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Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky
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Author:  bookworm [ Mon May 22, 2017 6:40 pm ]
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Only Skid and I ever showed up so we couldn't have played anyway.

Author:  Tikvah [ Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Last week we set things up for the inevitable confrontation.

Skid, Arkan, Moontide, and bookworm each get 1 XP.

Author:  bookworm [ Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Title TBD, Part 9
19:23 bookworm is now known as Victor
19:23 Arkan is now known as Greystone
19:23 Skid is now known as Gromit
19:23 Moontide is now known as Ookook
19:24 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oddmund and the other nine elites are at the tavern part of the inn. It is late afternoon.
19:26 <Gromit>: So, we're going to the orphanage and backstabbing the guys who seem wrong?
19:27 <Gromit>: Whoever that ends up being.
19:27 <Victor>: Once one seems wrong yeah
19:27 <Gromit>: Potentially ending up the enemy of everyone.
19:27 <Victor>: If you have a better idea by all means
19:28 <Gromit>: Nope.
19:28 <Victor>: Exactly
19:28 <Victor>: The actual 'right' move is to side with no one and cut out now
19:29 <Gromit>: And spend the next several years potentially ducking bounty hunters over breach of contract.
19:29 <Victor>: Right
19:29 <Greystone>: ... I could potentially help with the bounty hunters issue.
19:29 <Gromit>: What kind of equipment are the elite guards packing right now?
19:30 <Tikvah_GMing>: They all have decent-level armour, but the weapons vary between people.
19:31 <Tikvah_GMing>: 2 have crossbows, 1 has a pistol, 3 have spears, and 3 are carrying no visible weapons.
19:31 <Victor>: You're inside with them, did you plan to chat them up about something or are we just waiting for them to refresh and head over?
19:32 <Gromit>: I don't have a better plan than waiting, right now. Unless we want to send a warning ahead to make it a fair fight.
19:32 <Victor>: Yes I'm going to do that
19:32 <Greystone>: We want to ask Oddmund about his intel: where he got it, why is was faulty/incomplete, whether he knew the kid was a kid, etc.
19:33 <Victor>: Oh wait a minute
19:33 <Victor>: They all went inside?
19:34 <Victor>: Leaving Greystone and I out here?
19:34 <Victor>: Then do it now, yes!
19:34 <Victor>: "You should go let Robin know they're coming."
19:35 <Victor>: "So they aren't startled beyond hope of a peaceful resolution."
19:35 <Greystone>: Moi?
19:35 <Victor>: You know the details of why they're here
19:36 <Victor>: If they ask what happened when you reported back or something
19:37 <Greystone>: Righto. Uh, if Oodmund asks, I went to check on the situation.
19:38 <Greystone>: He'll still be ticked I imagine.
19:39 <Gromit>: Eh, we can make excuses.
19:39 <Gromit>: Let's go.
19:41 <Tikvah_GMing>: You want to go to Robin's?
19:42 <Greystone>: ...Yes. Greystone will go to Robin's.
19:42 <Gromit>: We want greybeard to do our footwork again.
19:42 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ok.
19:42 <Greystone>: I'm the only one with any physical stamina.
19:43 <Greystone>: While I head there, y'all interrogate Oddmund.
19:43 <Greystone>: That is to say, GM them first.
19:44 <Greystone>: I just realized I'm leaving you blokes in charge of a diplomacy task. Heaven help us. Still, it's just a few straightforward questions. What could possibly go wrong?
19:45 <Tikvah_GMing>: Who is going to talk to Oddmund?
19:47 <Gromit>: Oooh. Oooh. Pick me.
19:47 Victor goes inside and quietly tells Gromit that Greystone has gone ahead
19:47 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oddmund and his crew are sitting together at a table, laughing loudly. The other patrons are sitting well away from them, and a few take the opportunity as you enter to quietly slip out the door.
19:49 <Gromit>: Is there space for me to sorta slip in at the table?
19:50 <Tikvah_GMing>: There is, between two of the elites who are not carrying weapons.
19:51 <Gromit>: All right, I slide in there.
19:53 <Ookook>: I attempt to look inconspicuous and exist close enough to Gromit to overhear the conversation.
19:53 <Gromit>: "So how'd this Justin character catch the Count's attention in the first place?"
19:54 <Gromit>: "I mean, besides the monster summoning thing."
19:55 <Tikvah_GMing>: One of them is a short, spry man with dark hair and bushy eyebrow. He shoots you a grin. The other is a tall woman who just glances at you before turning her attention back to Oddmund, who is in the middle of telling a story.
19:55 <Tikvah_GMing>: Are you speaking to Oddmund, or the people next to you?
19:55 <Gromit>: Eyebrows guy. Sure.
19:57 <Tikvah_GMing>: "How did he catch his attention? I dunno. I was on a mission in Firkeep."
19:59 <Gromit>: Is Odddmund telling an interesting story with significant details about his and his compatriot's abilities?
19:59 <Gromit>: and/or moral fibre.
20:03 <Tikvah_GMing>: He's telling a story about a time him and a buddy called "Jerome" broke up a smuggler's nest in the Plains of Elkore. Apparently they were staged in a music shop and transported the goods inside pianos. They were busted when someone tried to play their instruments and complained about the terrible sound.
20:03 <Tikvah_GMing>: So, no.
20:03 <Gromit>: Huh.
20:04 <Gromit>: Okay. I wait for the story to finish, before posing my question to Oddmund.
20:08 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oddmund seems to realise that you're there and considers the question gravely. "The count keeps close tabs on any kismet user in his land that has any sort of dangerous potential. When the complaints about monsters started coming in, he was one of the most likely suspects."
20:09 <Gromit>: "Do you happen to know the connection that made a child the most suspicious?"
20:12 <Tikvah_GMing>: "For one, he was the suspect closest to the villages where the attacks occurred. We've already looked into other suspects, but came up with evidence that Justin is the only feasible choice."
20:13 <Victor>: [He *did* know he was a kid then? :?: ]
20:14 <Gromit>: "We had someone inspect his lab?"
20:16 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I don't know, I was on overseeing the Count's new business venture in Stawford. This is only what I've been told."
20:18 <Gromit>: "Fair enough. How do you feel about this unicorn creature?"
20:19 <Tikvah_GMing>: "It's a problem. But one that we've faced before. That's why we have this team put together."
20:19 <Gromit>: "So you don't doubt that it's actually a unicorn?"
20:20 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I don't know yet. But whatever it is, I'm sure we can deal with it."
20:21 <Gromit>: "I'll bow to your judgement then, when the time comes."
20:22 <Gromit>: "Is the agent who gathered our intel a part of this mission?"
20:23 <Tikvah_GMing>: "No."
20:23 <Gromit>: "Huh. I'd like to meet him someday. Seems like quite the detective."
20:25 <Gromit>: I think I'm done pushing the issue. I'll wait for us to deploy.
20:25 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ok.
20:25 <Victor>: Let's let Greystone talk to Robin so we're set to head over
20:25 <Tikvah_GMing>: Greystone, You ready?
20:28 <Greystone>: I guess.
20:28 <Greystone>: -_-
20:29 <Tikvah_GMing>: When you arrive at the orphanage, no-one is outside. You can hear faint sounds drifting from the windows.
20:30 <Greystone>: What sort of sounds.
20:32 <Tikvah_GMing>: It sounds like it is dinner time.
20:32 <Greystone>: *whew*
20:34 <Greystone>: I chink my sword hilt against the gate a few times and then stand there, looking studious.
20:34 <Victor>: There's a bell
20:35 <Tikvah_GMing>: Your gate chinking doesn't seem to be heard.
20:36 <Greystone>: Well, I give the bell a couple dings then.
20:37 Woody joined #Gowers
20:37 Woody is now known as Alan
20:37 <Alan>: Catch me up?
20:37 <Gromit>: Oddmund apparently already knew Justin was a child, the evidence they have against him is that he was the closest alchemist to the monster attacks, and they don't care if they have to kill a unicorn: they've done it before.
20:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: After a few moments, Robin opens the door and looks out.
20:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: When she sees you she hurries across the path. "You're back."
20:38 <Greystone>: *nods*
20:40 <Tikvah_GMing>: "..."
20:40 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Why are you back?"
20:41 <Greystone>: "To update you, as was agreed."
20:41 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Well..?"
20:42 <Greystone>: You know what I'm tired, and Wikolia isn't here at the moment to necessitate me dancing with my words, so:
20:42 Greystone relays the situation.
20:43 <Gromit>: ...including the bit where we're not sure who we're siding with?
20:44 <Greystone>: "Drindall still wishes to, at any rate, *see* the boy, and has sent men here to assist to that end if necessary."
20:44 <Tikvah_GMing>: Robin looks shaken. "They're coming here to take Justin?"
20:46 <Greystone>: "That is the intent. Please m'lady, if you know of any reason Drindall would wish to see the boy, I wish you would tell me."
20:47 <Ookook>: I don't really want to side with the unicorn murderers unless we have a *very* good reason.
20:47 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I.. I don't know."
20:47 <Tikvah_GMing>: "But I'm NOT letting them take him."
20:49 <Greystone>: "You do not trust Drindall with the boy's wellfare then."
20:49 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I don't trust anyone with the well being of my children. Especially if they come with force.".
20:50 <Greystone>: "Indeed."
20:51 <Victor>: [You're supposed to be telling her they aren't coming with force, they just have force if it becomes necessary]
20:51 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Do you know when they will be coming?"
20:51 <Greystone>: [I thought I made that clear.]
20:51 <Greystone>: [And they are tots going to.]
20:51 <Victor>: [We were going to try to work it out with everyone you said]
20:52 <Greystone>: [I'm trying. They won't say anything to her that I'm not/didn't just.]
20:52 <Gromit>: We have a dozen armed dudes. There is no way you can butter that up to not sound terrifying.
20:53 <Victor>: [I thought he was going to suggest visiting the Count voluntarily to clear this up]
20:53 <Victor>: [Or I significantly misunderstood my last conversation with him]
20:53 <Greystone>: [OH. YEAH.]
20:54 <Greystone>: [Thank you for helping me play my character properly, I got 4 hours sleep.]
20:59 <Gromit>: So are you going to say that or...
21:00 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Coming with the option of force is the same thing as forcing us directly. It will happen all the same."
21:03 <Greystone>: There finished typing.
21:03 <Greystone>: Uh, I guess that last remark doesn't change anything.
21:03 <Greystone>: "Would you perhaps be willing to bring Justin to the Count yourself, in order to ascertain what is, as it were, going on?"
21:03 <Greystone>: "I believe you would trust Wikolia to safeguard the other children, and this matter is, for some reason, quite serious."
21:03 <Greystone>: "The additional persons from the Count are, to my honest belief, capable of incapacitating Wikolia and taking the lad by force, and would do so as they are under orders. I believe you taking him yourself would be the best way to avoid unrequired bloodshed, which is most certainly the last thing you or my party desire."
21:05 <Tikvah_GMing>: "No. That would leave my children unprotected. Wikolia isn't human. She can't take care of them like I can. Besides, what would happen to us once we were at the castle? We could just disappear and no-one would know."
21:05 <Tikvah_GMing>: "We are Not going."
21:05 <Tikvah_GMing>: Greystone, roll a diplomacy check.
21:05 <Greystone>: Do I have to before replying?
21:06 <Tikvah_GMing>: Reply first.
21:12 <Greystone>: "As to the children needing a person, we could leave one or two of our party here to provide care. I have no doubt that you have no doubt that Wikolia would keep both eyes on them at all times, and would spear them if they so much as looked at a child incorrectly."
21:13 <Greystone>: "As to disappearing, I would hold the Count to have more honor than that, but I am willing to give you my word as a warrior to see to it upon my life that doesn't happen, should the occasion arise. I also have no doubt in my mind that most or all of my party would rather fight the count then see an innocent child harmed."
21:13 <Tikvah_GMing>: Roll a diplomacy check..
21:14 <Greystone>: !roll d20 +1 effort
21:14 <Dicebot>: Greystone, +1 effort: 7
21:14 <Greystone>: Bugger!
21:14 <Greystone>: Begorrah!
21:14 <Greystone>: Blimey!
21:14 <Greystone>: ...
21:15 <Greystone>: Actually, that's fun. I shall continue until Tikvah posts.
21:15 <Greystone>: Blast it!
21:15 <Greystone>: Balderdash!
21:16 <Greystone>: ...
21:16 <Greystone>: I think I'm out of 'B's.
21:16 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I hardly think a group of mercenaries can look over my children. I also doubt that one man, however skilled he may be, could protect us from Drindall's wrath once we step inside his castle."
21:17 <Greystone>: [Homina homina, homina.]
21:17 <Greystone>: [Of course, that's why I mentioned the others.]
21:17 <Victor>: [I should have gone with you. I have so many retorts.]
21:19 <Greystone>: [Well, is there any rule against OOC aid? Greystone is smarter than I {right now} am, and would surely also have retorts.]
21:20 <Victor>: I'll give you my most recent because you should be able to think it up yourself here
21:22 <Victor>: She doesn't want to leave her children in 'possible' danger, so she thinks it's a better idea to involve them in *certain* danger by antagonizing a professional army into attacking the orphanage?
21:23 <Greystone>: I was indeed going to say that next.
21:25 <Gromit>: Option 3 is run, of course.
21:25 <Victor>: That doesn't sound like what she's saying
21:25 <Victor>: Can she just pack up an orphanage and go?
21:26 <Gromit>: Easier than crushing a small army.
21:26 <Victor>: If that's what she does mean fine, but she seems to me to be saying "Bring em on"
21:27 Greystone needs to make this woman understand the situation in clarity.
21:27 <Greystone>: "Do you believe that Wikolia can resist a troop of specifically anti-unicorn elites?"
21:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: "We don't have any other choice."
21:30 <Greystone>: "You did not answer my question."
21:31 <Greystone>: *Intense but gentle gaze*
21:31 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Are you here to interrogate me? Thank you for warning me, but I have work to do now."
21:32 <Tikvah_GMing>: She turns and strides towards the house.
21:33 <Victor>: Well she deserves whatever happens then
21:33 <Greystone>: [Always the worst possible outcome, the conversation ends.]
21:33 <Victor>: Next time we can watch everyone die
21:34 <Tikvah_GMing>: Everyone gets 1 XP.
21:50 <Gromit>: Or she has a cunning plan, and doesn't intend to share it with the potential enemy.
21:50 <Gromit>: I'd make tracks before you get unicorned.
21:55 <Greystone>: I think Gresystone will call out one last thing.

Author:  Tikvah [ Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Oddmund and his fellows have reached the orphanage, and a large conflict seems inevitable..

Skid, Moontide, Arkan, and bookworm each get 1 XP and 1 to give away.

Author:  bookworm [ Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I give my XP to Skid for still trying to think of options here with so little to go on.

Author:  Moontide [ Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I give my XP to bookworm for doing prep work for the battle.

Author:  Arkán Dreamwalker [ Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I'll give mine to Ookook for hiding outside. This sort of situation always needs someone doing that, and I'm glad to have one.

Author:  Tikvah [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I won't be able to make this Sunday, since it's my Dad's birthday. If there's another night that would work for everyone, then we wouldn't have to skip again. I can do any night except Friday or Tuesday.

Author:  bookworm [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Title TBD, Part 10
19:02 bookworm is now known as Victor
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19:03 Arkan is now known as Greystone
19:04 Moontide is now known as Ookook
19:06 <Tikvah_GMing>: It is now evening. The majority of the count's men are still sitting at the table, though a few have drifted away and taken rooms at the inn.
19:07 <Victor>: Greystone is back then?
19:08 <Tikvah_GMing>: He is, unless he was wishing to do something else before returning.
19:13 <Greystone>: Um.
19:15 <Greystone>: I could try to call out to her...
19:15 <Greystone>: ...
19:15 <Ookook>: To who?
19:16 <Greystone>: We cut off just as Robin turned around and started walking off. Greystone could make one last attempt at a dialogue.
19:17 <Greystone>: Dash it all, dash this, I'm coming back.
19:17 <Greystone>: With very heavy bootsteps.
19:18 <Tikvah_GMing>: Greystone is back, then.
19:18 <Victor>: Do you fill us in?
19:19 <Greystone>: And I am going to do some heavy thinking on the way back.
19:19 <Greystone>: Yeah, Greystone in a quite somber manner fills in the others.
19:19 Victor shakes his head
19:20 <Victor>: "My original plan remains my course then."
19:20 <Victor>: "You all can follow your own conscience."
19:21 <Ookook>: "I'm not going to back the side that fights the unicorn."
19:22 <Ookook>: "And preferable I'll back the side that makes the biggest boom."
19:22 <Victor>: "I'm not getting involved with either side, until and unless the other reveals themselves to be nefarious."
19:22 <Victor>: "They could *both* be genuine for all we know."
19:22 <Victor>: "That would be a no win scenario, wherever we sided."
19:23 <Greystone>: "Thunderation."
19:24 <Victor>: "If an innocent kid gets endangered I'll step in, but if it's just soldiers vs Robin I'm not assisting or resisting either. They each made their choice."
19:24 <Ookook>: "Maybe, I should play a song of decrease skill in hurting children"
19:25 <Victor>: I would hope that's not a skill anyone has...
19:25 <Greystone>: "..."
19:28 Woody joined #Gowers
19:28 <Ookook>: "My hope would be that I can debuff just part of a skill. Thus debuffing only when they are up to bad stuff."
19:28 <Victor>: Interesting idea
19:28 <Victor>: I don't think it works that way though
19:29 <Victor>: Do we get the impression the army will be going over soon?
19:29 <Victor>: What's the plan they have in mind here
19:30 <Tikvah_GMing>: They haven't discussed a time.
19:30 Victor resists the desire to get another drink then, in case they move soon
19:31 <Greystone>: *just barely showing some inner turmoil* "Foresooth. Dash it all. My station demands that I follow the orders given from authority, but it also demands that I care for the helpless." *leans back with arms heavily crossed*
19:31 <Greystone>: *heavy thinking glower/concerned glower*
19:31 <Gromit>: So are we good to just fast-forward to the departure?
19:32 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yes.
19:32 <Victor>: If you don't want to coordinate a reaction
19:32 <Victor>: Or do you own soul searching
19:32 <Victor>: I did both of mine
19:32 <Ookook>: I'm ready
19:33 <Victor>: The right thing will probably become clear
19:33 <Victor>: I would certainly hope
19:34 <Greystone>: He's not very chill with waiting.
19:34 <Greystone>: Egad.
19:34 <Tikvah_GMing>: Are you all just going to wait where you are until departure?
19:35 <Victor>: I'm waiting with the majority of the army yeah
19:35 <Greystone>: I guess. Unless Greystone comes to a decision by then.
19:35 <Victor>: I do want to do one more thing
19:35 <Victor>: If we don't end up heading out pretty soon
19:36 <Victor>: Do we?
19:39 <Tikvah_GMing>: There doesn't seem to be any sign of them heading out for the next few hours.
19:40 <Victor>: After a little bit I beckon Ookook over then
19:40 Ookook approaches Victor
19:40 <Victor>: Taking an attempt to briefly take minds off this, but also tend to genuine curiosity:
19:40 <Victor>: "I had a thought"
19:41 <Ookook>: "oh?"
19:41 <Victor>: "Do you suppose *you* would be a llama through the telescope?"
19:41 <Victor>: "Or is it strictly humans?"
19:41 <Ookook>: "I hadn't thought of that? You like to look at me through it?"
19:41 <Victor>: "I do."
19:42 Ookook passes the telescope to Victor
19:42 Victor looks at Ookook with it
19:43 <Tikvah_GMing>: Victor, you see a monkey through the telescope.
19:43 <Victor>: "a" monkey?
19:43 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ookook, specifically.
19:43 <Victor>: "Ha, you are not."
19:43 <Victor>: "Good to know."
19:44 <Victor>: "So we have a human detector. Surely has some use."
19:44 <Victor>: [had you ever used it on the unicorn?]
19:44 <Ookook>: (yes)
19:45 <Ookook>: (I saw a unicorn)
19:45 <Victor>: [I thought so]
19:45 <Ookook>: (Are we ready to skip through time then to when the guard moves?)
19:45 Victor is 'content' to wait for move out
19:46 <Victor>: "Can I hold onto this for now? I have another thought now."
19:47 <Greystone>: "You and your thoughts."
19:48 <Victor>: At least I'm trying
19:48 <Victor>: We're all desperate for a way to gain insight I think
19:49 <Ookook>: "Sure, you can hold onto it for now"
19:49 <Victor>: Oh actually I should do this now to be sure there's time instead of just trying on the way whenever we go
19:50 <Victor>: I pop outside and look around for a kid somewhere
19:50 <Victor>: Preferably with an adult nearby
19:50 <Victor>: A family out walking or something
19:50 <Tikvah_GMing>: Roll a perception check.
19:51 <Victor>: !roll d20
19:51 <Dicebot>: Victor: 20
19:52 <Greystone>: ["It's super effective!"]
19:52 <Tikvah_GMing>: You see 4 children walking past the Inn, parents in tow.
19:52 <Victor>: I scan all the kids then pan to the adults
19:54 <Tikvah_GMing>: Through the telescope, you see 6 llamas walking down the street.
19:55 <Victor>: Four little llamas and two big ones?
19:56 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yes.
19:56 <Victor>: Excellent
19:56 <Victor>: Okay I return to the inn and await word from Oddmund
19:57 <Ookook>: [So time jump now?]
19:58 <Tikvah_GMing>: At around 1 in the morning Oddmund sends a man to wake all the soldiers that had gone to sleep.
19:58 <Tikvah_GMing>: Everyone starts buckling on their gear and checking their weapons.
19:59 Victor follows suit
20:00 <Victor>: Oh wait a second, this seems shady
20:00 <Victor>: Going in the middle of the night
20:00 <Victor>: They *want* a fight don't they
20:00 <Tikvah_GMing>: As they finish preparing, they head out onto the street and form up in a 3 by 3 square.
20:00 Victor goes behind
20:02 <Greystone>: Well, if Oddmund didn't inform us of the plan or wake us up as well, then Greystone is still asleep.
20:02 <Victor>: I stayed up
20:03 <Tikvah_GMing>: You were woken along with the rest. You are, after all, one of the count's soldiers.
20:03 <Greystone>: I thought so.
20:04 <Greystone>: Under the circumstances, Greystone does his best to appear alert, but is not functioning on all cylinders yet.
20:05 <Tikvah_GMing>: Who goes outside with the rest of the soldiers?
20:05 <Gromit>: I do.
20:06 <Tikvah_GMing>: The rest of you stay inside?
20:07 <Victor>: I'm out behind them I said
20:07 <Greystone>: Don't we all go outside? We at least want to see what happens, and if we aren't breaking off with the Count right here and now, then we have a responsibility to do what we were asked.
20:08 <Gromit>: Are our uniforms fairly similar to theirs?
20:09 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yes.
20:09 <Victor>: Are we wearing the uniforms?
20:09 <Gromit>: I am.
20:09 <Tikvah_GMing>: That is up to you.
20:09 <Victor>: I'm in my coat unless I was instructed to put on a uniform
20:10 <Victor>: It's dark outside right
20:10 <Gromit>: Also, can I have the face-swap mask?
20:11 <Greystone>: Can you WHAT?
20:11 <Greystone>: ...
20:11 <Gromit>: I have a cunning contingency plan.
20:12 <Victor>: But don't want to share it?
20:12 <Victor>: Cool
20:12 <Greystone>: ...
20:12 <Greystone>: Sure...?
20:12 <Gromit>: If we need to stall everyone for a bit, we can have an evil twin fight.
20:12 <Greystone>: An... okay.
20:12 <Greystone>: Don't lose it. House gave that to me.
20:13 <Gromit>: Noted. I'll keep it safe.
20:13 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ookook, are you inside or outside?
20:13 Ookook wakes up in shock when everyone is gone, and follow at a distance.
20:14 <Ookook>: sneakily
20:14 <Greystone>: Well, I guess no uniform, but I'm well wrapped in a cloak in this cold, so Oddmund can't tell one way or the other for now.
20:15 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oddmund notices that Ookook is missing, but doesn't say anything. Instead he leads the way towards the orphanage.
20:15 <Greystone>: I guess he's not over concerned with the monkey.
20:15 <Greystone>: To Oddmund. "Are we imminently needed, or would we be in the way of those experienced with unicorns?"
20:16 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Come along. I need someone who knows the orphanage and knows Justin.
20:16 Victor stays in back
20:17 <Greystone>: That would be a 'No, you are not particularly needed for combat.'
20:17 Gromit forms up near the rear of the group.
20:20 <Tikvah_GMing>: You arrive at the orphanage. All the windows are dark. Oddmund rings the bell aggressively and waits. After a few seconds, you hear Robin's voice challenge you from the house.
20:21 <Greystone>: *extremely low* "Mon dieu!"
20:21 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Open up!" Oddmund bangs on the gate itself. "Count Drindall's men!"
20:22 <Greystone>: *under his breath* "And assorted company."
20:23 <Tikvah_GMing>: When the gate doesn't open, he says a word to a sturdily built soldier, who busts the gate with a few blows from the hilt of his sword.
20:23 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oddmund leads the way into the courtyard.
20:23 <Victor>: I dropped markers 600, 400 and 200ft from the gate as we approached
20:25 <Tikvah_GMing>: You need to unmark at least one of your other arrows to do that.
20:25 <Victor>: I wiped all the ones in town since we didn't end up ambushing
20:25 <Victor>: Starting over
20:26 <Victor>: Greystone's boot is still on though
20:26 <Tikvah_GMing>: Do you want to keep the one in the tree near the orphanage gate?
20:26 <Victor>: Oh was that after I set the ones on those roofs?
20:26 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yes.
20:27 <Victor>: Oh I thought it was before
20:27 <Victor>: Where do I currently have them on then?
20:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: If you wiped the ones in town, then you have Greystone's boot and a tree with a clear view of the orphanage gate.
20:28 <Victor>: I just put one out here?
20:28 <Victor>: How far away again?
20:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: Plus the ones you just put down.
20:30 Tikvah_GMing lost her orphanage map.
20:30 <Tikvah_GMing>: About 100' from the forest, and 50' from the gate.
20:30 <Victor>: In that case no new ones then
20:30 <Victor>: Thanks
20:31 <Tikvah_GMing>: Ok, just the two?
20:31 <Victor>: Yeah the two already on
20:31 <Tikvah_GMing>: The rest of Oddmund's soldiers follow him in the gate.
20:32 <Victor>: How far across the yard to the door from the gate?
20:35 <Tikvah_GMing>: The front courtyard is 200 feet square, with large oak trees along the walls. The old castle is opposite the gate. A gap of about 70' is between the castle and one wall, leading to the back of the house.
20:35 Victor waits here for the moment
20:36 <Tikvah_GMing>: What about everyone else?
20:37 <Greystone>: Whatever the physical equivalent of no comment is.
20:37 <Gromit>: I'm as close to the elites as I can be, without getting underfoot.
20:37 <Victor>: Can my crossbow be shot one handed?
20:37 <Victor>: Medium weapon right
20:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: It can be shot one handed, but the accuracy will be affected.
20:38 <Victor>: Oh
20:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: I just need to know where your characters are standing.
20:38 Ookook climbs a near by tree to see inside the orphanage
20:40 <Greystone>: Back, away from the elites. I do not put it past the unicorn to cast a containment field.
20:40 <Tikvah_GMing>: Are you.. inside the courtyard?
20:45 <Greystone>: Just outside the gate I guess. Oddmund will probably call me over, in which case I'll stay as far back as is acceptable.
20:45 <Victor>: Alan?
20:45 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oddmund is concentrating on the old castle before him.
20:46 <Tikvah_GMing>: We will assume that Alan has joined the group, but is hanging at the back.
20:47 <Tikvah_GMing>: As soon as the soldiers are well inside the gate, you hear a click and a ring of fire springs up along the top of the stone wall, illuminating the courtyard.
20:48 <Gromit>: And the boss arena is live.
20:48 <Tikvah_GMing>: Everyone, roll perception checks.
20:48 <Victor>: They walked into a burning ring of fire ♪
20:48 <Victor>: !roll d20
20:48 <Dicebot>: Victor: 13
20:48 <Gromit>: !roll d20 1 effort
20:48 <Dicebot>: Gromit, 1 effort: 2
20:48 <Victor>: Gromit threw up and the flames went higher ♪
20:49 Gromit chews on the elite in front of him.
20:49 <Greystone>: !roll d20
20:49 <Dicebot>: Greystone: 20
20:50 <Ookook>: !roll d20
20:50 <Dicebot>: Ookook: 19
20:51 <Tikvah_GMing>: Gromit, you are distracted by a faint smell of beef, probably left over from the orphan's supper. The soldier standing nearest notices you drooling and gives you a disgusted look.
20:52 <Ookook>: [If I play my cymbals will people hear me over the commotion?]
20:53 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yes.
20:53 <Ookook>: [Can people tell if I debuff them?]
20:53 <Tikvah_GMing>: Depends on how you roll.
20:53 <Tikvah_GMing>: The first thing you notice is Robin, standing in the doorway of the orphanage. She is wearing an old set of leather armor, and is wielding a large, two handed greatsword. Wikolia stands beside her, lit up be the fire flickering through the trees. Another small figure is balanced on top of the wall, holding a flint and steel. In one of the windows you sees a flicker of movement and a tuft of bright orange hair.
20:54 <Victor>: Do you want to pause on that note, or go a little longer and break maybe in the middle of something?
20:55 <Tikvah_GMing>: It wouldn't hurt to break here.
20:55 <Victor>: Cinematic cliffhanger
20:56 <Victor>: Next session is going to be great
20:56 <Victor>: Not
20:56 <Victor>: I mean a great session I'm sure, but the story results won't be
20:56 <Victor>: Whichever way it goes
20:56 <Gromit>: Finally, bloodshed.
20:57 <Tikvah_GMing>: Everyone gets 1 XP and 1 to give away.
20:57 <Victor>: See ya next time for the dying

Author:  Skid [ Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I give my XP to Arkan for doing dangerous solo work.

Author:  bookworm [ Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

*placeholder post*

Author:  Monty_Whittaker [ Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I am joining in. I finished my character sheet

Author:  Tikvah [ Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Well, Skid can't make it on Sunday for the rest of the summer, so we either have to hold our sessions on Saturday night or pause until summer is over.

Or just cancel the game if people have lost interest.

Author:  bookworm [ Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Hey I have been there every week! :noway:

I am equally agreeable to moving or pausing, whatever everyone thinks is best. Though we should try to at least finish the mission in progress before breaking I think.

Author:  Arkán Dreamwalker [ Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I'm down with moving, though it might produce some conflict with work.

Author:  Tikvah [ Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

If anyone is interested in continuing the game, let me know what nights would work.

Author:  bookworm [ Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I definitely want to continue, but may need a couple more weeks.

Author:  Arkán Dreamwalker [ Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Yeah, after finals week I will then be very busy with the family Christmas stuff, but that will be far more manageable than the former, so I should be able to slip this in there somewhere.

Author:  Woody [ Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I'd be game for any night but Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday. After finals and Christmas, of course

Author:  bookworm [ Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Yeah we should probably wait past the holidays to resume, but then I should be able to go with whatever schedule works for everyone else.

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