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Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:32 am 
laugh with the wind
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Normal Insanity
“So, you have heard my story, as it has been told and retold by ignorant lips. With each telling more shadows have been cast over the truth and the outlined shape of my supposed insanity has grown broader and darker. I know it is so, for I too have heard it told. Almost daily I hear it whispered by innumerable voices which even now echo in my ears.
“I can see that same story now, in your I have little hope that you have come to hear the truth. But, if that is not the reason that you have come, why then are you here? You have come to stare at me no doubt.
“From the day I rid myself of that one terrible eye, a whole host has risen up to take its place. These wardens, in the guise of doctors and nurses with their starched white uniforms, watch me at all hours with mockery in their eyes as they revel in the joke of this sane man trapped in an asylum.

"These wretched souls, in whose midst they have so unjustly cast me, never cease their staring. I am surrounded by these scowling lunatics with eyes like red coals, hot with emotions without the flame of real intelligence; showing nothing but the singular desire to get their hands around my throat. I am confronted on every side by gaping-mouthed simpletons with vacant eyes like empty vacuums attempting to suck both life and intellect into their nothingness.
“Just look at them, then look at me. Just see. I have eyes as bright and clear as any man could wish, how then can you believe me to be of the same ilk as these creatures? We are not the same; were are opposites. Their eyes, their faces, their manners, their senselessness-all are an effrontery to me. They assault my very soul with their embodiment of that particular form of hideousness which was also made manifest the old man’s eye.
“Tell me, how can it be fair to judge us as the same when they increase ugliness and I meant only to rid the world of that small portion which was nearest me? It seems to me that my actions were better fitted for reward than punishment. There was once a time when destruction of any grotesque object was praised an celebrated, when I would have been hailed and worshiped as a hero by the very same people which today shun and despise me as the villain.
“Ha! You see, I have just come around to the truth with the simplest logic possible. Madness has not taken its hold in me, but in this age in which we live. I am truly a sane man living in an era of insanity. Yes, I have wondered at my fate and never found the answer before, but I see quite clearly now that this is the obvious reason.
“With every moment of consideration my life of these last years comes into greater focus. They all recognized my sanity and hated it because they knew there was nothing like it in themselves. It has all been a farce to gratify there own madness by pretending that they are in all ways natural and I am the one who suffers some sickness of the mind. All of them -the beady-eyed man who first asserted the idea, the pompous black-robed judge who so gleefully sealed my fate, and even you.
“Yes, even you are included in this plot. Why else would you look at me with that panicked light in your eyes, unless it is because I have discovered the secret and you have some part in it? What? Even still you try do deny it! Even after I have found the truth you insist in continuing the ruse! But see now, what an advantageous position I am in. For just now none of your comrades are near. You and I are alone, and now I will get to the truth behind your deceitful eyes if I must pluck them out to reach it!”


I started a comic. \:D/ "And there's no one to stand around looking impressed"....seriously "what is the point of having you all." :x ;-)
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