Questions: Day 5

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Questions: Day 5

Postby Woody » Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:35 pm

Again, I've filled in what I could find. Calling specific attention to 1, 2, 6, 12, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25.

1. How much was a 20 year old male worth in Israel during the time of Moses? No idea here. I'll look, but I have doubts I can find it.
2. How many total lepers did Jesus heal, as recorded in all of the Bible? I'll flip through the gospels and count. But I think we should both count, to be sure we have the same number.
3. Boanerges was the surname of whom? James and John, Mark 3:17
4. How long had the woman had 'the issue of blood' before she was healed by touching the garment of Jesus? 12 years, Luke 8:43
5. What prophet described Nineveh as a 'bloody city full of lies and robbery'? Nahum, Nahum 3:1
6. What does the Lord tell the people of Nineveh he will see upon their face? No clue yet on this one. I'll be looking, but all help is appreciated.
7. What action did Nehemiah perform to symbolize God's punishment on those who would continue to mistreat their Jewish brethren? Shook out the fold of his garment, Nehemiah 5:13
8. How long did it take to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem under Nehemiah's leadership? I think this one is 52 days, per Nehemiah 6:15, but clarification would be helpful.
9. How many men did the Jews destroy In Shushan the Citadel the first day of fighting? 500, 510 if you count Haman's sons, Esther 9:12
10. What happened to Haman's sons after King Ahasuerus (Xerxes) had him killed? They were killed and hanged, Esther 9:12-14
11. According to the book of Numbers, what livestock is to be sacrificed every Sabbath day? Two lambs in their first year, Numbers 28:9
12. What feared beasts are admired in Lamentations? There's a lot of animals mentioned, including lions, bears, and hyenas, but none of them are called "feared beasts", or particularly admired. Clarification is needed on this one.
13. What is as cruel as the grave according to Solomon’s bride? Jealousy, Song of Solomon 7:6
14. What does Solomon compare his love’s hair to? A flock of goats winding down the slopes of Gilead, Song of Solomon 4:1
15. After Jesus blessed the disciples' efforts, how many fish was Simon Peter able to catch? 153, John 21:11
16. In the second census taken in the book of Numbers, which tribe numbered the most Judah, Numbers 26
17. Whose ten sons were hanged? Haman's, Esther 9:14
18. In which chapter in the book of Numbers does God explain the laws of vows? Numbers 30
19. Where did the Israelites first stop after leaving Egypt?' Succoth? Exodus 12:37 (not positive on this one, just picked the first name post-Exodus.
20. Who wrote the book of Philippians? Paul and Timothy, Philippians 1:1
21. What is Paul's prayer on behalf of the Philippians? Is this referring to Philippians 1:9?
22. Why did God highly exalt Jesus? Is this referring to Philippians 2:8?
23. Who was saved from the battle of Jericho? Rahab and her family? Not sure if we're looking for a specific verse here.
24. What was the city of Jerusalem known as before its fall? Is this referring to Salem, Jerusalem's original name?
25. What did the phrase 'the apple of thine eye' originally refer to (thine being the Lord's)? I found four occurrences of the phrase, Deuteronomy 32:10, Zechariah 2:8, Psalm 17:8, and Lamentations 2:18. Which one am I looking for?
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