Tax Season is Just Around the Corner!


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Tax Season is Just Around the Corner!

Postby ~JCGJ~ » Mon Dec 22, 2014 12:52 pm

So, Tax Season begins on January 2nd, which means you'll likely begin seeing both men and women dressed up as the Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam, dancing, waving, smiling, and singing on the side of the road to advertise for Liberty Tax Services... And (for the second year in a row), I shall be joining their ranks!
I just received a Facebook message from the boss-man last night, and he said that he'll pay me to come to the tryouts and demonstrate good waving techniques, and give a few pointers to new Wavers, which is uber-OK with me. \:D/

I compiled an 84 track playlist last night in preparation for Tax Season. However, if anyone has any suggestions as to what songs I should add, then please, by all means do so. I simply ask that any songs you suggest be "dancable," and extremely catchy, because I'm going to be hearing this playlist basically every day for the next 4 months.

Also, if any of you folks 16 years of age or older are looking for temporary employment, y'all should definitely tryout at your local Liberty Tax Services. There are so few people who are actually willing to be Wavers for Liberty Tax, I can pretty much give you a 99% guarantee that you'll get the job.
If you do get the job, you're welcome to use my hashtag (#LifeAsLadyLiberty) on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever else you use. I'd love to exchange stories with a fellow Waver about the things that get thrown out of car windows at you, things that get given to you, the fender-benders you cause, and the really cool moments that happen while you're out waving. :mrgreen:
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Re: Tax Season is Just Around the Corner!

Postby Anemone » Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:29 pm

Wow, that's awesome JCGJ! I hope you have a lot of fun. \:D/
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