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 Post Post subject: LOTR Disscusion (Spilt from Kill/Marry/Fight)
Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:53 pm 
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Jeffery Dallas wrote:
I did. :x Oh you want me to respond more specifically? :x You want to tell me what to say? :x Didn't think so. I'm busy. :x

This sarcasm alert is here for a good part because of the irony of Jelly calling them stupid. Have a nice day.
Loki wrote:
I demand you respond to Jelly's post. :x
Jeffery Dallas wrote:
Yeah, the whole completely missed it. Not ignored it part. ;)
Tyler Durden wrote:
Awesome, you ignored my entire post. ;) Super credible to your unwarranted arguments, there.
The Doctor wrote:
Jeffery Dallas wrote:
A Yes. They should have attacked the "Big Men" On their way with bows.

B By not doing so and maintaining control he killed Grima.

C That also was for selfish reasons. He did it to be cured of his want for the ring.

So Christians are being selfish by helping others, because their only goal is to go to heaven?

The Doctor wrote:
Jeffery Dallas wrote:
No. He didn't do it to save Middle Earth. He did it to save the Shire. Completely for selfish reasons. He decided to go alone. Divide the fellowship because he could not and more importantly would not bear the burden of being responsible for them. He put that and their lives above saving countless lives. He didn't want any violence in the Scouring. Causing more lives to be lost because of conservative tactics. When the Nazgul attacked near Weathertop. What's he immediately do? Puts on the Ring so he is hidden.

And the main point was a little Hobbit is a lot wimpier than a couple of Elves.

You mean you would have liked Frodo more if he had taken a machine gun (figuratively) to the evil hobbits and men? Kill the bad guys! Is that what you are saying? Should he have cared nothing at all for Wormtongue's life? And didn't Frodo later relinquish the Shire by leaving it?

ok if anyone posts in the thread this thread was split from they get twacked!!!!!!!
Sarcasm Alert
btw read the quotes from bottom to top


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 Post Post subject: Re: LOTR Disscusion (Spilt from Kill/Marry/Fight)
Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:23 pm 
I'll catch up to Bren!
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I like the title(spilt from Kill/Marry/Fight)

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