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 Post Post subject: MLB All Star Game 2017 Live Chat
Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:39 pm 
ToO Historian
ToO Historian
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Image The MLB All Star Game is today at 8pm ET on Fox. If anyone else is watching it please come by the Chatroom and join #MLB \:D/


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 Post Post subject: Re: MLB All Star Game 2017 Live Chat
Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:03 pm 
Why am I even here?

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It was so much FUN! A really interesting game and even more fun when there are other people to react off of. I definitely enjoyed my first All-Star game since getting back into regularly watching baseball. And this is sounding too much like some weird review of a place or something, so I guess I should add something unique. A journalist got hit with a baseball. It was crazy.

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 Post Post subject: Re: MLB All Star Game 2017 Live Chat
Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:45 pm 
ToO Historian
ToO Historian
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Joined: Thu Jul 06, 2006 8:10 pm

Posts: 14466
Age: 27
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Cash: 530.42
Bank: 57,000.00
It was very fun! Thank you for coming, I'm so happy to find another baseball fan! :D

#MLB wrote:
Live chat of the MLB All Star Game on Fox
Topic set by bookworm
17:50 l joined #MLB
17:50 <bookworm>: Yay!!
17:50 <l>: :D
17:51 <bookworm>: I assume you like baseball?
17:51 <bookworm>: To be into an exhibition game like this
17:51 <l>: I do indeed
17:51 <bookworm>: Awesome!
17:51 <bookworm>: Got a team?
17:52 <l>: I technically am a Phillies fan
17:52 <l>: But y'know that isn't going to well for us this year so I've recently started following Toronto with a friend
17:52 <l>: You?
17:52 <bookworm>: Giants!
17:53 <bookworm>: Who are absolutely abysmal this season
17:53 <bookworm>: Lol
17:53 <bookworm>: Have to laugh about it or it hurts
17:54 <l>: Well not as bad as the Phillies at least :P
17:54 <bookworm>: I don't know
17:54 <bookworm>: What's your record
17:54 <bookworm>: 29-58
17:54 <bookworm>: Just looked it up
17:54 <l>: Yup
17:55 <l>: *dies*
17:55 <bookworm>: That is pretty bad :p
17:55 <l>: Veryyyy
17:55 <bookworm>: Giants are 34-56
17:55 <l>: Well I guess that's not too much better
17:55 <bookworm>: We can commiserate
17:55 <l>: Mmhm :)
17:56 <bookworm>: They were so amazing last year!
17:56 <bookworm>: I really don't understand the drop-off
17:56 <bookworm>: Other than they historically don't do well in odd years lately
17:56 <bookworm>: But this is ridiculous
17:56 <l>: That's odd
17:57 <bookworm>: If it means a World Series every other year I'll take the dips in between though
17:57 <bookworm>: ;)
17:58 <bookworm>: We'll see what happens next season, maybe the magic comes back
17:58 <bookworm>: Championship streak was ended by the Cubs last year, but they were having a legendary season of their own
17:58 <l>: Well yeah that's all you could hope for
18:00 <l>: I still remember the time when the Phillies were on top. Nine years ago hah
18:00 <bookworm>: You rooting for the National League then?
18:00 <l>: Naw, I don't really have a side this time
18:01 <bookworm>: Well, that's where the Phillies players are
18:02 <l>: Yeah, I know, but for this as long as there's a good game, I'm gine
18:02 <bookworm>: I am, for the Giants (or Giant, I'm sure all that is there is Posey the way they've been playing)
18:02 <bookworm>: It doesn't really matter though since it's not for home field anymore
18:02 <bookworm>: Which is a good change I've come to agree
18:03 <l>: Hmm interesting
18:03 <bookworm>: The winning team probably gets a little more money, so I'd like it to be my guys
18:04 <bookworm>: But that's all
18:05 <l>: Because they don't get enough of that already
18:05 <bookworm>: Right :p
18:05 <bookworm>: But if one of the teams is getting it I mean, might as well be the one with guys I root for
18:06 <l>: Yeah that makes sense
18:07 <bookworm>: Been getting on base well here, but no scoring yet
18:07 <l>: Yeah it's very balanced
18:08 <bookworm>: It's so great you like baseball, KF is the only other person I know here that does
18:10 <l>: There are a lot less people into it these days
18:10 <l>: Well as far as I see
18:10 <l>: I actually just got back into it a couple weeks ago
18:10 <bookworm>: It's so weird that they keep talking to people out there playing
18:10 <bookworm>: Can't usually do that
18:11 <l>: Hmm yeah
18:11 <bookworm>: I've only been really into it myself for about 3 years
18:12 <l>: Oh cool, what got you into it?
18:14 <bookworm>: I'm not really sure specifically actually, I just all of a sudden really love it
18:14 <bookworm>: I've followed the Giants as a team since making them my team in 2010, but didn't care about the sport itself really until a couple seasons ago
18:15 <bookworm>: Bases loaded!
18:15 <l>: That's cool!!!
18:16 <l>: Yes!
18:16 <bookworm>: Out :(
18:16 <bookworm>: Darn
18:16 <l>: Awww
18:16 <bookworm>: Anyway yeah, the last two seasons I noticed I was now appreciating the sport not just my team
18:17 <bookworm>: I'm really *getting* it
18:17 <bookworm>: Like the strategy and stuff
18:18 <l>: I've noticing that too
18:18 <l>: I mean last time I watched it I was around nine or so
18:18 <bookworm>: I think it might have moved up quietly to become my favorite sport actually
18:18 <bookworm>: It's definitely second if not
18:18 <l>: YEY!
18:18 <l>: What's the first then?
18:18 <bookworm>: Basketball
18:19 <l>: Ehhh
18:19 <l>: Not my favorite :P
18:19 <bookworm>: Have you ever been to a baseball game live?
18:20 <l>: Well besides my brother's little league hah, I've been to two MLB and one minor
18:21 <bookworm>: I always said baseball was the only sport I had any interest in watching in person (rather than on TV) even before I actually liked the sport
18:22 <l>: Cooool. How come?
18:23 <bookworm>: It was just the only one that seemed worth it to be there
18:23 <bookworm>: Football is definitely better at home on TV
18:23 <bookworm>: Basketball could be fun, but tv is fine
18:23 <bookworm>: But something about baseball, it's just a fun in person experience
18:24 <bookworm>: I thought it seemed it would be anyway, I had never been
18:24 <bookworm>: I finally got to go to a game a couple years ago, a summer league that plays nearby (college players in the off-season mostly) and had a blast
18:24 <bookworm>: So much fun!
18:24 <l>: That's great!!!
18:24 <l>: Yeah it is
18:24 <l>: It's something about the atmosphere I guess
18:25 <bookworm>: Yeah
18:25 <bookworm>: I wanted to get to some games at my University last year but never made it
18:25 <bookworm>: But I got to one this year
18:26 <bookworm>: And again loved it
18:26 <l>: Coool!
18:26 <bookworm>: I'm making a definite effort to go to every one I can next year now
18:26 <bookworm>: They're free for me \:D/
18:26 <l>: Our neighborhood would occasionally organize things to let everyone go
18:27 <bookworm>: It's going to be great
18:27 <bookworm>: But it's so far away! :(
18:27 <bookworm>: Season just ended lol
18:29 <l>: Awwww
18:29 <l>: When does it start back up?
18:29 <bookworm>: Not sure exactly, but at least several months I'm sure
18:29 <bookworm>: Oh!
18:30 <bookworm>: I can go to that summer league again though!
18:30 <bookworm>: It's summer!
18:30 <bookworm>: I'll have to look into that
18:30 <bookworm>: Not free like the university games, but definitely worth getting to a few
18:30 <bookworm>: Not expensive
18:30 <l>: And spending a little money is totally worth it
18:31 <bookworm>: For the experience yeah
18:31 <bookworm>: It's about the same as a movie ticket
18:31 <bookworm>: Definitely worth it
18:31 <bookworm>: NL on base again
18:32 <bookworm>: Are you kidding
18:32 <bookworm>: Double play
18:32 <bookworm>: :(
18:32 <l>: Wowww
18:32 <bookworm>: That was a really deep hit I sure thought it was a sacrifice fly
18:33 <bookworm>: Great throw to get to second in time I guess
18:33 <l>: Mmhm
18:41 <bookworm>: Error >_>
18:41 <bookworm>: First score, AL
18:41 <l>: Mmmhm
18:41 <bookworm>: Should have been an easy catch
18:43 <l>: Yeah
18:43 <bookworm>: There's a catch
18:45 <l>: Ugh I wish I could watch it on TV :P
18:45 <bookworm>: Watching online?
18:45 <l>: Yup
18:45 <l>: You?
18:46 <bookworm>: TV
18:46 <l>: Hah lucky
18:47 <bookworm>: Oh did you get a slurpee?
18:48 <l>: No :(
18:48 <bookworm>: :(
18:48 <l>: I had to do math and then we had to rush to VBS
18:48 <bookworm>: Ah
18:50 <l>: Yeah :/
18:50 <l>: Well next year haha
18:50 <bookworm>: Yes
18:50 <bookworm>: I got a watermelon lime
18:50 <bookworm>: So good
18:50 <l>: Ooooh yummy
18:50 <bookworm>: First one I've had since last year's free one :p
18:50 <bookworm>: They're not really my thing
18:50 <l>: HAha
18:50 <bookworm>: But once a year sure
18:51 <l>: Yeah, I prefer Wawa stuff
18:58 <bookworm>: Woah
18:58 <bookworm>: That helmet
18:58 <bookworm>: And pads
18:59 <l>: OOOOOOH
18:59 <bookworm>: Who is that?
18:59 <bookworm>: Molina?
18:59 <l>: Dunno
18:59 <bookworm>: I've never seen anything like it
19:00 <bookworm>: Seems like it would be distracting to the pitcher
19:01 <l>: Hmm yeah, I guess it could be
19:01 <l>: It's shiiiny
19:01 <bookworm>: Yeah it's Molina
19:01 <bookworm>: I like it
19:01 <bookworm>: But don't also
19:01 <bookworm>: Lol
19:02 <l>: Haha
19:02 <l>: I wouldn't take my phone with me when I'm batting
19:04 <bookworm>: Hmm? Someone did that? I was away for a minute
19:05 <l>: Mhm, he took a selfie with Joe West
19:05 <bookworm>: While batting?
19:05 <l>: Right before
19:05 <bookworm>: Weird
19:06 <l>: Haha yeah
19:06 <bookworm>: I know it's just a for fun game but I didn't know it was that loose
19:06 <bookworm>: Heh
19:06 <l>: I guess it's his hero or something
19:10 <l>: OOOOOOOOOH
19:10 <bookworm>: Yay!
19:10 <bookworm>: Molina home run
19:11 <bookworm>: Tie game
19:11 <l>: YES!
19:21 <bookworm>: Nice catch
19:21 <l>: Indeed
19:22 <bookworm>: Time to stretch
19:23 <l>: Which was started by one of our presidents
19:23 <bookworm>: That's right
19:23 <bookworm>: Taft?
19:24 <bookworm>: Yes it was
19:24 <bookworm>: Aha
19:24 <bookworm>: :)
19:26 <l>: Haha I guess so
19:26 <l>: I thought it was Cleveland, but I'll take your word for it
19:26 <bookworm>: I looked it up after I asked
19:27 <l>: Yeah I guessed that hah
19:27 <l>: Answering your own questions
19:27 <bookworm>: Apparently it might not be a true story
19:28 <l>: Awwww
19:28 <l>: That would be cool though
19:29 <l>: Wowww
19:29 <bookworm>: ?
19:30 <l>: That first out. The catch was fancy.
19:30 <bookworm>: Ah
19:30 <bookworm>: Base hit!
19:30 <bookworm>: Prefect drop over the infielders
19:31 <bookworm>: But followed right by a double play
19:31 <bookworm>: Ugh
19:31 <l>: Ugggh
19:41 <bookworm>: Base hit AL
19:41 <bookworm>: Only a single, good
19:41 <bookworm>: Could have probably gotten two
19:42 <bookworm>: Strikeout!
19:42 <bookworm>: To the bottom of 8
19:42 <bookworm>: 1-1
19:43 <l>: WOOHOO
19:43 <l>: Yeah let's see if this game goes overtime
19:43 <bookworm>: Ha yeah
19:50 <bookworm>: And into the 9th
19:50 <l>: Yaaaah
19:51 <l>: It's getting cloooser
19:53 <bookworm>: Lead off man reaches base
19:54 <bookworm>: Stolen base
19:54 <l>: Wait huh?
19:54 <l>: Sorry I got distracted for a second
20:00 <bookworm>: First batter got to second on a nice hit then a steal
20:00 <bookworm>: But hasn't moved since
20:01 <bookworm>: Two outs now
20:02 <l>: Ohh okay
20:02 <l>: Yeah
20:02 <bookworm>: Balk
20:02 <bookworm>: Ugh
20:02 <bookworm>: Runner to third
20:03 <bookworm>: Strikeout!
20:03 <bookworm>: Got saved
20:03 <bookworm>: To the bottom of 9!
20:03 <bookworm>: Can the NL end it here?
20:04 <l>: Here's to hoping!
20:06 <bookworm>: 3-0
20:07 <bookworm>: Walk!
20:07 <l>: Yey!!
20:10 <bookworm>: Out
20:11 <l>: Yikes
20:11 <bookworm>: Wild pitch!
20:11 <bookworm>: Winning run to second
20:12 <bookworm>: Passed ball actually
20:12 <l>: Aha
20:13 <bookworm>: Almost another there
20:13 <bookworm>: Conference at the mound
20:14 <bookworm>: Getting a little nervous?
20:14 <l>: Possibly
20:14 <bookworm>: Full count...
20:14 <l>: Also they aren't used to each other
20:14 <bookworm>: That's true
20:14 <bookworm>: Good point
20:14 <bookworm>: Walk!
20:14 <bookworm>: Two on, one out
20:15 <l>: Bases are filling up
20:16 <bookworm>: Sac fly
20:16 <bookworm>: Runners at the corners
20:16 <bookworm>: 2 outs
20:17 <l>: Ugh
20:17 <bookworm>: Runner at first goes to second uncontested
20:18 <bookworm>: Base hit ends the game...
20:18 <bookworm>: Strike 2...
20:18 <l>: Sooo close
20:19 <bookworm>: Strikeout! :o
20:19 <bookworm>: Extra innings
20:20 <l>: Funnnn
20:20 <l>: I mean also ahh
20:20 <bookworm>: Yeah, it's both
20:20 <bookworm>: ;)
20:23 <bookworm>: Homerun
20:23 <bookworm>: AL up 2-1
20:24 <l>: Ahhh
20:24 <bookworm>: That might do it
20:25 <l>: Possibly
20:25 <bookworm>: Ooh cameraman hit
20:25 <l>: Eeek
20:26 <bookworm>: Oh yeah, the AL always wins this game
20:26 <bookworm>: I forgot
20:26 <l>: Haha is that really a thing?
20:27 <bookworm>: They've won the last five
20:27 <l>: Oh wow
20:27 <bookworm>: So literally as long as I've been watching
20:27 <l>: Hah
20:27 <l>: Well there's still hope!!
20:28 <bookworm>: Now that it's not for anything you just want a good game like you said
20:28 <bookworm>: Which this is
20:28 <bookworm>: So it's whatever
20:29 <l>: Mahm that's true
20:29 <l>: It's been an interesting, game even though there weren't many runs
20:29 <bookworm>: Yeah, big defensive games like this can be as compelling as big scoring ones
20:29 <l>: That's true
20:29 <bookworm>: Nice double play!
20:29 <bookworm>: Wait was that a triple
20:30 <l>: OOOh
20:30 <bookworm>: No, double
20:30 <bookworm>: Was confused because it ended the inning
20:30 <bookworm>: I thought there were no outs for a minute
20:31 <l>: Yeah, I saw that out earlier, but I don't really remember where it came from :P
20:33 <bookworm>: Great catch!
20:33 <bookworm>: Unfortunately
20:33 <bookworm>: Lol
20:33 <l>: HAha yeah
20:34 <bookworm>: That was really nice though
20:34 <l>: Mmhm
20:34 <l>: The dive
20:35 <bookworm>: Another nice play
20:35 <bookworm>: 2 out
20:36 <l>: Oooh yeah
20:36 <l>: Ugh
20:37 <bookworm>: Walk
20:37 <bookworm>: A homerun would win :p
20:38 <bookworm>: Final strike...
20:38 <l>: Eeeeeeek
20:38 <bookworm>: Ballgame
20:38 <bookworm>: Whew
20:39 <l>: Mmmhm
20:39 <bookworm>: 17 of the last 21 for the AL
20:39 <bookworm>: Crazy
20:39 <l>: Oh wowww
20:39 <bookworm>: O.o
20:39 <bookworm>: That's actually kind of ridiculous
20:39 <bookworm>: Heh
20:40 <l>: I wonder why though
20:40 <bookworm>: Thanks for coming I really appreciate it!
20:40 <l>: You're welcome!
20:40 <bookworm>: So much funner to watch with others!
20:40 <l>: Thanks for putting these things on
20:40 <l>: That's so true
20:41 <bookworm>: There's an MVP for this?
20:41 <bookworm>: I didn't know that
20:41 <bookworm>: Or didn't remember
20:42 <bookworm>: I'll stay tuned then
20:42 <bookworm>: I'm going to guess whoever that was that got the winning homer
20:42 <l>: Hmm that's possible
20:42 <l>: Yeah, it's a people's vote I think
20:43 <bookworm>: Ah
20:43 <l>: As far as what I was hearing
20:43 <l>: About Twitter and all
20:44 <bookworm>: It was him
20:45 <l>: Mmmhm
20:46 <bookworm>: Alright I should go
20:46 <bookworm>: See you later!
20:46 <l>: Aww okay
20:46 <l>: See ya!!!


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