Questions: Day 4!

Questions: Day 4!

Postby Jehoshaphat » Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:38 am

This is the second to last set of questions. The answers will be due by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016. Please pm my your answers. Good Luck!

1. Whoever hates his brother is what?
2. Why did they bring Abishag to King David?
3. In what way was Asa afflicted in his old age?
4. Where in the Bible does it refer to 'Five Golden Emerods' and 'five golden mice'?
5. How many lords did the Philistines have during Samuel's childhood?
6. On the way to find his asses, Saul met three men at Tabor. What were they carrying?
7. Sisera was captain of what host?
8. Under what kind of tree did Saul tarry at Gibeah?
9. Where was Goliath from?
10. What was the weight of Goliath's spear head?
11. How much gold was plundered after the battle with the Midianites?
12. How long did Joash reign as king?
13. Who succeeded Uzziah as king?
14. How long did Jotham reign as king?
15. Who succeeded Jotham as king?
16. How old was Ahaz when he became king of Judah?
17. What son of Josiah only reigned as king for three months?
18. How many sons did Ahab have in Samaria?
19. How old was Azariah when he became king?
20. Where was Amon buried?
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