The Official AIO Podcast's 8th B-day!

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The Official AIO Podcast's 8th B-day!

Postby Yelsew » Sat Sep 13, 2014 11:08 am

Hey guys, so it's about that time of year again. It's The Official AIO Podcast's 8th B-day on Sep. 20!! Like I've done for the last 2 years I'm gonna try to send a card in (hopeing to send an actual card in this time! If I get everything together in time.) as a thank you from as many of us fans as I can! And I need your help! "What can I do" you might say. Well you can post below saying something from "Happy birthday Official AIO podcast!!", To saying something that you like about the podcast, or you can even just have me sign your name/nickname/posting name.
(Reminder: Please don't give out any personal information that you don't want others to know or see) to make it easier for me please use the best grammar you can and put what you would like on the card in "parentheses". Please only post 1 post with something to put in the card. If you would like to add to what you have said, then edit your original post and let me know by PM. Thank you. Let's make this year the best celebrated birthday for the podcast!
(Oh and please get it in by September 15th, or I may not be able to get it on the card in time. That's Monday, 15th of this month btw.)
~Yelsew. Any Q's just ask.
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