First Episode of Season 58: The Ties That Bind!

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First Episode of Season 58: The Ties That Bind!

Postby Pound Foolish » Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:17 pm

Mmkay, here goes. I feel a bit odd, starting this topic. But well, here it's been approximately twenty days since the big news came. It's hard not to do just a bit of quick braggin' here. All that had to happen is one Tooite goes on a pilgrimage to the official Whit's End site, and low and behold. On the home page, it says, "Listen to the Ties that Bind, part 1 now!" And then trouble to put it on the ToO. And the Soda Shop jumped on it the day it was out. Yay, us Soda Shoppers!

Okay, I just HAD to say all that, but that is not the point, obviously. You guys enjoy. It's an excellent episode, very fun and packed with lots of fan-wishes granted. Plus, there's an unforgettably awesome line by Connie right at the beginning I won't give way. You'll know what I'm referring to when you hear it. :)
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Re: First Episode of Season 58: The Ties That Bind!

Postby Woody » Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:15 pm


But seriously, though. Here's my review. Please note that it has been awhile since I listened to the episode, so this review is based upon my remembrance of it:

So far, I'm a bit disappointed at the predictability and corniness of what I've heard of this album. I mean, they couldn't think of a better way to re-introduce Jules than having her go up on stage at Comic-Connelsville? I think an awkward scene where she walks into Whit's End to find Connie would have been much better. Not to mention Buck. Connie said it well herself. Everybody knows that Eugene and Katrina will adopt him. And Whit's confrontation scene with Ms. Adelaide would have been much better if they had been just a little more specific about what they were talking about(I realize the whole young kids thing, but personally I think they see worse in the real world than a character on a radio show plainly saying that he opposes marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman.) I'm not saying they should just blatantly expose kids to the darker parts of the world, but they can't just let the album ride on vague terms like "God's design for family", and "tolerance". From what we heard, Whit could have been opposing any number of things. Hopefully that little issue will be resolved later on. As far as predictability, isn't it obvious that Jules is the Perilous Pen? >_>

Though Connie's line was pretty good xD
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Re: First Episode of Season 58: The Ties That Bind!

Postby The Kings Daughter » Tue Aug 05, 2014 4:29 pm

I'm just going to make comments as I go through listening. ;)

Oh no, Part 1. No wonder they're releasing it.

"So..what's going on?" - Connie. Some things never change. ♥

Connie's 'predictable' comment. So good.

Is Connie going to have a kid in the next few years? Like, a replacement Connie? That would be weird.

[note to self] 14:59 pick up later.

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