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 Post Post subject: 50: The Best Small Town
Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 8:32 pm 
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Use this thread to comment on the information regarding the fiftieth album of Adventures in Odyssey! \:D/ This section starts on page 485.

Page 485 – “He and his family ad moved in 1997…” – “ad” should be “had,” I believe.

Page 488-489 – “An Album’s Worth of Ideas” – Wow, it’s really interesting read through all the different ideas! I like the album as it is, but these ideas would have been interesting as well. Maybe elements of some of these ideas can be used in the future. The last one, with Chris and Dr. Schnitzelbonker introducing the show, was used for the live show that was recently taped. I think that hearing from Regis (and Edwin’s!) great, great grandfather would be quite intriguing, if done right. The one with Tom and Agnes is just too sad, especially with Walker Edmiston gone.

Page 489 – chart comparing titles with original episode titles – there’s only one episode listed for each of the original episodes that inspired the title of the album 50 episode, but I always thought that “The Triangled Web” not only points to “The Tangled Web,” which the chart lists, but also “The Triangle.” Also, “A Capsule Comes to Town” could also refer to “Dobson Comes to Town” and well as “Connie Comes to Town.”

Page 490-491 – “Farewell, Walker Edmiston” – What a nice section. I liked hearing exactly where the lines for Tom that they used came from, and the quotes from Dave Arnold and Paul McCusker are very touching. The picture on page 491 is so wonderful! I love it.

Page 492 – “My Take: Paul McCusker” - :lol: That’s a great ad-lib! Very funny.

Page 492-493 – “Cut Scenes” – Too funny! I’m glad that the writers are able to keep themselves (and now us, the fans!) amused. :D I now live in fear of Utility Belt Guy. :(

Page 493 - “My Take: Nathan Hoobler” – When I listened to “A Class Reenactment” for the first time I thought of Dave Griffin’s story and about how you can hear the click when I heard that scene, and I’m happy to see that the similarity was intentional, as I thought it might be.

Page 493 – “BTS: A Class Reenactment” – I laughed when I noticed the Macbeth names for the reviewer, especially since Hamlet names were used for the last reviewer that Edwin tangled with, Rosencrantz Guildenstern.


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Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 9:47 pm 
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pg 489- "BTS: A Capsule Comes to Town" Now I know which episode they were referring to when saying that Chris had been in every episode except for one... and I even remember noticing her absence when I heard this show. Yay for potential trivia answer banking.

pg 491- "Cut Scenes" Well, it seems Eugene agreed with all of you that wondered why Odyssey was considered a small town. ( :lol:

pg 493 - “My Take: Nathan Hoobler” Aww... I remember first pointing this out to Dave when we were in Colorado. How cool! I didn't get the connection at the time, so I totally have to go back and hear the episode again. I did, however, get the Shakespeare reference.

pg 494- "Sound Bites" This mentions Brandon Gilberstadt as Jared DeWhite and Sage Bolte as Robyn Jacobs. But it left out Gabriel Encarnacion as Lawrence Hodges! If I'm not mistaken, it was Lawrence and Jared's phone interviews that actually made it to the episode heard on the radio, and Robyn's interview was left out but included as an "extra" on the CD release. (aiowiki confirms this)

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