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Re: Favorite Books

Postby Parakeet » Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:12 pm

im loving all Rick Riordan books rn... but hes writing like 3 series at the same time so its kinda hard to keep track: Magnus Chase, Kane Chronicles and Trials of Apollo

i like action, adventure, mythology, dragons, etc.
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Re: Favorite Books

Postby GJ » Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:51 pm

It's nice to see you posting, HisPrincsss! :)

I love Harry Potter, Books of Bayern, Lois Lowry's works. Anne of the Green Gables series, The Homelanders series, and anything by Wendelin Van Draanen. :)
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Re: Favorite Books

Postby Kaida » Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:54 pm

My favorite book is Little Women. Other favorites I have are Peter Pan, Magician's Nephew and the rest of the Narnia series, Half Magic, Mark of the Lion series, and.... I think that's it. I recently read Peter Pan again and my goodness. It was so good. So funny. It's so silly but it's the silly I like. I had to read parts of it out loud for my sister because it's a book that is just so much fun to read out loud to someone.
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