Who's the Real Sheep? (Signups)

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Who's the Real Sheep? (Signups)

Postby Dredge » Sat Jul 02, 2016 8:20 am

Just like on Adventures in Odyssey (Episode #719), Who's the Real Sheep seeks to line up teachings with Biblical doctrine. If you sign up you will be called upon to respond to bombardments of teachings on faith, justice, finances, and sin. It will be up to you to choose one of 5 speakers who is The Real Sheep.

After each question and each teaching is released, you have One Week to choose your pick for the Real Sheep. Each correct pick is worth 1pt. An incorrect pick is will cost you a point. The winner will recieve $25 for their efforts!

If you do not signup before this thread becomes a game thread Saturday, July 9, you can still enter as an alternatein case someone fails to answer a question in the allotted time. However, you will only be awarded points on the behalf of whoever missed out. How the dough is distributed is none of my business.

Our speakers this round will be:
Amy Stallihan, Pastor of Calvary Chaple Odington
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