Some Poetry

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Some Poetry

Postby ric » Wed May 08, 2013 9:54 am

Some stuff I wrote. There's a bunch of it scattered throughout my school papers, so I may add more as I find it.
My one objection is to say:
"How's that working out so far?"
But can I see beyond the stars?
Or in the blind spot of a car?
I hope to see, one far-off day,
The biggest picture, and to say
"It's worked out quite well in the end;
I was a fool ever to stray."

Absent of thought is how I always seem
When poetry I am required to write;
A certain way at certain time - daydreams
Of effort, 'stead of natural sleep at night.

I much prefer my soul to gradually fill
'Till, overflowing, words spring freely forth,
Not altered my much thought and brought to nil,
For spontaneity is the better sort.

To search my head for perfect words that rhyme
And count the syllables - "Make sure there are ten!" -
May sometimes seem a waste of precious time,
And even now I hit a wall again.

Yet he who speaks in poetry tells no lies,
And truth shines all the brighter to his eyes
Ironically, I was required to write this sonnet for literature class. :p

-- 22 May 2013, 13:11 --

Here's one I entered in a contest and recently got the news that it's going to be published!


Guardians of the sky, they reach
To Heaven like steeples of earth's Church;
An ancient cathedral where birds preach,
And climb in spirals to the peaks
Covered in snow. Nests they have there,
Like the attic rooms of a country pastor
To whom the House of God is the only care,
Where they rest closer to Heaven than earth.

A traveler yearning for higher things asks
"O Guardians, will you let me pass?"
Isaiah 6
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Re: Some Poetry

Postby Catspaw » Mon Dec 26, 2016 3:19 pm

Hey ric, I know it's three years late, but I really enjoyed reading your poems! :D I hope the publishing thing worked out! I love the imagery in the Mountains poem.
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