37: Countermoves

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37: Countermoves

Postby Catspaw » Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:48 pm

Use this thread to comment on the information regarding the thirty-seventh album of Adventures in Odyssey! \:D/ This section starts on page 371.

Page 375 – “My Take: John Beebee” – I have never gotten sick from the Happy Smilers theme song and actually sing along sometimes and get it stuck in my head at random moments (including earlier today, for no reason whatsoever) so I think that all of the stress that went into this happy episode was worth it! :D

Page 377 – “The Dishrag” – I was in an English class where I had to write a stream of consciousness poem not too long after I heard the Plan B episodes, and I took my inspiration from this poem. I started with the same three lines as they have here (though I didn’t know about the three lines after that – I don’t remember hearing those before) and then wrote a poem about Connie dealing with Mitch’s death. I did tell my teacher that I had taken a few lines from elsewhere, but I got an A anyway! :D I sent it to AIO back in the day and they sent back a nice letter thanking me for sharing it. I’m sure that nobody thought it was that brilliant, but it’s the only poem that I’ve ever written that I liked, so whatever. ;)
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Postby KODY 105 » Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:58 am

Page 370: The picture of Whit, Connie, and Alex is an example of partially-infinite regression! I've done that before--taken a video camera hooked up to a monitor and view that monitor with the camera. It gets confusing!

Page 374: I hate it when the computer crashes. I've had that happen before...

Page 375: The "Happy Smiler" song gets very old after two playbacks, but it doesn't make me want to throw up. I'm glad Evil Chick was able to derive her old username, "happysmiler" from Adventures in Odyssey!

Page 376: I had no idea that person was played by David Griffin! I never even guessed that.
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