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11: It's Another Fine Day
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Author:  Catspaw [ Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  11: It's Another Fine Day

Use this thread to comment on the information regarding the eleventh album of Adventures in Odyssey! \:D/ This section starts on page 155.

Page 158 – “Behind the Scenes: Where There’s A Will…” – this story about the employees facing similar issues as the Barclays during FOTF’s move from California to Colorado makes the episode even more profound, I think! That’s a great story.

Page 158-159 – “My Take: Phil Lollar” – what a moving story! By sharing it, Shirely Dobson helped in the creation of two special episodes of AIO, as well as inspiring many other people, I’m sure.

Page 160 – “BTS: A Rathbone of Contention” – I noticed that Dr. Blackgaard and Bart used the exact same phrase only a few years ago, well over a decade after first hearing the episodes! :anxious: I somewhat blame the fact that I listened to episodes in a mixed up order and I heard album 5, which sets up Dr. Blackgaard and Richard Maxwell etc., years after I heard later episodes (chronologically) with them. I couldn’t believe how long I had missed it when I did catch it, so hopefully a few other people will be slapping themselves on the forehead after reading this segment! ;)

Wow, I love the artistic rendering of Bernard on page 160! I like the detail of the “WJS” (Walton Janitorial Services, I presume) on his shirt – this was obviously done by a dedicated fan!

The page about Parley Baer on page 161 is nice. I remember watching The Andy Griffith Show and hearing a voice that sounded so familiar and realizing that it was Connie’s Uncle Joe! The same thing happened to me on several episodes of “Hogan’s Heroes” – Parley Baer played a few different characters, and I always recognized the voice before the face.

Author:  Danielle Abigail Maxwell [ Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:37 pm ]
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Okay, so, I swear, I'm an avid listener.. and I notice A LOT! Guess what? I had NO CLUE that Dr. Blackgaard even OWNED the Webster Development Company.... I mean, it never hit me!

But, I do understand now what Dr. Blacgaard meant when he said he'd tried getting the building long before he and Richard started their thing. I finally get it. Though, it's interesting, though this was in a different chapter, that Phillip Glossman resigned (Not One Of Us) and went to work for the WDC. Then he went to work with the Govener's Office, was it? Sorry, totally out of it. And then that set up DBD pretty much.

It was all.... interesting tidbits. Cool! LOVE IT!

Author:  Jonathan [ Thu Sep 25, 2008 4:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 11: It's Another Fine Day

Catspaw wrote:
Wow, I love the artistic rendering of Bernard on page 160! I like the detail of the “WJS” (Walton Janitorial Services, I presume) on his shirt – this was obviously done by a dedicated fan!

I second that, that's a fantastic drawing ^_^

Author:  amyinodyssey [ Sun Nov 02, 2008 5:59 pm ]
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Sorry it's been a while since I've commented on the book. I've been reading so many other good books it's been hard to get back to Odyssey.

I had lunch with Josh Shepherd and Nathan Hoobler last Wednesday. Josh Shepherd works for product management at Focus on the Family and he handles a lot of the Odyssey stuff. He says that he has been enjoying my comments on the book so far. I have already read it once but it feels like it was such a long time ago. Which reminds me: I hope that none of you are buying this book on Amazon! One thing that I have heard is that they are coming out with a new revised edition to take care of all the spelling errors.

I love the beginning of the chapter about David Griffin's "Coming of Age". I remember hearing the bonus feature about how David's voice was changing. During one part of the live broadcast in Colorado Springs someone asked David to try and say Donna with a crack in his voice. He did do it and it was so funny.

I don't know if I've made my point about this in other forums but I am being driven insane by the white bounding boxes! For an example take a look at Lucy on page 157. I hate that it is all confined to that area instead of getting rid of the box and not having it limited to that area. And Nathan Hoobler or Josh Shepherd if you are reading this: I really want to design the next complete guide to Odyssey myself!

I love the picture on page 158 of Jimmy looking outside to check on his "fleece". I thought it was so funny about how Jimmy just dumped his sweater out on the lawn to figure out God's will. Do you remember the argument Donna and Jimmy had in that episode where they criticized each other about how you can't determine God's will from putting a sweater on the lawn or by figuring out how many times says stay or go in the concordance of a Bible.

Wow, I love the artistic rendering of Bernard on page 160! I like the detail of the “WJS” (Walton Janitorial Services, I presume) on his shirt – this was obviously done by a dedicated fan!
I have to agree with this comment as well. That is a brilliant picture! I never noticed the WJS on his shirt bocket before so thanks for pointing that out! I think that considering this was drawn from the imagination makes this a great picture because it wasn't sketched from something that already existed (i.e. take a look at page 93).

On a final note: I love the tidbit about Parley Baer on page 161. I haven't watched much of the Andy Griffith show so I can't say that I have ever seen either him or Hal Smith on that show. But I have watched Parley in one movie: "Dave" starring Kevin Kline and Sigorney Weaver. I think the thing that makes me sad is that he died back in 2002 so I guess there won't be a proper farewell to Uncle Joe. I wonder how uncle Joe is related to Connie? I think that Uncle Joe might be Bill's, mother's brother. What do you think? Oh and just on a final note one of the pastors who comes to my church every now and then preached about Matthe 20 this weekend. It did have me in tears but I was thinking about the episode ". . . The Last Shall Be first" during this service. Remember how Artie's sister had the chicken pox and so she needed a hammock?

Author:  LizzieG [ Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:44 am ]
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When I first heard the behind-the-scenes on "Coming of Age," I thought it had been written as a way to keep Jimmy on the show. A bit surprising when I found out that it was originally intended as a send-off! Did we ever find out which episode it was where Dave's voice cracked in-studio? (And which "Donna!" ;) ?).

The different pronunciations of "Blackgaard" made me pause and think about how I and the other Odyssey characters say it. To me, it's definitely "Black-ard"... but Hal Smith's Whit said it "Bla-guard."

I agree that the BTS of "Where There's a Will..." adds quite the personal touch to that episode! It also reminds me of when the Barclays really do move. :(

That is a good drawing of Bernard!

I never caught that Bart and Blackgaard said the exact same line! I'm still catching little connections and foreshadowings in both of our major sagas. :)

And I think Uncle Joe is actually on Connie's mother's side of the family. In "...The Last Shall Be First," when Whit and Connie are talking about him, Connie's response to Whit's, "I keep forgetting that you have relatives in Odyssey" is "Well, my mom did grow up here." And a little later, "my mom said she remembers him going [to church] a lot when she was a kid." So I guess that answers your question, Amy. :)

Author:  Irwin [ Sun Apr 19, 2009 6:33 pm ]
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It's so funny that "A Day in the Life" makes fun of Odyssey videos.

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