A Study in Pink parallels

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A Study in Pink parallels

Postby Woody » Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:03 pm

I've been waiting to start this thread ever since we first chose the book. So, for those of you that watch the BBC show Sherlock, you know that the first episode, A Study in Pink, is based on this story. I wanted to discuss what's similar, and what's different in between the two tales.

Warning: Spoilers from both stories follow

Obviously, the word RACHE is a link. The cab driver as well. It's not a surprise that they cut out all the derogatory-toward-Mormons bits for the modern-day. I was also surprised that the idea of serial suicides was unique to the BBC version. Of course, that stems from the pills which are in both versions.
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Re: A Study in Pink parallels

Postby bookworm » Tue Oct 20, 2015 4:40 pm

Though I didn't participate in this, I had compared the two last time I read it on my own so I may as well quote myself for the interested.
bookworm wrote:Lots of details were changed, but the story was kept the same to a surprising degree. It played out more or less the same way, save the conclusion. (And of course small things like four victims instead of two, stuff like that. Those kinds of deviations aren’t even worth noting because it’s to be expected in this kind of retelling of a story.) Sherlock’s deductions unfolded along pretty much the same route as the book, and he took mostly the same kind of actions. (For example, using the deduction that the killer left behind the suitcase the same way in the book he uses the deduction he left behind a ring, to lure him into revealing himself.) I also caught something that may or may not have been an intentional nod to the original story, I’m not sure because it’s so small. In the book a policeman briefly suspects Sherlock may be involved in the murder because he knew so much about what had happened. (Through his observations.) In the episode, Watson briefly thinks Sherlock may have something to do with the murder because he had the lady’s suitcase. Not sure if that’s an intended parallel, but I thought it was neat. The purpose of ‘Rache’ was different as well, but that was because of the new ending.

The resolution was where all the change really was. Instead of just figuring out who the culprit was and turning him over to the police, Sherlock becomes his final victim. Instead of the murderer acting out of a personal revenge, he’s acting for Moriarty. Which they had to change to accommodate the series’ running underplot. So his reason is different, but his motivation is somewhat the same. He is still dying so he has nothing to lose, and he is still doing what he’s doing for a ‘good’ reason. It’s out of concern for his children this time instead of avenging his former lover is all.

So all in all it was a very well done retelling. Again, different details, as is expected, but most all of the actual story left intact. Except for the Mormon stuff of course. And, as I already said, the reimagining of Sherlock and Watson’s first meeting was excellent. A perfect update to a modern setting.
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