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 Post Post subject: Women's World Cup 2015
Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:56 pm 
ToO Historian
ToO Historian
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Surprised there hasn't been a thread on this, I know we have soccer fans here.
USA is in the Final!

The third place game yesterday was great, for the most part; first ever to go to extra time and the first time England has ever beaten Germany. Some unfortunate controversy at the end with a questionable penalty giving England the kick that got their goal, and then they blatantly stalled now that they were finally up, taking like five minutes to make a substitution.

I'll be live chatting the Final today in #FIFA - come by if you're watching!

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 Post Post subject: Re: Women's World Cup 2015
Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:02 pm 
The Council isn't corrupt
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I have vanished into the padded room.

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I hung out in #FIFA while Bookworm watch the game. So we got more than one person in the sport chat room this time, even if I wasn't watching the game.

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 Post Post subject: Re: Women's World Cup 2015
Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:34 pm 
ToO Historian
ToO Historian
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Yay USA! Woohoo! Wow, what an amazing game!

Moontide wasn't watching, but he hung out anyway which was great. Always nice to have company.
Women's World Cup - USA and Japan
Topic set by bookworm
15:43 Moontide joined #FIFA
15:59 bookworm joined #FIFA
16:00 <bookworm>: Hi! :)
16:00 <bookworm>: Are you watching?
16:03 <bookworm>: Goal already, USA!
16:05 <bookworm>: Another goal! This is incredible!
16:14 <bookworm>: ANOTHER ONE!!!
16:15 <Moontide>: No I am not watching
16:15 <Moontide>: But I thought I might as well be here
16:15 <bookworm>: ANOTHER!!!!!!!
16:15 <bookworm>: What is going on?????!!!!
16:16 <bookworm>: From half field!!
16:16 <bookworm>: Unbelievable!
16:17 <bookworm>: Yeah, you're definitely welcome to hang out anyway :)
16:21 <Moontide>: It will make the chat log slightly more interesting. :)
16:23 <bookworm>: Yes
16:23 <bookworm>: You should be watching though, this is amazing!
16:23 <bookworm>: I've never seen a game like this
16:23 <Moontide>: Who is playing?
16:23 <bookworm>: USA and Japan
16:24 <Moontide>: Is this the final game?
16:24 <bookworm>: Yes it's for the win!
16:25 <Moontide>: Because neither USA nor Japan are thought of as big soccer nations
16:25 <bookworm>: Japan won this last year I think
16:26 <bookworm>: I thought someone said they were defending here
16:27 <bookworm>: Goal Japan :(
16:27 <bookworm>: Good kick
16:27 <Moontide>: :(
16:28 <bookworm>: This would be USA's first win in 16 years I think they said
16:28 <bookworm>: Last time they were in the final was 2011, when they lost to Japan, interestingly
16:28 <bookworm>: Revenge game
16:29 <bookworm>: Wow almost another; good save by Solo
16:30 <Moontide>: What is the score?
16:30 <bookworm>: 4-1 USA in the 31st minute
16:31 <Moontide>: So USA is winning currently?
16:31 <bookworm>: Yes
16:31 <bookworm>: They were up 4-0 until a minute ago
16:34 <bookworm>: Already a record for most combined goals in the final
16:35 <bookworm>: Or maybe ties the record. Unclear
16:35 <bookworm>: Impressive either way
16:35 <Moontide>: yeah
16:37 <bookworm>: Oh no
16:37 <Moontide>: Did japan get another goal?
16:37 <bookworm>: Free kick Japan
16:37 <Moontide>: Oh
16:37 <bookworm>: Could have, but no
16:38 <bookworm>: Good defense
16:40 <bookworm>: Clear handball not called
16:46 <bookworm>: One minute stoppage time added
16:46 <bookworm>: Halftime
16:46 <bookworm>: That went really fast!
17:00 <Moontide>: So base on the first half of the game we would expect a score of 8-2.
17:01 <bookworm>: Heh, we'll see
17:02 <bookworm>: Back to action!
17:05 <bookworm>: Free kick USA
17:05 <Moontide>: Woot!
17:05 <bookworm>: Looks like a good angle
17:06 <bookworm>: But I have no idea really
17:06 <bookworm>: Got a header on it but didn't go at the net
17:07 <bookworm>: Had a chance; Good kick, good save. Corner kick USA
17:07 <bookworm>: But foul on it
17:07 <bookworm>: Japan's ball
17:07 <Moontide>: aw
17:08 <bookworm>: And another quick foul called, free kick Japan
17:08 <bookworm>: I don't know about that one
17:08 <bookworm>: Goal Japan >_>
17:08 <bookworm>: Ouch
17:09 <Moontide>: :(
17:09 <bookworm>: Wow, it was actually an own goal
17:09 <bookworm>: Double ouch
17:10 <bookworm>: Good charge, corner kick US
17:11 <bookworm>: Goal!!!
17:11 <bookworm>: That was executed perfectly
17:11 <Moontide>: The USA got a goal?
17:11 <bookworm>: Yes!
17:11 <bookworm>: 5-2 now
17:11 <Moontide>: Now USA only needs to get 3 more goals and I will be right!
17:12 <bookworm>: Yeah!
17:13 <bookworm>: Great charge by the US but Japan finally cut it off
17:16 <bookworm>: Japan makes their third and final substitution
17:16 <bookworm>: They already made two in the first half
17:17 <bookworm>: First USA substitution
17:17 <bookworm>: Saw someone in a bald eagle mask in the shot of the crowd :p
17:18 <Moontide>: xD
17:18 <bookworm>: That's a new one
17:20 <Moontide>: Was it a mask like this?
17:20 <bookworm>: Ooh, nice shot but wide
17:22 <bookworm>: Having trouble loading the page, can you link me directly to the image?
17:23 <Moontide>: ... talons.jpg
17:23 <Moontide>: How is that?
17:25 <bookworm>: That was exactly what it was!
17:25 <bookworm>: Didn't have the talons though that I saw
17:27 <bookworm>: Nice try off a corner kick, but too much power. Went over the net
17:28 <bookworm>: Good try by Japan but good save by Solo
17:29 <bookworm>: Wow, multiple great blocks on that charge by Japan!
17:29 <bookworm>: That was intense
17:30 <bookworm>: Another big charge, Japan is really going at it now!
17:31 <bookworm>: Almost got a shot off a corner kick, but out of bounds. US can recover now
17:33 <bookworm>: Great save by Solo! That definitely could have been a score
17:35 <bookworm>: Second US sub
17:37 <bookworm>: Good free kick by Japan, didn't go in but US had to block it out of bounds, so they get a corner kick
17:38 <bookworm>: But US clears it out
17:39 <bookworm>: Yellow card against Japan!
17:40 <bookworm>: But too far away to go at the goal
17:41 <bookworm>: Ouch, hard foul by Japan
17:42 <bookworm>: Yeah, that's a yellow
17:42 <bookworm>: Final US substitution
17:43 <bookworm>: And final five minutes!
17:44 <bookworm>: Hmm, Japan player is down, running clock in our favor
17:45 <bookworm>: Lots of time ticking here
17:45 <bookworm>: Break by US!
17:46 <bookworm>: Blocked out of bounds
17:46 <bookworm>: One minute left plus stoppage
17:47 <bookworm>: Three minutes added
17:50 <bookworm>: USA WINS!!!!!!!!
17:51 <Moontide>: Woot!
17:51 <Moontide>: (The delayed reaction was because I was away from my computer)
17:59 <bookworm>: Thanks for hanging out!
17:59 <Moontide>: You're welcome
17:59 <bookworm>: Mountie bringing out the trophy!
18:00 <bookworm>: (It's in Canada)
18:00 <Moontide>: Ah
18:02 <bookworm>: The officials get medals, that's interesting
18:03 <bookworm>: A trophy for something I didn't catch being given to someone I didn't catch
18:04 <bookworm>: Golden Boot award: for most goals scored, but that was a tie, so tiebreaker is most assists, but that was also tied! Third tiebreaker is minutes played
18:04 <Moontide>: Wow
18:04 <bookworm>: Goes to a US player
18:04 <bookworm>: Hope Solo gets the golden glove award for top goalkeeper
18:05 <bookworm>: The Bronze Ball to a Japanese player
18:06 <bookworm>: Silver Ball recipient isn't here, a French player I think
18:06 <bookworm>: Golden Ball to a USA player
18:07 <bookworm>: FIFA president didn't come because of 'travel risks' so someone else will present the trophy
18:07 <bookworm>: Japan getting their medals
18:09 <bookworm>: US players get their medals
18:12 <bookworm>: And there's the trophy lift!

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