03: Heroes

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03: Heroes

Postby Catspaw » Fri Aug 22, 2008 10:01 pm

Use this thread to comment on the information regarding the third album of Adventures in Odyssey! \:D/ This section starts on page 87.

Page 90 – a picture and a piece of artwork with a general date on them! Yay! Now I’m obsessed. It’s sad, I know. ;) Also on this page is a reference to an Odyssey song with lyrics – I seem to vaguely recall reading this information before (maybe :anxious: ) but I’m quite sure that I haven’t heard it or seen the lyrics! That would be fun. Somebody correct me if the problem is my bad memory and this is available as a bonus feature somewhere.

I need to listen carefully to the beginning of “Peace on Earth” to try and catch the stuff mentioned on page 94 in the “Sound Bites with Dave Arnold.” Also, that fan artwork done by a ten-year-old on the same page is really good! I’m wondering if they were traced from somewhere and then coloured in, but perhaps my total lack of talent is just making me too sceptical!
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Postby amyinodyssey » Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:15 pm

On the Creation of Eugene Meltsner

I think that it is a wonderful idea to write in ideas for characters, I just wish I could be a character in Odyssey. I think I might have posted this before but I would love to be a girl who comes to Odyssey and starts dating Wooton.

When it came to the story of creating a name for Eugene, I am always reminded of this fact when I see scripts written by P.E.M.

Page 90 Sound Bites with Dave Arnold

One of the things I am curious about in this section is the fact that John Campbell couldn't do the music for "Mike Makes Right" and recommended someone named Martie Echito. Is this the same person who did the failed music for "Isaac the Chivalrous" (album 13)?

Page 93 Art by J. Hanies

I'm rather curious about that too catspaw if the art was traced. I think it probably was because only a 10-year old would take a picture of Katrina and claim that she is Mandy Straussberg. Why doesn't Eugene get a caption in this picture. I have seen several pieces of artwork from Odyssey fans but I guess this is OK for a 10-year old. But that's me being skeptical, I'm sorry, I guess that is what happens when you get a degree in graphic design.
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Postby LizzieG » Wed Dec 24, 2008 4:11 am

Eugene! :inlove: I never knew that was Paul's middle name.

The mention of the great-Harley-episodes-purge reminded me of Stalin's Great Purge in the 1930s!

Unrelated anecdote: I always wondered how the Environment Enhancer worked... an especially hard task when I was younger and didn't imagine the invention as much more than a simple pair of headphones attached to a cassette player.

Most of "A Single Vote" was fiction?!?! :thud:

The bonus feature in album 39 is reason enough to buy the CD version of that album (though I already have it on cassette)! \:D/

Wow, all that cutting and splicing with reel-to-reel tapes sounds brutal! (page 92).

I really liked the "Sound Bites with Dave Arnold" on page 95... it's fun hearing him as a greenhorn Odyssey sound designer, when he's such a veteran now!
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Postby KODY 105 » Thu Jan 01, 2009 8:14 pm

Page 87: Huzzah, Wooton, and Jared! "Greetings and salutations. I am Eugene Melstner!" This is Eugene's entrance. He is a great character, not only in himself, but also, as the book mentions, as a foil to other characters. I'm glad Tom finally warmed up to Eugene.

Page 91: "BTS: The Shepherd and the Giant" Perhaps the Environment Enhancer is dynamic-- it adds the music as needed. The words are scanned, recorded, or whatever, and a sophisticated computer adds music to fit the mood. It sounds far-fetched, but isn't that what Whit is good at?
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