Knowledge Results With Answers!

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Knowledge Results With Answers!

Postby King Butter Turtle » Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:16 pm


1. Irwin - 40
2. American Eagle - 29
3. ric - 26
4. LizzieG - 24
5. EMBEE - 20
6. The King s Daughter - 19
7. bookworm - 14

1. Who stole $100,000 worth of jewelry, video equipment and cash?

Jerry Harry Larry Gary Perry (The Devil Made Me Do It)

2. Match the profession of crew-voiced characters to the position of their actors.
Scientist (Dr. Julius Scnitlzerbonker)----------Executive Producer (Chuck Bolte)
Newspaper Editor (Dale Jacobs)----------Writer (Phil Lollar)
Sherriff (Sheriff Bill)---------Sound Designer (Bob Luttrell)

3. Who has a brother?

Harlow Doyle
Sam Johnson

Harlow Doyle ("Huh? Oh, that's, 'Harlow Doyle; P.I.'. Sign's kinda messed up; my brother did it." in The Case of the Candid Camera)

4. Name three Odyssey Mailmen.

Acceptable answers include Wooton, Randall (Bad Luck), Ed (Welcoming Wooton/Rights, Wrongs and Winners), Mr. Sikes (The Search for Whit), George Poindexter (The New Kid in Town)

5. Which of Wooton’s cousins milks animals?

Chloe (Blood, Sweat and Fears)

6. Where did Nathaniel Graham intern?

The Electric Palace (Career Moves) (I also accepted 'Connelsville Children's Home' as half credit)

7. When did Whit move to Odyssey?

1971 (Whit's Visitor and Official Guide) (I also accepted 'After his son, Jerry, died in the Vietnam War.' as half credit)

8. Which of the following episodes should not have an exclamation point with it?

The Treasure of Le Monde!
New Year’s Eve Live!
Aloha, Oy!


9. What did Phil Lollar originally want ‘Avery’ to be?

Whit’s first name
Whit’s middle name
Whit’s last name
Tom’s middle name

Whit's first name (Official Guide)

10. Which character asks for boysenberries at Whit’s End?

Ricky McLean (Do Or Diet)

11. Why can’t ducks wear glasses?

Because they don’t have ears (Joke's On You)

12. When Whit is asked for help on a crossword puzzle, how many letters long are all three clues he’s given?

5 (The Benefit of the Doubt)

13. Which episode includes two different types of corn?

Cousin Albert

14. Which two kid characters’ fathers have the same first name?

Mandy and Jared/Trent (Stephen)

15. Which two kid characters’ mothers have the same first name?

Accepted answers include Charles and Lawrence (Maureen) and Alex and Mandy (Rachel) (I also accepted 'Donna and Jesus' as half credit. Justification being that Jesus did sort of appear as a kid character in The Star [and other Christmas episodes] but, crying is an uncredited role [it's considered foley, not acting]. I love the creativity, though. That answer made me laugh. :lol: )

16. Of the following people, who are grandparents?


Whit, Jack (Share and Share Alike/Seeing Red) (I was going for 'biological grandparent' but, accepted answers which included Joanne but, noted that she wasn't biologically.)

17. When someone submitted an essay to a magazine, what did he/she say his/her father did for a living?

Doctor (Rodney in Family Values)

18. Name a county near Campbell.

Acceptable answers included Cadbury and Camber among others. (all from Snow Day)

19. Name two characters who have had problems with TV addiction.

Acceptable answers included Whit (Doing Unto Others), Allison (Connie Goes to Camp), Erica Clark (Soaplessly Devoted) and Jeremy White (The Time of Our Lives)

20. Which animal appears in Odyssey and is named after a protestant reformer? (the answer is the type of animal)

Mouse (Luther in Nothing to Fear)

21. Which Odyssey business was owned by Ronald and is not named for a type of fish?

The Harlequin Dinner Theatre (A Capsule Comes to Town)

22. For which food/dish/item is Hal (of Hal’s Diner) famous?

Omelet (Between You and Me)

23. Name two orchestral instruments played by kid characters. (Orchestral instruments meaning those played at school (woodwind, brass, strings)) (Piano lessons don’t count)

Acceptable answers include French horn (Mandy), Trombone (Barrett), Cello (Trent) and Violin (Jenny Whittaker-Dowd)

24. Which category includes a cave, a palace and two cities?

Electronics Stores (King's Appliance Cave, The Electric Palace, Big Ed's Appliance City and Surveillance City)

25. Which of the following couples were raised with more proximity? (Their hometowns are closer)

Jack and Joanne (assume Joanne was raised in the city from which she moved to Odyssey)
Connie and Mitch

Jack (North Carolina) and Joanne (Chicago)

Thanks, everyone, for participating. :D You all did great. =D>
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Re: Knowledge Results With Answers!

Postby American Eagle » Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:03 pm

Irwin did especially well. Good job to you all! :D
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Re: Knowledge Results With Answers!

Postby The Kings Daughter » Sat Oct 02, 2010 7:23 am

24. Which category includes a cave, a palace and two cities?

Electronics Stores (King's Appliance Cave, The Electric Palace, Big Ed's Appliance City and Surveillance City)


haha very clever.

Good job everyone! \:D/

SnC Forever. Miss you still.
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Re: Knowledge Results With Answers!

Postby Irwin » Sat Oct 02, 2010 7:33 am

:thud: I can't believe I did so well without my collection accessible.

15. Haha. How do you define a "kid character" though? Donna grew up during the course of the series, making her a youth or adult.
24. That's a really great question! I was stumped forever.
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Re: Knowledge Results With Answers!

Postby bookworm » Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:41 pm

Fun contest, again.
I missed one this time, number 3. Somehow that line totally slipped my mind #-o
And I might have missed number 6 too, because I only said Whit.
I got all my other entries right though. 1, 8, 13, 19, 20, 22, 25 \:D/

And nice job on 24. I finally figured out the question, but never got an answer.
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