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What did you think of "Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion, Part 2"?
5 stars: Maximum beastliness 25%  25%  [ 1 ]
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3 stars: Moderately beastly 50%  50%  [ 2 ]
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Total votes : 4
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 Post Post subject: 422: Passages: Fletcher’s Rebellion, Part II
Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:25 pm 
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This is the companion review to Lizzie's review of Part I, which you can still discuss in the Episode Reviews subforum. I won't go over the same basic information that she already covered. :)

I think that all members of the TownHall should consider this a favourite episode - I had to smirk at the discussion regarding blowing up the Town Hall and the army mob looking for who was responsible for the destruction of their beloved Town Hall that overlaps between the two parts. Good times! ;)

On a more serious note, I hadn't listened to Passages in several years, so I didn't remember all the details. It was really interesting to listen again and hear the adventure, and the style of the story, with Tom and adult Alice talking throughout the story. It definitely set it apart from Imagination Station adventures in that it wasn't a big chunk of story and then maybe a little talking. Sometimes every few lines it would switch back and forth.

I found the ending very sad, and I wished that Alice had stayed longer. Tom asks her if she'd like to go to the farm and see Timmy's cabin, but she says she has to go. I would have liked an ending with them heading out to the farm together, with it fading as Tom was in the middle of telling Alice a favourite story about Timmy, or at least a stronger indication that they would stay in touch. Tom's time looking at Timmy's journal with fresh eyes and his reflections about the reality of Marus were really nice to have - it's not that I disliked the way the episode did end. I just wanted more of a connection between Tom and Alice, since Timmy was important to both of them. I'd like to think that Tom did contact Alice to let her know what he read about Timmy mentioning Marus, and maybe inviting her out to the farm again. When she came, they would talk about Timmy and Marus and Alice's future and get to share more before they ran out of time on this earth. But I'm imaginative like that. ;)

Discussion Questions:

- Does anybody else have a different take on how they think the episode could have ended, or what happened afterwards?
- Why do you think Tom was reluctant to believe in Marus as more than just the product of a child's imagination? Are there any parallels between that and why we sometimes struggle to accept parts of the Bible?
- What is the most compelling aspect of Marus for you?


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 Post Post subject: Re: 422: Passages: Fletcher’s Rebellion, Part II
Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:50 pm 
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Haha, nice poll. \:D/


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