ToO Mafia Rules (Updated--Read now!)

Evil has struck the ToO--whodunnit? Roleplay ToO Mafia and find out!

ToO Mafia Rules (Updated--Read now!)

Postby Marvin D. » Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:42 pm

Okay, so Jess wrote these rules (I think), but I've changed them. Just sayin'.

Read all of this before playing. It's important!

Normal Game Process:

1. The mod will PM everyone their roles. Mafia (Bones of Wrath) memebers will be made aware of who the other mafia members are. No other players should share their roles with another player.

2. The mod will post in the session thread that it is night time and the thread will be locked. For the first night, 72 hours will be the time limit for the Bones, Medic, and Sheriff to do what they have to do (see Roles), and after that, there will be 48 hours.

3. The mod will unlock the thread saying that it is day time and will announce if anyone was killed during the night. At this time, all players will have 72 (for the first day only) hours to discuss who they suspect as being Bones of Wrath members, and in turn, who they'd like to lynch. During this time players should discuss who they think are members of the Bones and why. This is also a time for people to admit that they are the sheriff/medic to save themselves (see notes with roles.) Each player must submit their vote on the thread before the 72 hours is up. Whoever has the most votes will be lynched. If there is a tie, the Mayor's vote will be the tiebreaker. The mod will announce the role of the person who was lynched. After day one, there will be only 48 hours allowed for discussion.

Steps 2 and 3 will repeat until Mafia out-number townspeople, or all mafia are dead.


Town Members

Townie/Odyssey Denizens: These people are the ones that the Bones are trying to kill off to take over the town. The ToOers do nothing during the night time, but are allowed to discuss/vote on who to lynch during the daytime. Townspeople can claim to be the sheriff/medic in order to save themselves, but this can backfire, and lead to the actual sheriff/medic coming out and being killed.

Mayor: The mayor is a townsperson. They have no special powers. However, in the event that their is a tie during the lynching vote, the mayor's vote will be the deciding vote. The mayor may either mafia or townie. No one other than the moderator will know who the mayor is.

Medic: The medic is able to select one person each night time to save. He may chose to save himself. They must PM the mod before the designated amount of time given is over to submit their vote. The medic participates in the town discussion of who to lynch, acting as a ToOer. He may choose to reveal him/herself, but this will almost surely lead to mafia killing him. The medic will typically reveal him/herself if he is about to be lynched. If another player is claiming to be the medic, the medic can choose to refute that claim, or to stay silent and keep himself safe.

Sheriff: The sheriff is able to investigate during the night. He chooses one person to investigate. (Time limit as above). The Mod will tell the sheriff the role of this person (nurse, towns person, mafia.) The sheriff participates in the town discussion of who to lynch, acting as a town person. He may choose to reveal him/herself, but this will almost surely lead to mafia killing him/her. The sheriff will typically reveal him/herself if he is about to be lynched. If another player is claiming to be the Sheriff, the sheriff can choose to refute that claim, or to stay silent and keep him/herself safe.

Bones of Wrath

Mafia: Members of the Bones collaborate during the night time to choose a towns person to kill. They communicate via PM with one another, with the moderator included. Like the townies/mafia do in the day, they must vote on who to kill. ONE member of the mafia (the Godfather) should PM the mod before the 72/48 hours are up to submit their kill vote. The Bones participate in the town discussion of who to lynch, pretending they are a townie.


1. You cannot discuss anything about the game outside of the thread.
2. You can be removed if you continue to be a major pain.
3. If you are alive, you must vote during each round. If you miss two votes, you're out for the game after discussion. When you post your official vote for lynching, it MUST look like this:
VOTE: screenname In other words, it must be at the end of your post (or tied in with how you RP), in bold, black, and the person you voted for must be spaced away by one space from the word vote.
4. Any questions should be posted in the Mafia Discussion thread. The game will be played in a separate thread.
5. You may not vote for yourself.

1. When you post in the game, please use first person (I walked up to the town square and saw who was killed.) or third person (J walked up the town square and saw who was killed).
2. Try to to keep your posts longer than a few words. Never do:
Blah blah blah.
VOTE: Bear
(I'm sorry...I had to, Rad.)
3. If you have a question, post in the stickied "Mafia Discussion" thread. That will be running for all games. There will be a sign up thread for each round, and then an actual thread to RP in.


Vengeful Townie
This is a ToOer, but has one special power-if voted for and is lynched, he must PM the mod with who he wants to go down with.

This user, a Bones member, cannot be detected when searched by the sherriff. If possible, this user must also be the one to submit the final kill. When going to kill someone, the Bones must provide a way of death for the moderator to incorporate into story form. Otherwise, you'll like like a total fool, and could possibly leave hints as to who are Bones.

Note: This is not a complete list; we can have more roles. These are just the basics.

Further information:

Okay, so I think this sums it up. More roles may come in depending on how many people play, but if you have a question, post it in the Mafia Discussion.
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