couple arrows are fired at Gareth and at Levi.
22:05 <Skid_GMing>: Roll dodges.
22:05 <Gareth>: !roll d20 specialized
22:05 <Dicebot>: Gareth, specialized: 20
22:06 <Olwen>: Ooh.. Nice.
22:06 <Leviticus>: !roll d20 trained
22:06 <Dicebot>: Leviticus, trained: 3
22:06 <Gareth>: I'm on a horse.
22:06 <Skid_GMing>: You deflect the arrows with no effort, and pick an effect.
22:06 <Leviticus>: No answer = Critical win
22:06 <Leviticus>: Grrr
22:06 <Skid_GMing>: Levi, two arrow plink harmlessly off your armor.
22:06 <Leviticus>: Have your effect be force pushing my arrows away =P
22:06 <Leviticus>: Never mind
22:06 <Leviticus>: My armor is invincible
22:07 <Gareth>: What kind of effect can I have out of a dodge?
22:07 <Skid_GMing>: Kick your horse into running.
22:07 <Gareth>: Yes
22:07 <Skid_GMing>: Now seems like a good time to leave.
22:07 <Skid_GMing>: And it's your turn, Levi.
22:08 <Leviticus>: Since it's now my turn, I do the same
22:08 <Leviticus>: Meaning I run, that is
22:08 <Skid_GMing>: Excellent.
22:09 <Skid_GMing>: Okay, you speed away into the desert dusk, while Barbarians begin to mount up for pursuit behind you. Meanwhile, Olwen and several slaves slink away under the shadow of the cliff.
22:09 <Skid_GMing>: Let's call it a night. 3 XP each, 1 to give away.
22:10 <Olwen>: Yay..
22:10 <Gareth>: I zap back at them when I have a chance
22:10 <Gareth>: We better be paid well for this one
22:10 <Olwen>: Yeah.
22:10 <Skid_GMing>: Actually, that basically wraps up the whole mission. 4 XP each.
22:10 <Olwen>: I don't know what to do with these people though.
22:11 <Olwen>: Well, I'm out.
22:11 <Olwen>: Goodnight.
22:11 <Skid_GMing>: G'night.
22:11 Olwen quit
22:12 <Leviticus>: Whew
22:12 <Leviticus>: I honestly wasn't sure I'd make it out of that one
22:12 <Skid_GMing>: And to answer why they attacked: They were basically planning on eating you the whole time, because they assumed you were a wimpy band of travelling entertainers.
22:13 <Skid_GMing>: You're clearly more along the lines of traveling nukes.
22:13 <Gareth>: Yeah, but during the show?
22:13 <Leviticus>: I had figured as much @Skid
22:13 <Gareth>: And it was the cultists that moved, not the barbarians
22:15 <Gareth>: So how am I supposed to get my boots now? No loot
22:15 <Gareth>: And it seems there was never intended to be any :noway:
22:16 <Skid_GMing>: There was some stuff to steal around, just mostly on people.
22:16 <Gareth>: Cause I checked all the tents, so it must have been on bodies. But we weren't supposed to fight.
22:17 <Skid_GMing>: There's a ton of stuff still to steal from the commander's tent.
22:17 <Skid_GMing>: And you didn't have time to clear all the barracks tents.
22:17 <Gareth>: You didn't say that
22:17 <Gareth>: I expected that info from looking inside >_>
22:17 <Skid_GMing>: Yeah, I said it was lavishly funished.
22:18 <Gareth>: I took that to mean furniture
22:18 <Gareth>: I turn my horse around.
22:19 <Skid_GMing>: Heh.
22:19 <Skid_GMing>: I don't know. See if you get paid, or can talk Leviticus into selling his other sword because we're in final battle territory.

Author:  Woody [ Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ember Patrol: Death by Desert

An excerpt from the journal of Leviticus Rutter:
(Mercenary Occupation, Session 3)

Having secured my place in the mercenary band, it was now Gareth's turn to prove himself. I was, unfortunately, unable to stay and watch, as Cyrus had invited me to the tavern, and I wanted to stick near him and gather information on his plans. I did, however, leave my poodle as backup for Gareth.
I later learned that Gareth had had a tough fight with an alleged "mage killer". She had the ability to suppress magic, rendering Gareth's fight quite difficult. He did prevail, however, and all continued to go according to plan. Olwen arrived shortly after, having been delayed by her visit to the baker and buying a signal flare for us to use for calling in our reinforcements. She was also able to join the group, thus allowing us all access to the castle.
Upon arriving at the castle, I learned several things regarding its layout. The first floor contained a smithy, with the rest of it being renovated into a makeshift tavern, where the mercenaries were enjoying the castle's supply of alcoholic beverages. The second and third floors were made up of private rooms, with the third floor allocated entirely to Cyrus and Eyeless Pete. I was given a private room on the second floor, as a special accommodation for my display earlier. I was also able to surmise that there would be a hatch on the roof of the tower, providing access to the third floor.
I spent a fair time conversing with Cyrus in the tavern, learning much about the band's plans while having my wounds dressed. It seemed that they were marching on a desert fortress, having been hired by the Emperor himself. I was surprised to learn this information, but tried to keep calm so as not to arouse suspicion.
The night went on, and Gareth, Olwen, and I met up to discuss our plans for reclaiming the village. Gareth wished to take the castle after the band had marched out, but we decided against this, thinking that our staying behind would be suspicious, and also that we would be unable to kill Cyrus himself. We eventually narrowed it down to two plans: A, we would have Olwen's baker friend lace several loaves of bread with bloatwort, a poisonous plant that grew in the region, to handicap our enemies, then fall upon them with our full backup. Or B, we would sneak into Cyrus' room through the hatch on the roof of the tower, killing him in his sleep and thus rendering the band leaderless, causing chaos and in-fighting, which we would then capitalize on by rushing in with our attack force. We eventually decided to attempt a combination of both plans, which we would execute the following night...

Author:  bookworm [ Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ember Patrol: Death by Desert

Excerpt from the journal of Gareth Trevelyan
After diffusing the confrontation at the tavern we split up. Olwen followed the girl while Levi and I went to observe the castle the mercenaries had made their headquarters. We found a training ground with several occupants at work, it seemed the group was readily accepting recruits. Levi's plan looked to be a good option to try.

He had been directed to inquire about joining to a man who was apparently blind, but appeared to have unhindered awareness. Likely a mage of some sort. He was given the test of a fistfight with a brawler to prove his worth. He was hit by the first swing of the fight, but with his first knocked his opponent out cold. A lucky hit, but just the thing to get him accepted. Indeed he was not only approved for membership, but already impressing the leadership. He would enter in a spot of favor, not just as an ordinary recruit, all the better for gathering information. Perhaps he was a bit too impressive however, as his display caught the attention of an even bigger man who challenged him to a swordfight. It was an intense match, but Levi held his own well. Some time in I felt a strange suppression, seeming to come from a hooded figure. It rendered me unable to intervene though spellcasting, though I was not planning to anyway. Levi seemed to be gaining the upperhand, but suddenly fell and was forced to concede. He said later he had been tripped by something. I don't doubt it, there's no honor among mercenaries. Nonetheless the fight he had put up gained him even more favor and he was warmly welcomed into the band by the swordsman, who introduced himself as Cyrus, the murderer we were looking for.

We found out Olwen had followed the girl to a bakery and managed to gain the trust of the proprietor. She learned the reason the people allow the occupation is the mercenaries have taken several hostages as servants, including the baker's son.

Author:  Woody [ Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ember Patrol: Death by Desert

An excerpt from the journal of Leviticus Rutter:
(Mercenary Occupation, Session 4)

After much debate, we settled on a final plan. We waited until the next morning, then split up, Olwen going to talk to the baker, Gareth and I off to gather the bloatwort. When we returned, Olwen had convinced the baker to help us by baking the poisoned bread. We dropped the bloatwort off to her and went to help test potential recruits, attempting to block as many as we could from joining the already significant numbers. When evening came, we collected the bread, planning to give it to the kitchen the following morning. We slept for a few hours, awakening in the earliest hours of the morning to slay Cyrus. Olwen grappled to the top of the tower, and we followed behind. Dropping through the hatch to the hallway of the third floor, we discovered a most displeasing surprise... Cyrus was awake! Realizing that he may already be aware of our presence, we decided to take what element of surprise we could and rush into his room. Gareth quickly cast a force wall over the door on Pete's side of the hallway, and silenced Cyrus. The battle was about to begin...

Author:  bookworm [ Sat Nov 05, 2016 2:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ember Patrol: Death by Desert

Excerpt from the journal of Gareth Trevelyan
With Levi accepted into the group it was my turn to be tested. But instead of giving me a fight as well they wanted to see my defensive capabilities. I was supposed to evade the woman who was suppressing magic for thirty seconds. The aura lessened as she moved away, so I gathered the goal was to manage to keep an adequate distance until the count was up.

We took our places and on Pete's mark she charged. I let her close the distance some, then erected a force wall in her path. She powered through it, but the effort slowed her advance enough for me to act again. I conjured another wall right in front of her, pinning her between the two. Without a running start she struggled more to break through but still made a decent advance. Analyzing the effects these exchanges were having on the distance she could cover I saw that merely walls wouldn't slow her enough, so I attempted to push her back to buy time. Fate finally went my way as despite her oppressive aura the spell managed to connect. As she regained her footing I put up a final wall. This time she went around it, but the detour took just long enough that Pete called in the time as she was about to close, dagger ready.

I attempted to present myself as if I had let it get that close intentionally, to put on a good show, and turned to Pete expectantly who welcomed me into the band. As we started for the castle Olwen approached and offered her own services. An impressive shot won her own acceptance and we all made our way into the wolves' den. We spent the evening acclimating to the group and orienting to the layout, trying to plan our best move.

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