Exercise Goals

Post your exercise goals here for greater returns.

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Exercise Goals

Postby Moontide » Thu Jun 30, 2016 7:26 pm


  • If you set a goal, then you will earn twice as much. This means that if you value ToO cash, setting a goal is an optimal plan. There is no downside.
  • You must set your goal before the beginning of the contest, but you can adjust it in August if needed. Be thoughtful when setting your goal, and try to set a goal that you can meet.
  • Be specific in your goal setting. Say "I will get 30min of vigorous exercise a day," not "I will get some exercise"
  • When you post in the exercise log, you must assess how well you are doing meeting your goal.
  • To get the $0.50 per min rate, you must post an assessment of how you are doing in regards to meeting your goal when you post your weekly logs
  • If you go over your goal, then for the extra minutes, you will still get paid $0.50 per minute.

Weeks this contest is active:

  • July 2-9
  • July 10-16
  • July 17-23
  • July 24-30
  • July 31- Aug 6

  • Aug 7-13
  • Aug14-20
  • Aug 21-27
  • Aug 28-Sept 3

You must post in the exercise log thread before each week is up. This means each Saturday 11 PM CST is a deadline which you must get your exercise done and reported before.
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