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Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2012 3:20 pm 
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Welcome to Team Sherwood’s platform! Please take a look around. We look forward to serving the ToO in this upcoming term! Let us introduce ourselves!

Mayor: Hey there. I'm Knight Fisher. I've been around for a bit and I'm still not quite sure what to think of myself being thought of. But I do have a good bit of time to use. And I hope to do my very best this term. ~Robin Hood

Chief of Police: Hello there! \:D/ As I'm sure many of you know, my name is Musical Shutterbug, previously known as IDANCE4JESUS. I've been a dedicated member of the ToO since February of 2010. I have been selected as a moderator for three terms and am well known for my enthusiasim, sarcasm, annoyingism and epicness (or is that only in my mind? :anxious: ) Team Sherwood hopes to bring you a fun and exciting term! ~Maid Marian

What events do we have planned?

Well, for starters, there's something awesome. (Of course, everything here on our platform is awesome :p )

Guys, you'll be asking the girls out to the dance for this one. In the ToO's first ever Spring Dance, guys and gals will be paired up and will compete with their partner on fun contests, games and activities. \:D/


The 2012 Film Festival! Compete in a Triathlon of events. Games, trivia contests, debates and more! Participants will receive the opportunity to “play” their favorite movie character for the week!


Got a caption for a photo like this? Is the Odyssey gang seeing stars? Has Eugene gone emo? In The Creative Caption Contest, you’ll be able to send in your captions for a selected photo. Winners will receive fabulous prizes!


ToOers will be given a single word (example: "love"). Everyone receives the same word. Then they can send in an entry that they feel best represents the word... anything from a photograph to a poem, to a drawing, a story, song, video... doesn't matter!


The Dark Ages. None will know the true secrets behind it until it happens.

Hint: It’s a time of deception, chaos, doom, and death. (Not literally, though :p )


The End of Term Awards will be handed out to some of the many special people on this board who have helped to make an impression during our term.


We will select a group of users for the Birthday Committee (who can be depended upon to log in every day). They will be responsible for sending a special message to ToOers on their birthday.


Moderator Selection
This will be somewhat revolutionary. We will be appointing our group of Moderators, as normal. But. We will not be choosing the entire team. You, the people, decide the final three. If a person wants to be a moderator they must be nominated. (There will be specific qualifications for those who are nominated.) And then we’ll hold a mini election! The top three in votes will become moderators under Team Sherwood.

The top ten reasons to donate!
Okay, maybe eleven! :p
11. You like Knight Fisher and Musical Shutterbug. Because they’re both pretty epic. \:D/
10. You’re bored and have nothing better to do.
9. You want us to stop bugging you to donate.
8. We are Sherwood!
7. You don’t want another Catsville because no one made the ballot.
6. Because you will be forced to participate in the Hunger Games if you do not donate :x
5. You want to be part of the winning team.
4. You like Doctor Who. And we are based off a British TV show as well.
3. You like our ideas.
2. You like our team and don’t like any of the other teams :p
And we’ve saved the best for last....

Donate to us, and to Children in Need. And help save Pudsey! If they can get that many pounds, we can surely get the entry fee. But hurry. If we don’t get it in time...

Support Sigs / Avvies
(Thanks to Bren!)




(Thanks to Willfully Anonymous!)
Code: Sherwood/13667162-13667165-large-1.jpg


[img] Sherwood/wallpaper-robin-hood-7647116-1000-480-2.jpg[/img]


(Thanks to TKD!)
Code: images/sherwood.jpg


[img] images/lady3.jpg[/img]

And I'd like to give a huge thanks to AE for all he's done. It would have been loads harder without him.

Donors List:
Bren $2,385
Ayn Rand $1,221.42
Top $1,002.01
TKD $800
WW $353.94
Lee $300
Shen $300
JP $247
Joy $210
Grace $75
Sapphire $70
Woody $61
God's Daughter $60
Conquestor $50

Lisa Hammit, Our StrongNChrist {1991-2011}
Missed and loved :hug:

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