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Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky
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Author:  Arkán Dreamwalker [ Sun Jan 15, 2017 7:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

<Victor>: We skipped last week to avoid 3 vs Boss

You WERE going to have a game on Christmas evening?! I didn't even remember the RPG existed on Christmas, and wasn't home from the extended family until ten. What kind of person has time for an RPG on Christmas...?

And then New Years Day was still crazy, and now, here we are, with me with two sessions missed, and behind on XP, both of which disturb me no end.

Argh, it's just a game, let it go, let it go.

Now as to me being AFRPG. Tikvah was right to be cautious about using a person's character without them present, and bookworm was right in his attempts to read was my character would do. For any times I can't be here in the future, the following will provide some guidelines.

I. Greystone would probably rather die than use a modern weapon, especially a ranged one, as he feels that the decay of honor and loyalty that he sees are largely initiated by the advance of technology, weapons in particular. He is also just old-fashioned in a good way.
II. Greystone would rather use a modern weapon than let a teammate die. Priorities.
III. Greystone pays little heed to pain or injury. They just are not important to him. He has high defense and main hitpool, can heal himself if needed, can heal naturally if left to that, and can continue through sheer willpower if those fail. As such, and with his strong and quick-building loyalty, he is ready and willing to absorb blows in the place of his allies. This lack of concern for risks should not be confused with recklessness however; it is simply knowledge and confidence in his capabilities and the understanding that his allies lack is endurance. I imagine the main use of Greystone when Arkán is AFRPG would be in absorbing damage, and dealing damage to close range enemies. He would have been happy to lay into whats-his-hulk.
IV. Honor. While Greystone would have readily shielded his allies from the flying woman's attacks for example, he would likely have been helpless against her, being a lady. He will not attack an enemy's back or unannounced unless an ally is at risk. A foe engaging him or an ally in combat is the ultimate permission for Greystone to fight.
V. Healing. Greystone readily puts up with a lot physically, has for a long time, and expects likewise from others. He is rarely willing to heal anyone over half health. If an ally is close to being impaired, Greystone will preemptively heal rather than waiting for them to be so before healing. Practicality. He almost will never make a action healing roll if there is any chance it will roll more health than he can absorb. If practical, he will give some health to an ally if this will allow him to roll to maximum potential. He does have the sense to compromise in his strict maximization of health if a situation is dire. If no healing is left for anyone in the party (Greystone included) he is willing to heal to prevent death, or possibly debilitation or impairment if it will likely provide a win with maximum survivors.
VI. Money. So long as distribution is reasonable, Greystone doesn't care too much about money one way or the other. He acknowledges the practicality of possessing some.
VII. Death. I think once a character reaches debilitation without the character's creator, the character should be retired from the session, in order to prevent death from outside of the owner's control. If this should cause the character to be the only survivor, then the GM could likely explain this by having the foes assume the character to be dead, thus allowing the character to regain consciousness and crawl away later. In this situation however, it is unlikely that the RPG would be much fun on one's own, and thus the character should probably die with the others, unless the present players feel that they really want one task completed, or their deaths avenged, and vote to leave the character alive as per stipulated. In the event of a likely demise of several or all characters, it would be in character for Greystone to die to protect any remaining allies.

{0. If Greystone reaches impairment or beyond with me absent, I want XP. He's been doing work.}

Author:  Woody [ Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Confirmed, I will be unable to make tomorrow's session.

Author:  Tikvah [ Mon Jan 16, 2017 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Alright, good to know your preferences, Arkán. Since this session is just intel collecting, we will go ahead and play if at least 3 players show up.

Author:  bookworm [ Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Arkán Dreamwalker wrote:
<Victor>: We skipped last week to avoid 3 vs Boss
You WERE going to have a game on Christmas evening?!
Of course not. It was the day after; we play on Mondays now. That one was canceled though when no one else showed up, which was semi expected and not a problem.
The next session, the one that quote was from, was not on New Years, it was January 2nd. Again, we changed the day we meet.
And even putting those two nights aside you also missed last week's and tonight's which didn't have holiday conflicts. :-

Author:  Tikvah [ Tue Jan 17, 2017 12:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Tonight was a wonderful session on intel collecting. It seems there are some things going on we don't know about.

Skid, Moontide, and bookworm each get 1 XP

Unfortunately, we have to pick another night to hold our sessions. I can make it on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday nights at 6pm PST. If you guys can tell me if any of those dates will work for you, that would be great.

Author:  Woody [ Tue Jan 17, 2017 12:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Sunday is the only one of those I can make.

Author:  bookworm [ Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I can go back to Sundays, but can Skid?

Author:  Moontide [ Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I can make Sunday nights some weeks depending on how school goes.

Author:  Tikvah [ Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Then it looks like we'll be going back to Sunday nights. I might be a little late to next week's session.

Author:  Arkán Dreamwalker [ Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

bookworm wrote:
Arkán Dreamwalker wrote:
<Victor>: We skipped last week to avoid 3 vs Boss
You WERE going to have a game on Christmas evening?!
Of course not. It was the day after; we play on Mondays now. That one was canceled though when no one else showed up, which was semi expected and not a problem.
The next session, the one that quote was from, was not on New Years, it was January 2nd. Again, we changed the day we meet.
And even putting those two nights aside you also missed last week's and tonight's which didn't have holiday conflicts. :-

Well last week some family stuff came up; I did manage to make a post saying that I was busy, though I was aware the session was close to over so the notification was a rather useless courtesy. And I (and Skid) was in the chatroom at the normal time on Sunday, I had kept checking this tread for any "Can we move it to Monday this week" posts, but didn't see any. I would have thought to check in six o' clock Monday in case, but I have been really ditzy with school coming back up. I should have gotten an email saying I had a PM from bookworm though...

Author:  bookworm [ Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Arkán Dreamwalker wrote:
I (and Skid) was in the chatroom at the normal time on Sunday, I had kept checking this tread for any "Can we move it to Monday this week" posts, but didn't see any.
Because it wasn't a week by week decision, the scheduled day was changed to Monday as of Dec 4th. The reason Tikvah had been posting weekly about it for a while wasn't to confirm the day, it was just to remind everyone that the time had also been changed (to an hour later unless she could be there early). We're back to Sundays at the original time now though, so.

Author:  Arkán Dreamwalker [ Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

So by
Tikvah wrote:
I am hoping to move the session to 7pm pst on Monday. Please tell me if this will work so I can plan for it.

She meant sessions. Dangit.

Author:  bookworm [ Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Yes she did. Rereading the post it is ambiguous, and the change was never officially announced as permanent here in the thread because we did that among ourselves at the next session. But you weren't at that one so I understand how from the outside it could look like just an occasional move that was announced each week if applicable. Sorry about that, I should have been more explicit in my PMs but I thought you were aware of the different day and just weren't making them for whatever reason. Didn't realize the reason you weren't making them was because you didn't know to come in the first place.

To be clear now, starting the 22nd we are back to the original day (Sunday) at the original time (6PT) unless announced otherwise in this thread.

Author:  Arkán Dreamwalker [ Sun Jan 22, 2017 2:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Hey guys, guess what! I'm going to a Switchfoot concert! This'll be my first time seeing them live! Woohoo! So... I won't be here.




Well, see you next week. Good luck.

Author:  bookworm [ Sun Jan 22, 2017 3:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Smoke and Mirrors, Part 6
Continued from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Continued by Part 7
The party surveys the aftermath of the previous day, trying to determine what exactly happened.
19:31 bookworm is now known as Victor
19:32 Skid is now known as Gromit
19:34 Moontide is now known as Ookook
19:36 <Tikvah_GMing>: You bought rooms in a tavern/inn and you spent the night.
19:37 <Victor>: Everyone heal that needed to?
19:37 <Ookook>: When will I be able to spend my XP?
19:37 <Victor>: When we get back to base
19:38 <Victor>: Probably after this session
19:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yeah.
19:39 <Victor>: Are we going to poke around the explosion then or?
19:39 <Gromit>: Yes.
19:39 <Victor>: Ok
19:39 <Ookook>: I am healing
19:39 <Tikvah_GMing>: OK, you do that.
19:40 <Ookook>: !roll 1d6+1
19:40 <Dicebot>: Ookook: 4:3+1
19:40 <Victor>: If that's not enough you can do three more
19:40 <Victor>: Because all your dice came back when you slept
19:40 <Victor>: Oh two more I mean. That's your second of the day
19:40 <Ookook>: Can I allotcate the points to my pool how ever I want?
19:41 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yes.
19:41 <Gromit>: Okay, let's go see what the crater looks like.
19:41 <Tikvah_GMing>: Which healing roll was that?
19:42 <Ookook>: If I use my 1 hour roll, will it delay the rest of the band?
19:42 <Tikvah_GMing>: You could have done that last night, right?
19:42 <Ookook>: Yes
19:42 <Tikvah_GMing>: Then no.
19:43 <Ookook>: So is my 1 action rest replenished from sleeping?
19:43 <Gromit>: When you spend your 10 hour, all are recharged.
19:44 <Ookook>: Did we sleep for 10 hours?
19:44 <Gromit>: Yes.
19:44 <Victor>: That's actually a fair question
19:44 <Victor>: We came in after midnight I believe
19:44 <Victor>: But we didn't need to make an early start
19:44 <Tikvah_GMing>: So it's afternoon.
19:45 <Gromit>: Yeah, we worked that out last session.
19:45 <Gromit>: And we /did/ need the heal rolls.
19:45 <Ookook>: Then I should have used my 10 hours, so that I would be refreshed.
19:46 <Ookook>: Can I say that I used the 10 hour heal last night, now that I know how it actually works?
19:46 <Victor>: Yes everyone healed last night
19:46 <Victor>: That needed to
19:46 <Gromit>: Yes.
19:50 Gromit rolls out of bed and goes to survey the scene of the explosion from a safe distance.
19:50 <Tikvah_GMing>: Oh.
19:50 Ookook follows Gromit
19:50 <Tikvah_GMing>: You're just going to the explosion then?
19:51 <Tikvah_GMing>: As you approach the warehouse you start to see broken windows, and minor damage to the houses.
19:52 <Gromit>: About what radius? A mile away? 500 feet?
19:54 <Tikvah_GMing>: About 600 ft.
19:54 <Victor>: Is it still smoking?
19:54 <Ookook>: Can we see ground zero from here?
19:54 <Tikvah_GMing>: The whole street is blocked off and soldiers are swarming everywhere. From what you can see the warehouse is now nothing more than a few crumbling walls. All the buildings around have major damage. Some have been entirely knocked down by the blast. There is a captain directing them, clearing rubble off the streets and knocking down any of the ruins that could be dangerous.
19:55 <Gromit>: Are there any posters with our faces on them?
19:55 <Tikvah_GMing>: Roll a perception check.
19:55 <Ookook>: Maybe, two flying ladies were trapped inside the building, and flying lady and mussel man came to rescue them.
19:56 <Tikvah_GMing>: *muscle man
19:56 <Ookook>: That would explain the three flying people leaving the scene.
19:56 <Ookook>: Also, the magic depressor.
19:56 <Gromit>: !roll d20 1 effort
19:56 <Dicebot>: Gromit, 1 effort: 11
19:57 <Tikvah_GMing>: You don't see any poster with your name on them. Or any kind of wanted poster.
19:58 <Gromit>: "So... uh, I don't think we were properly informed about our mission."
19:58 <Victor>: "How?"
19:59 <Victor>: "We were supposed to turn the thing off and get out."
19:59 <Gromit>: "Which we did. Which made a whole bunch of alive people dead."
20:00 <Victor>: "That was the plan?"
20:01 Gromit gestures at the random blasted buildings. "This was?"
20:01 <Victor>: "We cleared the way for the elites to make a mess"
20:01 <Victor>: "We just didn't know it would be this big of a mess"
20:01 <Ookook>: "I don't think the plan involved the civilian deaths."
20:01 <Ookook>: "But it was a REALLY cool explosion."
20:03 <Ookook>: "Too bad we were so busy running away when it went off."
20:03 <Victor>: "Or there's still the second possibility that this was set by them and not us. We won't know until we report in"
20:03 <Victor>: "Find out if this was a spectacular success or spectacular failure"
20:03 <Victor>: "Either way *we* did *our* part"
20:04 <Gromit>: "Yeaaah..."
20:04 Victor shrugs
20:05 <Gromit>: Are some of the buildings here houses?
20:06 <Tikvah_GMing>: Some of them in the direction you a coming from are boarding houses, or shops that have an apartment above them.
20:06 <Gromit>: And the damaged ones?
20:07 <Tikvah_GMing>: Some of them are, yes. Others are warehouses like the one the explosion happened in.
20:07 Gromit rubs some dust in his eyes to bring out the weepy look, then goes to talk to one of the blockade guards.
20:08 Ookook looks the other way as to not arouse suspicion.
20:08 <Tikvah_GMing>: Is there any guard in particular you want to talk to?
20:08 <Gromit>: Someone who looks interested in keeping me out.
20:09 <Tikvah_GMing>: There is an older, grizzled looking guard nearby. He looks a little disgusted at all the spectators standing around, looking at the destruction.
20:10 Gromit approaches him and wails "My family! I need to see them! What happened here?"
20:11 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Stay back, behind the barrier." The soldier says like it's the thousandth time he's repeated it.
20:14 <Tikvah_GMing>: "All the victims are over there, under care of the military medics." He gestures to a mostly intact warehouse several buildings away. Through a hole busted in the wall you can see medics scurrying around cots and mattresses placed on the floor.
20:14 <Tikvah_GMing>: "What happened is still under investigation, and it's none of your concern."
20:14 Gromit moves in that direction, keeping an ear open for gossip.
20:15 Victor goes with him
20:15 Ookook follows Gromit at distance as to not arouse suspicion.
20:16 <Tikvah_GMing>: You hear some murmurs among the bystander about "terrorists" and "Good thing the ambassadors from Mitor came when they did."
20:18 Gromit asks a random bystander "What was even in that building?"
20:19 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Military supplies that were being sent to the army. I heard that terrorists blew it up to try and ruin the negotiations between The ambassadors and the king."
20:21 <Gromit>: So basically what I guessed.
20:21 Ookook feels a little bit guilty for stealing the keg of molasses from the army but not enough to do anything about it.
20:23 Gromit looks in to guess roughly how many casualties there are, but is ready to move on as soon as that's done.
20:24 <Gromit>: Need a tavern for proper rumor pumping, and I happen to know there's one just a few streets away.
20:24 Ookook follows Gromit
20:25 <Tikvah_GMing>: You see about 60 filled beds in the building, but there have been carts passing filled with patients being transported to other locations.
20:25 <Tikvah_GMing>: You see a few medics with healing kismets moving around, treating the worst patients.
20:25 <Ookook>: "This implies that the count sent us to attack the king's army"
20:26 <Ookook>: "This is an unusual thing for a Count to do."
20:26 <Ookook>: Does the Count have a valid claim to the throne?
20:27 <Tikvah_GMing>: Roll a knowledge check, Ookook.
20:27 <Ookook>: !roll d20
20:27 <Dicebot>: Ookook: 3
20:27 <Tikvah_GMing>: As far as you know, there is no connections between the Count and the king.
20:27 <Victor>: The Count is "very patriotic"
20:27 <Victor>: He may not be supportive of negotiating the surrender
20:27 <Victor>: What this has to do with that I'm not really clear on though
20:30 <Gromit>: Waaay above our pay grade.
20:30 <Gromit>: But I'm not keen on another mission like the last one.
20:31 <Ookook>: Maybe we should seek a new employer.
20:31 <Ookook>: "We can put 'During a stealth mission, we levelled half the city and were not caught. We have the skills.' on our resume."
20:32 <Gromit>: So... about that tavern.
20:32 <Tikvah_GMing>: You going back to the tavern?
20:33 <Gromit>: Or a different one. Whichever's closest.
20:33 <Victor>: Oh by the way: My thinking in deciding on the ammo as what to take from the warehouse was that because guns are emerging technology it may be relatively valuable. At least compared to the other generic supplies there were to choose from.
20:33 <Victor>: Is that accurate?
20:33 <Tikvah_GMing>: You would get more for them.
20:34 <Victor>: Great
20:34 <Gromit>: Not being caught with stolen goods is moderately valuable too though.
20:34 <Victor>: I didn't say I *was* going to sell them, I just wanted to confirm my deduction of what was the best value to quickly grab
20:34 <Ookook>: Is it a restricted product?
20:34 <Tikvah_GMing>: No.
20:35 <Tikvah_GMing>: You might want to check the ammo containers for military stamp or markings.
20:35 <Ookook>: [I suppose there will be no paperwork the RPG tonight then]
20:37 Ookook continues to the tavern
20:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: The tavern is about 20' by 30' There are heavy wooden tables with benches filling most of it. Along the North wall is a bar, and a larger window into the kitchen. Apperently this tavern also serves food. There are three windows and a door leading out onto the street on the East side.
20:38 <Gromit>: What's the patronage?
20:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: You see the owner -last night he introduced himself as Willard- talking with one of the waiters. She is speaking to him somwhat angrily with a tray full of dirty glasses in her hands. Willard listens with evident boredom, then looks her in the eye and impassively knocks a glass off her tray before walking away, pulling out a hankerchief to clean his fingers.
20:39 <Tikvah_GMing>: There are a few people scattered through the tavern eating, in some of the dark corners you think you can see a few people still passed out from last night's drinking.
20:39 <Tikvah_GMing>: The owner is a tidy, smooth-looking man. His black hair is slicked back tidily, and his clothers are impeccably clean. This is something of a wonder, considering how he works.
20:39 Victor takes a back table where he can watch Gromit to make sure there isn't trouble but won't be in people's attention
20:40 <Gromit>: Who's tending bar?
20:40 Ookook looks from someone who looks ready to talk.
20:41 <Tikvah_GMing>: There is a youngish looking man cleaning the bar, but the owner seems to do most of the tending himself.
20:42 Gromit goes and orders a drink.
20:43 <Tikvah_GMing>: Willard greets you with a smile. "I trust you liked your rooms well?" He asks while preparing your drink.
20:43 <Gromit>: "They were restful enough, once the debris stopped falling out of the sky."
20:44 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Oh that is a terrible business, it is."
20:45 <Gromit>: "Nasty business. How many things had to go wrong for that even to be possible? Were they just keeping a whole warehouse full of black powder?"
20:46 Ookook wonders if all buildings in this city explode like that.
20:46 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Who knows? I may have heard something from a soldier who stopped in here for breakfast, but it's hard to remember." He looks at Gromit with a twinkle in his eye.
20:49 <Gromit>: "Oh? Anything I could do to jog that memory?"
20:49 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Perhaps..."
20:51 <Gromit>: "Perhaps if I share some things I remember it'll jog your recollections."
20:52 <Tikvah_GMing>: "That seems a fair trade, but maybe you'd like to converse in a more.. private setting?"
20:52 <Gromit>: "That sounds prudent."
20:55 <Tikvah_GMing>: Willard leads the way into a small room adjoining the tavern. It's about 8' by 8' and has a desk and a few chairs. A window with curtains on it is on the West side.
20:55 Victor frowns as he sees Gromit moving unexpectedly and half stands awkwardly, trying to determine if he should follow
20:56 Gromit waits for Willard to sit, then takes a seat himself.
20:56 Victor looks to Ookook still in this room while Gromit enters another and frowns deeper
20:56 <Tikvah_GMing>: Willard closes the door after Gromit, glancing around the tavern as he does so, and then takes a seat in one of the chairs.
20:57 Victor moves to the bar
20:57 Ookook panics because he don't know what to do.
20:57 <Tikvah_GMing>: The person cleaning the bar asks Victor if he would like a drink.
20:58 Victor orders something appropriate for the time of day
20:58 <Tikvah_GMing>: Willard leans forwards and smiles. "So, what valuable information do you have to share?"
20:59 <Gromit>: "So I'm guessing we both know the warehouse was storing military supplies as a cover for something more serious."
20:59 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Correct."
21:02 <Gromit>: "The military had a serious interest in keeping that locked down. Do you happen to know who had a vested interest in distributing it over the rest of the city?"
21:02 Victor fiddles with the glass, shifting attention between Ookook and the closed door Gromit went behind
21:02 Ookook sits down at a table.
21:03 <Ookook>: and examines his keg of molasses as a distraction.
21:03 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Well, I know some people might have had a great interest in destroying that building entirely."
21:04 <Gromit>: "It doesn't seem like the sort of thing that's done on accident."
21:04 <Ookook>: "I think I am going to name you Phil" Ookook says quietly to the keg.
21:05 <Ookook>: "Because you are filled up with molasses."
21:05 <Tikvah_GMing>: "This isn't something I have a lot of information about, but I've heard from some soldiers that had too much to drink that maybe that warehouse held more than just military supplies."
21:06 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Something that needed to have their kismet blocked."
21:06 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Or maybe someone."
21:07 <Victor>: I'm assuming Alan and Greystone are still in their rooms
21:07 <Gromit>: "The word I've heard is that the building was flooded with poison and was built like a prison."
21:08 <Tikvah_GMing>: "That sounds about right. But maybe you have some other interesting bit of information for me? It doesn't have to be about this unfortunate incident."
21:08 <Gromit>: "And that night one flier went in, the Kismet supressor shut down, and three came out right before the place blew."
21:09 <Tikvah_GMing>: "A flier..."
21:11 <Tikvah_GMing>: He pauses, and turns to his desk. Opening a drawer, he pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to you. On it is a drawing of the flying woman from last night, dressed in a foreign uniform "You recognize her?"
21:11 <Gromit>: "A certain Count definitely had agents in the area, but if he has a flier in his employ you'll have to fill me in."
21:12 <Tikvah_GMing>: "But that lady, do you recognize her?"
21:13 <Gromit>: "Huh. One of the ambassadors, isnt she? I've seen her around."
21:13 <Gromit>: "She have the ability to share her Kismet with friends?"
21:15 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Major Ennis from Mitor. She's in a team of ambassadors. She is known for her ability to fly, but I've heard that she may have another kismet."
21:17 <Gromit>: "I don't suppose that's the abiltity to level city blocks."
21:18 <Gromit>: "Mainly I'm interested in finding out who is. The shipping manifests didn't have nearly enough black powder."
21:19 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I think it's more along the lines of some sort of.. telekinesis? Personally, I think the warehouse was just a front for holding dangerous prisoners, and someone didn't want those prisoners to see the light of day."
21:20 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Maybe they were political prisoners? Who knows."
21:20 <Gromit>: "Well, they're daylighting all over the place now. Or dead."
21:22 <Tikvah_GMing>: "With the size of that blast? Probably the latter." Willard glances through the window and grimaces. "Well, it's been a lovely chat, but I see a bunch of soldiers have gotten a break and they're coming here to spread dirt and grime everywhere."
21:22 <Gromit>: "I'll let you know if I find any interesting debris."
21:23 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I should get back to managing my tavern. If you would prefer the soldiers didn't see you, the window's unlocked." He winks and heads back into the tavern.
21:24 Victor straightens as the door reopens
21:24 <Gromit>: "Do I look like I've got that kind of dirt on me?"
21:24 Gromit goes out to rejoin his companions.
21:24 <Tikvah_GMing>: "You'd be surprised at the different characters that come in here." Willard comments offhandedly.
21:26 <Victor>: "Any further business here?"
21:26 <Victor>: To Gromit
21:26 <Gromit>: "Collect our snoring companions and leave town before the guard starts hunting seriously."
21:27 <Victor>: "Very good."
21:27 Ookook sits up with a bolt
21:28 Gromit recounts the rumours he got.
21:28 Victor makes a hmm sound
21:29 <Gromit>: "So apparently we just participated in a jailbreak."
21:29 <Victor>: "Or a jailbreak prevention."
21:30 <Gromit>: "Shutting down prison security doesn't seem particularly defensive."
21:31 <Gromit>: "And in the case we got prisoners blown to smithereens instead... still not great."
21:31 <Victor>: "Blowing the prisoners up to permanently preempt escape is extreme, but not unreasonable"
21:31 <Ookook>: Maybe we should tell the King?
21:31 <Ookook>: The King would want to know.
21:31 <Gromit>: "Hi king! We just committed treason. Thought you should know."
21:33 <Ookook>: "Maybe we should write a letter."
21:33 <Ookook>: "If this kingdom has a decent post system."
21:34 <Victor>: "We won't know what way it really went until we report in."
21:35 <Gromit>: "Yeah. Mission success. Collect pay, work out the ethics later."
21:35 <Victor>: "Pretty much all we can say right now."
21:37 <Victor>: Do we leave for the Count's?
21:38 <Tikvah_GMing>: Do you?
21:40 <Gromit>: Yes.
21:40 <Victor>: On the way out of the city:
21:40 Victor takes Gromit aside for a moment
21:40 <Victor>: "Everything alright, son? You seemed to have something on your mind back there. At the ruin."
21:41 <Gromit>: "You mean besides being uncomfortable with probably being an accessory to dozens of civilian casualties?"
21:41 Victor nods
21:42 <Victor>: "That's what I thought."
21:43 <Victor>: "It's good you're concerned about that, yet..."
21:43 <Victor>: "Mm."
21:43 <Victor>: "I don't appreciate being used as an unwitting political pawn either, but at the same time it's not for me to know what my employer's motives are, I just do the job I'm told to do."
21:43 <Victor>: "I've been contacted for vague, possibly shady work in the past. ...Though it's never been anything on this scale before."
21:44 Victor looks off thoughtfully
21:44 Ookook looks around awkwardly.
21:45 Victor sighs and continues walking
21:45 <Victor>: Pats Gromit's shoulder on the way by
21:46 <Gromit>: "I don't believe it's a good idea to be on the wrong side of political machinations. Sooner or later you get rounded up and stuck under an explosive building."
21:47 <Victor>: "I don't believe it's a good idea to be involved in either side of politics at all, generally."
21:47 <Gromit>: "Well here we are."
21:47 <Victor>: "Here we are."
21:47 <Ookook>: "We could flee the country."
21:48 <Victor>: "There's always the possibility we have this all wrong. We don't know for sure what happened back there and why."
21:48 <Victor>: "It's just conjecture so far."
21:49 <Victor>: "Let's try to get some answers from the Count and then we can figure out how we feel about things."
21:49 <Gromit>: "And write down all the blackmail material you can get your hands on."
21:49 <Victor>: "A prudent thought."
21:50 <Ookook>: "Maybe write it in code? So that we aren't found with it."
21:50 <Victor>: On the journey back I examine Finbar's paper
21:51 <Tikvah_GMing>: Roll a language knowledge check.
21:51 <Victor>: !roll d20 effort
21:51 <Dicebot>: Victor, effort: 3
21:52 <Tikvah_GMing>: Well, you still don't know what the writing on the paper is, but maybe it's in another language?
21:52 <Victor>: Good enough for now
21:53 <Tikvah_GMing>: It looks a bit similar to the writing system they use in Mitor.
21:53 <Victor>: Great. I was trying to at least identify it as some kind of writing, opposed to just sketches or meaningless scribbles
21:54 <Victor>: Is that all we have to do?
21:54 <Tikvah_GMing>: In this session? yes.
21:55 <Tikvah_GMing>: I think I want to end it here so I have time to prepare for the next session.
21:55 <Victor>: Next one will be back at the Count's?
21:55 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yes.
21:55 <Victor>: Perfect
21:55 <Gromit>: All right.
21:56 <Tikvah_GMing>: Everyone gets 1 XP.

Author:  Woody [ Sun Jan 22, 2017 6:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Arkán Dreamwalker wrote:
Hey guys, guess what! I'm going to a Switchfoot concert! This'll be my first time seeing them live! Woohoo! So... I won't be here.




Well, see you next week. Good luck.

Have fun, dude! They're great live. :) I'm seeing them next week, so I will be absent for next week's session.

Author:  Tikvah [ Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Well, not many people showed up to the session so we had some down time and went to a tavern/inn.

Skid, bookworm and Moontide each get 1 XP

Arkan, Skid, Moontide, bookworm, and Woody get 10 Silver coins in pay.

Author:  bookworm [ Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Smoke and Mirrors, Part 7
Continued from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
Hoping things become clear upon their return, the party instead finds more questions than answers surrounding the recent events.
18:18 <bookworm>: I'm picturing this RPG as episodes of a TV show so I'm trying to be more creative with the titles
18:23 <bookworm>: But this was an odd mission with not a lot to go on, both in story and meta
18:24 <Tikvah>: Well, there was quite a bit of story, but you guys didn't find it like I thought you would.
18:24 <bookworm>: ...oh
18:24 <bookworm>: >_>
18:24 <bookworm>: How did we mess up?
18:24 <bookworm>: There was pretty much just one path to follow
18:25 <bookworm>: Rather literally as we were traveling via pipe
18:25 <Tikvah>: You didn't mess up, you just succeeded in a way I didn't anticipate.
18:26 <bookworm>: But what did we skip that we 'should' have caught? Talking to someone or finding something?
18:26 <bookworm>: Because I thought we searched everywhere we were
18:26 <Tikvah>: Well, you weren't supposed to travel the whole way via pipe, but Gromit kicked out that barrier and got into the workshop. You guys were supposed to go out by the office and around the hall. Then you would have found some things.
18:26 <bookworm>: I actually wondered if we were missing something by going through the wall (lol) and was going to check back later, but forgot between sessions
18:32 <bookworm>: Ooh I might have a good name
18:32 <bookworm>: What do you think about "Smoke and Mirrors"?
18:32 <bookworm>: It describes the mission pretense, and also, somewhat, what actually happened there. (Lighting the boxes on fire, the poison gas, building explosion, etc)
18:32 <Tikvah>: Sounds good.
18:32 <bookworm>: Yeah I actually really like that :)
18:33 <bookworm>: Too bad we didn't actually find/use a mirror somewhere to complete the parallel. But don't want to be too on the nose I guess
18:34 <bookworm>: It's a perfect description of how we (characters) currently feel about how we were briefed though
18:40 <Tikvah>: The next mission I was planning was pretty important to the plot, but since we're missing people we're gonna do something smaller.
18:44 Moontide joined #Gowers
18:44 <Tikvah>: Well, someone showed up.
18:55 <Tikvah>: We wanna start?
18:55 <Tikvah>: Or do we want to wait till another day.
18:55 <bookworm>: If you have something for just 3
18:56 <Tikvah>: Well you can come back and report, then do some stuff around the castle.
18:57 <bookworm>: If you want to
18:57 <Tikvah>: Skid? Moontide?
18:58 <Moontide>: I am fine with either
18:59 <bookworm>: If you have a simple busywork assignment in mind we can play I'd do it, but if you don't want to lead something we don't have to
19:00 <bookworm>: Whatever GM likes
19:01 <Tikvah>: I don't have much planned, but if nothing else you can explore the castle some.
19:01 <Skid>: Let's roam the castle a bit.
19:01 <bookworm>: Sure
19:01 <Moontide>: That sounds like a good idea.
19:01 <Tikvah>: Alright.
19:01 <bookworm>: Our first real downtime to hang around
19:01 Tikvah is now known as Tikvah_GMing
19:01 bookworm is now known as Victor
19:01 Skid is now known as Gromit
19:02 Moontide is now known as Ookook
19:03 <Gromit>: "So how much do we actually want to say to the boss?"
19:03 <Victor>: "Were you going to say something? I planned on having him do the talking."
19:05 <Victor>: "'We completed our task and were nearly charred to a crisp for our trouble. Explanation please.'"
19:05 <Victor>: "He either comes clean, or is genuinely surprised by the turn of events."
19:06 <Victor>: "And we find out whether that was part of the plan or not."
19:06 <Victor>: {I would suggest perhaps the Count isn't in when we get back btw, so we can have the confrontation when the other players are here}
19:06 <Gromit>: "Well, now that we've proven ourselves, I think we deserve more intel before going into a mission."
19:06 <Victor>: "Exactly."
19:08 <Victor>: "I have a profitable business I can return to if there's more of that in our future here."
19:08 <Victor>: "I don't have to stay on for the work. I just wanted a change of scenery."
19:08 <Gromit>: "Okay. I'll not complain about this mssion then."
19:10 <Victor>: "Hmm? I was agreeing with complaining. Future tasks must have more transparency."
19:10 <Victor>: "Unless of course the explosion was not anticipated."
19:10 <Victor>: "That is what we must find out."
19:10 <Gromit>: "Well yes, but that's a request for promotion, not a complaint."
19:11 <Victor>: "However you want to present it."
19:12 <Ookook>: [Where are we right now?]
19:13 <Tikvah_GMing>: Somewhere between Mozu and Drindall castle.
19:14 <Ookook>: Ah
19:15 <Ookook>: "We could frame it as if we are giving him valuable information, by telling him the building exploded. That way if he didn't know, he will like us more. If he did know, he will like us less, but we won't want to work for him anyway."
19:15 <Victor>: "The upshot is 'No more unwittingly charging into a suicide mission.'"
19:16 <Victor>: "Actually it's more than just that, isn't it?"
19:16 <Ookook>: "Like why did the Count send us to attack the army?"
19:16 <Victor>: "Yes, exactly."
19:16 <Victor>: "There's the matter of us being pawns to an unknown end as well. Even if the explosion hadn't happened."
19:17 <Victor>: "More transparency in both what the mission entails, and what it is doing, is required."
19:17 <Gromit>: "So we're trustworthy, loyal people who can handle the truth."
19:17 <Victor>: "That is likely the best approach."
19:18 <Ookook>: "So our options include 'tell the King that the Count is a traitor', 'join the Count in his treachery', 'run away'"
19:19 <Ookook>: Do you think that the Count or the King is more powerful?
19:19 <Gromit>: "We don't know that for sure though."
19:19 <Ookook>: Could the Count mistakenly send us against the King's army?
19:19 <Ookook>: Unless the villager you spoke to was incorrect.
19:21 <Victor>: "We have to be told what exactly we were sent to do and why. Then we'll know what perspective to put on what happened and can decide how to proceed from there."
19:22 <Ookook>: Good point
19:22 Victor checks if anyone else can read Finbar's paper
19:23 <Tikvah_GMing>: Unless anyone can read the language of Mitor, no.
19:24 <Ookook>: Is Mitor a nation of monkeys?
19:24 <Tikvah_GMing>: No.
19:24 <Ookook>: :(
19:24 <Gromit>: "Or skip that. If we get the truth about the next mission it'll probably be enlightening enough to make educated guesses about the last."
19:24 <Victor>: "Possibly."
19:26 <Ookook>: How will we know if we get the truth?
19:27 <Gromit>: Detect deception rolls?
19:27 <Ookook>: That could work.
19:28 <Gromit>: "If we do detective work once we're on the mission."
19:29 <Ookook>: We could do detective work now.
19:30 <Gromit>: "We could. But where to start?"
19:31 <Ookook>: Maybe go home and talk to the innkeeper there?
19:32 <Victor>: "I think Oddmund seems like a good contact to feel out."
19:32 <Victor>: "Before going straight at the Count."
19:32 <Gromit>: "Ask the local peasants for signs of random moustache twirling?"
19:33 <Ookook>: Does the Count even a have a moustache?
19:33 <Tikvah_GMing>: Not the last time you saw him.
19:34 <Gromit>: "I'm sure he has a moustache in his soul."
19:36 <Ookook>: Let us go home then.
19:38 <Gromit>: "All right."
19:38 Gromit moves towards the castle.
19:39 <Tikvah_GMing>: You guys want to arrive at the castle now?
19:39 <Gromit>: Yes.
19:39 <Ookook>: Yes
19:39 <Victor>: I suppose
19:40 <Tikvah_GMing>: Alright. There is a nasty storm brewing when you arrive. There are many more guards than when you were here last. It looks like the elite team is already back before you.
19:40 <Victor>: They survived
19:41 <Victor>: So the explosion probably *was* us
19:41 <Gromit>: Are there more in that team that we left with?
19:41 <Tikvah_GMing>: There seems to be the same number.
19:41 <Tikvah_GMing>: A guard tells you that Captain Oddmund would like you speak with you immediately.
19:42 <Victor>: We go to Oddmund
19:42 Ookook follows
19:42 <Tikvah_GMing>: You are shown upstairs to Oddmund's room. He is sitting at his desk with a solomn looks on his face.
19:43 <Victor>: We never come back to happy faces
19:43 <Gromit>: "What's the bad news, boss?"
19:43 <Tikvah_GMing>: As you enter he frowns and dismisses the other guards.
19:43 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I hope you have a good explanation for you actions on this last mission."
19:44 Victor raises an eyebrow
19:45 <Tikvah_GMing>: "You were told to return immediately after infiltrating the building to give us a progress report. Instead you show up the day after once the rest of the team is already back. I hope you were making good use of your time."
19:46 <Gromit>: "We had some heat on us after the place exploded. We decided to lay low rather than be taken in by the guard for questioning."
19:46 <Gromit>: "Would have been a bigger delay."
19:47 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Must have been quite the chase to delay you so long."
19:48 <Ookook>: "We wouldn't want to lead them right here"
19:48 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Fine. I'll let it go this once. Just don't let it happen again."
19:48 <Gromit>: "They had aerial patrols out."
19:49 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Aerial patrols?"
19:49 <Tikvah_GMing>: He pulls out some bags of money and hands them out. You each get 10 silver coins.
19:50 Victor silently wonders about the reduction in pay
19:50 <Gromit>: "We were attacked by fliers immediately after shutting down the supressor."
19:50 <Gromit>: "In any case, the place going up like a volcano is a fairly self-evident progress report, isn't it?"
19:51 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Fliers? There was more than one?" He writes down some stuff on a paper in front of him.
19:51 <Gromit>: "Three, at least."
19:51 <Ookook>: Though, some of the fliers may have been lifting the others.
19:51 <Tikvah_GMing>: "We would have liked to know as soon as possible if anyone was caught in the blast, instead of learning about it when the elites arrived this morning."
19:52 <Gromit>: "We'll assign a runner specifically for that next time, sir."
19:53 <Victor>: "We understand. As Gromit said, we strongly felt delaying departure was required. It was a calculated choice in line with completing our given objective, not done thoughtlessly."
19:54 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Mmmhmmm. Alright. You are off duty until your next mission. So get something to eat, explore the castle a bit, just stay within the courtyard. I need to go discuss reports with Finn. Hopefully I can get you guys off the hook with just a pay reduction." He stands and gathers his papers.
19:55 <Gromit>: "Yes, sir."
19:55 <Victor>: That's what I thought it was and why I kept silent
19:56 <Tikvah_GMing>: "The Count runs a tight ship. Try not to get on his bad side. On that note, it'd be best to stay out of the upper stories of the castle. The count doesn't like to be disturbed."
19:56 Gromit departs.
19:57 Victor leads the group to their quarters
19:58 <Tikvah_GMing>: There's some guards lounging around, eating leftovers from the kitchen, generally relaxing.
19:58 <Victor>: Ah I meant our actual rooms for a moment
19:58 <Victor>: For some privacy
19:59 <Gromit>: "Privacy sounds like a good idea."
19:59 <Tikvah_GMing>: You have to go through the lounge to get to your rooms.
19:59 <Victor>: Right. I mean we keep going through there
19:59 <Tikvah_GMing>: Your rooms are just the way you left them.
19:59 Gromit looks at his light bag of coins.
19:59 <Tikvah_GMing>: Last time you were also being paid for 2 missions.
20:00 <Ookook>: If we got 10 silver coins for a single mission, isn't that normal pay?
20:00 <Victor>: We got 5 for Finn's and 20 for ours
20:00 <Victor>: So this is half pay
20:00 <Gromit>: "I'm not really feeling 'normal pay' right now."
20:01 <Gromit>: "Normal pay is for jobs that don't blow up a large piece of city."
20:01 <Tikvah_GMing>: You also got more pay for the last one because you had a bigger part in it as a whole. Single-handedly raiding an ancient cave is worth more than unlocking the door for the elite team.
20:02 Victor starts unpacking
20:02 <Victor>: "Well"
20:02 <Victor>: "If they're cross with us for carefully succeeding our mission I don't know the odds of them opening up on what it was about."
20:02 <Victor>: "This mood of reception takes the wind out of barging in demanding disclosure."
20:04 <Ookook>: Maybe we won't have to decide if we want to continue working for the Count, because we will get fired.
20:04 <Victor>: Heh
20:05 <Gromit>: "Do they fire people who participated in high treason?"
20:05 <Victor>: "That's actually a very good point..."
20:06 <Victor>: "They shouldn't be in a position to get upset with us."
20:06 <Ookook>: I don't think our action would count as high treason because we didn't act knowingly.
20:06 <Gromit>: "I'm not sure the people who lost their friends and family would see it that way."
20:07 <Ookook>: Hopefully they wouldn't be on the jury then
20:07 <Victor>: "They should be afraid to make us disillusioned with staying employed here."
20:07 <Victor>: "Least we leave and talk"
20:07 <Gromit>: "Or just slit our throats while we sleep to keep the story locked down."
20:07 <Victor>: "Right or that"
20:08 <Victor>: "But either way they shouldn't welcome us back with crossed arms and censure."
20:08 <Victor>: "If they weren't going to silence us immediately"
20:08 <Ookook>: Can we be overheard from this location?
20:08 <Tikvah_GMing>: You cannot be heard unless you shout.
20:08 <Victor>: "They've given us a chance to think things over and leave."
20:08 <Victor>: "Maybe they don't think we know as much as we do."
20:09 <Gromit>: "Or this is some sort of test in itself."
20:09 <Victor>: "OR it could still be true that we have this all wrong and the reason they aren't worried is there isn't anything to worry about."
20:10 <Victor>: "Which leads back to the need for this mission to be explained. But again, I don't know if we're in a position to demand that now."
20:10 <Ookook>: "We could jump the Count and pin him down and demand that he explain."
20:10 <Ookook>: "That might not be the best idea, on second thought."
20:11 Victor tosses his hat onto his desk and sinks onto the bed
20:11 <Victor>: And sighs
20:12 <Gromit>: "Maybe we could just ask our coworkers what's the biggest explosion they've had on a mission, and see if they've got stories of ethically questionable missions."
20:12 <Gromit>: "It's not like he said we should keep ours hush-hush."
20:13 <Ookook>: "I like that idea."
20:13 <Ookook>: "Stories of explosions are always fun"
20:17 <Gromit>: "And then if we find out the job isn't everything it cracked up to be?"
20:17 <Victor>: "Back to freelancing."
20:17 <Victor>: "For me at least."
20:18 <Victor>: "I don't actually know where you all came here from."
20:20 <Gromit>: "You going to turn yourself in if the high treason becomes an issue?"
20:20 <Ookook>: "I would suggest fleeing the country."
20:21 <Victor>: "I haven't committed treason that I'm aware of."
20:22 <Victor>: "In fact it seems to me we're rather national heroes. We interfered with a Mitor prisonbreak."
20:23 <Ookook>: Except the prisonbreak was successful. The fliers got away.
20:23 <Victor>: "We earn commendation by just trying to stop them, whether we suceeded or not wasn't our responsibility."
20:23 <Gromit>: "See, what we feel and what the royal spymaster feels may be entirely different things. It may be wrong to even know that the place /could/ explode."
20:24 <Victor>: "True enough."
20:24 <Victor>: "I suppose I'll cross that bridge if I need to. Not before."
20:24 <Gromit>: "I guess I'm against raising a big fuss for now."
20:24 <Gromit>: "I like my limbs attached to my torso."
20:25 <Ookook>: "Agree. I like your limbs being attached to your torso."
20:26 <Gromit>: "Well then. Drinks now, worries later."
20:26 <Gromit>: "Cheap drinks. Given the pay."
20:28 <Ookook>: "Shall we head to the inn then?"
20:28 Victor shrugs from the bed
20:28 Victor has been laying on his back all this time
20:29 <Gromit>: "You coming?"
20:29 <Victor>: "I guess."
20:30 Gromit grabs his hat and heads for the door then.
20:30 Victor leaves his hat
20:30 Ookook follows Gromit
20:31 <Tikvah_GMing>: The brewing storm had developed into a downpour of rain. You hear thunder in the distance.
20:31 <Victor>: Ah
20:31 Victor returns for his hat
20:32 <Victor>: "Well appropriate weather I suppose."
20:32 <Ookook>: "Bleh, I don't like mud."
20:32 Victor offers his arm
20:32 Ookook clings to Victor's arm to escape the mud
20:33 Gromit plows through the mud towards the local inn.
20:40 <Tikvah_GMing>: Inside the Inn there are quite a few people taking refuge from the rain, some of them fellow guards. The owner is a tidy, smooth-looking man. His black hair is slicked back tidily, and his clothes are impeccably clean. This is something of a wonder, considering how he works. He greets you with a nod, and offers you a drink.
20:40 Ookook hopes down from Victor's arm
20:41 <Ookook>: [Does anyone here look like they would be a good story teller?]
20:42 <Victor>: How much can I sell 4 boxes of bullets for?
20:45 <Tikvah_GMing>: You want to sell bullets to a bunch of guys drinking alcohol? They would go for about 1 silver coin for 25 bullets.
20:45 <Victor>: Not here, at a place that would buy bullets of course
20:47 <Tikvah_GMing>: About 8 silver coins.
20:47 <Victor>: A box?
20:48 <Tikvah_GMing>: Total. These bullets are made of lead, so they're pretty small.
20:48 <Victor>: Good to know
20:48 Gromit orders a drink and scans for what looks like other count's employees.
20:49 <Tikvah_GMing>: There's a table of guards drinking over in a corner.
20:52 <Gromit>: Do they look talkative or gloomy?
20:53 <Tikvah_GMing>: They're laughing and talking loudly about the lame meal they ate before coming here. One of them looks too drunk to stand.
20:55 <Gromit>: Perfect.
20:57 <Gromit>: "And a round of beer for my friends at that table."
20:57 Gromit goes over to their table.
20:58 <Tikvah_GMing>: The owner sends a waiter over with a large tray of drinks.
20:58 <Gromit>: "Celebrate with me! I've still got all my arms and legs!"
20:59 <Tikvah_GMing>: Several of the drunker guards let out loud cheers, while the others chuckle and clink glasses.
21:00 <Gromit>: "So half a city blown up and I get ten coins for making it out alive."
21:02 <Gromit>: "I doubt anyone else can say they flattened so many buildings for so little money."
21:03 <Tikvah_GMing>: "That's the way it goes, mate." One of the more sober guards takes a swig out of his glass. "All work and no pay."
21:04 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I once burned a forest to the ground." Pipes up someone a little less sober.
21:04 <Gromit>: "King's forest? Or just some shrubbery?"
21:06 <Tikvah_GMing>: The guards hiccups. "A whole mountain side. I was fighting a wild monster. Some sort of dragon. I was the only one that made it out alive."
21:07 <Gromit>: "'s good to be employed by the Count though, wouldn't want to be answering to the peasants for this stuff."
21:08 <Tikvah_GMing>: "True. Sometimes the peasants really get on your tail. But a job's a job, and the Count always lets you lay low for a while if you need to. He's a good boss."
21:10 <Gromit>: "Has he ever turned over one of his guys?"
21:11 <Tikvah_GMing>: "I've never seen it. But if he did, who would know? There've been times when someone disappears and it's best not to ask questions."
21:12 <Gromit>: "Duly noted."
21:12 <Tikvah_GMing>: "Just don't talk to the alchemist, she's the creepiest person I've ever layed eyes on."
21:13 <Gromit>: "Kidnapping maidens and unleashing monsters to terrorize the villagers creepy?"
21:13 <Gromit>: "Or just the unpleasant school marm kind?"
21:14 <Tikvah_GMing>: "More like, your skin crawls when you look at her and you don't ever want to smell that laboratory. Sometimes her experiments escape and we have to hunt them down.""
21:15 <Tikvah_GMing>: "One time some giant eel cornered me when I was making my rounds in the dungeon. Never been so scared for my life. I think it was a eel, but maybe it was a worm. Or a giant tongue."
21:19 <Gromit>: "Eugh."
21:20 <Gromit>: "Ever see a giant blob thing the size of a house?"
21:20 Victor nods in approval
21:20 <Tikvah_GMing>: The guard's eyes grow wide. "No, never. Is that what blew up the city?"
21:21 <Tikvah_GMing>: I need to leave soonish.
21:24 <Tikvah_GMing>: So if you have anything to say, say it now.
21:26 <Victor>: We didn't explore the castle :p
21:26 <Tikvah_GMing>: Well, it is getting late.
21:27 <Tikvah_GMing>: If not many people show up next week we could do it then too.
21:27 <Victor>: Yeah it's fine, I just find it funny
21:27 <Victor>: That was the one thing we were going to do
21:27 <Tikvah_GMing>: You guys are the ones deciding what to do.
21:27 <Victor>: I know
21:27 <Victor>: We always do this, lol
21:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: Yup.
21:28 <Tikvah_GMing>: Anything else you wanted to ask the guard, Gromit?
21:28 <Gromit>: Nah, I think I'm good.
21:29 <Tikvah_GMing>: OK, everyone gets 1 XP and the aforementioned 10 Silver coins.
21:29 Victor is now known as bookworm
21:31 Tikvah_GMing is now known as Tikvah
21:34 <bookworm>: Do we feel any better or worse about things after that?
21:34 <bookworm>: Victor is in a bit of a thoughtful fog at the moment
21:34 <bookworm>: Not really sure what to make of anything
21:35 <Gromit>: I feel... not better.
21:35 <bookworm>: Okay I don't either then
21:35 <Tikvah>: It'll become clear eventually.
21:35 Gromit is now known as Skid
21:35 <Skid>: Well yes, but the clear looks like it might be unpleasant.
21:36 <bookworm>: Smoke and Mirrors definitely seems an appropriate description
21:36 <bookworm>: I'll update the log posts tomorrow

Author:  Arkán Dreamwalker [ Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

I dunno about you, but I've been pretty confused. So I tried to write down what we actually know. I couldn't keep myself from listing some possibilities, but they are in {}.
Told: Band of criminals have base in warehouse in city.
Told to: Enter said location undetected, disable kismet blocking device, leave(undetected?). No other objectives.
Told: Small count army will somehow be immediately aware when their kismets are functional, and will move in to capture(or kill?) any present members of said criminal band.

Actions: Set fire outside of building. Entered building.
Saw: Military-like supplies, not unexpected for a large criminal group.
Saw: Room filled with poison gas.
Saw: Unidentified machine.
Actions: Destroyed said machine. Kismets became active. Correct target confirmed. Mission complete. Attempted departure.

Saw: Two unidentified persons showed up. Initiated combat for unclear reasons.
Actions: Downed one of said unidentified persons in defense. Fled from second person.

Actions: Took some of said militant supplies(acceptable theft from criminals, or hindrance of government seizure* of all stolen goods/goods purchased with stolen currency?). Not included in instructions.

Actions: Attempted to vacate premises* as instructed.
Saw: Persons dressed as foreign soldiers.
Actions: Successfully vacated the premises.
Saw: Three unidentified persons leave location by means of flight.
Actions: Left area.
Saw: Building explodes.
Actions: Failed to return to base, spent night at inn(like we were on vacation or something) instead(of reporting back[for further orders]).

Unseen: Small count army on premises.
Unseen: Some rooms in location(not mission crucial).
Unseen: Affiliation of said unknown persons.
Saw: Military markings on pilfered supplies.
Saw: Soldiers(/local authorities?) claiming to be investigating occurrence. {Area is outside of Count’s jurisdiction? Does this mean that the Count performed this action without alerting local authorities and asking for cooperation? They are investigating what the heck happened here? / Area is inside of Count’s jurisdiction? Does this mean that the Count performed this action without alerting local authorities and ordering cooperation? Or is he putting on a show investigation? If so, why? Out of embarrassment for unanticipated explosion which damaged local infrastructure? If so, was explosion caused by our fire? Lingering spark? How much, in any, gunpowder did we see when examining the logs for items to pilfer? Or, if show investigation, is show investigation because explosion was intentional?}
Saw: Locals believe location was storing military supplies. {Fact? Cover by thieves? Cover by military?}
Saw: Local tavern owner believes location was military run, and was covering it’s purpose for prisoner retention. Identifies one of the two unidentified persons as a military (“Major”) ambassador person from Mitor. Reliability of tavern owner(’s information) unknown.

Actions: Returned to base.

Author:  Tikvah [ Sat Jan 28, 2017 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drindall's Keep: Battle for the Sky

Well I think I can clarify one thing. The city you were running around in is the capital city, so definitely not in the count's domain. Whether the buildings that blew up belonged to the count is unknown.

We got to explore the dungeon. Found cabbages.

Skid, bookworm, and Arkan each get 1 XP

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