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Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 5:39 pm 
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To Everyone,

Hello! Anouther Enigma is Upon us! ( I hope to have it done before the big aniversery!)

There is some explaining I have to do though, since a lot has changed since the first "tattler" Enigma and since "Mary Anne Ryan" roamed the streets of of the Town of Odyssey.

See, the first Enigma was made of Charactors that were either my Tattler aliasis, such as Thomas, Radar (who later becomes James) and Kateri herself (and her charactor went through major changes) or real people like AIOP and Catspaw and FRANK! and people I know in real life. There were very few truly fictonal chatactors in the first Enigma.

Since I started compiling everything to write a book based on the Enigma that I wrote... and more fiction was added, and "Andrea" became someone else, and not me. And the Enigma that you read lovingly called "the short version" Things are nothing like the origianl.... and it is bound to confuse someone.

As for it being a newspaper (See Jonathan I told you That I would explain it!) ha ha anyway, The first Enigma was posted in the Newspaper section because it was part of The Tattler, wich was a newspaper.... right! I just left it there after that, yet I knew there would be a time when it would have to be moved.....and the time has come! (the wallrus said... ;) ) Ahem... It will now be posted in the Inventor's corner and all the "sections" as they are now called... will be posted in one thread. (cheres from Shadowpaw! ;) )

As some of you noticed, in the last Enigma some names were changed. since they were named either their screan name or a temporaroy name... wich I did that to make it easier to bring the story line, and diologe. from the "short verson" to the longer one... Some names will stay the way I made them or will make them, but some temporary names will change. For example, Andrea's Maternal Grandparent's last name is not Woernicki, which i said it was, I am changing it because I may want to write about the real Wiernicki's and I don't want to confuse anyone So I changed it to Glinka.

So, there you go, I hope that explains some things. And I hope you enjuoy the next Edition of The Odyssey Enigma; Catalyst. it will actually be more of a mystery than the other's with a real murder (or what seems like one) and everything.

Thank you and Happy Reading!
Your's Truly
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Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 11:21 pm 
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Thanks for the explanation, Andrea! :D

*smiles at her computer screen and waits* O:)


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