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 Post Post subject: Bowl Game Live Chats
Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:48 pm 
ToO Historian
ToO Historian
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I set up a channel in the Chatroom for live chatting the College Football Bowl Games! \:D/
Join #Bowl if you're able to be online while you watch, especially if you are rooting for either team!
It would be particularly great if we get some members of our pick'em contest in there to comment on how they're doing. \:D/

I won't be there for most of the early ones, but feel free to hold your own viewing parties. Hopefully we'll have a good showing when we get to the bigger ones.

Schedule of teams, games, dates, times, and channels


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 Post Post subject: Re: Bowl Game Live Chats
Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 11:01 pm 
I'm finally not a No0b
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I'll see if I actually care enough to wake up on the 1st day of vacation for my team's bowl game (Washington) If I remember, I'll be there

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I used to be here.... but now I'm probably not.... so yeah

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 Post Post subject: Re: Bowl Game Live Chats
Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:33 pm 
ToO Historian
ToO Historian
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Well no one came in for any so far. That's too bad; I was only able to watch a few, but they were fun ones.

We just have the National Championship left, tonight: Clemson vs Alabama

Not sure if I'll be able to watch it, but I will be in the Chatroom anyway so if anyone else is please come by!
If you are watching there are 14 broadcasts you can choose from! That's kind of crazy, but kind of awesome; you can pick exactly what kind of viewing experience you want.

-- 19 Jan 2016 10:37 am --

A few people were around the Chatroom, but no one else watched the game. Too bad, it was a pretty great one. The evening wasn't a disappointment though as I connected with another Packer fan which gained a participant for the next NFL chat.
#aio wrote:
17:32 <bookworm>: Anyone watching the National Championship????
17:32 <bookworm>: It's about to kick off!
17:33 <kait>: national championship ... of .... ?
17:33 <bookworm>: College Football
17:33 <bookworm>: Clemson vs Alabama
17:33 <kait>: Oh gotcha
17:37 <bookworm>: Join #Bowl if you are!
17:38 <Court>: What's Bowl?
17:38 <bookworm>: Channel for live chatting the game!
17:38 <Court>: What game?
17:38 <Court>: Oh. Nevermind.
17:38 <bookworm>: The National Championship...
17:38 <Tea_Ess>: :p
18:32 <bookworm>: You should turn it on; it's really exciting already!
18:38 <Joy>: What's everyone up to?
18:39 <bookworm>: Watching the National Championship! Join #Bowl if you are too!
18:40 <Joy>: Haha not really into football, sorry bookie.
18:40 <bookworm>: :(
18:48 AIO_rules joined #aio
18:48 <AIO_rules>: hello
18:50 AIO_rules wonders where everyone is
18:50 <bookworm>: Watching the National Championship! Join #Bowl if you are too!
18:51 <AIO_rules>: championship for what
18:51 <bookworm>: College football
18:51 <AIO_rules>: oh
18:52 <AIO_rules>: ill be watching the super bowl when that comes up
18:52 <bookworm>: Great! Be sure to come on chat if you can do that while watching!
18:53 <bookworm>: I will definitely be holding a viewing chat party for that too
18:53 <AIO_rules>: cool
18:53 <snubs>: I usually watch the super bowl too.
18:53 <AIO_rules>: what are ur fav teams
18:53 <bookworm>: You rooting for a particular team to get there?
18:53 <AIO_rules>: kinda
18:53 <AIO_rules>: they r doing sorta bad this year
18:53 <bookworm>: Packers are the only team left I really want to go.
18:54 <AIO_rules>: really???
18:54 <bookworm>: If they go out I don't care until we get there and I pick a team to cheer for
18:54 <AIO_rules>: lol me too
18:54 <bookworm>: You too Packers?
18:54 <AIO_rules>: Ya
18:54 <bookworm>: Awesome!
18:55 <bookworm>: My dad is from Green Bay so they've been the family team all my life
18:56 <AIO_rules>: my mom and dad r both from Wisconsin
18:56 <bookworm>: Cool!
18:56 <AIO_rules>: so the family are packer fans
18:57 <AIO_rules>: lol my grandma gets super into watching the games
18:57 <bookworm>: My dad gets too into them ;)
18:58 <bookworm>: I root for them really hard, and do get upset if they don't do well, but I don't go *crazy* over it
18:58 <AIO_rules>: ya they had a good game on Sunday
18:58 <bookworm>: Yes! :D
19:07 <bookworm>: Join #Bowl if anyone is watching the National Championship! It's a good one!
19:08 <Jason>: National championships? As in basketball?
19:28 <bookworm>: Second half just kicked off
19:54 <bookworm>: Well if no one else is going to watch I'm not going to stay here specially, I guess I'll go home.
19:54 <bookworm>: Hope I can get it on the radio
19:54 <bookworm>: I do want to follow it, just don't need to stay here to *watch*
19:54 <Lacey>: What on the radio?
19:55 <bookworm>: The National Championship
19:55 <Jason>: What's the national championship?
19:55 <bookworm>: For college football
19:55 <Jason>: Ah.
19:57 <bookworm>: Going to go try to get it in the car, might be back if I can't
19:58 <Kaida>: If you can't?
19:58 <bookworm>: Get the game on the radio
19:58 <Kaida>: Ah.
19:58 <bookworm>: If I can't I might just stay here and watch
19:58 <bookworm>: At least the rest of this quarter
19:59 bookworm quit
20:29 bookworm joined #aio
20:29 <bookworm>: I'm at home now, listening on the radio
21:18 <bookworm>: Alabama wins
21:18 <bookworm>: Bleh
21:19 <bookworm>: Goodnight folks
21:19 Kaida pats bookworm.
21:19 <Kaida>: Night.
#Bowl wrote:
Live chat for the College Football National Championship! Clemson vs Alabama
Topic set by bookworm
17:37 Tea_Ess joined #Bowl
17:38 Court joined #Bowl
17:39 <bookworm>: Are you watching?
17:40 <Tea_Ess>: No. I was thinking I could watch the discussion, though.
17:41 <bookworm>: If I'm the only one watching there won't be much :P
17:41 Court nods.
17:41 <Court>: Sorry, my computer is not near the TV>
17:41 <Tea_Ess>: Yeah, I thought more people would be interested. =p
17:41 <bookworm>: As did I, college football is big
17:41 <bookworm>: Oh well
17:47 Tea_Ess quit
18:06 Court quit
18:39 Joy joined #Bowl
18:40 Joy left #Bowl
18:50 AIO_rules joined #Bowl
19:00 <AIO_rules>: hello
19:00 <bookworm>: Hi :)
19:05 <bookworm>: I'm excited, you're the first person that has expressed definite interest in a specific game chat
19:06 <bookworm>: I've been chatting the other games of the season but not many people ever came by
19:06 <bookworm>: Hopefully the Super Bowl would have more
19:06 <AIO_rules>: yes
19:07 <AIO_rules>: well I love football and I was born on super bowl Sunday
19:07 <AIO_rules>: so I guess it runs in my blood
19:07 Jehoshaphat joined #Bowl
19:07 <bookworm>: Haha
19:08 Jehoshaphat left #Bowl
19:08 <bookworm>: Which one?
19:08 <AIO_rules>: uh 2002
19:08 <bookworm>: Just a few before I started paying attention
19:08 <AIO_rules>: ah
19:11 <bookworm>: Seahawks/Steelers (2006) was the first football game I really watched for the game. Understanding it
19:11 <bookworm>: I'd 'watched' Packer games for years before because the family did, but had no idea what was happening


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