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Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 2:34 pm 
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I was just writing one day...when this happened. Pirates of the caribbean in poetry form. Sad. Warning, it's long....But please, critique it to death! (And should this be somewhere else? I have no idea.)

Pirates of the Caribbean: A Poem
As the ship sails into the bay,
And the sun sets on the day,
The man on the mast watches out,
For those who don’t want him about

He tricks, he takes, he dives, he saves
But the ‘P’ to him which they gave
Got him rights to a rope
By soldiers who don’t cope

So he hides but is found,
Once again taken and bound,
And is given a cell, near to the bay,
Which later that night, allows him to say

“I know those guns”, perhaps hope is near
Never oh never, give into fear!
Fight to the last, but don’t ever,
Insult the dog, who ruins the endeavor

To spring from the jail,
“Won’t someone post bail?
Perhaps one I fought
One who can be taught

Way in which one can trick,
‘Look at the ships, go ahead, pick!’
We’ll take the best, and win yet again,
Even to fooling all the King’s men!

We’ll pick up a crew, then head out to fight,
Oh and your dad, wasn’t quite right,
He was like me, and you know that’s not good.
But we can also be decent, and he could”

So they sailed away, to the battle and war,
And the young one swore,
“I’ll rescue or die!”
“Oh good!” came the reply

To an ancient isle they go
One which few people know,
“A curse is there, be careful and smart!”
“You don’t need to worry, I know my part!”

The curse was still there,
This the cursed could not bear
But their salvation was gone,
And then their guns were put on,

The one who had left,
With his hands he was deft,
He made with them a deal,
“I can be such a heel!”

Names were uncovered, a man was thought lost,
Was all this, really worth the cost?
Two were marooned, saved by the navy,
Spared from the fate of the Locker of Davy

A huge fight occurred, between good and bad
And certain of them were rather mad
Then the curse was lifted, the battle was won,
The evil one killed by the shot of a gun

One to be hanged, another to save,
To thank him for the treasure he gave
Two got together, one was left out,
Another was saved by a ship sailing about

Thus endeth the tale though not quite complete,
The last got his ship back, tidy and neat
If you stand over the sea, and look down below…..
“Drink up me hearties, yo ho!”

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Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 9:08 pm 
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Interesting...but I'm not good with Poetry. I think this should be in Hillingdale Haven.


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