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Mount & Blade

Postby Fang-wa » Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:12 am

Has anyone played this? It's a pretty fun game, but very time consuming. It's a sandbox campaign, with RPG elements, and all the battles take place in first/third person. The thing I love best about this game is it's medieval; medieval fantasy, but still medieval in technology. You're running around doing first/third POV battle with medieval weapons! Sure, it doesn't have the best graphics ever made, but isn't it worth it for a first person shooter with swords, shields, bows, crossbows, battlehammers, lances, and a few more?

I've mainly played Mount & Blade: Warband (the second Mount & Blade, basically). There is also the first game, of which Warband is, I believe, basically an improvement (better graphics, a couple more kingdoms...). With Fire and Sword I have not played...maybe at all. Napoleonic Wars I have played a very small amount (the tutorial and a little multiplayer), and this has swords, guns, and cannons (probably more that I didn't see).

Here's a screenshot from Warband:
Here the player character is probably in first person atop a horse. I imagine if he were to look down we could see the horse's head. I guess you'll have to open the image in a new window to see the full thing, but this gives the gist of it anyway.
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