Odyssey Authors Edition 6

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Odyssey Authors Edition 6

Postby Kat » Tue Oct 02, 2007 6:39 pm

Put together by Kat
Banner by Christina S

Wild River Rapids A personal narrative
(c) Kat 2007
Imagine yourself pummeling down class five rapids and almost falling out of the raft on the New River Gorge in West Virginia. Now include ten middle school girls in that raft with you, screaming, laughing, and enjoying themselves while they paddle their way down river. That was my situation on an 80 degree, mid-August day. Clear skies were above us, creating ideal rafting conditions. Dressed in a bathing suit and a Personal Flotation Device, we set on our expedition that would turn out to be the best thrill of our lives.
After our ten-man raft had gone through ten rapids, we came to a class one rapid that we were allowed to float down. Our guide explained, “You will float between those rocks,” She pointed towards two rocks, one was just a roundly shaped rock, but the other was a square rock, except for the fact that it had an angular top. “The current will pull you through the rocks and bring you to what are called, ‘The Karma Whirlpools’. At this point, you may encounter a few small whirlpools that have the capability to pull you underwater. The longest you can be underwater is somewhere around ten seconds, give or take. And trust me, you will come back up!” A nervous chuckle waved through the raft. “Legend has it that the longer you stay underwater, the worse karma you have. So, now is your time to jump out of the raft!” the guide, Larah, exclaimed.
I flipped backwards in to the chilly water and started to float down the river. The rocks grew closer and closer to me as my anxiety lessened. I saw that it was a small rapid, so I flipped on my stomach. The river was wide, going through rocks that were about six feet across.
When I was 90 feet away and I could hear the slapping of the water against the rocks; just like the sound of when you put a seashell up to your ear and listen. As I got closer, I got a mouthful of water. It tasted bitter like when you don’t put enough sugar in a pitcher of Kool-aid, only with out the fruity flavor.
When I only had ten feet to go, I kept thinking, I’m just floating through a couple of rocks!
When distance to the rocks was miniscule, time turned in to slow motion. Water was rushing all around me, and I could smell the rusty scent of the rocks. The only thing that I could hear was just the rushing of the water, that is, until I got sucked under. Then it was silent, except for the sound of the bubbles that came from my nose as I breathed out. My eyes were wide open, trying to comprehend what had just happened. That wasn’t supposed to pull me under! It was just going through some rocks! I saw a rock underneath me, and then I felt it as my knee scraped against it. Pain pulsed its way through my body.
Finally I broke the surface. I shouted, “That was not what I thought was going to happen!”
I kept floating down the river for about ten feet and I reached the Karma Whirlpools. I could still hear the water hitting the rocks behind me. Suddenly, there was a force that was pulling on my feet, and before I noticed what was happening, I was spinning underwater, being pulled deeper. I was in the shape of a diamond; my hands were clasped together above my head, and my feet were pointed downward as the current kept pulling me. Five seconds passed, and I kept going lower. Eight seconds, nine seconds, ten seconds, and finally the current let me go. I made a beeline for air, and I came to the top, gasping.
Pulling me back into the raft, Larah said, “That was sweet, wasn’t it? You must have some really bad karma!” We all laughed at her comment. I realized that day that you never can judge something just by its appearance. Just because the rapid looked like another piece of the river flowing through rocks, didn’t mean it can’t turn out to be one of your favorite summer memories!

Summer's End
(c) Kat 2007

School has started
Summer's gone
No more sleeping all day long

The nights are longer
The days are shorter
You must obey your teacher's orders

The leaves fall
On the ground
The make a crunching sound

Say goodbye to heat
As it gets colder
A coming fall
Means that you're older
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Postby Catspaw » Sat Oct 06, 2007 10:29 pm

Wow, that narrative was cool! \:D/ That sounds scary! :thud:
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