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Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky
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Author:  Tikvah [ Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

We have successfully angered a unicorn.

bookworm, Moontide, Skid, and Arkan each get 1 XP.

Author:  bookworm [ Sun Apr 02, 2017 4:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Title TBD, Part 4
19:00 bookworm is now known as Victor
19:01 Skid is now known as Gromit
19:01 Moontide is now known as Ookook
19:01 Arkan is now known as Greystone
19:02 <Gromit>: Okay, who wants to tell the Count the bad news?
19:02 <Victor>: We head back upstairs
19:03 <Victor>: If no one approaches us we go outside
19:03 <Tikvah_GMing>: Everything upstairs seems about the same as before. You notice that it is late afternoon.
19:03 Victor steps a little ways from the door and motions to the others "Reconvene."
19:04 <Victor>: "Before this gets too convoluted we need to review everyone's thoughts on the situation; I think we all think something different is going on at the moment."
19:04 <Victor>: "I'm gathering that Gromit's suspicion is we were sent to kidnap the kid as a ruse order to hide the Count's real goal of thwarting his kismet potion?"
19:05 <Gromit>: That's one option, yes.
19:05 <Victor>: "I'm not in line with that theory myself, due to the reason for us targeting Justin specifically being explained as related to the monsters."
19:05 <Victor>: "It's not unreasonable to imagine being sent to do something under a false pretense of an explanation that brings about the true intended consequence without making it known, but in this particular instance it seems unrealistic to be what this is, to me."
19:05 <Victor>: "Remember that this is all assuming the Count knew that the kid is a kid and the faux objective was less than forthcoming for reasons unknown, even though he knew we would realize what was really going on as soon as we got here, and he was okay with that."
19:06 <Victor>: "But if he was okay with us realizing that, I don't see why he would add further obfuscation to our mission. If this was about the potion he would have just said that. Our mission wouldn't be 'arrest this guy for making monsters' it would have been 'steal and/or stop this research' straightforward like."
19:06 Victor shrugs
19:07 <Gromit>: "Historically, the count has sent us on a mission with an unclear briefing that resulted in high civilian casualties and an unclear payoff."
19:07 <Victor>: "True."
19:07 <Victor>: "But I also find it unlikely he actually knew about this potion at all. It's just a random kid's play, I don't see how word would have spread around. I admit it's quite the interesting coincidence coming right after the last mission, but a coincidence is all I currently think it is."
19:08 <Gromit>: So you'd like to just go back and tell him that the mission was unneccessary?
19:08 <Victor>: "That's where I'm leaning at the moment, but of course with some precautions in place in case that's not the case."
19:09 <Victor>: "Whatever we end up deciding is the most likely case, we'll plan for all other options still."
19:09 <Gromit>: "See, I don't think he expected us to ask this many questions before carrying out our goal. All we /had/ to do was ID the target and snatch him."
19:10 <Gromit>: "And if he's testing us for ability to carry out orders regardless of moral objections, going back would be seen as a straight failure."
19:10 <Victor>: "So you think he wanted us to realize something was off with the intel but follow through anyway?"
19:11 <Victor>: "It's a distinct possibility I don't discount, but I'm currently still of the belief personally that the Count just acted on incomplete intel. Whether it was a mistake or intentionally supplied to them faulty remains unknown, and is very important to find out."
19:11 <Victor>: "Things could still be as sinister as you suspect, but for a different reason from a different source."
19:11 <Gromit>: "Or not question it. Here's the real question: Let's say we take the boy back along with our report that this all seems unnecessary. Do we trust him to leave the boy unharmed?"
19:11 <Victor>: "No."
19:11 Greystone is frowning, his usual thinking face.
19:12 <Victor>: "We're definitely not taking him with us, whatever we decide."
19:12 <Victor>: "I have an idea for that if it comes to it."
19:13 <Victor>: "We need to do more digging to see how we think we ultimately need to proceed."
19:13 <Victor>: "I'm just not sure for what exactly."
19:13 <Ookook>: We could go back and fake the boys death.
19:13 <Victor>: That was more or less what I was thinking
19:13 <Victor>: I'll detail when it's time, if it seems the prudent plan
19:13 Greystone speaks up.
19:13 <Greystone>: "Do any of you know much of Drindall?"
19:14 <Gromit>: "He's impatient and is madder about arriving a day late than that fact that a chunk of city got blown up?"
19:15 <Greystone>: [I failed a knowledge check some time ago, if any of you haven't tried for knowledge of Drindall, now would be a good time.]
19:15 <Gromit>: "He's had us attack a military warehouse and an orphanage so far?"
19:16 <Gromit>: "HIS alchemist is currently the most likely candidate for creating the monsters that attacked the nearby village?"
19:16 Victor points at Gromit and nods
19:17 <Gromit>: "He's collecting artifacts, including one that's supposed to greatly enhance a Kismet power, while eliminating machines and potions that could nullify them?"
19:17 <Victor>: Is that what he's doing?
19:18 <Victor>: That's what we're still not sure about. Could just be circumstantial
19:18 <Gromit>: It would be the result of us completing this mission
19:18 <Victor>: It would, but does he know that
19:18 <Gromit>: The artifact thing is a done deal though.
19:18 <Greystone>: But circumstantially, yes, that is what he appears to be doing.
19:19 <Greystone>: Could he be trying to rise to power in these politically volatile times?
19:20 <Gromit>: That looks like the general direction he's pushing.
19:20 <Gromit>: Also: He's a Count, which automatically makes him 35% more evil.
19:20 <Victor>: I just can't get past this:
19:20 <Victor>: If you think he 'trusted' us to take the kid even when things didn't line up - he would have also trusted us to carry out the real mission intent
19:21 <Victor>: Misdirecting our task would be unecesary and illogical on top of misdirecting our target
19:21 <Gromit>: Well, our task remains the same. Take the kid, burn his lab.
19:23 <Gromit>: And if /he/ believes his intel was good enough, then we just got blinded by enemy manipulation and aren't competent anyway.
19:23 <Victor>: Exactly
19:23 <Victor>: But that's a completely different situation
19:24 Victor sighs
19:24 <Gromit>: Just that we're kinda sunk either way.
19:25 <Victor>: In a sense
19:25 <Victor>: But the latter would be much more desirable
19:25 <Victor>: Or at least easier to proceed under
19:25 <Ookook>: We could just flee in terror to a different country or something.
19:25 <Ookook>: We could likely out run the law with the war and all
19:25 <Gromit>: So, fake that we completed the mission as best we can, then see what more we can learn?
19:26 <Victor>: "Shall we speak with the unicorn? I don't know if it can help us with anything relevant to this anymore, but since we're here."
19:27 <Gromit>: "Might as well. If we need to burn this place and hussle the children off it would be better not to have her stab us in the back."
19:27 <Greystone>: "Well, as for me gentlemen, I can go no longer without speaking to the creature."
19:28 <Victor>: We look around for it then
19:28 <Gromit>: Was it unicorns that are supposed to be wise?
19:29 <Greystone>: Very.
19:29 <Tikvah_GMing>: You see the unicorn standing near a wall, watching a small group of children playing a game of hopscotch.
19:30 <Greystone>: Well, I approach.
19:31 <Tikvah_GMing>: She notices your approach and looks at you.
19:31 <Greystone>: Can unicorns speak normally or telepathically?
19:31 <Tikvah_GMing>: Normally.
19:31 <Tikvah_GMing>: As far as you know.
19:33 Greystone gives a slight respectful bow at the waist, fist on chest as he approaches.
19:34 <Tikvah_GMing>: The unicorn nods in return, but doesn't speak.
19:36 <Greystone>: "Greetings, wild one."
19:36 <Greystone>: "I must confess, I have not met a unicorn prior, and I must plead ignorance to inquire, do you speak in a normal fashion, and if so, would you be willing to discourse with me a time?"
19:37 <Greystone>: (Or 'us'. none of the others said if they followed.)
19:38 <Victor>: I said we're looking for it, then we found it, it should follow that we approached it
19:38 <Greystone>: (Naturally, but one cannot be perfectly sure.)
19:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: "My name is Wikolia, traveller. What do you have to say?" When she speaks you hear a voice, but the unicorn's mouth doesn't seem to move.
19:40 <Ookook>: I look at the unicorn through my telescope
19:40 <Greystone>: [Dash it all, I know a lot about unicorns, but now I'm panicking that that they might be different in this world. I wanted to say Ancient One, but what if Unicorns are not eternalistic in this world, and it's a young one, and it would be offended? Etc.]
19:41 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ookook, you see a unicorn.
19:46 <Gromit>: What do you want to ask the unicorn?
19:47 <Greystone>: "First, I must wonder what leads a Child of the Forest to take hostel among humans, for such a thing as ean been unheard of."
19:48 <Tikvah_GMing>: "It is not strange for a unicorn to helps those who need it."
19:50 <Greystone>: [Not strange, but unusual. Alright, need to adjust to what that statement implies.]
19:52 <Ookook>: "Do you believe the Count is evil?"
19:52 <Greystone>: "That is so, but a unicorn outside of its forest is not devoid of the mark of strangeness. How came you to-"
19:52 <Greystone>: *is interrupted by the monkey*
19:53 <Greystone>: Ookook's faith in the wisdom and goodness of unicorns is unmatched.
19:55 <Tikvah_GMing>: "What brought me to this place is my business, and has no need to be known by others."
19:55 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I have not seen the Count for many, many years. Who can say what changes the years have wrought?"
19:56 <Victor>: [Implying evil would be a change? So as far as she knows he's okay?]
19:56 <Ookook>: When you last saw the Count was he evil?
19:57 <Tikvah_GMing>: "He was young, and wholeheartedly loyal to his country."
19:57 <Tikvah_GMing>: "He held his loyalty above anything else."
19:58 Greystone is just barely visibly bridled by this straightforward demand upon a unicorn for information.
19:59 <Ookook>: Loyalty to who?
20:00 <Greystone>: "His country," repeats Greystone through his teeth.
20:00 <Ookook>: "oh"
20:00 <Greystone>: "Yes. Quite."
20:01 <Greystone>: *returns his attention to the unicorn*
20:03 <Tikvah_GMing>: "It brought him great fame, but also was the cause of several troubles."
20:04 <Greystone>: *waits with resignation for one of the others to say: "Troubles?"*
20:05 <Ookook>: "Do perhaps you happen to know a squid person named House?"
20:06 <Greystone>: Or the monkey could completely change the subject.
20:06 <Tikvah_GMing>: "House?" Wikolia seems to smile slightly. "He is an interesting creature. Not even I know his origin. But I assure you, he means no harm."
20:10 <Gromit>: Eh, what's the worst that could happen.
20:11 <Greystone>: "We are here at this orphanage for reason of being on a mission for Drindall, Fair One. The matter in question has caused some confusion and perturbation to me and my companions."
20:12 <Tikvah_GMing>: "You are Count Drindall's minions?"
20:12 <Gromit>: "Reluctant minions at this point."
20:13 <Tikvah_GMing>: "But minions nonetheless."
20:14 <Greystone>: "Seeking employ, we have recently taken up positions under Drindall as retainers."
20:14 <Gromit>: "If we can't get some clarity on The Count's motives, I think we can consider our employment terminated."
20:15 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I'm afraid I cannot provide you with any clarity about the Count's motives."
20:17 <Victor>: "What can you tell us about Justin?"
20:18 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Justin is a child under my care." Wikolia's voice is distinctly icy.
20:18 <Tikvah_GMing>: The sun is starting to go down.
20:19 <Victor>: "I mean about him. He seems like a good kid."
20:20 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Why do you need to know about him? Is he part of your 'mission'?"
20:21 <Victor>: "I've never encountered a child with a kismet, let alone a whole house."
20:21 <Tikvah_GMing>: "You haven't looked."
20:21 <Victor>: "That is true."
20:22 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Alchemists are always taking unwanted children to use in their disgusting experiments."
20:22 <Victor>: [How dark has it gotten?]
20:22 <Tikvah_GMing>: <Tikvah_GMing> The sun is starting to go down
20:22 <Victor>: Yes
20:23 <Victor>: = what level of darkness yet
20:23 <Tikvah_GMing>: It's not dark yet.
20:23 <Tikvah_GMing>: There's a bit of sunlight shining on the tops on the trees.
20:23 <Victor>: [I'm done with her for now, but if Greystone isn't go ahead and continue]
20:24 <Greystone>: Unaggressively: "Perhaps you could suggest what could have led to the count believing Justin responsible for some wayward monstrosities."
20:24 <Gromit>: aaand now you've done it.
20:25 <Victor>: And you facepalm at stuff we do?
20:25 <Gromit>: Only way out is to spill the whole situation now.
20:25 <Victor>: No
20:25 <Victor>: Absolutely not the only way
20:25 <Gromit>: Well, there's running.
20:25 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Drindall thinks Justin is responsible for the monster attacks?"
20:26 <Greystone>: "Or someone under Drindall."
20:27 <Greystone>: "This is what has caused us the confusion I spoke of."
20:27 <Gromit>: "That was the intel we were sent out here with, along with the order to retrieve the boy by name, and destroy his research."
20:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: "It would be best for you to leave."
20:28 <Greystone>: [Gromit!]
20:28 <Gromit>: "Either an honest mistake, or The Count has a vendetta against your charges."
20:28 <Greystone>: [Your choice of words!]
20:29 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I will not allow the minions of any who wishes harm to my charges to remain. Leave."
20:30 <Gromit>: "Fair enough. Take the warning though."
20:30 Gromit withdraws.
20:30 Victor backtracks to the gate
20:30 <Greystone>: [Well, naught had been said of harm until Gromit threw he word 'retrieve' in there. Darn you.]
20:31 <Victor>: You started on the subject
20:32 <Greystone>: And I know how to handle such subjects! With tact and careful word selection!
20:33 <Victor>: "Should we find a room for the night, or are we in danger here now?"
20:33 Victor crosses his arms
20:33 <Gromit>: "I think we've got a couple days until people start hunting us."
20:34 <Victor>: I didn't mean because of people.
20:34 <Greystone>: "Ancient One, I would never be so foolish as to attempt harm to the companion of a unicorn."
20:35 <Victor>: You're still there?
20:35 <Greystone>: [It would seem I am standing here alone now.]
20:35 <Victor>: Yes you are
20:35 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Leave. Now."
20:35 <Victor>: Exactly ^
20:36 <Greystone>: *court bow* "As you wish."
20:36 Greystone withdraws
20:36 <Gromit>: "Unicorn can't take off to chase us without leaving Justin unprotected. If she /does/ show up, we'll know she's found somewhere secure to hide him."
20:36 <Greystone>: WHY WOULD SHE CHASE US?
20:36 <Greystone>: Unicorns do not leave a location without a strong reason.
20:36 <Gromit>: "We're minions of The Count, who has evil plans."
20:37 <Gromit>: "Threatening children is a strong reason."
20:38 <Greystone>: We threatened NOBODY. Except for Gromit who kinda, yeah.
20:39 <Greystone>: We were just here to make a few inquiries for all she knew until Gromit dropped that line.
20:39 <Victor>: We're aware of what happened
20:39 <Victor>: We have to deal with it now
20:39 <Gromit>: Sorry, decided to hurry things along a bit.
20:40 <Gromit>: Plus the Unicorn is the guardian of the orphanage, so it seemed fair to let her know.
20:40 <Victor>: Of course we would but I didn't think we were there at that conversation
20:40 <Gromit>: Which conversation?
20:40 <Victor>: The one we just had
20:40 <Gromit>: I'm still not parsing your statement.
20:41 <Victor>: I thought the idea was talk to everyone once to get a feel what to do, go make our plan, then go back around and be straight
20:41 <Victor>: But whatever
20:41 <Gromit>: If she knew the Count back in the day, I'm guessing she has some idea of his power level. Best case, I'm hoping she's got them packed up and disappeared by morning.
20:41 <Victor>: Anyway, I don't know if we're able to get any more insight on what's going on, we might have to just decide what's the most likely scenario or the safest one to bet on and commit. :|
20:42 <Victor>: We can start trying to form the specifics of the plan next time. Hopefully​ Alan is there
20:42 <Victor>: We go find an inn
20:43 <Tikvah_GMing>: There is a small inn in the village, run by the wife of the blacksmith.
20:43 <Victor>: Charge it to our tab
20:43 <Victor>: We gather in my room to plan
20:43 <Victor>: *To Be Continued*
20:43 <Greystone>: I vote for hiking a few miles outside the village and setting up camp.
20:43 <Tikvah_GMing>: Alright. There are some empty rooms that you can use for the night.
20:44 <Victor>: Are we breaking in my room?
20:44 <Gromit>: Sure.
20:44 <Victor>: Okay, think about what you want to bring up in the planning over the week
20:44 <Gromit>: Okay.
20:44 <Tikvah_GMing>: Alright, we're breaking here.
20:44 <Greystone>: I am pretty done with humans now.
20:45 <Tikvah_GMing>: Everyone gets 1 XP.
20:45 <Greystone>: Thank heavens.
20:46 <Greystone>: I have my own plans now.
20:47 <Victor>: That's not good
20:47 <Victor>: Whatever we decide to do here we need to do it together
20:47 <Victor>: You can split when we get back if we live
20:47 <Greystone>: I'm thinking we might well decide to go our own ways.
20:48 <Greystone>: We'll discuss that next time.
20:48 <Greystone>: And if we do I know what I'm doing.
20:49 <Gromit>: If The Count's been playing us I intend to dismantle his whole castle.
20:49 <Gromit>: And then keep the shiny bits.
20:49 <Greystone>: ...
20:49 <Greystone>: I might be willing to help with that.
20:51 <Greystone>: I kinda want that artifact we retrieved.
20:54 <Gromit>: Yeah.
20:54 <Gromit>: Bet it's fixed now.

Author:  Tikvah [ Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

We spent another session planning.

Skid, Woody, Arkan, and bookworm each get 1 XP.

Author:  bookworm [ Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Title TBD, Part 5
19:09 bookworm is now known as Victor
19:09 Arkan is now known as Greystone
19:09 Woody is now known as Alan
19:10 Skid is now known as Gromit
19:10 <Victor>: Okay, we're in my room at the inn, same evening.
19:11 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yes,
19:11 <Victor>: Is there a window?
19:11 <Tikvah_GMing>: No.
19:11 <Victor>: I'm just standing in a corner then
19:11 <Victor>: "So. I don't know if we're at the point yet of deciding deceiving the Count is definitely the way to go, but in case we do end up going there let me lay out how I see it set up right now so we have some ideas of options forming."
19:12 Victor pauses for input
19:12 Greystone "Hrm."
19:12 <Victor>: "We can't just leave without doing anything, whatever story we go back with needs to be plausibly verifiable if it's checked up on."
19:12 <Victor>: "So I'm thinking we set a real fire, with Robin's knowledge and approval, that does as little damage as possible but would look genuine to observers."
19:13 <Victor>: "Then arrange for Robin to keep Justin out of sight for a week, we go back and report, and figure out if he needs to stay that way or not."
19:13 <Victor>: "We say we found and burned the lab, there was an issue with the apprehension but the primary objective was accomplished and the alchemy has been disrupted."
19:13 <Victor>: "Judge from reactions if they were expecting a different report or a different outcome and send word back to Robin accordingly that either everything's cleared up or Justin should remain disappeared."
19:13 Victor pauses for input again
19:13 <Gromit>: "My best idea is a variant on that. Go on."
19:14 Greystone is processing.
19:14 <Victor>: "We'd need to let Robin know what the full situation is first, make sure it's not a problem for Justin to disappear for good if it comes to be that's what's required."
19:15 <Victor>: "If we gather the Count didn't want us to hurt the boy, either because it was just a test or he didn't realize the truth, we can reveal everything's okay to both sides."
19:16 <Gromit>: "I think the only excuse The Count will accept is that several of us died in the apprehension attempt."
19:16 <Tikvah_GMing>: The count did tell you to bring him in without killing him if possible.
19:17 <Victor>: Yes and it's not
19:17 <Victor>: Possible
19:18 <Gromit>: "I'd propose that Victor goes back, disguised as another of us, to report the partial success and the deaths of the rest of the team. His kismet leaves the best chances of escape if the outcome isn't acceptable."
19:19 <Gromit>: "And if they think it's one of us others, they won't be prepared for the escape attept."
19:19 <Victor>: "I think that's a good plan if the worst case scenario turns out to be the truth."
19:19 <Victor>: "But if it isn't, there's no way out of that story."
19:21 <Alan>: Is there any particular reason we're choosing to be decent people?
19:21 <Alan>: Who says our characters have to be moral? =P
19:21 <Victor>: Are you asking as character or player
19:21 <Gromit>: I like to think of myself as a decent people.
19:21 <Alan>: As a player
19:21 <Greystone>: Well, aren't our characters decent people?
19:22 <Alan>: I don't think that's entirely established yet
19:22 <Victor>: Victor isn't down with endangering a child at the moment
19:22 <Victor>: He's seen some stuff
19:22 <Victor>: Tries to keep dealings moral
19:22 <Alan>: Our characters are mercenaries desperate for cash
19:22 <Victor>: Speak for yourself
19:22 <Gromit>: Well, I'm not desperate enough for cash yet.
19:22 <Victor>: Victor is desperate for nothing
19:23 <Victor>: He voluntarily came here for a change of scenery
19:23 <Greystone>: Well if it's established for bookie, then it is established character-wise, whether it has been clearly seen in story or not.
19:23 <Gromit>: Besides, The Count and his mininos probably have cash we could take, if we end up on opposite sides. =p
19:23 <Alan>: Just saying, as a player, it might be kind of fun to play on the dark side a bit ;P
19:23 <Victor>: If Alan would go that way you're welcome to
19:24 <Victor>: Victor wouldn't
19:24 <Alan>: I don't think he would =P
19:24 <Alan>: Cailean would
19:24 <Alan>: But not Alan
19:24 <Gromit>: Yeah, and the dark-side pay isn't great so far.
19:24 <Greystone>: It could be, but considering all the things Greystone has said about honor, it would be quite out of character at this point.
19:25 <Victor>: I'm still thinking it's just a mistake anyway
19:26 <Victor>: But if we find out the Count is evil and this is the end because we quit on him we should definitely rewind and play an alternate timeline version where we go along with it as evil characters
19:27 <Victor>: Because mine actually has an in-lore backstory opportunity for that to have happened
19:27 <Victor>: Now that you make me think of it
19:27 <Gromit>: Things rarely end well for evil henchmen.
19:28 <Greystone>: Huh, alternate timeline would be fun... though ending our work for Drindall does not necessitate the end of the campaign.
19:28 <Alan>: We could assassinate the Count
19:28 <Gromit>: "As the second part of our plan, I want to lay in wait for whoever comes to follow-up on our mission. Find out what they do, stop them if it's attacking the orphanage."
19:28 <Gromit>: I think evil path or not, I want to end up owning Drindall's castle.
19:28 <Victor>: "Again, great plan if we're absolutely sure that is what's actually going on"
19:28 <Victor>: "But we aren't"
19:29 <Gromit>: "Even if we're wrong the worst state we're in is out of a job with a boss who gives terrible intel."
19:30 <Victor>: "You mean you're finished no matter what the case is?"
19:31 <Gromit>: "Finished working for him? Yes. Finished with him? Not at all."
19:31 <Victor>: "If that's our attitude we shouldn't go back at all then."
19:31 <Victor>: "Mail a resignation letter and let him deal with it."
19:31 <Alan>: I say we warn Robin and head back empty-handed *shrugs*
19:31 <Alan>: What's the worst he'll do to us?
19:31 <Gromit>: "'Disappearing' unfaithful mercenaries was mentioned."
19:32 <Victor>: "Well this changes things."
19:33 <Victor>: "I thought we were trying to salvage the employment for at least one more chance."
19:33 <Victor>: "If you're out no matter what, already decided"
19:33 Victor shrugs
19:33 Greystone rumbles to life.
19:33 <Greystone>: "Gentlemen, the only reason for discussing these courses of action are uncertainty."
19:33 <Greystone>: "If such actions were to prove necessary for the safety of this boy, then that would mean that Drindall's actions were in the wrong."
19:33 Greystone rises to his feet "The only thing to do is to return to Drindall and inform him of the inaccuracy of his information."
19:33 <Greystone>: "If he knowingly wished the death of an innocent boy, then we shall have to take steps."
19:34 <Alan>: "I'm with Greystone. If he didn't know, he'll be as appalled as us. If he did know, we ought not to be working for him."
19:34 <Victor>: I agree on the second
19:34 <Victor>: But why would be be appalled?
19:34 <Gromit>: "Remember the bit where we may have been participants in killing dozens of people in a gigantic explosion, and we didn't get any complaints about that in the debrief."
19:35 <Greystone>: Did he blame us for that explosion? Were we to blame for that explosion?
19:35 <Victor>: The elites did the explosion
19:35 <Victor>: It was planned
19:35 <Victor>: Why would he complain
19:36 <Greystone>: Just kinda ran and then it just kinda blew up, and we though maybe our tiny distraction fire might have caused it.
19:36 <Victor>: We did?
19:36 <Victor>: I never thought that
19:36 <Gromit>: "Which is my point, exactly. He doesn't care much about innocent boys."
19:36 <Alan>: "Perhaps not appalled, but satisfied that we've done our duty"
19:37 <Alan>: Tikvah, can you remind me of my gift from House?
19:37 <Victor>: @Gromit
19:37 <Victor>: "I see what you're getting at, but if he didn't realize it was a kid I think he would care."
19:37 <Victor>: @Alan
19:37 <Victor>: "I still don't understand"
19:38 <Gromit>: "What mystifies you?"
19:38 <Victor>: "We fake-kill the kid so we can claim success so he doesn't kill *us* for failing."
19:39 <Victor>: "Then if he says I didn't mean it you idiots or what do you mean it was a kid we reveal that we didn't actually do it."
19:40 <Alan>: "That seems like a reasonable plan"
19:40 <Tikvah_GMing>: He told you to NOT kill the kid if you can help it.
19:40 <Victor>: Yes, and we can't help it
19:40 <Victor>: We're not taking him back, so he better be dead
19:40 <Victor>: At least at first
19:40 <Greystone>: "Dindall would not take kindly to deception. Nor would that be the honorable path."
19:41 <Victor>: "You're kidding right?"
19:42 <Victor>: "It's clear to explain the 'deception' - if we find it's okay to reveal it - as ensuring the boy's safety until we could ensure what we thought was likely a mistake was indeed a mistake."
19:42 <Victor>: "If he takes issue with that I would quit even though he's not a bad guy."
19:42 <Gromit>: "I suppose we could settle for, 'the kid is wounded and can't be moved, the rest of the party will bring him once he is healed.'"
19:42 <Gromit>: "Let's get a plan in action as fast as possible in any case."
19:42 <Gromit>: Because this has gone on for several sessions now, and the consequences of being wrong can't be as bad as being bored.
19:42 <Alan>: Guys
19:42 <Alan>: I have an idea
19:43 <Alan>: I'm beginning to think House's gifts are more important than we think
19:44 <Alan>: Most of them are clothing, with the exception of the telescope. And most serve no purpose, such as the chocolate. But we haven't tried having one person wear all of them at once
19:45 <Victor>: I thought of that three sessions ago
19:45 <Victor>: But you were never here to check what yours does
19:45 <Alan>: A pair of knee high leather boots. When you put them on, you step into cold, knee-deep water. When you turn the boots upside-down, nothing comes out. You feel cold mud in between your toes.
19:46 <Victor>: When did you figure that out?
19:46 <Victor>: No one ever put them on
19:46 <Tikvah_GMing>: I told him.
19:46 <Victor>: ..
19:46 <Alan>: Tikvah just sent me the description
19:46 <Victor>: So Alan is psychic
19:46 <Tikvah_GMing>: I think he would have figured it out by now.
19:46 <Alan>: I think it's worth a try, and it would only take a moment
19:47 <Victor>: Yeah like I said I wanted to try it a long time ago
19:47 <Victor>: Go for it
19:47 <Greystone>: Sure.
19:47 <Alan>: Alright, with the others' permission, I put on all the articles of clothing and look through the telescope
19:48 <Greystone>: And if nothing particular happens, activate the mask then look again.
19:49 <Tikvah_GMing>: Alan, your feet feel wet and you leave chocolate stains on the telescope. Nothing unusual happens.
19:49 <Alan>: I have a conversation with Victor
19:49 <Alan>: "Hello, my friend"
19:50 <Victor>: Do the pieces match at all?
19:50 <Tikvah_GMing>: No.
19:50 <Victor>: "That's quite a getup."
19:50 <Tikvah_GMing>: Alan's masks shifts until it looks like Victor's face.
19:51 <Alan>: I look through the telescope
19:51 <Tikvah_GMing>: Nothing seems unusual.
19:52 <Alan>: Hold up
19:52 <Greystone>: Guys, I just thought of something.
19:52 <Alan>: Why doesn't one of us have a conversation with Justin?
19:52 <Victor>: Thought of that already
19:52 <Greystone>: To what end?
19:52 <Gromit>: We did. What else do we need to talk to him about?
19:52 <Alan>: We can then bring that person back as our "prisoner"
19:52 <Victor>: We're not kid sized
19:52 <Greystone>: Oh, that idea.
19:53 <Alan>: Well, we're still not certain Drindall knows he's a kid
19:53 <Gromit>: And just as risky as not bringing him back, since the best case of the disguise not breaking is one of us automatically in jail.
19:54 <Victor>: What about this mash of all the plans...
19:54 <Victor>: We go back without the kid, but with a report that the lab has been destroyed, so main objective check
19:55 <Victor>: We say the kid is still recoverable though, if needed, we just wanted to verify that part of the orders
19:55 <Victor>: If he says didn't know it was a kid, or no that part was a test to make sure you wouldn't hurt a kid, we're done
19:55 <Victor>: If he says yeah go get him, we leave, but don't go back
19:56 <Victor>: This gives us a chance to naturally leave the castle after figuring out if there's a problem or not
19:56 <Victor>: Rather than putting everything upfront and being stuck there if he did want us to get the kid and now wants us dead for failing
19:56 <Victor>: ?
19:56 <Gromit>: The Count seems to like early news. If we send one of us back early as a runner, he might accept that.
19:57 <Victor>: Yeah, one stays here, or at least outside the castle, to be 'holding the kid captive' if we do need to go back for him
19:58 <Gromit>: Need more of us to hold a dangerous prisoner. Only need one messenger.
19:58 <Gromit>: See, even if it is a test he'll want to see the kid though.
19:59 <Victor>: Two messengers minimum. Anticipating a bad reception
20:00 <Gromit>: Would two have an easier time getting out?
20:00 <Victor>: Wouldn't have a harder one
20:00 <Gromit>: Unless one of those ones can teleport and the rest can't.
20:01 <Greystone>: Can I clear something up before we continue?
20:01 <Greystone>: 19:59 <Victor>: "We're looking for the shop of Robin Choku"
20:01 <Greystone>: 20:01 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Robin.. Choku?" They look mildly confused. "If you're looking for Robin, you want to head to the old castle West of town. She lives there."
20:01 <Greystone>: THEY LOOKED CONFUSED. "...Choku?"
20:01 <Greystone>: And purification potions are different than "medicine"
20:01 <Greystone>: 18:52 <Tikvah_Gming>: "He is currently hiding in the residence Robin Choku, a salesman who sells quack medicine to the locals."
20:01 <Greystone>: And while "salesman" IS a generic term, Robin IS a woman.
20:01 <Greystone>: "Currently he is in hiding in the village of Vaughan."
20:01 <Greystone>: IN not WEST OF.
20:01 <Greystone>: Guys, were we just in the wrong place this whole time?
20:02 <Greystone>: Wrong Justin?
20:02 <Gromit>: I really doubt that simply for story purposes.
20:02 <Greystone>: It seems odd for a Count to have such horrendously bad information.
20:02 <Victor>: Yes it does, if it's just bad intel
20:02 <Victor>: Like I've been saying - I think it's INTENTIONALLY bad
20:02 <Victor>: The Count is being played
20:02 <Victor>: I noticed those points at the time, but didn't think there was anything to them
20:02 <Victor>: The orphanage sign says Choku, so we have the right place, I assumed the villager just wasn't familiar
20:02 <Victor>: And 'poison cure potion' is medicine
20:02 <Greystone>: Does it cure poison too?
20:02 <Victor>: Yes it does, it was introduced as a poison cure
20:02 <Greystone>: They said it "Purifies anything poisonous." I don't know if drinking it would help a poisoned person.
20:02 <Victor>: Interesting distinction
20:02 <Gromit>: It might cure a person who was poisonous.
20:03 <Greystone>: Alright, those are some good points. Moving on.
20:03 <Alan>: Has anyone considered that Justin really is a powerful wizard with the ability to change appearance?
20:04 <Greystone>: I don't know whether to put it past Tikvah to do that on purpose or not.
20:03 <Victor>: Yes we did
20:03 <Victor>: But we checked for magical disguise
20:03 <Victor>: Negative
20:04 <Gromit>: Yeah, been there, done that.
20:04 <Gromit>: Plus I already have circumstantial evidence that the monsters in question originated in the Count's alchemy lab. They taste the same.
20:04 <Victor>: Right
20:05 <Greystone>: They do?
20:06 <Victor>: So, one other thing we could do before going back is check with others around the town for thoughts
20:06 <Victor>: See if they are as 'confused'? about Robin as that one guy
20:06 <Victor>: What was the in/west thing you were saying?
20:06 <Greystone>: We were told that Justin was IN the town of Vaughan, whereas the villagers sent us OUT of the village to the orphanage.
20:06 <Gromit>: Semantics.
20:06 <Gromit>: Of course, the intel may simply be bad so The Count will have no problem cutting ties if we talk or the mission goes south.
20:06 <Alan>: Also, just a thought, we could give the chocolate gloves to the Count as a "gift" and see what happens when he puts them on
20:07 <Greystone>: IF he puts them. (In front of us.) But worth a try.
20:07 <Gromit>: He might also suspect a trap.
20:08 <Victor>: Then he would have someone inspect them, professionaly
20:08 <Victor>: Which is what Victor wants to do
20:09 <Victor>: You picked the 'right' one to happen to give him Tikvah, don't know if you had any reasoning behind it, but those gloves are really messing with his head right now
20:10 <Victor>: Maybe at the end of the campaign I'll go over what's been going on with his thoughts these past few weeks
20:10 <Victor>: It's interesting how it's played out, at least to me
20:10 <Greystone>: So we face Drindall with this situation, and if he does not explain or repent, as may apply, we go to the king about Drindall's actions.
20:11 <Victor>: You can
20:11 <Victor>: Not me, I'm just cutting out at that point
20:12 Greystone starts to gather his gear.
20:12 <Victor>: But again, I (and Victor) currently honestly don't think it will come to that
20:12 <Victor>: Really betting on the Count being unwitting at the moment
20:12 <Victor>: But need to plan for the alternative just in case
20:13 <Greystone>: In the alternative we resign our employ.
20:13 <Gromit>: So. Can we commit to sending a messenger with news that the mission is successful, and that the rest of the party will be along shortly with the prisoner?
20:13 <Victor>: Probably depends on who the messanger is supposed to be
20:14 <Gromit>: Well, tactically you'd be the best one, as you have optimal escape powers.
20:14 <Victor>: Taken under advisement
20:14 <Gromit>: I actually have a rank in deception though.
20:14 <Gromit>: So, I'd be better at the actual lying.
20:15 <Victor>: A very good point
20:15 <Victor>: And have Ookook buff you
20:15 <Gromit>: He doesn't really have a reason to come.
20:15 <Gromit>: Well, besides the obvious buffing.
20:15 <Victor>: No reason to come, but no reason not to
20:15 <Victor>: Better to have him
20:15 <Victor>: They won't think he's lending anything to holding a prisoner
20:16 <Greystone>: Okay. I have IC this situation.
20:16 <Greystone>: "ENOUGH. I am going to Drindall."
20:16 <Gromit>: "What will you tell him?"
20:17 Greystone grabs his blackpack and heads to the door "That his information did not line up with what was discovered."
20:17 <Victor>: "No. No."
20:17 <Victor>: "It has to be like this, if you insist on the talking"
20:17 <Victor>: "You say the alchemy has been dealt with. Which it has"
20:17 <Victor>: "Get his response. Go from there."
20:18 <Victor>: "Don't start with 'Why did you send us to kidnap an actual kid'"
20:18 <Gromit>: "But if you want to be the messenger, I'm okay with that."
20:19 <Gromit>: "It's just... it might be your funeral."
20:19 <Victor>: "I'm not, but I wasn't much better with anyone else doing it, so"
20:20 <Greystone>: "We have done nothing to prevent whatever has caused those monsters, by 'dealing with the alchemy' or otherwise."
20:20 <Victor>: yes we have
20:20 <Victor>: >_>
20:20 <Alan>: I'm liking Victor's plan. Let's just go with it
20:20 <Victor>: The kid has not been making monsters, and we've scared him to death about it now so he never will
20:20 <Victor>: The actual problem we were sent to solve is soved
20:21 <Victor>: All we need to determine is how many of the details were important to him
20:21 <Victor>: Or even known to him
20:22 <Greystone>: "The apprehension of the causator of the dozens of monster attacks? No. The actual problem is not solved."
20:22 <Victor>: ...
20:22 <Victor>: Have you not paid attention to anything that was said here?
20:22 <Gromit>: "Talking to The Count is probably not going to solve that either."
20:22 <Victor>: The actual monster maker wasn't going to be caught today no matter what we did
20:22 <Victor>: He's not here
20:22 <Victor>: He's a she
20:23 <Victor>: And she's back at the castle
20:23 <Greystone>: You think.
20:23 <Gromit>: "If we go accusing The Count or his senior staff we're probably not going to be the ones surviving the scenario."
20:23 <Gromit>: "Besides, you only have my word that there's even a little evidence."
20:24 <Gromit>: "And, as we noted, I'm a skilled liar."
20:24 <Greystone>: I have no proof of that but this would-be-detective's sniffings.
20:24 <Gromit>: "So... why are you talking to the Count?"
20:24 Victor curses to himself
20:24 <Victor>: "You can say whatever you want, as Gromit says it's your funeral"
20:24 <Victor>: "I was merely trying to present the best way, for all, to proceed and live"
20:24 <Greystone>: "And I do not fear Drindall. Or death, for that matter."
20:25 <Victor>: "It's not about fear!"
20:25 <Victor>: We had this discussion on our first mission!
20:25 Victor stops speaking because he's sure he's in some bizarre twilight realm
20:25 <Alan>: Can we just take an action? Please?
20:25 <Victor>: "I thought we were trying to solve this for all of us."
20:26 <Victor>: "If we're not, that's fine"
20:26 <Victor>: "I can take care of myself"
20:26 <Victor>: "I just want everyone on the same page"
20:27 <Alan>: Well, I'm on the page of taking action
20:27 <Alan>: Your plan is the best I've seen so far
20:27 Victor speaks directly to Gromit
20:27 <Victor>: Are the others actually staying here? Or going back just not going in the castle
20:27 <Greystone>: "My path can have only one course now. If you wish to come, I can offer some protection. If you wish to stay, I can bring news."
20:27 Greystone exits the room
20:28 <Victor>: Is he leaving now?
20:28 <Victor>: We just paid for rooms
20:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: It's evening.
20:29 <Victor>: And even if this is the best plan we can go with - which it's not - we need to let Robin know what's happening in case it all goes to heck
20:29 <Victor>: Before leaving
20:29 <Greystone>: SHE HAS A UNICORN.
20:29 <Greystone>: Didn't we just get up? Didn't it get dark, we got rooms, we woke up, and now it's morning?
20:29 <Victor>: No, we got rooms and started talking
20:29 <Victor>: "Are the others actually staying here? Or going back just not going in the castle"
20:29 <Greystone>: I'm guessing coming with Greystone and staying in the town outside the castle. Or coming to into the castle with him as pleases on an individual basis.
20:29 <Gromit>: "Okay. Then the rest of us need to be ready for whatever comes back through that portal."
20:29 <Victor>: What portal?
20:30 <Gromit>: I was under the impression that portals were the fast-travel around the empire.
20:30 <Victor>: Not to here
20:30 <Victor>: We rode
20:30 <Tikvah_GMing>: Vaughan isn't big enough to have a portal.
20:30 <Gromit>: Ah, okay.
20:30 <Gromit>: We watch the roads then.
20:31 <Victor>: Wait
20:31 <Victor>: How will we know what the outcome is? If we just wait here
20:31 <Victor>: Someone needs eyes on the castle
20:32 <Greystone>: In that case, I guess we get some sleep, and head out in the morning?
20:32 <Victor>: "Apparently"
20:32 <Victor>: said with no conviction
20:33 <Victor>: "I'll go back to Robin at first light."
20:33 <Victor>: "Then whoever can do whatever."
20:33 <Gromit>: "You may want to deliver your message from up a tree. Sorry."
20:33 <Victor>: "Yeah I'll figure it out"
20:34 <Victor>: But answer the question please
20:34 <Victor>: It seems a sticking point
20:35 <Victor>: How will we know what the outcome is? If we just wait here
20:35 <Gromit>: "I'll be watching the road. If we get hostiles coming back, then we need to take some intel from them, by guile or force. If nobody comes back for a day or two, then we've got a rescue on our hands. If Greystone comes back, then we're golden."
20:36 <Victor>: And if someone comes back saying it's okay and we can return?
20:36 <Victor>: Not Greystone
20:36 <Victor>: No way to tell if genuine
20:36 <Greystone>: "I will know the outcome. If any of you wish to know and not risk me not returning, than you can send a representative with me."
20:36 <Gromit>: "I think any number we send with you won't improve the chances of getting a message back, unfortunately."
20:37 <Victor>: Ah, I have an idea
20:37 <Greystone>: "I will come back myself in that case. Or, if you wish, we can arrange a password."
20:37 <Victor>: If you get there and explain things and everything turns out okay, insist you be the one to come back and tell us, obviously
20:38 <Victor>: If it's an impossibility for some reason, yes send a password exactly
20:38 <Alan>: Alright then
20:38 <Gromit>: Or insist that you get extra help to transport the prisoner in that case. Won't raise as much suspicion as just wanting to take off.
20:39 <Victor>: He's ditching the prisoner angle
20:39 <Victor>: That was where I was going, it's a great plan, but yeah
20:39 <Victor>: He's either going to be okay or dead
20:40 <Victor>: Which is why I question staying here at all, we no longer appear to serve a prupose
20:41 <Victor>: Or were you okay falling back on that story if needed, just not leading with it?
20:41 <Gromit>: We're here to counter any additional moves again the orphanage, and also isolate some of the Count's agents, if they turn out to be hostile.
20:42 <Victor>: So yeah- let's please just run through the possible receptions you'll get so we understand what you're trying to do, then we'll sleep on it, then do it
20:43 <Victor>: I'll be the Count
20:43 Victor removes his hat and flings it on the bed
20:43 <Victor>: "Report."
20:43 <Greystone>: ...
20:44 <Victor>: "Why do you return alone?"
20:45 <Gromit>: ...are we roleplaying roleplaying?
20:45 <Victor>: Yes
20:46 <Greystone>: "... You wish to know what I would say to Drindall?"
20:46 <Victor>: "It doesn't have to be the exact words, but the essense you're response would be, yes"
20:48 <Greystone>: "I will tell I am effectively here first as a messenger, that there was, so far as we were able to discern, a gross lack of inaccuracy in the mission briefing we were given, the results we found were most unlike what was expected, and was this an inaccuracy in his information department."
20:49 <Victor>: "Explain"
20:50 <Greystone>: "... An explanation was was implied in the description."
20:51 <Gromit>: "It's kinda vague. He'll want to know what seemed inaccurate."
20:51 <Victor>: I think he was generalizing for our pruposes, but would elaborate in person
20:51 <Victor>: You mention the kid is a kid then?
20:52 <Greystone>: Yes.
20:52 <Victor>: Alright
20:52 Victor holds up one finger
20:52 <Victor>: "The simple scenario"
20:52 <Victor>: "What do you mean a child? There has been a mistake!"
20:52 <Victor>: "What did you do?"
20:53 Greystone decides to put up with this childs-play.
20:54 <Victor>: Making sure you're prepared for a likely deadly confrontation, yeah
20:54 <Greystone>: "We returned bearing news of the mistake."
20:54 <Victor>: "We?" looks around
20:54 <Victor>: As Victor: "But off the point"
20:54 <Victor>: "You mean he is safe?"
20:55 <Greystone>: "Indisputably. I have heard of no man who has fought a unicorn and lived."
20:56 <Victor>: As Victor: "Hmm. Far enough on that line I suppose"
20:56 Victor raises a second finger
20:57 <Victor>: "Yes yes, the child. Did you complete your mission?"
20:59 <Greystone>: "Insomuch as our mission was to to capture the person behind dozens of monster attacks around the country, we have not, as it would seem that we were not directed to the correct person."
21:01 <Gromit>: we know of dozens of monster attacks?
21:02 <Greystone>: We have only experienced one or two.
21:02 <Greystone>: 18:48 <Tikvah_Gming>: "We have found the person behind the monster attacks on the village you passed through. His name is Justin Crendall. He is a skilled fighter with a dangerous kismet, and has been behind dozens of monster attacks around the country. Currently he is in hiding in the village of Vaughan."
21:02 <Victor>: "But, what of Justin?"
21:04 <Greystone>: "As we were ordered to apprehend a Justin Crendall who has been behind dozens of monster attacks around the country, and this lad was unskilled in the art of beast creation, he could not have been the Justin we were sent after. As such, we have returned to report the lack of simularies."
21:05 <Victor>: "You mean he is unharmed then?"
21:07 <Greystone>: "We would not be so bold as to harm a child who does not fit the description meted the party."
21:07 Victor brings the two fingers down in a gun pose
21:07 <Victor>: "The you are of no more use."
21:07 Victor crosses his arms
21:07 <Victor>: "Right, so you plan to be forthright whichever reception you have? Not advisable, but at least we're aware."
21:08 <Victor>: "If this is the plan we're really going with we need sleep."
21:09 <Victor>: "And in this case, yes Gromit we do need to remain here on watch"
21:09 <Gromit>: "If it's the plan we have a volunteer for, then I'll go with it."
21:09 <Greystone>: "If a messenger gives you the word 'drakonius' then the message is from me. Will that suffice?"
21:09 Victor silently defers to Gromit
21:09 <Gromit>: "The message is from you unharmed or captured?"
21:11 <Greystone>: "Well, perhaps just from me. I might be captured, but I am not without influence. I will send you a message if I can."
21:12 <Victor>: Send *you* if you can
21:13 <Greystone>: "And if it is a messenger from the count who gives the word, then I could not send myself, but all is as the messenger says."
21:13 Victor nods but still without conviction
21:13 <Gromit>: "We'll see what we can do to fish you out if you do."
21:13 <Gromit>: "Make sure he takes a teleport beacon with him. Needs to be something subtle."
21:14 <Greystone>: "If it should come to a capture situation, I would likely challenge Drindall to a duel, rather than bother with such a situation."
21:15 <Greystone>: "You need not worry yourselves about me."
21:15 <Greystone>: I still have the marked bolt he gave me.
21:15 <Gromit>: Yeah, but it would be confiscated if you got captured.
21:15 <Victor>: It's been cycled over by now
21:15 <Victor>: And you'd be out of range anyway
21:16 <Gromit>: Yeah, but a rescue plan might involve it being in range again, and dropping some gear to him.
21:16 <Victor>: Gromit has a good point
21:16 Victor trades you for a new marked one
21:16 <Victor>: "I'll keep this one active, though out of range"
21:16 <Greystone>: Cycled over? Ah, you have a limit not only in range but in marks then?
21:16 <Victor>: Yes, 6 marks
21:17 <Greystone>: Tikvah, how long would it take to get a new kismet? Could I grab one at the castle before reporting in?
21:17 <Victor>: Depends on what it does I believe
21:17 <Gromit>: And who you expect to make it for you.
21:17 <Tikvah_GMing>: No, you wouldn't have time.
21:17 <Gromit>: Mark his boot or something that's more likely to stay on him.
21:17 <Victor>: Gromit has another good idea
21:17 <Victor>: I'll mark what you think is good
21:18 Victor marks something
21:20 <Victor>: [If there's more preparations that can be made by all means do them, please, but personally I'm just waiting for people to leave my room now]
21:20 Greystone heads goes to bed.
21:20 <Gromit>: Yeah, I'm good to go.
21:20 <Victor>: What did I mark?
21:21 <Greystone>: The side of my right boot I'm thinking, near the top.
21:22 <Victor>: K
21:23 <Greystone>: And I mark my mark on the same spot on the left bot for symmetricalilty.
21:23 <Victor>: It's not a visible mark
21:23 <Victor>: Mental 'mark'
21:23 <Greystone>: Okay I was never sure about the details of this "mark."
21:24 <Victor>: Yeah, fair thought
21:24 <Victor>: How late is it now?
21:25 <Tikvah_GMing>: About 10:30
21:25 <Victor>: "Well that was a turn" *mumbles to self wearily*
21:25 Victor goes downstairs and sees if they have drinks here
21:29 Greystone mutters "Bloody dishonorable... a child knows better than to lie... Drindall... Justin... Did we ever ask the childs last name...? Ayissa..." and nods off.
21:31 <Victor>: Do they?
21:31 <Greystone>: In Greystone's family apparently.
21:31 <Victor>: no, drinks
21:32 <Greystone>: If not we have chocolate.
21:33 <Victor>: Interpreting no feedback as a no
21:34 Victor goes to the doorway and scans the street for a tavern sign
21:35 <Tikvah_GMing>: There is a tavern just down the street. It looks like it's still open.
21:35 Victor goes in and gets a drink
21:37 <Tikvah_GMing>: The owner is a short stout man who is busy traded stories with some locals. You procure a drink.
21:37 <Victor>: Is it very busy?
21:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: About 30% of the seats are taken. Most of the patrons are gathered around the tavernkeeper.
21:39 Victor sits somewhere alone
21:39 <Victor>: Stop here and do the suicide mission next time?
21:39 <Gromit>: This seems like an okay place to pause for me.
21:41 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ok, good.
21:41 <Greystone>: I'm sure Tikvah by this time has Drindall's responses to literally anything we might say written up by now.
21:42 <Tikvah_GMing>: Let's break here. Everyone gets 1 XP.
21:42 <Victor>: Okay
21:42 <Gromit>: Onward, to session where we actually do stuff and get multiple XP at a time.
21:43 <Gromit>: Sessions, rather, I hope.
21:43 <Victor>: When we fight
21:43 <Victor>: ...The count
21:43 <Greystone>: I am kinda trusting Drindall to have some honor here.
21:44 <Victor>: I'm still 90% sure it's just a mistake
21:44 <Victor>: But it could just be wishful thinking
21:44 <Greystone>: Greystone tends to be realistic, but he may be a bit too idealistic.
21:45 <Gromit>: There's never been a Count in a story who isn't a terrible person.
21:45 <Victor>: If this goes poorly though, with the kid, it could really mess Victor up
21:45 <Victor>: Would be interesting

Author:  Tikvah [ Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

There will be no session tonight since it is Easter.


Actually got some stuff done tonight.

Moontide, bookworm, Skid, and Arkan each get 1 XP and 1 to give away.

Author:  bookworm [ Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I give my XP to Arkan for volunteering to be our messenger back to the Count. Even though I strongly disagree with his plan to handle himself once there, I appreciate that he took the target if it goes poorly.

Author:  Arkán Dreamwalker [ Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

You know what, I'm just gonna give mine to Moontide, I'm just so happy to finally see him back. We've needed our monkey.

Author:  bookworm [ Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Arkán Dreamwalker wrote:
You know what, I'm just gonna give mine to Moontide, I'm just so happy to finally see him back. We've needed our monkey.
I believe you're supposed to use session justification, not meta. :p

Author:  Arkán Dreamwalker [ Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky


Author:  bookworm [ Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

'The player played at the session' isn't what we should be going for. You should give XP to the character for something specific they did that earned it, like the GM does.

Author:  Tikvah [ Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

It is the idea to give players XP for things they accomplished in-game. It serves as motivation to move the story along and contribute to the game. Pick someone that accomplished something, and say that reason when you give the XP.

Author:  bookworm [ Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Title TBD, Part 6
18:40 <bookworm>: In response to your mutterings btw Arkan, as a player since of course Victor didn't hear them, nothing I had suggested reporting was a lie.
18:40 <bookworm>: The alchemy *has* been dealt with, and the target *is* being watched by the others and *can* be retrieved if needed. We're being completely upfront about the situation, just not entirely forthcoming about our motivations as the Count appears to have not been about his.
18:45 <Arkan>: Well, if Justin is, against all appearances, responsible for the wayward monstrosities, then we have not burnt his equipment or otherwise dealt with him. (Indeed, we ran from a unicorn.) If the monsters are from the Drindall alchemist or some random other alchemist, then we also have not dealt with the source of the monstrosities.
18:45 <Arkan>: And I dare y'all to try to retrieve the target with that unicorn wanting us well off the property.
18:46 <bookworm>: I didn't say we did
18:46 <bookworm>: You're the one saying that
18:46 <Arkan>: What.
18:46 <bookworm>: We dealt with *this* Alchemist
18:46 <bookworm>: Whatever he was doing
18:46 <bookworm>: Doesn't matter if he made the monsters or not
18:47 <Arkan>: If by "dealt" then you mean "came and saw" then yes.
18:47 <bookworm>: We were charged with ending his experiments
18:47 <bookworm>: We ensured he won't be making monsters in the future, as instructed
18:49 <Arkan>: We did no such thing. :/ We concluded he did not display any tendencies to do so anytime immediately soon.
18:50 <bookworm>: And then scared the thought of him ever picking it up later out of him
18:50 <bookworm>: So he isn't making them now, and won't start, mission accomplished
18:50 <Arkan>: Possibly.
18:50 <Arkan>: He is completely free to make monsters in the future in the safety of his unic-orphanage.
18:51 <Arkan>: I'll read back over the log, but kids can change their minds. Especially once they hit the teens.
18:51 <bookworm>: Pretty sure a unicorn wouldn't sanction making monsters to destroy poor villages
18:51 <bookworm>: If the mythology you and Ookook have been building is accurate
18:52 <Arkan>: I would also think so... for me it comes down to the unicorn.
18:52 <Arkan>: I don't quite know whether to trust it or not. I decided that Greystone does.
18:54 <bookworm>: He trusts it to be good? Then he must trust Justin to be also as she has clearly aligned herself with him firmly
18:55 <Arkan>: Yeah, that's the situation I believe. Though he is gentle with his wording when saying that.
18:56 <Arkan>: Greystone is exhausting. I'm going back to my magic-user characters after this.
18:56 <Arkan>: But his lore is very interesting. I enjoyed detailing his backstory.
18:58 <Arkan>: Not to complain of Tikvah, but I feel the players shouldn't be this confused. I will be so glad once we sort out this arc.
18:58 <bookworm>: Victor's backstory is more detailed than I planned, but once a particular event was established it caused a lot of periferal details to naturally fall in place
18:58 <bookworm>: Whether I want them there or not
18:58 <bookworm>: They just make sense
18:59 <bookworm>: Gareth didn't have such obvious developmental points
18:59 <bookworm>: Which I was fine with
18:59 <Arkan>: That's often how it works.
19:00 <Arkan>: You either have one defining event which comes to you and defines your character and starts all kinds of details flowing trough your mind; or an event which comes to you which isn't central to your character, but makes you realize who they are, with the same result.
19:00 <bookworm>: Yes
19:00 <Arkan>: It was when I started to flesh out the details that got Greystone traveling like he is, that I started to grasp him properly.
19:01 bookworm is now known as Victor
19:02 Tikvah is now known as Tikvah_GMing
19:02 Arkan is now known as Greystone
19:03 Skid is now known as Gromit
19:05 Moontide is now known as Ookook
19:06 <Tikvah_GMing>: Alright, let's start.
19:07 <Victor>: Does anything/one in the tavern catch my attention while I have my drink?
19:07 <Tikvah_GMing>: ?
19:08 <Tikvah_GMing>: Just for clarification, where is everybody?
19:08 <Victor>: I'm having a sullen late night drink remember
19:08 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ah.
19:08 <Gromit>: Up in our room at the inn.
19:08 <Victor>: I believe everyone else is in bed
19:08 <Greystone>: I think we all went to bed except for Victor?
19:08 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ok.
19:09 <Tikvah_GMing>: No-one catches your eye.
19:10 <Tikvah_GMing>: Just a few other late-night drinkers.
19:10 <Victor>: Then I return to the inn and go to bed, to rise at first light.
19:13 <Tikvah_GMing>: Are you ready for morning?
19:13 <Victor>: I am
19:13 <Gromit>: Yes.
19:13 <Greystone>: Yup.
19:13 <Ookook>: I'm ready
19:13 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ok.
19:13 <Victor>: I put on my hat and wait in the hallway for a few minutes to see if anyone had planned to come with me to Robin
19:14 <Victor>: No one but Greystone was clear about their personal plans for today
19:14 <Gromit>: I think that's best carried out as a stealth mission.
19:15 <Gromit>: I'm going to go for a walk around the village, and keep an eye out for spies.
19:16 <Greystone>: *an audible thump comes from Greystone's room as he literally rolls out of bed*
19:17 Victor returns to Robin's
19:20 <Victor>: What do I see?
19:21 <Tikvah_GMing>: As you enter the main tavern room, you notice a distinct sense of unease. An unusual number of people are gathered in the tavern, talking worriedly. There is a large group of gathered around a tired, dusty messenger who is wolfing down a plate of food. Even the Tavernkeeper has joined the group, trying to get as near the messenger as possible.
19:21 <Victor>: Oh
19:22 <Victor>: You mean this inn?
19:22 <Tikvah_GMing>: The Inn/Tavern yes.
19:22 <Victor>: Okay I don't leave yet then
19:23 Greystone mumbles for "breakfast, Edward" and then wakes up most of the way.
19:23 Victor joins the group
19:24 <Tikvah_GMing>: As you get closer to the group, the messenger finishes his food and leans back. When he starts to talk, everyone listens with rapt attention.
19:24 <Tikvah_GMing>: "It came as a total surprise to everyone. We knew they were in the capital to negotiate, but no-one expected anything like this."
19:26 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I'm supposed to relay the message to the outpost in the next town. Don't want any panic when the word spreads around."
19:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Hey, can I get a drink before I go?" The bartender hurries off to retrieve a drink for the messenger.
19:30 Victor quickly goes back upstairs and knocks on Gromit's door
19:30 <Gromit>: "Yes?"
19:31 <Victor>: "Something's happened"
19:31 Victor goes back down
19:31 <Gromit>: "What happ..."
19:31 Gromit follows.
19:31 Ookook follows Victor back down the stairs
19:31 <Victor>: Can I get up to the guy?
19:33 <Tikvah_GMing>: The messenger downs his drink in one gulp and stands, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. "Well, I need to get moving if I want to beat the rumors to the next town."
19:33 <Tikvah_GMing>: He moves though the crowd towards the door.
19:33 <Tikvah_GMing>: You can approach him.
19:33 <Victor>: "Excuse me, I missed part of your message. What should people not panic about?"
19:34 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Drosdan has surrendered to the Mitan Empire. The King announced it yesterday."
19:35 Greystone steps out of his room, bleary-eyed, gear on his back, and somehow finds his way downstairs.
19:36 <Victor>: "I see."
19:36 <Tikvah_GMing>: "The Mitan forces should be arriving in the next few days, but for now Wilhelm and the rest of his team are running the city."
19:36 <Ookook>: "Who is Wilhelm?"
19:36 Greystone almost heads out the door, and then processes that he saw a crowd and turns back, curious.
19:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: "The head of the Mitan ambassadors. He's actually quite popular with the people in Mozu after he helped clean up after a big explosion that happened a couple weeks ago."
19:39 Victor leans to Greystone
19:39 <Victor>: "Your suicide mission may need to wait"
19:40 <Ookook>: "Is the Mitan Empire going to replace the nobles or are they just going to install a government atop the current one?"
19:41 <Greystone>: Greystone's head twitches. *low voice* "What's this about Mitan...?"
19:41 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Who knows? They're probably going to send out a garrison to each of the major towns, but I doubt they'll bother to interfere too much."
19:42 <Victor>: "Are we to continue with our business or?.."
19:42 Ookook turns towards Victor
19:43 <Gromit>: "I think knowing if we're still employed or not is relevant to the operation."
19:43 <Ookook>: "This development might put the Count out of a job, maybe."
19:43 <Victor>: I said that to the messenger
19:44 <Greystone>: Is the messenger from the Keep then?
19:44 <Tikvah_GMing>: The messenger raises an eyebrow. "I'm not quite sure what you mean."
19:44 <Tikvah_GMing>: He turns and walks to the door.
19:45 <Gromit>: "...Unless he was on the other side of it." I whisper to Victor.
19:46 <Victor>: "I mean are we expected to... Do something? Or continue normally until we hear otherwise"
19:46 <Victor>: "I'm unfamiliar with the protocol of being conquered"
19:46 <Gromit>: "We send a messenger back to find out the situation, of course."
19:46 <Gromit>: "And update the count with our current progress."
19:47 <Ookook>: "That seems like a sensible thing to do."
19:48 <Gromit>: "So... exactly what we were doing, but now we have a valid excuse."
19:49 <Greystone>: This. Changes. Everything.
19:49 <Victor>: Is the guy answering or did he leave?
19:49 <Tikvah_GMing>: He left.
19:49 Victor steps outside
19:50 <Greystone>: For love of God, someone update Greystone, or so help him, he is going to smite someone.
19:50 <Tikvah_GMing>: The messenger is mounting his horse.
19:50 <Tikvah_GMing>: Other people seem to be returning to their daily tasks.
19:50 <Victor>: "I think we can all go back now."
19:51 <Victor>: "Say we heard the news, wanted to know what it means for us."
19:52 <Gromit>: "I'm not sure in the logic needing all of us to go find out, even if that were true."
19:53 <Victor>: "Because the mission is probably off now, kid or no?"
19:53 <Ookook>: I think we should only send one person so that we can pretend that the rest of us are still hunting down the monster maker.
19:53 <Gromit>: "Why would it be off? Monsters aren't less of a problem just because there's new government."
19:54 Greystone gets the details from one of the random bystanders.
19:54 <Gromit>: If we're still employed, there's no reason the job would be cancelled. If we're not, there's nothing to be gained from going there.
19:55 <Victor>: [Isn't the Count second to the king? Or am I mixing this with Ember Patrol?]
19:55 <Greystone>: Like... third, I think?
19:56 <Victor>: The point being the Count isn't a count anymore
19:56 <Victor>: If that's the case
19:56 <Gromit>: Since our operation in the capital involved blowing up a military facility and was sponsored by The Count, I'd be willing to bet he had a large hand in this overthrow.
19:57 <Tikvah_GMing>: The count is in the upper circle of nobility.
19:57 <Gromit>: He probably got promoted for this.
19:57 <Ookook>: The Count could still be Count. Often an invading army will leave existing power structures in place because rebuilding is too hard.
19:57 <Greystone>: Let's see, King, Prince, Duke, Marquess, Count...
19:59 <Victor>: Well we can just continue with the original idea if you want
19:59 <Victor>: Just seems like he would want us to return on news like this
19:59 <Victor>: Knowing he's really patriotic
19:59 <Victor>: He probably wants to change our mission to forming a rebellion
20:00 <Victor>: He'll be like "Why did only one of you come back when you heard? You think I want you still tracking down a scientist with this going on??"
20:00 <Gromit>: It's not that far. Let's send one dude. If his place is under siege or something we don't all want to get caught there.
20:01 <Ookook>: I vote for sending one person.
20:01 Victor shrugs and continues to Robin's
20:01 <Greystone>: I think... one.
20:01 <Greystone>: But, that warehouse incident...
20:03 Ookook whispers 'no one knows that we responsible for the glorious-if-poorly-placed explosion'
20:03 <Victor>: We aren't responsible
20:03 <Victor>: For at least the third time
20:03 <Greystone>: But was Drindall.
20:04 <Victor>: Well okay, depends on how you use 'we'
20:04 <Ookook>: 'I like to think that I am responsible for all the explosions'
20:04 <Tikvah_GMing>: Victor, Robin's house looks the same as it did yesterday. A few older children are climbing the trees in the yard, and Wikolia is watching them from a distance.
20:04 Victor rings the bell
20:04 <Greystone>: So Greystone heads off to the Keep?
20:05 <Victor>: If you aren't waiting for me to report that Robin is filled in
20:06 <Greystone>: So you want to touch base with Robin about the situation.
20:06 <Victor>: I'm letting her know what you're doing so when it goes poorly she can react.
20:06 <Greystone>: You do that. I think Greystone is too shocked to go just yet. He has a LOT to think about.
20:06 <Tikvah_GMing>: Wikolia looks towards the gate and sees you. She trots over to the gate, but it doesn't open.
20:06 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I thought I told you to leave."
20:07 <Victor>: "I'm here to see Robin."
20:07 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Why do you need to see her?"
20:08 <Victor>: "I need to inform her what my associate is on his way to do, so she understands what's been going on here."
20:08 <Victor>: "Concerning the Count"
20:08 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Fine. Wait here." She turns and heads towards the house.
20:08 <Gromit>: Let's put this as vaguely and ominously as possible.
20:08 <Victor>: Me?
20:09 <Victor>: I was here to be explicit
20:10 <Victor>: I thought we said we need to be upfront now so she knows what to expect
20:10 <Gromit>: No, I mean what you just said was vague and ominious.
20:10 <Victor>: Oh
20:10 <Victor>: Ha
20:10 <Tikvah_GMing>: After a few minutes Robin exits the house, wiping her hands on her apron. She walks over to the gate, followed closely by Wikolia.
20:10 <Tikvah_GMing>: "You came back. Wikolia said you wanted to talk to me?"
20:11 <Gromit>: You placed your escape teleport points, right?
20:11 <Victor>: I did in my notes
20:12 <Victor>: Not in here though
20:12 <Victor>: Tikvah can take that as she wishes
20:12 <Tikvah_GMing>: I can allow that. Where did you put them?
20:15 <Victor>: What is the layout here? Is the property out on its own or are there houses near the gate?
20:15 <Tikvah_GMing>: There are no other houses near the orphanage.
20:15 <Tikvah_GMing>: Just a road leading to the village and some trees.
20:20 <Victor>: Then I set a breadcrumb trail of markers from 200ft from the gate along the way I came for 4 marker's length
20:20 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ok.
20:21 <Victor>: "You need to be aware of what's happening concerning Justin."
20:21 <Victor>: "So you can make preparations, if needed."
20:23 <Tikvah_GMing>: "What is happening?"
20:23 <Victor>: "It's a long story, and we don't understand all the details, but..."
20:24 <Victor>: "We were sent here because Count Drindall believed someone matching Justin's description has been making monsters. He wanted us to apprehend the alchemist and bring him back."
20:24 <Victor>: "When we got here we realized there must be a mistake, so we're sending word back that we're aborting the mission."
20:25 <Victor>: "But we are unsure if the order was a mistake or not, so you should be aware, in case he sends someone else to carry on with it."
20:25 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Oh dear."
20:25 <Victor>: "We're hoping of course that it was a misunderstanding and when we report Justin is just a boy all will be fine."
20:25 <Victor>: "But we don't know if that is the case right now."
20:25 <Tikvah_GMing>: Wikolia snorts. "I knew you were up to no good."
20:26 <Victor>: "I said we abandoned our orders."
20:26 <Tikvah_GMing>: Robin looks worried. "Why would the Count want Justin? How does he even know about him?"
20:26 <Victor>: "Those are precisely our questions and concerns."
20:27 <Victor>: "Our thought was you keep him in hiding until we hear back about how he takes the news, unless you have a better plan."
20:27 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I don't know what else we can do."
20:28 <Victor>: "In that case, I guess we all have to just wait and see what happens."
20:28 <Victor>: "The rest of us are staying here to intercept the messanger, either returning with news it's all cleared up, or to cut off a second mercenary sent on the original orders."
20:28 <Victor>: "We'll let you know which comes and... go from there I guess."
20:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: "We could destroy these mercenaries as a warning to the count." Wikolia says quietly to Robin, but loud enough for you to hear.
20:29 <Victor>: Intentionally loud enough for me to hear?
20:29 <Tikvah_GMing>: Possibly. You could roll a read person check.
20:29 <Victor>: !roll d20
20:29 <Dicebot>: Victor: 16
20:31 <Tikvah_GMing>: By the way Wikolia is glaring at you, it was probably on purpose.
20:31 <Tikvah_GMing>: Robin ignores Wikolia's statement and forces a smile. "Thank you. We will keep Justin out of sight."
20:32 <Victor>: [How long do we expect Greystone's trip back to the keep to take?]
20:32 <Tikvah_GMing>: About 5 hours.
20:33 <Tikvah_GMing>: Wait. No, it will take at least 6.
20:33 <Victor>: "We should get word back by tomorrow, I'll keep you informed."
20:34 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Aren't you taking a bit risk going against the count? He doesn't take well to deserters."
20:35 <Victor>: "We've heard, but if our original orders were in earnest he's not the side we want to align with."
20:35 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Just be careful, alright?"
20:36 <Victor>: "We certainly will. You need to be as well."
20:36 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Of course. Thank you for warning us."
20:36 Victor touches his hat and wanders back down the road
20:37 <Victor>: As I pass each marker I mentally unmark it, but don't retrieve them
20:38 Victor goes straight to the inn from last night and gets another drink
20:39 <Tikvah_GMing>: The crowd has mostly cleared out, except for the group of unemployed lounging around in the tavern.
20:39 <Victor>: \"Even if this turns out to be nothing I should quit."\
20:40 <Greystone>: So, update Greystone on the results, and then off he goes.
20:40 <Victor>: I actually need to get going
20:40 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ok.
20:40 <Tikvah_GMing>: Everyone gets 1 XP.
20:40 <Victor>: Sorry, didn't expect more developments before we acted tonight or we'd have gotten farther
20:40 <Victor>: What a twist
20:40 <Victor>: I thought this may be coming, but not in the middle of the mision
20:40 <Gromit>: Maybe we should just take up stabbing random people to get XP.
20:40 <Victor>: You can go hunting
20:40 <Victor>: I hear there's an exotic beast in the area
20:40 Gromit is now known as Skid
20:40 Ookook is now known as Moontide
20:41 Tikvah_GMing is now known as Tikvah
20:42 Greystone is now known as Arkan
20:42 <Victor>: After he finishes the drink he tracks down the others and tells them Robin's filled in
20:42 <Victor>: So you can be off to start next time Greystone
20:43 <Tikvah>: Know what, everyone gets 1 XP to give away too.
20:43 <Victor>: ooh
20:46 <Arkan>: Do you guys enjoy Greystone not being a morning person as much as I do, or not funny enough?
20:48 <Skid>: It reminds me of my character in another campaign.

Author:  Moontide [ Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I give my XP to Bookworm for actually doing things instead of just planning endlessly.

Author:  Tikvah [ Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Unfortunately, There will be no session tonight. Things in the story should be picking up though, so look forwards to some action next week!

-- Sun May 07, 2017 10:29 pm --

The count is now aware of the situation at the orphanage, and help is on the way. This might not be a good thing.

Moontide, Skid, Arkan and Woody each get 1 XP.

Author:  bookworm [ Wed May 10, 2017 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Still waiting on XP gifts from three weeks ago...

Author:  Skid [ Sun May 14, 2017 1:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I'm awarding my 1 XP from forever ago to Arkan for hazarding the encounter with the count.

Author:  bookworm [ Sun May 14, 2017 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Title TBD, Part 7
19:04 <Tikvah>: Bookworm can't make it tonight.
19:28 Tikvah is now known as Tikvah_GMing
19:28 Skid is now known as Gromit
19:29 Arkan is now known as Greystone
19:29 Moontide is now known as Ookook
19:30 Woody is now known as Alan
19:30 <Gromit>: So, where were we.
19:30 <Gromit>: The kingdom had just been dissolved and taken over. We're not sure who's in charge.
19:31 <Tikvah_GMing>: I believe Greystone was heading back to the castle?
19:33 <Gromit>: I think so. And Bookworm was warning/warned the orphanage.
19:34 <Greystone>: Lets see.
19:36 <Tikvah_GMing>: Why don't we cover Greystone's visit to the castle first.
19:36 <Gromit>: Sure.
19:37 <Tikvah_GMing>: Victor warned the orphanage about their position, and Greystone is heading back to the castle to talk to the Count.
19:37 <Greystone>: Ah, so the country just surrendered? Is that the technical situation?
19:37 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yes.
19:39 <Tikvah_GMing>: The Mitan Empire has been a looming threat for years. It is known to be technologically advanced compared to Drostan.
19:41 <Greystone>: Alright so this news raises personal concerns for Greystone, but he definitely wants to sort out things regarding Drindall and whatnot, so after brooding in thought for ten or twenty minutes, Greystone heads off to the Keep.
19:43 <Tikvah_GMing>: You arrive at the castle in late afternoon. The weather is still just as terrible as when you left, rain soaking anyone who leaves the shelter of their homes. You see an unusual number of the Count's guards, all in livery, manning the walls.
19:46 <Greystone>: I head in the main gate, soldier's stride.
19:47 <Greystone>: [Can I get my kismet stabilized before I go see Drindall? *puppy eyes*]
19:48 <Tikvah_GMing>: No. The process takes at least 3 hours.
19:48 <Tikvah_GMing>: As you approach the castle there is some movement on the walls. Finn meets you inside the gate, his face grim. "Greystone? Where are the others?"
19:57 <Greystone>: *Arkán frantically tries to recall all the details and plans regarding the current situation*
20:03 <Greystone>: Also rather grim-faced. "Tending the situation. It shaped up oddly, and I'm here for some clarification from Drindall on the mission, while the others keep it in hand. Also we naturally have some questions regarding any potential alterations to our employ stemming from the current political upheaval."
20:05 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I can take you to see the count." Finn says, turning and motioning you to follow. "He may be busy at the moment, but I'm sure he wants hear about the mission."
20:05 <Tikvah_GMing>: He leads the way into the upper story of the castle.
20:10 <Tikvah_GMing>: I assume you follow?
20:11 <Greystone>: Yeah.
20:11 <Tikvah_GMing>: Finn reaches the door to the Count's room and opens the door, motioning you inside.
20:11 <Tikvah_GMing>: As the doors to the Count's room open, you feel a strange chill run up your spine. You see the Count sitting on a raised chair in the centre of the room. Around the room are suspended 6 orbs, about the size of a large pumpkin. One of them is glowing brightly, the only source of light in the room. Thick silver wires run across the ceiling, connecting the orbs to the back of the Count's chair.
20:11 <Greystone>: My brain told me that he can't lead without someone being led.
20:12 Greystone quit
20:12 Greystone joined #Gowers
20:12 <Tikvah_GMing>: I was giving you a chance to run away or something if you wanted.
20:12 <Tikvah_GMing>: The count looks pale and haggard, leaning back in his chair talking with Mia in a low voice. He looks towards you as you approach, dismissing the alchemist with a gesture.
20:12 <Greystone>: Why would I have showed up at the gate and asked to talk to Drindall and then run away before I even get a look at him?
20:13 <Tikvah_GMing>: I don't know.
20:13 <Tikvah_GMing>: You hear the door close behind you.
20:14 <Tikvah_GMing>: "What news?" The count's voice is cold and hollow. He beckons you toward him.
20:16 <Greystone>: Well, I was going to say that I book it for the gates, Greystone has a very good gut, and so if a chill went up this hardened soldier's spine then I trust that the Count's "patriotism" is not as purported, and am out of here based on the information given me by my spine. But, as the door has closed, we will proceed with the original plan.
20:20 Greystone approaches and bangs his fist against his left breast in the traditional homage.
20:20 <Greystone>: {What news, let's see.}
20:20 <Tikvah_GMing>: The count nods in acknowledgement.
20:36 <Greystone>: "I am present firstmost as messenger. We went to the specified town of Vaughan, and located an individual whose name matched the one provided, and practiced alchemy. However the similarities to the description our target essentially ended there."
20:36 <Greystone>: "The Justin Crendall we located was a youth, and we judged him incapable of creating the said monsters, nor did we judge him to be a skilled fighter. There was also a unicorn guarding the location and its inhabitants, and any man knows that a unicorn will not keep company with a purveyor of destruction."
20:37 <Greystone>: "With so many pertinent details mismatching, I left the others to watch the persons and local, and came here to report the lack of consistency betwixt what was described and what was found, and ask for clarification if possible, rather than risk carrying out an entrusted task upon the wrong persons, or acting upon instructions which were improperly conveyed."
20:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: The count sits up suddenly. "Does he match the description? Short, with red hair?"
20:38 <Greystone>: {Guys?}
20:40 <Tikvah_GMing>: I have to go. Sorry.
20:40 Tikvah_GMing quit
20:41 Gromit is now known as Skid
20:41 <Greystone>: {Never mind, I checked.}
20:41 <Greystone>: Wait, what?
20:41 <Greystone>: It's the end of the world.
20:43 <Greystone>: ...
20:43 Greystone is now known as Arkan
20:54 Tikvah joined #Gowers
20:55 <Tikvah>: I will be back in about 12 minutes.
20:55 Tikvah quit
21:01 <Arkan>: I mean, I'm pretty tired, I should be getting to bed soon...
21:04 Tikvah joined #Gowers
21:04 <Tikvah>: Sorry about that.
21:04 <Tikvah>: I got a fire call.
21:06 <Tikvah>: So.. We want to finish?
21:10 <Arkan>: I'm tired, but also invested.
21:11 Arkan is now known as Greystone
21:14 <Tikvah>: ..Is anyone here?
21:14 <Tikvah>: Besides Greystone.
21:15 <Greystone>: Hm, they should be.
21:15 <Tikvah>: Oh well.
21:16 <Tikvah>: They weren't doing anything anyway.
21:16 Tikvah is now known as Tikvah_GMing
21:16 <Tikvah_GMing>: The count sits up suddenly. "Does he match the description? Short, with red hair?"
21:18 <Greystone>: "The lad indeed had red hair, and was quite as short as any ten year old."
21:18 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Did he have a kismet?"
21:26 <Greystone>: "He had the levitation kismet described to us. We would have just assumed that we had located the wrong persons if the descriptive details had not matched up as they did."
21:26 <Greystone>: "It was the lack of ability in monsters, which was the issue that we were sent to remedy, rather then the description, which was the issue. Such accuracy combined with such inaccuracy is what caused us uncertainty."
21:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I see." The Count pauses for a moment, then continues. "I want to see him, just in case. Retrieve him as soon as possible, without hurting him."
21:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I'll send a team of elites with you to help with the unicorn in case it's violent."
21:32 <Greystone>: "I am in a position to assure your grace that the unicorn will most certainly resist any attempt to remove any person from the property in question."
21:33 <Tikvah_GMing>: "10 of the elites should be enough. They will be ready to leave at dawn. Be ready to guide them to the village."
21:35 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I want to see the child myself. Bring him to me as soon as possible. Time is of the essence."
21:37 <Greystone>: {Oh boy. Let's. What will Greystone do here.}
21:41 <Greystone>: "May I make so bold as to inquire as to what could be of such an urgency as to dictate going against one of the Fair Creatures? If your grace would stoop to confide in me, persuasion would be a much more efficient tool against a unicorn."
21:42 <Tikvah_GMing>: "How do you know it is a unicorn?"
21:45 <Tikvah_GMing>: "It could be any sort of foul creature tricking you."
21:46 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Be ready to leave at dawn. I want Justin Crendall here, and if you can't do it... I will hand the mission over to someone who can."
21:55 <Greystone>: {Thinking.}
22:06 <Greystone>: "Perhaps your grace knows whether it is a unicorn. It seemed familiar with your grace. Has your grace encountered a unicorn in the past bearing the name of Wikolia?"
22:08 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Wikolia," His face darkens. "Is dead. That is no unicorn."
22:08 <Tikvah_GMing>: He leans back and gestures dismissively. "You may go now. I have business to take care of."
22:08 <Gromit>: Well.
22:13 Greystone does the thing. "If I might try your grace's patience for one moment longer, I was also asked to inquire if the change recent in monarchy will have any effect upon your position, and therefore ours respectively."
22:14 <Tikvah_GMing>: Greystone, you want to take a detect deception roll on the count's last statement?
22:16 <Greystone>: I try to detect if the Count actually wants me to go, and actually has business to take care of.
22:16 <Greystone>: !roll d20
22:16 <Dicebot>: Greystone: 9
22:17 <Greystone>: =P
22:17 <Tikvah_GMing>: He does seem like he has things on his mind, possibly work related.
22:17 <Gromit>: ...but not what his history with Wikolia was?
22:18 <Tikvah_GMing>: However, I did mean about his Wikolia statement.
22:18 <Greystone>: I roll for real now to detect anything I can about his Wikolia statement.
22:18 <Gromit>: Also, appropriate time to burn intellect on effort. Since you would have until morning to recover.
22:18 <Greystone>: !roll d20
22:18 <Dicebot>: Greystone: 11
22:19 <Greystone>: Oh, good point.
22:19 <Tikvah_GMing>: Do you want effort on that?
22:19 <Greystone>: +1 effort
22:21 <Tikvah_GMing>: The Count is definitely hiding something about Wikolia. He sounds a little unsure that she is, in fact, dead.
22:22 <Greystone>: "If your grace will allow me to try your patience for one moment longer, I was also asked to inquire if the change recent in monarchy will have any effect upon your position, and therefore ours."
22:24 <Tikvah_GMing>: "The king may have abandoned our country, but I haven't. Nothing will change."
22:25 <Greystone>: {Quick guys, do I try to convince him we don't need the elites?}
22:26 <Tikvah_GMing>: Drindall does not look open to any further discussion.
22:26 <Greystone>: {I just MIGHT have one more thing I can say without enraging him trying his patience too far-}
22:26 <Greystone>: {-Nevermind.}
22:27 <Tikvah_GMing>: Why don't we end it here?
22:27 Greystone bows respectfully, and withdraws.
22:27 <Greystone>: Three hours for kismet did you say Tikvah?
22:27 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yes.
22:27 Greystone is now known as Arkan
22:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: Alright, everyone gets 1 XP.
22:28 <Arkan>: Then I get my kismet stabilized before bed if I can find the alchemist. Greystone can manage with a little less sleep.
22:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ok.
22:29 <Arkan>: I might get a new one too?
22:29 <Arkan>: If I can then I'll run through that with you.
22:29 <Arkan>: Sometime during the week I mean of course.

Author:  Tikvah [ Sun May 14, 2017 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

This week we got some good planning done for what is shaping up to be an action-heavy session next week. Hopefully.

Skid, Moontide, Arkan, Woody, and bookworm each get 1 XP.

Author:  bookworm [ Sun May 14, 2017 10:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Title TBD, Part 8
19:09 bookworm is now known as Victor
19:10 Arkan is now known as Greystone
19:11 Skid is now known as Gromit
19:11 Moontide is now known as Ookook
19:12 Jeremiah is now known as Alan
19:12 <Tikvah_GMing>: Alright, it is the morning of the third day since you set off on this mission.
19:13 <Gromit>: Are we going back to the rest of us? Or finishing up with Greystone?
19:14 <Tikvah_GMing>: Greystone, are there any quick actions you would like to do before the team sets out?
19:14 <Gromit>: Or if he wants to sneak out during the night?
19:14 <Tikvah_GMing>: Or that.
19:15 <Greystone>: ...
19:15 <Greystone>: Uh.
19:16 <Greystone>: I would be open to suggestions
19:16 <Alan>: Sneak into the Count's office =D
19:16 <Greystone>: Greystone would not think of that.
19:19 <Greystone>: I'm also eating dinner.
19:19 <Greystone>: And cooking a second dinner.
19:19 <Tikvah_GMing>: Is there anything you guys at the village want to do while Greystone is thinking?
19:20 Victor is probably drinking a lot
19:20 <Victor>: Rephrase: drinking frequently
19:20 <Victor>: Not to get drunk, just sullenly in disheartened disgust at the situation he's in
19:20 <Tikvah_GMing>: Don't drink too much, or I'll have to give you a "drunk" debuff.
19:21 <Ookook>: We should prepare to be attacked.
19:21 <Ookook>: But in a plausibly deniable way.
19:21 <Gromit>: I'm pondering how to ambush anyone who's sent after us.
19:22 <Ookook>: We could lay land mines around the village.
19:22 <Gromit>: Let's not do that.
19:22 <Ookook>: Or we could poison the forest around. Then if we don't need it, the unicorn will unpoison it for us.
19:23 <Victor>: At some point I gather the others.
19:23 <Victor>: "Did we ever actually discuss our response to the third possibility?"
19:23 <Victor>: "That Greystone doesn't return alone."
19:24 <Gromit>: "Not all that different from him arriving with bad news and bad guys arriving afterwards."
19:25 <Victor>: "It could be."
19:25 <Victor>: "If they're here to grab the kid because we didn't, then yes."
19:26 <Victor>: "But if they come to relay some other message, it gets complicated."
19:26 <Victor>: "We can't know their true motives for certain."
19:27 <Gromit>: "Main thing is to keep them split up as much as possible, while keeping us together."
19:27 <Victor>: "You mean to fight?"
19:28 <Gromit>: "If it suddenly comes to that, yes."
19:28 <Victor>: "But what if it appears we shouldn't fight?"
19:28 <Gromit>: "Then we pump them for all the information we can get."
19:29 <Victor>: "If they claim to come to clear the misunderstanding or something."
19:29 <Ookook>: We could just grab the kid and flee if the attacking army is too large.
19:33 <Ookook>: (Does this cover all the discussion we need to do? Can we get back to Greystone now?)
19:33 <Gromit>: Yup.
19:33 <Tikvah_GMing>: Greystone, are you ready?
19:34 <Greystone>: I am thinking through senerios, and it seems like it will almost certainly come down to if we choose to trust Drindall.
19:34 <Tikvah_GMing>: Well, you don't have much time. It's up to you.
19:35 <Greystone>: I suppose I'm stuck with the ten guys.
19:36 <Tikvah_GMing>: Alright, are you ready to leave?
19:36 <Greystone>: There, second dinner finished.
19:36 <Gromit>: I think since he ordered an attack on the capital that appears to have resulted in the loss of the nation, we probably should treat him as a traitor.
19:37 <Greystone>: No chance of popping in on Drindall real quick I assume.
19:37 <Tikvah_GMing>: No.
19:37 <Greystone>: I still have no idea what happened there.
19:37 <Alan>: I think we need to go talk to the former king
19:38 <Greystone>: So am I *in charge* of the detachment?
19:38 <Gromit>: Now there's a chance to go wildly off the rails.
19:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: The squad that gathers in the morning is headed by Captain Oddmund.
19:39 <Tikvah_GMing>: So no, you are not in charge.
19:39 <Greystone>: !
19:40 <Greystone>: Oddmund's coming. :O
19:40 <Greystone>: Oh, there is one thing.
19:40 <Greystone>: Who has that piece of paper?
19:40 <Tikvah_GMing>: Which one?
19:42 <Greystone>: You remember, the one we took off that guy during that confusing mission that we couldn't read.
19:42 <Victor>: I do
19:42 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oh. That one.
19:42 <Ookook>: Maybe Oddmund is coming to get it because it is a high value message or something.
19:43 <Victor>: No one else knows about it
19:43 <Ookook>: true
19:44 <Greystone>: If it is in Greystone's pocket rather than anyone else's, then the alchemist or SOMEBODY might be able to read it.
19:44 <Ookook>: It is in Victor's though
19:45 <Greystone>: It could provide some very clarifying information. Or not.
19:46 <Victor>: I know, I've been trying to find a way to read it
19:46 <Victor>: OH
19:46 <Victor>: That's what I was trying to remember to do here
19:46 <Victor>: Does this city have a library?
19:46 <Tikvah_GMing>: This village does not.
19:47 <Victor>: Of course not
19:47 <Greystone>: It's a town, so probably not. A scholar maybe, with luck.
19:47 <Greystone>: Or a sage, or well-traveled merchant.
19:48 <Greystone>: Wait, the unicorn could read it.
19:48 <Greystone>: Operative word, "could."
19:48 <Ookook>: Why could the unicorn read it?
19:48 <Greystone>: Then again, it depends.
19:48 <Greystone>: Written things are usually transparent to talking magic creatures, but not necessarily.
19:49 <Alan>: Have we warned Robin sufficiently?
19:49 <Victor>: The best we could anyway
19:49 <Victor>: She knows we're informing the Count about Justin
19:49 <Victor>: No one knows what the reaction will be
19:50 <Ookook>: Are we ready to jump to when the troop arrives at the village?
19:52 <Greystone>: Well, if Greystone lacks the note, then he will head back to Vaughan to converse with his partners. With the troop in tow. :/
19:52 <Greystone>: :/
19:53 <Greystone>: Is it ten in or ex cluding Oddmund?
19:54 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oddmund and a troop of nine head out, dressed in their full Drindall livery. They will arrive in Vaughan around noon.
19:54 <Greystone>: Yup, so ten total. That's two to one should things come to that.
19:55 <Greystone>: I am not fighting a unicorn! But what if Drindall has a good reason to want to see this boy so badly? Then do I trust the unicorn, who knows little of Drindall but just seems to feel overprotective, or do I follow orders as honor dictates, trusting Drindall's intentions by default?
19:55 <Greystone>: Could the boy be Dindall's son? Why did I think of that? Who set off the explosion, the elites, or did it kinda just happen?
19:55 <Greystone>: Did Drindall have us attack a secret Mitan military base, or was he working with the Mitan Empire?
19:55 <Greystone>: I am just thinking so much right now.
19:57 <Gromit>: "You got your teleport beacons spread out, right?"
19:57 <Victor>: No, I don't
19:57 <Victor>: I don't know what party we'll be receiving, and where or how
19:57 <Victor>: Though I do toss one onto the inn roof
19:57 <Tikvah_GMing>: Alright, 1 marker on the roof.
19:57 <Gromit>: Just having one or two you can jump to within town would be an asset in any case.
19:58 <Victor>: What exactly is the layout? Are they going to come through town?
19:58 <Victor>: The road they take?
19:59 <Tikvah_GMing>: To get to Robin's orphanage they will go through town.
19:59 <Tikvah_GMing>: The village consists of one main street with all the businesses along it, and a few smaller streets with houses.
19:59 <Victor>: Then I put a marked bolt on the roof of the first building the road passes coming into town also
20:00 <Gromit>: Just in case we need to shoot somebody and spread things out with a manhunt.
20:00 <Victor>: Right
20:00 <Victor>: And I guess one on the roof of the last one on the way out to Robin's
20:00 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ok.
20:00 <Tikvah_GMing>: The Inn is about halfway down the street.
20:00 <Victor>: Her place is a ways out from here though isn't it?
20:01 <Gromit>: Yeah, but you can do some running like a peasant if you're out of range.
20:02 <Victor>: Well that's three here and one on Greystone
20:02 <Victor>: I guess I look around closer to the orphanage for a good place to put one more
20:03 <Victor>: It's out in the open right?
20:03 <Tikvah_GMing>: There are some scattered trees around it, and a forest not too far away.
20:03 <Tikvah_GMing>: No houses.
20:03 <Victor>: Ah okay
20:03 <Tikvah_GMing>: It is surrounded by a tall stone wall.
20:04 <Victor>: Define not too far please
20:04 <Tikvah_GMing>: 400 feet
20:06 <Ookook>: Is there a place for me to be where I will be within range of the troop but also be hidden from view?
20:07 <Ookook>: (Also, out of range of my allies would be preferable in case my music goes poorly.)
20:07 <Tikvah_GMing>: You could hide in any of the buildings along main street an get them when they go by.
20:08 <Victor>: What is 1 turn's run range?
20:09 <Tikvah_GMing>: 30 feet.
20:09 <Victor>: What's the closest tree?
20:10 <Tikvah_GMing>: 60 ft.
20:11 <Victor>: Does it have sight on the gate?
20:11 <Tikvah_GMing>: It's near the gate, yes.
20:11 <Victor>: Okay I shoot one in that
20:11 <Tikvah_GMing>: Alright.
20:11 <Victor>: And return to watch the road with Gromit
20:12 <Victor>: Ookook is your buffing free?
20:12 <Gromit>: Easy on the metagaming, we don't know for sure who's coming back.
20:12 <Victor>: I realized that as soon as I sent it
20:12 <Victor>: Nevermind
20:12 <Ookook>: But it is a debuff.
20:12 <Ookook>: I can't help you, only make the enemy less powerful.
20:13 <Victor>: You've buffed us before...
20:13 <Victor>: I thought
20:13 <Tikvah_GMing>: Nope.
20:13 <Victor>: I'm pretty sure
20:13 <Victor>: But good to know
20:17 <Tikvah_GMing>: Have you finished your preparations?
20:17 <Ookook>: Yes
20:19 <Greystone>: So this is the point where they sit around and Ookook says, "So... how long do we wait to see if he comes back? Or sends a messenger. Or someone else comes back."
20:19 <Tikvah_GMing>: Around noon you see Drindall's squad in the distance, nearing the village.
20:21 <Greystone>: So, I am of course going to lead the elites to the inn where I will suggest or assume that they will have some water or whatnot and rest for a minute after marching down that dusty road till noon, while I go and fetch the other retainers, let them know of our arrival.
20:21 <Greystone>: Assuming the others don't just us for some reason.
20:21 <Greystone>: Are you all in the inn or what.
20:22 <Victor>: I'm watching the road just outside town
20:22 <Victor>: But upon seeing you aren't approaching alone I go back inside town
20:22 <Ookook>: I thought we were outside the village and doing an ambush.
20:23 <Victor>: We're definitely not ambushing!
20:23 <Victor>: Unless we had completely different understandings on the idea here
20:23 <Tikvah_GMing>: The elites follow Greystone into the village.
20:23 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oddmund is looking around, curiously. "Where is the rest of your team, Greystone?"
20:24 <Victor>: He doesn't see me?
20:24 <Tikvah_GMing>: He sees you.
20:25 <Tikvah_GMing>: There are a few more people in your party though.
20:25 <Victor>: I raise a hand in greeting
20:25 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oddmund nods curtly, and beckons you over.
20:25 <Greystone>: So are we in the street right now?
20:25 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yes.
20:26 <Victor>: Is Gromit not here too?
20:26 <Victor>: Was he hiding to ambush?
20:26 <Victor>: I thought we were talking first
20:28 <Gromit>: I wasn't plannning to immediately.
20:28 <Victor>: Talk? Or ambush
20:29 <Gromit>: Talk first, then "betray" each other.
20:29 <Victor>: Yeah I need to know if I see you
20:29 <Greystone>: "Well, there's the archer, but in retrospect we neglected to arrange a meeting place, and they didn't know when precisely I would be back. It shouldn't be too hard to find the others."
20:29 <Tikvah_GMing>: Where are you right now, Gromit?
20:29 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I see. Go gather as many of your team as you can. Is there an Inn here?"
20:31 <Greystone>: "Indeed, straight that way. The rest may be there, as that's where we had lodgings."
20:31 <Gromit>: I'll be there.
20:31 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oddmund nods and heads towards the inn.
20:31 Ookook follows Victor back into the town
20:33 <Greystone>: Is Alan at the inn?
20:31 <Victor>: When they're away, "What's all this?"
20:33 Greystone looks at Victor.
20:34 <Greystone>: "Well, this, is reinforcements, 'In case the unicorn becomes hostile.'"
20:34 <Victor>: "..."
20:35 <Greystone>: "We are still to bring the boy to Drindall, but I was unable to determine why."
20:35 Victor studies Greystone's face
20:36 <Victor>: "What's the password?"
20:39 <Victor>: It wasn't​ in the last two sessions
20:39 <Greystone>: Oh, wait, easy way out.
20:39 Greystone responds with the agreed password.
20:39 <Victor>: Ah, nice save
20:39 <Victor>: But it should be in your notes, so shame anyway
20:40 <Greystone>: Notes? Like taking notes on an RPG like a college class? What.
20:40 <Gromit>: Yes, this RPG is more serious than school.
20:40 <Victor>: Player notes
20:40 <Victor>: Surely that's not a foreign concept?
20:40 <Victor>: You seen quite experienced with these games
20:41 <Greystone>: Oh. Yeah. Drakonius. I should have remembered that, it's My Little Pony reference.
20:41 <Greystone>: I have been using the logs as notes.
20:42 <Ookook>: Which skill will they be using that would be most useful for me to debuff?
20:42 <Ookook>: Because I can do it silently.
20:42 <Ookook>: To a limited level.
20:42 <Gromit>: Detect deception, probably.
20:42 <Ookook>: "I am not going to side against a unicorn. I think the count is fully evil or is actually a poison-elemental or some other anti-unicorn alined issue."
20:42 <Victor>: "You explained he's just a kid, and the Count still wants him?"
20:43 <Greystone>: "Yes. I do not know why. It could be for a very good reason. Perhaps a very personal one, given that he's even willing to risk going against a unicorn."
20:44 <Greystone>: "And I say risk, not because be considers it risky for us, but rather because he is willing to risk it being a real unicorn."
20:44 <Ookook>: Perhaps he is a utilitarian and this action will lead to greater global happiness in the long run.
20:44 <Ookook>: After all unicorn likely are not consequentialist.
20:45 <Gromit>: "I..."
20:45 <Greystone>: "I realized that we only feel sure that the unicorn is not a human in disguise, and even that is based on our own beliefs on what the telescope does. And it could very well be another creature."
20:45 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oddmund and the elites enter the inn. Oddmund takes off his helmet and orders a drink. The others claim a table for themselves and keep to themselves.
20:46 <Gromit>: "Okay, when are we going to go renegotiate?"
20:46 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oddmund sends a tray of drinks to the elites.
20:47 <Victor>: "Was the news surprising to him?"
20:47 <Greystone>: Tikvah, was it surprising?
20:48 <Tikvah_GMing>: The count did look concerned.
20:50 <Greystone>: "He seemed surprised, concerned in fact."
20:51 <Greystone>: "Though I was tired at the time. I was focused on reporting, and didn't even take a good look at the new paraphernalia surrounding him."
20:51 <Victor>: "That's good. But he still wants him anyway?..."
20:51 Victor looks for some clarifying detail
20:52 <Greystone>: "Yes. And we have no idea if it is for good or for ill."
20:52 Greystone frowns. "And there was something very odd."
20:53 <Greystone>: "When I mentioned Wikiolia's name, Drindall reacted very strongly. Shocked, even."
20:53 <Greystone>: "He let the words, ah, 'Wikolia is dead, and has nothing to do with unicorns,' slip from his mouth, if my memory serves me rightly."
20:53 <Greystone>: "I have encountered many strange creatures, and a shapeshifter would not surprise me. I wonder about this unicorn."
20:54 <Victor>: "So he just wants to see it's a kid for himself you mean? Proof his intel was bad?"
20:54 <Victor>: "Or did he say Justin is still our target, even now?"
20:55 <Greystone>: "I would say that he wishes to see Justin even now. I neglected to inquire if the same levels of force were still authorized."
20:56 <Victor>: "That actually makes sense. If he is being played as I suspected, it would be shocking and troubling for him to realize he's being betrayed. He would want to be certain. Need to be, to accept the realization."
20:56 <Tikvah_GMing>: He told you to ensure that Justin is unharmed, if at all possible.
20:56 <Victor>: That's a significant detail you should share.
21:00 <Victor>: I need to go soon
21:00 <Greystone>: Well, me too.
21:00 <Victor>: Let's finish this conversation
21:01 <Victor>: Do you say he said we shouldn't hurt him?
21:01 <Greystone>: We have a character with a poison resistance kismet, we should test if the "unicorn blessed" water actually does anything.
21:01 <Victor>: Says the one who put nothing into the purchase
21:01 <Gromit>: "We should have done that before, really."
21:01 <Victor>: How are you in the discussion Gromit?
21:01 Gromit randomly butts into the conversation.
21:01 <Victor>: From inside the inn? :P
21:01 <Ookook>: "Surely drinking poison and difficult negotiations should be done at the same time"
21:02 <Greystone>: If you guys bought snake oil you should find out. I wasn't buying into that, but since we have it, we should use it as an information source.
21:02 <Victor>: Why would it keep selling if it didn't work?
21:02 <Victor>: Word would have gone around by now
21:02 <Victor>: Sales are in fact increasing she said
21:02 <Victor>: Now that you're questioning the legitimacy of the unicorn we should test it, I agree, but I stand by not seeing a need to before is what I'm saying.
21:04 <Victor>: Do you say we shouldn't hurt Justin now?
21:04 <Greystone>: Uh, yeah, Oddmund should be up to date on that, (did I brief them or Dindall) but I mention that he told me to ensure that Justin is unharmed, if at all possible.
21:05 <Victor>: "That's very good. It's seeming to me this was indeed just a mistake."
21:06 <Victor>: "But even so, I don't like bringing Justin to him still."
21:06 <Victor>: "And the unicorn won't go for it anyway."
21:06 <Victor>: "So..."
21:06 <Greystone>: "Right now I am hoping to convince Wikolia to let Justin come see the count. She is welcome to join us, and she would probably insist on it, but she might say no because that would leave the other children unguarded."
21:07 <Greystone>: Here's hoping.
21:07 <Greystone>: Otherwise we will have to decide between Wikolia and our jobs.
21:07 <Victor>: "Ha, no."
21:07 <Victor>: "I'm not getting involved in this."
21:08 <Victor>: "I'm not going to help take Justin to the Count, but I'm not going to physically prevent it. If this is indeed an innocent misunderstanding and he truly just wants to see the boy we can't attack these guys."
21:08 <Victor>: "I say let them take on the unicorn if they insist. If they can't win, good, Justin doesn't go but we didn't have to be involved in their failure."
21:09 <Greystone>: "..."
21:09 <Gromit>: "So you're just not going to get involved, and let whoever gets hurt get hurt."
21:09 <Victor>: "Of course? If they go to fight a unicorn they know what they're getting into and deserve it."
21:09 <Ookook>: "We let the unicorn fight the guard and then join whoever side looks like they are losing so that we are more likely to be left as the most powerful beings in this town??"
21:09 <Greystone>: "We are kind of responsible. They are here as, and I quote, 'backup.'"
21:10 <Gromit>: "And if they're being hoodwinked like we might be?"
21:10 <Greystone>: "I think Drindall knew what he was doing sending these guys, and I think they know what they're getting into."
21:10 <Victor>: "Exactly. And I'll let them get into it."
21:10 <Greystone>: "Of course we could ask them."
21:11 <Victor>: "To your point Gromit, that's a different situation."
21:12 <Victor>: "If some sign comes up that we can finally see one or the other side is in the wrong, maliciously or unwittingly, then I will act accordingly."
21:12 <Victor>: "But until we have such a sign I have to assume both sides are genuine in their intentions. It's more prudent here to give a possibly nefarious side the initial benefit of the doubt until certain they mean harm than to falsely judge an innocent side as nefarious and attack them aiding the real villain."
21:12 <Gromit>: "So if it turns out they successfully kill a real unicorn who's defending an actual orphanage of innocent kids..."
21:12 <Greystone>: "I want to ask Oddmund what he know about the situation."
21:13 <Greystone>: "And we would be most definitely held responsible for their failure."
21:14 <Greystone>: "If it comes to a fight we have to decide technically between jobs and mutiny."
21:14 <Gromit>: "So we wait until battle is committed, and backstab as appropriate."
21:14 <Greystone>: Good lord.
21:14 <Victor>: "As you say, the ideal conclusion is we all travel back peacefully to clear things up with the count."
21:14 <Greystone>: "Aye."
21:15 <Victor>: "I'm just not optimistic of that outcome based on previous interaction with the creature."
21:15 <Greystone>: "Me either. Perhaps Robin could talk her into it."
21:16 <Gromit>: "You know, travelling back peacefully is also the best result for the count even if his plans are nefarious."
21:16 <Victor>: "I realize that, but we can't carry that line of reasoning on indefinitely."
21:17 <Victor>: "The only way we can act one way or the other now is by deciding definitively what the Count's intention is."
21:17 <Victor>: "I am not currently able to do that."
21:17 <Greystone>: "Robin wanting a peaceful outcome seems the most hopeful cause of a peaceful result, based on previous interaction with her."
21:18 <Victor>: It's the best hope anyway
21:18 <Greystone>: "And then, is this even a unicorn? The count's remark was so stange..." *musing face*
21:19 <Victor>: "Then things would be even more complicated."
21:19 <Victor>: "But in another way, much more simple."
21:19 <Gromit>: But let's get on with it, shall we.
21:20 <Victor>: Yeah
21:20 <Victor>: Next time
21:20 <Victor>: :p
21:20 <Greystone>: Aye. I've got a paper I should be working on for finals.
21:20 <Victor>: But seriously now, stuff is about to go down
21:20 <Greystone>: Yes it is.
21:21 <Greystone>: Or hopefully not.
21:21 <Greystone>: :/
21:21 <Victor>: Could be good stuff going down
21:21 <Victor>: But probably not
21:22 <Victor>: Can't wait to see what's actually going on here
21:22 <Greystone>: Yes, what in the world is really going on.
21:22 <Gromit>: Do we spend XP before our battle royale?
21:23 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yeah, if you want.
21:23 <Tikvah_GMing>: Everyone gets 1 XP.
21:23 <Greystone>: I don't like that you are assuming that this will be a battle royale.
21:23 <Greystone>: -_-
21:23 <Gromit>: I'm not reading the situation as something that's going to end well. And we clearly haven't chosen allegiances.
21:23 <Gromit>: Bringing extra dudes is exactly what our dear unicorn is expecting if we're evil.
21:23 <Victor>: Is there in story justification for that?
21:23 <Victor>: It takes downtime to get new training usually
21:24 <Tikvah_GMing>: If you don't want to spend your XP you don't have to.
21:24 <Victor>: Of course I want to, but we shouldn't cheat the system
21:24 <Victor>: "I became specialized in 3 things overnight!"
21:25 <Ookook>: It from the experience of all this planning.
21:25 <Gromit>: We've only been in this town for two months.
21:25 <Victor>: Lol
21:25 <Victor>: XP for HP isn't unreasonable to do on the fly
21:26 <Victor>: But I wouldn't be comfortable getting new skills, personally, mid-mission
21:26 <Victor>: Can't justify it in the timeline
21:27 <Greystone>: We can tell them to wait out of sight. They are only here "in case" the unicorn becomes violent, after all.
21:27 <Victor>: That's a great point
21:27 <Victor>: We need to do that
21:27 <Victor>: Undoubtedly the only way this could possibly work
21:28 <Greystone>: That darn unicorn is so suspicious and aggressive.
21:29 <Victor>: We can try talking it out with Robin and the unicorn, they say okay let's go clear this up, we say okay we have an escort back to be sure Justin stays safe until everything is cleared up
21:30 <Victor>: Wishful thinking but it's the only way it doesn't become a battle instantly on sight
21:30 <Gromit>: I'm still not comfortable with Justin making it to the castle.
21:31 <Victor>: I'm not either, but there's no way to appease both sides
21:32 <Greystone>: We will keep Justin safe if we get him to the castle.
21:32 <Victor>: Eh
21:32 <Victor>: We'd try
21:32 <Gromit>: I think whatever happened to him back at the castle would be completely out of our control.
21:33 <Gromit>: Realistically.
21:33 <Victor>: Most likely
21:33 <Gromit>: We're not huge castle-crushing heroes.
21:33 <Ookook>: yet.
21:34 <Victor>: By that point we should be able to have a solid idea which side is which though
21:34 <Victor>: I would really hope
21:35 <Victor>: The only reason for all this hesitation on both sides of the issue is not being able to say the count is definitely a bad guy or is definitely not bad
21:35 <Victor>: Settling on either one makes everything really straightforward
21:35 <Victor>: But inability to make the call makes... This
21:36 <Victor>: "Hopefully" what happens is we call the unicorn out and it reveals itself to be some kind of other creature and that's really the villain here

Author:  Tikvah [ Sun May 21, 2017 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Sorry I didn't show up for the session, I was expecting I could make it. :( I'll try to make up for it with an extra planned mission next week.

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