Regenerating the Book Club!

A place for book-lovers to read and discuss books together! We'll be reading one book each month. All are welcome to join at any time!

Regenerating the Book Club!

Postby The Doctor » Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:36 am


I'm happy to announce that Doctor Song's first event officially starts NOW! \:D/

You'll notice there's a new forum on the block. The Book Club is a forum dedicated to reading and community by, well, reading as a community! \:D/

We've chosen the first book already. You can sign up for membership in the Book Club immediately. :) Once you've done that, be sure to suggest some books for us to read in the future! :D

We hope you'll enjoy this new feature of the ToO. I'm looking forward to reading with you all! :)
I'll catch up to Bren!
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