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Violence or Romance, which one?

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Postby LonelyNation » Sat Nov 26, 2005 11:17 pm

JesusFreak777 wrote:
LonelyNation wrote:I like romance novels--not sappy romance of course, but true amazing, complicated romance (George MacDonald is the ONLY author I have found to be able to write such novels)
All the 'christian' romance novel's I've read (w/ the exception of Michael Philips) I have ended them thinking that they were poop, fake, and not worth recommending.

Check out Dee Henderson, you just might change that tune ;)

*sigh* I should. I was making a hasty generalization (seeing as how I haven't read too too many 'christian romance' novels...) I guess I should check out some more before I completely give up on them :D
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