Happy Birthday Shadowpaw!

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Postby Jessicado » Sat Apr 16, 2005 11:24 pm

I didn't know I was supposed to send anyone anything..... :(

But, nonetheless--


I hope it's great!

And 21 is NOT old................ :noway:
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Postby Fenix » Sat Apr 16, 2005 11:26 pm

Happy Twenty First Birthday ShadowPaw

Eat plenty of Cake and Have a Great Day!!
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Postby Shadowpaw » Sun Apr 17, 2005 9:49 am

Again, thanks everyone :). And to get rid of the second thread that exists in my name, here are those posts:

Chandler wrote:Shadowpaw officially joins the ranks of adulthood! Or is that when he hits 30...? :-k

Either way...

=D> :D Happy Birthday! :D =D>

poWerbOy wrote:Happy Birthday Shadowpaw!! \:D/ =D> :cheerleader:

J-man wrote:*sings* :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo:

Today is your birthday, happy happy birthday,
today is your birthday, happy birthday hey!

The Top Crusader wrote::inlove:

Laurie wrote:Happy Birthday Shadowpaw!!!! \:D/

Trent DeWhite wrote::worship: :worship:

My I extend my politically correct birthday wishes to the Great Paw!

At last--Today's your Special 1 Day!
The World 2 all stops to shout hooray 3 !
We4 wish you peace and joy and fun
Today you're the exalted 5 one.
So have a drink 6 or a cigar 7,
Go to the beach 8 or buy a car. 9
And cut a piece of chocolate cake 10
Just after 11 a big juicy steak. 12
And everywhere you go 13 today
The crowds 14 will part, as people 15 say,
"Oh bliss, oh glee, oh happy joy!" 16
And thrill to see the birthday boy. 17
So dance 18 and sing and have a ball! 19
A Happy Birthday from us 20 all!

1 Except where this day is a holiday celebrated by other cultures, or others whose birthday should fall on this day, respecting the effect of the International Dateline.
2 Or, more properly, the portion of the world immediately surrounding you, which may differ significantly in any way from other cities, towns, or countries, all of which are valid and important in their own right.
3 Except persons speaking other languages, who may shout whatever version of "hooray" their specific culture supports.
4 "We" being any who consent to such a wish, not including persons of differing viewpoints who may dissent.
5 Not to imply others may be any less exalted, either today, or on their own birthdays, or any day of their choosing.
6 This does not endorse excessive alcohol use, nor does it condone such irresponsible behavior as drinking and driving. We support completely the objectives of 12-step groups and other support organizations.
7 Except in no-smoking areas, or in sitations where second-hand smoke may harm or offend others in the vicinity. Not an endorsement of the tobacco industry or of this or any other addictive behavior.
8 Reflecting a proper concern for the environment, please take public transportation, do not introduce sun lotions or other pollutants into the ocean ecosystem, and remember to remove all litter when you leave.
9 Non-combustion engine, high mileage, carpooling only, please.
10 Made only from food products that are rain-forest friendly, served on reusable plates made from recycled materials only. Watch your cholesterol count.
11 Not intended to defame or offend those who prefer to eat dessert first.
12 Due to the ecological inefficiency of raising beef, we recommend a steak of non-dolphin-endangering tuna.
13 Please restrict your movements if we are in a Stage 3 or higher Smog Alert.
14 Recognizing the unique qualities of each individual, even though we refer to them collectively as "crowds".
15 Not to exclude any animal, insect, plant, or other life or non-life from that wishes to join in.
16 See note 3 above.
17 Not intended as an assumption of age or sex, nor as a patronizing nickname.
18 Reflecting, if possible, the influence of third-world music, the costumes of sub-Arctic cultures, and an attempt to choose partners who are differently-abled.
19 Made from recycled materials, filled with purified air, bounced with due concern for the privacy and quiet of those around you.
20 See note 4 above.

Evil Chick wrote:Happy Birthday, Shadowpaw! Hope you have a wonderful, God blessed year! \:D/

AndreaMeltsner wrote:We just cant sotp saying it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! \:D/

Thanks again :). It was a very nice birthday, thanks in large part to all of you!
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Postby EugeneFan » Sun Apr 17, 2005 3:11 pm

Happy belated birthday Shadowpaw! I'm sorry for being late, but my message wasn't included for some reason :(.
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Postby Catspaw » Sun Apr 17, 2005 9:28 pm

HarlowRoxMySox wrote:Happy birthday Shadowpaw, I know you wouldn't do it, but don't go out and celebrate by drinking. (I know you wouldn't do this, but you have to say this to every person turning 21, I'm told.) Anyway, happy birthday and thanks so much for everything you've done!

In Canada the legal age is 18, so if he wanted to do so, this would not be his first opportunity! (Though I agree that it would be a foolhardy way to celebrate).
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