743: Mission: Unaccomplished, Part 1

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743: Mission: Unaccomplished, Part 1

Postby Taq » Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:47 am

Let's hear your thoughts on this Kenyan adventure! \:D/

Coming back to Adventures in Odyssey after not having listened to it for at least a year, it's weird. I feel like I know the Parker family. And I like them. I love that the mom is going to get to put her nursing skills into practice. I like that Camilla is into knitting and soccer and that Olivia is into filming the trip.

I can definitely identify with Mr. Parker who fractured his right radius and couldn't physically build the school like he was expecting. In May 2014, I was hit by a car while riding my bike, training for a triathlon that would be in six days. Two fractures in my right wrist were missed in the ER, and I ended up having a successful surgery in September getting a bone graft and one screw.

Perhaps I'm enjoying these episodes so much because I'm into healthcare and missions! :)

Again, I'm loving the documentary with the footage of the Maasai people and the boy who's doing chores to sponsor a child.
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Re: 743: Mission: Unaccomplished, Part 1

Postby Leonard Meltsner » Mon Feb 02, 2015 6:59 pm

Eugene-"Well, the sequence of events occured with extreme rapidity, but I shall attempt to recall them. I was powering my two-wheeler along this concrete pathway, when your personnage suddenly appeared directly in front of me blocking my course. My reflexes immediately sprang to life in an attempt to navigate an evasive manouveur around you while still maintaining course and speed, but I evidently over-compensated, and my Schwinn careened off the hardened path, taking me with it, and up-ended us both in this shrub, a Rhododendron of the heath family I believe, deducing from the leathery evergreen leaves, as distinguished from the deciduous Azalea, which as we all know is..."
Isaac-"You mean, you crashed into this bush cause I got in your way."
Eugene-"Well, that of course is another way of expressing it." Isaac the Benevolent
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