Odyssey Authors Edition 5

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Odyssey Authors Edition 5

Postby Kat » Mon Sep 03, 2007 11:16 am

Put together by Kat
Banner by Christina S

Happy Labor Day everyone, and while you are enjoying yourself, sit back and read the (short!) fifth edition of The Odyssey Authors!

A Riddle that Explained Everything
(c) Kat 2007
“Zach! Zach! Check this out! It’s a riddle.” yelled 12-year-old Maddie. She read it aloud, “A treasure waits for those who search. And spend the time, and do the work. In all the country, it thrives a lot. It’s all around and it can’t be bought. You see many; more than ten everyday. Maybe you’re one of them, that’s all I can say.”
“Wow, that’s really amazing.” Zach said unexcitedly. He was watching a TV show titled “America’s People”. He was watching it so attentively that he looked like a vegetable.
Maddie asked, “Do you think that we should try and decipher what this puzzling riddle means?”
“Mhmmm…hey Maddie, you go work on that. I’ll start thinking about it.” Zach said hollowly.
“I’m so annoyed with your ignorant immaturity.” Maddie gave him a disgusted look and ferociously stomped away.
When she got to her room, she flopped on her fluffy bed and looked at the rhyme intensely over and over. “This first part, ‘a treasure waits for those who search and spend the time and do the work.’ That must mean that it will take some work to solve the riddle. But that still doesn’t tell me anything about what the treasure is. This part does though: in all the country they thrive a lot. There are a bunch of things that are abundant in the United States. Bugs thrive here, but they are definitely NOT a treasure. Animals are also very popular here. But, I don’t really see why anybody would think that they were an American treasure. Humans thrive VERY much in the USA. They could very well be an American treasure because they serve in the army and coastguard. Humans also keep the environment clean and livable. Not to mention that the United States of America wouldn’t be here with out the citizens of this country. That must be it! The most wonderful treasures of America are the citizens of the United States of America!” exclaimed Maddie.
“Maddie! Come down to dinner!” Maddie’s mom called.
She ran downstairs like a cheetah and told her mom, “Mom, you’ll never guess what the biggest treasure of America is…”

Here's something I wrote when I was 10. It's about one of those Mr. Pooky dolls from Garfield. I just found it, and I thought it was really cute! I think I originally made it to shape half of a teddy bear.

My Little Bear
(c) Kat 2007

The little
bear sitting
on my bedside.
His name is Pooky and he was a
Christmas gift from my dad to me
He is brown and pink and even a little
black on his very small fuzzy face
His little name-tag hanging from
his neck shining in the light
He has a tuft of brown hair
on the top of his head
His stubby little arm sticking out from
his body. With pink spots on the tips.
He is so soft and cuddly. He is so mine!
Starring in a TV
show as a cat’s
small stuffed bear.
But to me he will
be something different than just a stuffed bear
He will be my pal and forever we will stay pals
A little brown bear being squeezed in my arms
Mr. Pooky bear loves being loved in my arms
slow thinking occurs
slow thinking occurs
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Postby Catspaw » Fri Sep 07, 2007 10:05 pm

Thanks for posting yet another edition of this paper! \:D/ I liked the mystery angle to the first one, because I was definitely trying to figure out the answer! (I didn't before the end. :( )

I liked the poem, too - that's very cute for something written when you were 10! As soon as I saw the bear's name I thought that it might be conected to the one from Garfield. :D
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