Flat Eugene Project on the SS is now VIRTUAL

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Flat Eugene Project on the SS is now VIRTUAL

Postby Lady Belle » Mon Jun 01, 2015 6:20 pm

Howdy folks. You may have seen my Flat Eugene Project post about sending out a little flat Eugene to different members in the mail.

(Some of you may have heard of the Flat Stanley Project, but if not, I’ll explain it here. Basically, Flat Stanley is a flat paper doll that people send around to friends, and take pictures of their adventures. (Here’s a link for more info:http://www.flatstanleyproject.com/)

So, I was thinking, why not do a Flat Eugene on the SS? Members could send him around and take pictures of their adventures!)

However, many members expressed their concern with revealing their address, and said they wouldn’t be allowed to do so.

SO, HomeschoolCowgirl came up with a great idea, to make the Flat Eugene virtual instead!

This will eliminate any safety concerns, as you still won’t need to be in the pictures with Eugene, and you won’t need to mail anything anywhere!

So what changes?

I will post an image of the official Flat Eugene, and each member, whoever wants to participate, can print him out and take pictures of him around their house, hometown, or on any trips they take.

Once I have posted the image, I will also post the official Flat Eugene thread, and members can post pictures, as many or as few as they’d like, and Eugene’s thoughts on visiting that particlar place.

Another advantage to making it virtual is that you can have your Flat Eugene for as long as you’d like! Feel free to post pictures all summer! :D

No sign-ups are necessary anymore, but I would love it if you would express your interest in joining in this thread: http://www.odysseyscoop.com/forum/viewt ... 877#p95877
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