ToO Raffle--Gambling?

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Postby Fenix » Tue Apr 05, 2005 3:31 am

Dr. Watson wrote:
Shadowpaw wrote: but for me personally, I feel that it's no different from any other contest anyone else is hosting.

However, with contests, participants have to do something; in other words they have try hard and earn the prize, not just sit back and cross their fingers in hopes that they win the raffle.

Sorry but I have to disagree with that statement. If we were to look at playing poker or any other game like that it would be seen as gambling. I hear that poker requires some knowlege and skill as well. I just think that even though you have to do something to earn a reward it is still a form of gambling. You are taking a risk either way, in each circumstance you can either win or lose. I know the logic behind what I am saying is a little general but I was just trying to make the point that contests and lotterys are one in the same. Also if we see this "contest" as a form of gambling then how do we distingish what isn't gambling? Because it seems like anything can be seen as gambling if we were to look at it that way.
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