If you noticed things look a little different..

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If you noticed things look a little different..

Postby snubs » Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:32 pm

You'd be right! \:D/

Your walk from Whit's End to the Church has just gotten shorter. The Second Church of Odyssey has been relocated to McAlister Park just past the Harliquin Theatre! :)

This move was made because the more serious/general discussion forums are located in McAlister Park, while the roleplaying/fun forums are located in Old Gower Road. Thus, making MP a more fitting place for the Church.

Now, if we could direct your attention up the street a ways, you'll notice that Inventor's Corner (which used to be a faction in Subscription Based Content) is now a public subforum in Finneman's Market! If you don't know what Inventor's Corner was used for, it's the place to share your creations! The place for arts and crafts, drawings, fanfiction, songs, poetry, etc. If you invented it, you can share it in Inventor's Corner! \:D/

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