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Entry 1 - Marvin D. - 5+35=40

“We’re ready sir,” the nasal man said.
“Thank you very much. I can get out myself.” The man got out, hidden in the shadows. He looked about 5 and a half feet tall, with shaggy and somewhat long hair. He wore a hat and held a cane.
The nasal man shut the door. “It was a pleasure working with you, sir.”
“Bah! Yes, thank you, Wilson. That’s all I need. I hope I’ll see you again.” The nasal man got into his car and drove off.
Rain began falling and lightning flashed. It revealed a sign that said, “Odyssey, 2 miles”. The man laughed evilly. “I’ve come home Odyssey! Dr. Blackgaard has returned!”

Connie was working at Whit’s End. Mr. Whittaker was at Whit’s End, Connellsville, and Jason was planning on returning to Odyssey since the Whisperer was dead. During that process, Maxwell had come back to town, but was killed in the process. But now Jason was at home.
It was only 8:45, so Connie decided to go check her email.
“Hmm...there’s a letter from Dad...and Mr. Paisley...” Suddenly there was a weird noise on the computer.
It was an instant message—an IM—from...AREM. Connie gasped. “Arem? But...but...Arem’s...Mitch is Arem! How can this be...what on earth?”
Hello Connie.
Connie’s fingers were trembling as she typed out: “Mitch?”
Connie was now confused. If AREM was Mitch, why didn’t Mitch answer? Connie typed, “You aren’t Mitch?”
No. I never heard of him. But I’m here to warn you.
“Warn me?” Connie said out loud.
Connie froze. A warning? And how could whoever AREM was hear what she said? She quickly typed, “What? How?”
I bet you don’t know what I’m capable of. But I came to tell you that—
Suddenly there was a weird noise, and the IM screen faded away. Connie was now totally bewildered.
Knock, knock.
Connie screamed. Then she calmed down. I can’t be scared by a door knock. She walked over and opened the door. Then she screamed again.
“Hello, Connie,” a man said.
“But...but...if you’re AREM, and I was just talking to him, why...why are you here now?” she blubbered.
“Is that any way to greet somebody you haven’t seen in a long time, Connie?” the man laughed.
“It’s great to see you, Mitch,” she said and impulsively hugged them. Then she pulled back. “But...but if you aren’t AREM, then who is he?”
Connie quickly explained.
“Hmm...this is interesting. But it may have to do with why I’m really here.”
“You mean you’re not here to see me?”
“Of course not!”
“Just kidding.”
“Well....will you tell me?”
“I’d rather wait for Whit to come, Connie. No offense.”
“Much taken.”
“Dr. Blackgaard is alive?” Whit exclaimed. Always calm, now he kept his normal composure, except he pressed his lips tightly.
“From what we’ve gathered, yes, Mr. Whittaker,” Robert Mitchell said.
“But how? Didn’t he die when he came back for his revenge?”
“Actually, he didn’t. He had put his virus on another computer which was similar to the Imagination Station. Then he tricked a man into putting himself onto that man. So that happened. And now we think he’s back here in Odyssey. We’ve tracked him down to somewhere in the United States. And from what we’ve been able to gather—and from what we can tell you—he’s here for revenge. He wants you, Whit.”
Connie’s knuckles started to turn white. Why would Blackgaard want Whit dead? Wouldn’t he want Whit’s End or something like this? And did he go under the name Regis Blackgaard still? She said, “I...need to go out now.”
She walked outside into the world outside of Whit’s End. What if Blackgaard’s waiting to get me? What if he’s—
Suddenly somebody set a hand on her and she jumped and screamed.
“Sshh! Quiet!” a voice said. A hand came over her mouth.
Connie was panicking now. Did Blackgaard want her now? Her mind whirled around and she bit down on the man’s hand.
The man let out a scream and let go of her. Connie prepared to run, but his voice stopped her.
Connie slowly turned around and gasped, “Who are you?”
The man gave a small smile. “You can call me...Dayne.”
He’s not a good name-picker. And if I do say so myself, he doesn’t look like a Dayne, Connie thought. Out loud she said, “What do you want with me? Why’d you have to shut my mouth too?”
“Oh, just because. I need to speak to private. Follow me.”
Uncertainly, Connie did so. He led her across the street, down the street, and to Finneman’s Market. They didn’t go inside, and Connie felt somewhat eased since they were in public.
“Blackgaard is coming back,” he said abruptly. “He’s back to kill Mr. Whittaker if he gets the chance. You must take him out of the country. Now. Here,” he handed her a piece of paper, “take this and call me tomorrow—no later than noon. Now go.” He walked off, leaving Connie bewildered.

“...and then he left me right there,” Connie finished.
John Avery Whittaker looked calm, not at all what Connie would expect.
“Well, Whit, say something!”
“Connie...I’m thinking. If this man is telling the truth, then I just might have to go with him.”
“I don’t like this at all. Not one tiny bit.”
“Well, at least you aren’t in my shoes, Connie. I...I think I’ll go home for the rest of the day. Can you watch the shop? Eugene may come in if he has some spare time.” Whit got up and walked to the door. Just before he left, he paused as though he’d forgotten something. “Oh, and by the way, somebody’s coming today. It’s a surprise.”
After Whit left, the day passed ordinarily...for the kids. Connie felt like throwing ice cream at the wall. Everybody knew something, except her. And Whit might be leaving the country. Oh, and don’t forget AREM. There was absolutely nobody she could think of that might be trying to warn her. The only other person was Richard Maxwell, but he was dead. So Connie was clueless.
After a while of working, she got bored. Restless. Sort of how she felt when Malachi had given everybody a message except for her. Of course, she didn’t remember him. You do.
Eugene came in. “Greetings and salutations, Miss. Kendall,” he said.
“Um...did I intrude into a private affair? If so, I shall vanish post-haste.”
“No, Eugene. I’m just...just...”
“Tired? In need of an up lifting technological conversation?”
Connie threw the ice cream scoop at him.
“And what makes you so cheerful today, Mr. Know-it-all?”
“Nothing that you would be interested in, unless you would wish to know more about how the amoebae split up.”
“No thanks. Go do...what you do.”
“All right, Miss Kendall.”
“Actually...would you mind watching the shop for a while? I think I need to go upstairs.”
“As you insist,” he replied. As she left, he muttered, “Can’t seem to make up her mind. Mind. Brain. Body. Human. Humo sapiens. Science. Technology. Computers. Laptops. Love...”
Upstairs in Whit’s office, Connie got online. She felt that urge as though she was waiting for AREM to come again. And sure enough.
Hello Connie.
“I was waiting for you.”
I know that.
“You do?”
I know more than you think I do. And now I have something to tell you...something about Mr. Whittaker.
Whit had just decided that he was going to leave. Now. Something had happened that made him speed up. He’d gotten an email with a death threat, and when Mitch tried to track it, the closest they came up with was that it was somewhere in Odyssey. And if that weren’t enough, a fake grenade had been thrown through his window. Mitch told him that he’d have to leave then, without saying goodbye. Sort of like when he went to the Middle East.
So Whit packed up and got ready to leave his home. Odyssey. He was about to leave.
Piece of paper. Where was it? He got it and dialed the 8 digits. 3 rings. A man picked up.
“Whittaker speaking. I’ve taken your offer. I’m ready to leave the country.”
“You are? I are. Alright then. Listen closely...”
Screech. The car screeched to a stop and Connie ran out for her life, pounding on Whit’s door. “Whit!! Whit!! Answer me, Whit!” Nothing.
A man walked up behind her.
“Ahh!” she screamed.
“What’s the matter Connie?” Mitch questioned.
“Where’s Whit?!”
“Oh. That.” He frowned. “He had to leave the country with ‘Dayne’. Blackgaard wants him dead, so he left.”
Connie turned pale and slipped to the ground. Mitch caught her.
“What’s the matter Connie?” he asked again.
“AREM...AREM was talking to me. He...he told me that ‘Dayne’ was really the man Blackgaard impersonated. He’ll...he’ll kill Whit!”

Whit found that out himself...the hard way. ‘Dayne’—who was really Blackgaard—drove Mr. Whittaker to an open field in Connelsville. There was a plane ready to take him out of the country. Blackgaard opened the door for Whit and took out his bags.
“Well...thank you very much for listening to me...there’s a man ready to fly you to Ecuador.”
Not my thought for a good place, Whit thought. He said nothing and got into the plane silently. Blackgaard slipped away to the car and snuck right up behind Mr. Whittaker, now holding a cloth saturated in a liquid.
I think we can all guess what happened to Mr. Whittaker.

Mitch and Connie drove to the rendezvous as fast as they could. The plane was long gone. And they had no idea what to do next. So imagine their surprise when they got back in the car. Mitch started it when he heard a voice. “Hey you guys!”
Connie jumped...for the millionth time that day. She looked back...and jumped again. “Richard Maxwell?!”
“It’s great to see you again.”
By the time that Connie, Mitch, and Richard got home, Richard had told them what information he could. His death had been faked—as Connie had suspected once she found out he was alive—and he had been tracking Blackgaard.
“But why would Whit fall into a trap so easily?” Connie mused.
“Well, it seems that Whit sort of had something weird going on. Something he wouldn’t tell us. And the FBI won’t help us because we have no actual proof Blackgaard is alive. ‘Dayne’ told us we were being watched, so he’d have to shake off the bad guys. It was rather convincing. Then again, maybe it was our fault. But we have to be strong Connie. You have to be, even if it’s just for Whit,” Mitch paused.
Connie sniffled. “I think I’ll go to Whit’s End for awhile,” and walked all the way, snuffling the whole time. When she got there, Eugene was at the counter, writing in a notebook. The shop was just about empty. Only one man sat there. From the back, he had fairly shaggy black hair, and he appeared about 10 years Connie’s senior.
“Miss Kendall, the man wants to speak to you,” Eugene said with a small smile playing on his lips.
Connie walked over. “You wanted to—Jason! What are you doing here?!”
“Hi Connie!” He stood up and gave her a hug, catching Connie of surprise. She pulled back; there was red on his cheeks. Connie made a mental note of that.
“So you’re the surprise visitor Whit said would be coming?”
“I guess I am? Where is he?”
Connie told him. Jason was genuinely shocked.
“ you want to go out for a late lunch?” he asked, switching the conversation quickly. “It’s pretty late, I’ll pick you up in oh, a half hour?”
“Sure, why not? I’ll just go home and change.”
A half hour later, Mitch was sitting downstairs. Mrs. Kendall was across of Mitch, drinking some tea worriedly.
“Mom, Mitch, I’m going out for dinner with...a friend.” She didn’t know why she was being evasive. Mrs. Kendall nodded, but Mitch had a funny look across his face. It was like a sadness, but yet knowing. Connie didn’t know what to make of it.
But anyway, Jason was outside waiting for her. He’d combed and changed his clothes. Opening the door for Connie, he said, “Let’s go.”
Over their late lunch they small-talked for the most part, but Connie felt that Jason wasn’t...letting on to something. Connie couldn’t put a finger on it, but she felt like Jason wanted to say something big. She let it go, eating the food.
After lunch, Jason walked her to the car. All the way back home, he didn’t say anything. He just dropped her off and said, “I...I’ll be seeing you around.”
Weird. Life is just weird. Connie thought. And dangerous too. Whit might be...oh, I can’t bear to think of it! What if...what if something terrible happens to him?

Whit wasn’t exactly in the best of all places right now. Unless the definition’s changed to being strung up with a guard watching you and a guy you know isn’t he who looks like is talking in a low and mellow evil voice. So I think we get the picture...that Whit wasn’t doing too great. And the fact that Blackgaard was not going to let Whit die...a normal death. In fact, that was what Blackgaard was talking about right now.
“So...Mr. Whittaker...oh no, but most folks call you Whit. I was surprised you fell for my plan so easily. Why, I expected you to be smarter than that you fool.”
Mr. Whittaker remained silent. His mouth wasn’t gagged, you see.
“And so...I think it’s time we, how shall I say it? Begin the...process. But before, I’ll give you time to write one last letter to your family. Of course, I’ll watch the whole thing to make sure it’s clear.” He smiled sardonically.
Whit wondered if Blackgaard had a heart. Or maybe it was to be double-proof that Connie wouldn’t come after him. And Jason. And Mitch. They’d never find him, that was for sure. He was out of the country, on a little island in the Caribbean called Bonaire. He was being kept in an old run down building just across from a church called Prins di Pas. He guessed it meant Prince of Peace.
Once on the computer, Whit began to type a message. After Blackgaard made him edit anything he thought might give him away, this is what was left:
Hi Connie,
I guess by now you met my surprise guest huh? Tell Jason I said hi. I also guessed that you now know what’s happened to me. You’re right. Blackgaard has me. I’m really sorry Connie for what’s happened. I just hope everything’s OK. Blackgaard’s worked out a deal with me. If you guys don’t come after me, he’ll let me go and leave me here to live here forever. I may be able to talk with you guys online. I’m sorry Connie. I really am. Keep running Whit’s End as you always have, and that’s all I have to say. And if you want to know how I’m doing, it’s pretty hot here, even for the night. I think it would be better if I could get to the ocean—I’d cool down. Well, that’s all I have time for. “God is not the Prince of confusion, but the Prince of Peace.”
Blackgaard sneered at the Bible verse, and then ordered his henchmen to take Whit back to where he’d been. He sent the message to Connie, laughing cynically at the evil plan he had in store.

Connie was reading her Bible—or at least she was trying to—and wiped away another tear that had trickled down her cheek. “Oh God...wherever Whit is now, please, just watch over him. I’m so sorry that...that...” she stopped and all the well hidden tears now flowed out freely.
“Connie? Are you OK?” Mrs. Kendall walked in, the lines of concern for her daughter easily seen on her face.
“No Mom, I’m not. This feels like when we all thought Mitch was dead, but only...only worse,” she sobbed.
Beep, beep. An email popped up on her computer, and her mother glanced at the screen. She frowned.
“What’s wrong Mom?”
“I don’t recognize the email address...come to look at it, this doesn’t look like an ordinary email address to me.”
“Let me see.” Connie got off her bed and sat down. Clicking to open the email, she read it quickly and gasped.

By the next morning, Mitch was re-reading the letter over and over, trying to see if there were any clues hidden. Talking to himself, he said, “So he’s somewhere hot...the time he sent the letter was at about 4 our time. So if it’s night...assuming it’s somewhere not too late, it could be around 8 or 9. Then...the ocean. He’s near the ocean. So somewhere in a different time zone, near the ocean.” Mitch pulled up a computer map and looked where was roughly 4 to 5 hours ahead of Odyssey time. “The Caribbean...and then he puts a Bible verse at the end.” Mitch looked up the Bible verse. “It’s similar, yes...but the only difference is that he changed ‘Author’ to ‘Prince’. Now why would he do that...Prince of Peace. A location? Somewhere out in the Caribbean?”
Connie tried to smile. “I’ll check up on you. I’d better go to Whit’s End and open up the place...and tell the kids about Whit.” She sighed a long sigh.
Everybody at Whit’s End wanted to know what had become of Mr. Whittaker. Connie only told the story once and then went to Whit’s office. She was trying her best not to break down, but she started crying anyways. It was hard not to.
Briiiiing! Briiiiing! The phone rang; Connie picked it up. “Whit’s End,” she tried to say clearly.
“Connie? I think I may know where Mr. Whittaker is!”
“You do?”
“Yes! I was doing some research about Prince of Peace, and I came up with Prins di Pas, which is Prince of Peace in a foreign language called Papiamento.”
“Never mind. It’s a church located on an island called Bonaire. It’s about fifty miles north of Venezuela. I think he’s being held around that area.”
“’re going there?”
“Yes, with Jason. We’re leaving in a few minutes.”
“What? Just like that?”
“Who knows how much longer Blackgaard will keep Whit alive? We have to go now!”

While Mitch was talking to Connie, Whit was being dragged to another room in the building. It was about 2 in the afternoon.
“Well, well, Mr. Whittaker,” Blackgaard said, pronouncing the words strangely. “It seems your destiny is here. The end is near, the time has come. You are about to take a ride in my wonderful Manipulator Ride of Imagination.”
The Manipulator Ride of Imagination—an obvious rip off of the Manipulation Station—looked like a racing boat cut in half with a door where it was cut and made out of metal. Lights flashed on and off, on and off. The door slid open with a cool little sound, but I don’t think anybody who’d be entering it would think it was cool.
“This machine has a programmed adventure for you to take. Why not go on in? I’ll be right behind you. It’s most enjoyable.”
With that Blackgaard shoved Mr. Whittaker inside. The machine made a noise and Whit was surrounded in some sort of holograph. Then he was gone, Blackgaard pressed several button on the computer outside, and he entered after Whit. Another holograph carried him away.
Whit found himself in a desert—hot, tired, thirsty. He began walking aimlessly. Not knowing where to go. He just had to remain alive.
And as he walked off, Blackgaard appeared in a holograph form, laughing derisively. “And my dear Mr. Whittaker...this is only the beginning.”

Mitch and Jason boarded a flight to Miami, which lead them to the island next to Bonaire called Curacao. From there, they had to take an extremely small plane called a Divi Divi to Bonaire. They got there at about 3.
It was very hot, even though there was wind. They checked out and got a taxi. Driving by the ocean, they found directions to the church Prince of Peace. It’s full name was Iglesia Aliansa Evangelika Prins di Pas. There were two older ladies named Mimi and Joyce there. The pastor of the church, Mimi’s wife Ton—which was a strange name, as they both thought—told them that there had been no signs of a kidnapping. Mimi, Joyce, and Ton said they had to leave. Ton’s mother, the ‘grandmother’ of the church needed them back at their house.
Mitch and Jason looked around the area. Two kids were playing basketball on the church’s open space.
“Well Mitch, it looks like your hunch was wrong. Or maybe we should notify the police.”
Mitch shook his head, deep in thought. Suddenly, he brightened—a strange thing for him to do—and pointed across the street.
An old deserted building was there. A car whizzed by. “Maybe Whit wasn’t here. Maybe that was the only place that he recognized. Come on, let’s go!” Mitch didn’t wait for Jason, but crossed the small road.
The front door was jammed, but Mitch walked to the back and found a broken window. He grunted and climbed in.
“Why do you think Blackgaard left Whit’s eyes not blindfolded? I mean...give the guy some credit, he isn’t dumb.”
Mitch jumped a few feet and landed. “I don’t know...maybe we can ask him. After we find him.” And with that they began walking around.

It had been days since Mr. Whittaker had been put in there...or at least it was in that awful machine. By some evil plan of Blackgaard, Whit wasn’t dying. He was very hungry yes, but he would not die.
Finally, a village that was having a horse race came into sight. Whit practically shouted at the sight of civilization. After he was refreshed, he was almost back to his ordinary self. That is, until the police called him to go to their station.
Naturally, Blackgaard was there. “Well my dear Whit, we meet again. So sorry to spoil your day. I’ll give you just one chance to live. If you can beat me in this horse race, you’ll be back in Odyssey. If I win...well, your life is mine.”

Jason and Mitch had searched just about everywhere. Nothing. But then Mitch found a room with a locked door saying “Experiment in Progress”. It was not a good sign. With Jason’s help, they broke the door down.
There was a strange looking machine inside. You know what it was. Mitch peered through the glass area of the machine. Swirls of lights were in there. Jason was looking on the computer screen. “This is appears to be a written program.”
“A program? Of what?”
“Uhm...” Jason punched in several buttons and pulled up a screen of programmed HTML code. Reading through it, it appeared that there were two people inside. One of them was like making sure that the program ran to what it was set for. The other person had no idea what was going on. “I think Blackgaard’s in there!” He read through more of it and groaned. “And there’s some sort of a contest. If Blackgaard wins, my Dad will die. And it’s been programmed so Dad will lose! We have to stop it!”

The race began. It was mostly a blur to Whit, who was dressed in blood red. Whit had gotten the lead; his horse was a strong one. Mile after mile they pounded away, relentlessly going. Whit was actually doing pretty well.
Blackgaard’s horse slowly gained on Mr. Whittaker, then overtook him. Whit’s horse pulled ahead, then Blackgaard’s. They were neck to neck! The finish line was up ahead!

“Can’t you go any faster Jason?! Time is running up?!” Mitch snapped. He didn’t mean to snap, he was just worried.
“I’m...almost...done...” he typed more stuff and did some other things. There was a beep, and a screen came up. It was the race. “There. Now we can see what happens!”

The finish line was just a few hundred feet away! Whit took the lead. Blackgaard pulled to the front. Whit’s horse tripped Blackgaard! Blackgaard fell back! Whit’s horse stumbled; Blackgaard came to the lead and....he won the race.

Mitch’s mouth open and shut several times. Blackgaard walked open to take the prize, and then took Mr. Whittaker. Jason remained expressionless.

Whit knew it was time. His life on earth was over. He wasn’t afraid. He’d fought the fight. He’d kept the course. If this was what was necessary, he’d do it. And right as Blackgaard prepared to speak, he faded. Blurred. It was like he didn’t exist anymore. Then he let out a horrible scream that haunted John Avery Whittaker for the rest of his life. Red holographs whirled around Whit and then he was in total darkness.
A door slid open, and two men stood there.
“Jason? Mitch? It’s so great to hear your voices.”

“So you mean to say that the reason Blackgaard wasn’t as smart as he should have been was because when the real Blackgaard impersonated himself some of his...smartness didn’t go through?” Connie queried.
Mitch nodded. “Yes, which may also account for the reason he left Whit without a blindfold. The whole thing was fascinating.” He looked away from Whit and then looked at Connie for a long time. His eyes looked sad. But then abruptly, he got up and walked out the front door. A car started and he was gone.
“Interesting...” Connie mused.
They were back in Odyssey after the amazing adventure. Whit was well rested, everybody wanted to talk to him, and he’d been in the newspaper.
Jason looked at Connie and said, “Can I see you outside?”
She nodded, not knowing what was going on. Outside, the sun was setting, and there were all sorts of colors in the puffy cottony sky—blue, green, purple, red, pink, and orange. It was beautiful.
Jason turned to Connie and said, “I’ve known you for a long time, ever since Dad played with the Imagination Station program about death. You’ve always been there. And, I want you to be my wife. Constance Kendall, will you marry me?”
A million thoughts flashed through Connie’s head. First meeting Jason. Knowing Jason for a long time. How he wouldn’t tell her the Raspberry Ripple recipe. So many things. Then she thought about Mitch. What would Mitch say?
“Before you answer Connie, Mitch told me to give this to you.”
Connie, Jason told me about what he’s going to do. You may not believe it, but I’m OK with it. I love you Connie, I really do. But from what I know, Jason’s better for you. But I’m not forcing you to make this decision. Do what your heart tells you Connie. I’m not planning on coming back to Odyssey. If I never see you again in real life Connie, just keep being who you always were. Mitch
Connie looked up, her eyes reddish. “Yes, Jason.” And when she said that, she also added, “Goodbye Mitch.”

Entry 2 - Danielle Abigail Maxwell - 3+36=39
When the West Sets in the East

The bell above the entrance to Whit’s End jingled. Few customers noticed as a white, balding, older man stepped in, pale brown eyes looking towards the front counter.

John Avery Whittaker stepped from the kitchen, a hand towel in his hands, Eugene Meltsner chatting in his ear.

“The simple ramifications that could improve your dishwasher, Mr. Whittaker, would improve efficiency and save you much more time and money,” Eugene said, a look of glee in his eyes, a twinkle shining bright.

“Hello Tom,” Whit called, walking to the end of the counter that Tom Riley stepped up to, a gentle smile on both of their withering faces.

“Salutations, Mr. Riley,” Eugene nodded, standing beside Whit.

“Howdy, Whit, Eugene; I bring news.”

“Running for mayor again, Mr. Riley?” Eugene questioned jokingly.

“Very funny, Eugene. No, I’m selling the Timothy Center.”

“You’re WHAT?”

Whit gave a sad smile to Tom, nodding. They had discussed the option three weeks before. Tom had been praying and thinking about the decision for some time. It had finally come to giving up the old farm and work he’d created and nourished for so many years for God.

Eugene stood shell-shocked, not believing his ears.

“And Richard?” Whit asked with realization dawning on his face about the one person who would be affected the most apart from Tom.

Tom’s face fell, a mournful look overtaking the smile. He slowly shook his head. “I don’t know how to tell that poor boy I’ve decided to move on. I don’t think he’s even hinted to the suspicion of the selling of my beloved farm. I can’t just tell him and move on though. He’s in a rough patch as it is.”

Whit could tell Tom was torn. He was old and couldn’t handle the center’s demands as well anymore by himself ever since the Shepherds had moved to Pennsylvania. It was time to hand it over to someone who could work it better and more fully, be more productive.

But there was also the trouble and worry of Richard Maxwell. He couldn’t kick the young man out. He had nowhere else to go; and to top it all off, he was in the midst of a bad diagnosis of MS.

“Wait, Richard doesn’t know?” Eugene snapped out of it, staring unbelieving at Tom.

“No. And I’m struggling to figure out how to tell him.”

“The truth and a hand to hold might be a good start,” Whit offered.

Tom was silent. Was it really that easy?


Richard Maxwell walked along the creek, kicking stones, with hands deep inside his pant’s pockets.

Things were grim.

At age 25, MS had surfaced. One year was now down. One year beating down an enemy that was continuously at the forefront of the battle, attacking and not relenting. He had suffered small attacks occasionally, fighting back with corticosteroid treatments every other week.

MS was unyielding, unfortunately. Richard could only partially hear out his left ear and his right foot was numb from dawn to dusk. It made the tasks he performed daily around the farm and center difficult, but he pushed on.

He’d been given a room by Tom Riley when he’d escaped Chicago, and his horrid diagnosis, back to Odyssey. He had no money, since he’d used it to find out what was wrong with him. Tom had graciously given up a room for help. The next few months held surprise after scary surprise as Richard met up with skilled doctors to handle his disease and still give him the freedom to live a normal life.

Now things just didn’t seem to fit anymore. While his disease was under control, he’d happened upon news he wished he hadn’t heard.

Tom was selling the farm.

Richard stopped walking, standing still, the creek faint in his left ear, the world slowing in his right. He closed his eyes, taking in his surroundings by memory. The trees stood tall, the water cold and swift, and the ground below his feet was warm from the sun that shone between small drifting clouds in the blue sky. The world almost seemed perfect. But from what Richard had experienced and what was to come, it held far greater evil than it seemed possible in the scene he stood immersed in.

“Now what is going to happen to me?” Richard wondered out loud, slowly opening his eyes.
Nature had no answer for him.


That night, while the horses dozed, the chickens clucked around, and the wolves howled in the distance, Tom lay awake, his mind ceasing to let go of his ongoing dilemma.

Richard, I’ve got something to tell you. No, no, no... My friend, I’m getting old… No, that sounds all wrong too. Why is this so hard? How bad can it really be telling him I’m selling this place?

It was as if God decided to answer that question at just the right moment. The wind seemed to come out of nowhere, rushing by the window and whistling through the cracks. Tom sat up, taking a deep breath.

Okay, bad enough. I feel so sorry for him though. He has MS and he has no place to stay. Oh, God, what will I do?

God didn’t send wind again. There was no immediate answer.

Tom sighed. He slipped out from between the sheet and blankets, slipped his feet into his slippers and stood up. He had decided to take a walk around the farm.

What will happen when I tell him? I’m scared he may give up on his will to live. There is nowhere to turn for him.

He started with the barn. Rachel and Leah, Tom’s beloved horses, neighed softly as he neared with carrots in his hands for each of them. Little Joe wanted one too, neighing louder than his two barn mates.

What if I don’t tell him? No, I can’t do that. I’m not heartless. He’s a part of this farm, this family for the time being. This is happening now, not later. I have to tell him.

Tom gave the horses their treats, rubbing their necks as they chewed happily. If only life was as simple as they seemed to make it out to be. But with life, decisions came every day, and it just happened this one decision was making Tom weary.

God, I’m at a loss. Where do I find the courage, let alone the words, to give this news?


The quiet of the morning gave new rise to Richard’s spirit. He didn’t know when Tom would break the news, but he would be ready regardless.

As he walked down the stairs to breakfast that morning, calm washed over him. Yeah, things didn't look absolutely great, but he was alive, still walking, and, for the time being, had a place to stay.

Tom stood making breakfast when he heard feet on the stairs. After a long night awake and wandering the farm, Tom had still not resolved his trouble. The only thing he’d managed to do was successfully discover a way to keep Richard out of the street. But then there was the trouble of there being a part of him that wanted to just tell him the absolute truth and hold his hand, as Whit had suggested. But there was another part that told him he had to find another way. But what other way was there? Tom sure was puzzled as to how he should resolve his predicament.

Richard entered the kitchen, quiet as usual. He went to the cupboard to get down two bowls, two plates, two cups, and then fetch two sets of utensils. As he set the table, he let go of his difficulties. He figured he could just forget he even had MS; not to mention, his soon eviction.

Tom brought breakfast to the table and sat down, realizing it was now or never to spill the truth. “Richard?”

Richard finished setting the table and sat. “Yes?”

Tom noticed that Richard was calm, a trait he hadn’t observed in the young man before. Was it possible it was just God’s perfect timing?

Tom inhaled slowly, letting the words flow, “I’ve come to a decision that I have been thinking about a lot lately. As you can tell, we’re a little short-staffed around here and it’s not easy running a full center with just three people. So I have come to the decision of selling the farm and center to a respectable group that have offered a good deal of money and have promised to keep the Timothy Center up and running so that the work I started here would still continue. As I can only see fit, part of the money given by the company for these lands should go to you. Not only will you have the ability to find a home, but if any further medical needs come up or the continuing need gets worse, there would be money left over to help in either case.”

Richard stared at Tom. He had known the farm was being sold, but part of the money going to him? That was unexpected. “I… I don’t know what to say, Mr. Riley.”

“I know it is sudden. You’ve only been here a year. But I’m not getting any younger, and things can change in an instant for either one of us regarding our medical needs.”

“No, no, it’s not that… The money… I don’t know if I can take that, Mr. Riley,” Richard said slowly, letting it all sink in. Was this real?

“It’ll be of more help than you just sitting here working off your room and board. Don’t worry about any of it. Money is only a tool in this process. You don’t seem so shocked about my announcement about selling though,” Tom said off, wondering why it wasn’t a surprise.

“Truth be told, I already knew. I just didn’t know when you’d bring it up to me. Someone from H&S had shown up, wanting to see the farm. They mentioned you were debating about their offer of selling the farm and center. I didn’t know if you’d say yes or no though.”

Tom smiled, shaking his head. “Should have guessed. Just don’t worry about the money. I certainly don’t need all of it. You’re in more need than I am.”

Richard nodded, feeling better about his situation. He wasn’t out in the cold anymore. He would find another place and live on with life. MS couldn’t stop him.

Tom offered Richard breakfast. The two chatted about the center and the farm as they ate, two friends having fun as Tom’s heart felt a burden lift. Problem solved.


Entry 3 - Moontide - 1+30=31
Whit and Connie go to trickle lake to go fishing. While they are there, they see a man dressed in green and black who draws a knock-out gun and shoots them both.

Connie wakes up in a small grey room with a window in it. Then a kind hansom man dressed in green and black walks in. "It's you, That man that shot Whit (and me)" says Connie. The man then tells her the the green and black clothing is just the uniform for Westa workers and it was a different person that shot them. Connie believes him and asks him what Westa is. He tells her that it is a criminal organization trying to make Alaska a communist country. She asks him why he is working for a criminal organization he says he is do so ageist his will. He then leaves.

Whit wakes up in a small grey room. A man dressed in green and black walks in. He tells Whit that he wants Applesauce and will kill Whit and Connie to get it. Whit says "I will give it to you. Take me to Whit's End". The man won't do it because to many evil people have met their ends there. Then the man tells Whit to tell him the name of a person who has Applesauce and that will give it to him if Whit's life is on the line. Whit tells the man Jason's phone number.

When Jason gets home from work and gets the messages on his phone. he gets one that tells him to call the number or Whit will die. Jason calls it. The person on the other end says if he doesn't give the person on the other end Applesauce, the person on the other end will kill Whit and Connie. Jason says "fine, kill them. My job is to keep evil people like you from getting Applesauce." and hangs up.

A man dressed green and black walks in to Connie's room. "Please, come with me" he says. Connie fallows him to Whit's room. Then the man dressed green and black draws a gun says "Jason won't give me Applesauce. So I have to kill you." Whit asks if he can talk to Jason to see if he can get him to give that man in green and black Applesauce. Whit gets Jason to give the man in green and black Applesauce by E-mail. The Man in green and black leaves a checks his E-mail. Then he opens the program that Jason sent him. The Program turns out to be a virus and locks up the man's computer.

The man is enraged and goes to shoot Connie and Whit. He draws his gun and takes aim at Whit. Then different man dressed in green and black attacks the other man dressed in green and black (the one with the gun) and tackles him to the ground. The man trying to shoot Connie and Whit cries "HELP!". Guards start running down the hall towards the man trying to shoot Connie and Whit. The man that took down the man trying to shoot Connie and Whit, Connie and Whit jump out the window. They fall in to a tree.

Then the police show up because Jason had tracked that call and told the police to go there. The police arrest the man in green and black that was trying to shoot Connie and Whit. Connie and Whit and the other man latter wake up at the hospital and get well.

Entry 4 - American Eagle - 0+39=39
A scene from Rodney Finds His Match
Rodney enters Whit's End with a mysterious red-haired woman on his arm. Connie come in silently from the kitchen, unseen.
Rodney: "Hey Eugene, where's that overweight coworker of yours?
Eugene: "You mean Connie?"
Connie: "What?! I heard that!"
Eugene: "Oh, Miss Kendall, I'm so embarrassed! I blame myself for this mess; I really do."
Connie: "Well, never mind then. For your information, Rodney was referring to Mr. Whittaker, who is currently upstairs."
Rodney: "Oh... right."
Rodney's female friend, in a sweet voice: "Thank you both very much."
They walk upstairs while Eugene and Connie begin to discuss obesity, eavesdropping and the longevity of their friendship.

Rodney and his girl search from room to room, and finally find Whit in the back.
Rodney: "Hey, Whitteroni! See what I got here!"
Whit: "Rodney, I haven't seen you in years! Where have you been?"
Rodney: "My pop sent me to a college in Indiana."
Whit: "You mean he payed for your tuition?!"
Rodney: "Naw, I had to get a job as a telemarketer. I couldn't believe it; they payed me to be obnoxious! It was like a dream..."
Whit: "Okay, I see. What were you saying when you walked in here?"
Rodney: "How could I forget!? This here is my fiancée. We'd like you to marry us."
Whit: "Pardon?"
Mysterious girl: "He means this; we would like you to officiate our wedding."
Whit: "I'm shocked. Step into my office, please."
The trio walks into John Avery Whittaker's ever-changing office.

Whit: "You're serious about this? You too are getting married?"
Rodney: "Sure we are."
Girl: "We're been planning it for months."
Whit: "And your parents approve?"
Girl: "Mine consented to it."
Rodney: "Pop's been trying to get me outta the house since he was born!"
Whit: "Well... it sounds like we have a match! Let me take down your information. What are your full names and ages?"
Rodney: "Rodney Pony Rathbone; 'Rodney' spelled with an e. I'm not allowed to give my age to strangers."
Whit: "That'll have to do. And yours, miss?"
Girl: "Clara Louise Portland. Age 21."
Whit: "Clara?"
Whit is amazed. Could it be?
Clara: "Hello again, Mr. Whit."
Scene fades with soul-stirring music.

Entry 5 - The King s Daughter - 1+37=38
A Gift from God

Scene One:

Setting: Opening time, Whit’s End.

Eugene walks into kitchen where Connie Kendall is already at work.

Eugene: Greetings and salutations Miss Kendall! What a picturesque morning!
Connie (sleepily): Good morning Eugene.
Eugene: Indeed it is!

Eugene whistles as he prepares for the shop to open. Connie is getting slightly annoyed at his enthusiasm as she’s doing good to stay awake.

Connie: Why are you so happy Eugene?
Eugene: Happy? I am merely exhilarated at the beauty this new day has to offer.
Connie (still tired): Really. Well, since you’re so happy why don’t you go out front and open the shop.
Eugene: I most certainly will, Miss Kendall.

Eugene walks out of the kitchen. Connie sighs in relief.

Scene Two:

Setting: Halfway into the afternoon. Right inside of Whit’s End. The room is empty except for a couple kids at a far table chatting away in the background. Eugene and Connie are at the counter washing off dirty dishes.

Eugene: This has been a delightful day, has it not Miss Kendall.
Connie: Eugene, why are you so happy today?
Eugene laughs: I already told you Miss Kendall, I am merely exhilar…
Connie (interrupts): No that’s not it Eugene! You are happy about something else and I know it!
Eugene: And what makes you so sure?
Connie: Well, on an ordinary day you wouldn’t be happy after having had kids in and out like crazy ALL day up until now of course, 6 dropped and broken ice cream glasses, a chocolate stain on your NICE shirt, and having to settle a zillion arguments!
Eugene: A zillion Miss Kendall? I beg to differ. I believe it’s only been…
Connie: That’s not the point Eugene! It’s something else and I know it. So you might as well tell me.
Whit (from kitchen): Eugene? Can you come give me a hand with this?
Eugene: Can’t chat now Miss Kendall. Got to go! Coming Mr. Whittaker!

Eugene goes to the kitchen.

Connie: Ugh! Sometimes he makes me so MAD!

Scene Three:

Setting: Whit’s End is closed, Eugene and Connie are cleaning tables.

Connie (scrubbing): The kids seem to be getting worse and worse when it comes to ice cream smudges on the table!
Connie: And the chairs are messier today too!
Connie: EUGENE!
Eugene: Pardon me Miss Kendall, where you speaking to me?
Connie (upset): YES! Why aren’t you paying attention to anything I say?
Eugene: I would have Miss Kendall, only I didn’t know you were speaking to me.
Connie (worked-up): Right. And who ELSE would I be speaking to? The only thing to talk to in here besides you is furniture! Why are you distracted today?
Eugene: I simply have other things on my mind.
Connie: Like?
Connie: Oh don’t bother to tell me. No one ever bothers to tell me. I’m always the last to know!
Eugene: I believe I need more soap.

Eugene heads towards kitchen. Connie takes a deep breath.

Connie: Eugene!
Eugene (stops): Yes, Miss Kendall?
Connie: I’m sorry Eugene. It’s just been a long day and all the kids are getting on my nerves and everything seems to be going wrong!
Eugene: I understand and accept your apology.

Connie picks up a pile of dishes and follows Eugene into the kitchen.

Eugene (in kitchen): Hello Mr. Whittaker! Do you need help cleaning that ice machine?
Whit: Hi Eugene. No thank you, but I could use help lifting this box over there under the shelf.
Eugene: Certainly Mr. Whittaker!

Whit and Eugene lift box, carry to new location, and set down again.

Whit: Thank you Eugene!
Eugene: Don’t mention it!
Whit: Say, what’s got you so cheerful today?
Eugene: I can’t take it anymore! Okay, I’ll tell you! After a visit to our physician Katrina and I were happily informed that we are going to have an infant!
Connie: What’d you say Eugene? Are you saying Katrina is pregnant?
Eugene: I suppose I did in a manner of speaking.
Connie and Whit are quiet a minute taking in the information.
Whit: Well, congratulations Eugene! How’s Katrina?
Eugene: Thank you Mr. Whittaker. Katrina is fairing fine I suppose, though she feels quite poorly in the mornings.
Connie: Wow Eugene, I…I...
Eugene: Say no more, Miss Kendall. It has been a tiring day for you.
Connie: Thanks Eugene. And congratulations. I’d like to make dinner for you both to help out until Katrina feels better.
Eugene: Thank you, but it is unnecessary.
Connie: No really! I want to!
Eugene: Very well. That is most generous of you. Oh, and we were trying not to inform the public just yet…
Connie: Don’t worry. I won’t tell!
Whit: Yes, we won’t tell until you’re ready Eugene. And we’ll pray Katrina feels well soon.
Eugene: Thank you both. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have tables to clean.

Eugene walks away whistling happily.

Connie (softly): Wow. A baby!

Chris: Wow! Eugene and Katrina are going to have a baby? I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl. Either way, Eugene and Katrina are very blessed! Did you know that the Bible talks about children being gifts from God? In Psalm 127:3a it says “Behold, children are a gift of the LORD”.

Well, what did you think of today’s episode? I’d love to hear from you! You can mail me at:

Odyssey, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80995

In Canada write to: P.O. Box 9800 Vancouver BC V6B4G3

And when you write, don’t forget to ask how you can get a copy of today’s episode! It’s called “A gift from God.

I’m Chris, inviting you to join us again next time for more Adventures in Odyssey!

Entry 6 - LizzieG - 0+34=34
When Grandma Came to Stay
Theme: Having love and patience for others in the long term
Notes: This could be an ongoing arc, but considering that this would be a rather slow-moving arc to tell in real-time, the someone-tells-a-story approach would probably work better.

Whit tells the story of when he was a child/teenager and his grandma came to live with them for a few years after her husband died. She was a kind woman, but when she moved in with them, was going through the early stages of dementia. As she gradually became more and more dependent, and more and more forgetful and repetitive, the Whittaker family had to struggle with learning to alter their lives and become more patient. In TV shows and other media (that I’ve seen, at least), when characters encounter someone with Alzheimer’s, it’s usually profound, thought-provoking, and sad, but doesn’t deal with the day-to-day issues of living with someone in that condition, and the patience and sacrifice that such a job requires.

Entry 7 - Irwin - 2+30=32
The first episode opens as Eugene and Whit are repainting the Bible Room and they make a few references about the last time Eugene did the job. Whit gets a call. He has received word form a pastor in North Carolina that his only sister, Joan, has died. Whit sits down in a desk chair, and wisps out a loud low, "Oh boy". While Whit has been on the phone up to this point Eugene, has still been painting.

Eugene: "Is something wrong, Mr. Whittaker?"
Whit: "Yes. [Pause] My sister died yesterday."
Eugene: [Delicately] "Oh, well I send my deepest sympathy, but I had not previously acquired the knowledge that you hav ... had a sister."
Whit: "Well, I did. Her name was Joan, and she was one of the greatest people that God put in my life."

The episode goes on with Whit explaining that his sister was adopted when he was 12 years old, by his father and step-mother. The episode flashes back to Whit's past with different voices representing his family. Eugene intently listens and draws connections between Whit's story and his own family. Some lesson is learned along the way from his childhood. This could be anything from trust, to patience, obedience, sharing, etc. At the end of the episode, Whit invites Eugene to attend the funeral with him, since he had previously helped Eugene with his family research.

Alternatively, Whit could be invited to a family reunion instead of receiving word that his sister died, but I like that latter better, because we'll see/hear a grieving side of Whit that we've rarely existed.

The second episode is somewhat of a spoof on "The Cross of Cortes", as Eugene starts to narrate their journey. He doesn't keep doing, it's just a small references to the episode in album 12. Connie and her mother is away visiting Connie's Aunt Helen, so she is not aware the Whit and Eugene are leaving. This mentioned in the episode, but they still forget to call Connie and tell her.

We don't hear it in the episode, but Whit mentions that he called his daughter Jana and her children, and that they’ll arrive the day of the funeral.

Nick is put in charge of Whit's End for the week. Whit tells him that he has matured greatly, and he is really proud of the great man he has become. We find out passively that Nick is studing at Campbell College to become an economist.

During the second half of the episode, Whit goes on to explain how his sister impacted his decision be a teacher and we learn more about Whit's life as a young adult. All of these flashbacks would be in a style similar to the one used in "Silent Night". All of this happening as Eugene and Whit go through airport security and board their plane. Episode two ends with their plane taking off.

Episode three is spent in Raleigh. North Carolina. The funeral is two days away, but Whit introduces Eugene to his family that still lives there. The tone is immediately switched from serious to adventurous when Whit's cousin Harvey tells him that his sister is actually alive, but hiding out. Eugene isn't around during this part, Whit retells this story to him later. He mentions to Eugene that Harvey looked out of breath for whatever reason, like he had raced to arrive at their hotel.

This starts the "green ring" arc. Essentially, Whit will go on a mission to discover where and why his sister, that he hasn’t seen in so long, is hiding out. Eventually Jason will show up, with a green ring, explaining that his cousin Harvey isn't related to them at all, but actually part of an international spy ring, called "the green ring". Jason wanted to infiltrate the operation, so he's going undercover, posing as one of these spies. As the story progresses farther, we learn that "the green ring" actually kidnapped Whit's sister as a ransom. They end kidnapping Whit as well and demanding Applesauce from him. They threaten to harm his sister he Whit doesn't tell them where to find it.

Jason, being part of the clan (sort of), tries to slyly convince them they don't need Applesauce because it is worthless. He doesn't get very far. Whit finally gives in to telling them, that it's in at Whit’s End in Odyssey. Jason and Whit had talked previously to Whit's kidnapping (Jason didn't know when it would happen), and discussed that this would be their last option.

By this time, Jana, Monty and Jennifer show up. Jana's children are now adults. The whole Whittaker clan catches and up and goes to dinner, where Jason and Whit explain what's going on. Although they realize that "the green ring" will be headed for Whit's End at any time, they are no longer hurried as their whole family is together.

Back in Odyssey, Connie is back and Nick fills her in in why Whit and Eugene are gone. Connie feels so sorry for Whit, and reveals that she didn't know he had a sister. At the same time a conspirator for "the green ring" comes in the door right at closing something. The conspirator is dressed in a black robe, which makes him barely visible. He has a conversation with Connie.

Connie: I'm going to go home now Nick.
[Whit's End bell]
Green Ring: Hello, are you the owner of the establishment.
Connie: No, I just work here. Would you like to order something?
GR: No, but if you don- [pulls out gun]
Connie: That's a gun!
GR: Yes! Now, don't push the alarm button.
Connie: How do you know about that button?
GR: [Pulls off cape] Well, how do you think I know?
Connie: Huaaaah?! Hank Murray!
Hank: In the flesh! Now I'm looking for a computer program called Applesauce, do you know where it is?
Connie: Applesauce?
Hank: Yes!
Connie: Um...I don't know what you mean.
Hank: We've been through this before girly. I've got six bullets in here, and I'm going to use one if you don't help me out here. You know where Applesauce is. TELL ME!

Nick had already gone home via the back door. Connie ends up leading Hank to Whit's Office where she opens the secret computer room for him. He doesn’t fin the program in the room, but just on Whit’s desktop computer, right on the C drive.

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Good job everyone!

Congrats again Marvin. :yes:

I voted for yours D.A.M. \:D/


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Wow, my entry was one of the highest rated! This has motivated me to do well on the Knowledge questions.

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If you read the topics in Whit's End frequently, you would have already seen mine, but I forgot to write something else before the deadline. I figured some points would better than none. \:D/


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