Save Jonathan Park!

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Save Jonathan Park!

Postby Peachey Keen » Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:01 pm

The future of the popular Creation adventure radio drama series, Jonathan Park, is uncertain. Vision Forum, the ministry that funded the show, has closed it's doors. The creators of JP, the Roys, want to buy the rights back and produce new episodes under CreationWorks, their own Creation ministry. To do this, they need to raise $100,000. They've set up a page on Fundable for fans to pledge money with rewards for each money tier. They've only got 20% of it raised with 22 days left.

If you're a fan of audio drama (which I think all of us here are) and/or wanting to help more people hear the message of Biblical Creation, then I strongly ask you to help support it if you're able. I know I sure am!

I love the ToO!
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