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Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:22 pm 
I got this...
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Hey there! I'm writing a book but I'm separating them into Volumes. Here is Volume 1 for free! If you like it keep reading for information on how to read more! Here goes:

I know I'm not good at determining feelings, but I could tell Krysta was mad. Very, very mad. Now I just had to figure out what I did wrong this time.
"Well?" She demanded.
Oh, no. I had zoned out again. I decided to make an intelligent statement that meant I cared about her but accidentally started daydreaming.
"Um... what?"
"Ugh!" She stomped away down the school hallway to her locker. My only talent seems to be wrecking things with my overactive imagination. I sighed, staring after her, then picked up my backpack and headed for my own locker. Before I could retrieve my science essay on atoms, however, the bell rang, signaling my next class was in five minutes. Great. Now my imagination has not only made my best friend mad at me, but it also caused me to be late for science class, which is at the other end of my huge school and is taught by the ever strict Mr. Danton. As I rushed down the hall, I heard someone call my name.
"Hey, Michael! What's up?" I turned. It was Clumsy Cal, as he was known by most people. He was rushing to catch up to me, and as he did so, he accidentally dropped a handful of pencils and tripped three people with his neon green sneakers (hence the nickname). Although he had caused chaos only moments before, he was still grinning as he caught up to me.
"Hey, Cal." I replied. Cal is my other best friend and my science partner this week. We walked together into the classroom, where Mr. Danton was collecting homework. We hurriedly sat at our desks and pulled out our homework just as he got to my desk. He silently accepted my homework, but asked me to be more punctual next time. When the bell finally rang, everyone stampeded out the door, eager to get home. Cal, who lives thirty minutes walking distance from the school, galumphed to the bus while I trudged to the sidewalk. I live ten minutes away if I walk home, but five if I run. My mood tempted me to walk, but I knew my ten year old sister would want me to be home as soon as possible. She hates coming home to an empty house (my dad is in Scotland for a work trip and my mom works at a bank until five). So, I jogged home. As I waved at the neighbors' adorable dog who was yapping his head off, I decided I'd share a couple Oreos with Zoey (my sister). Panting, I headed up the driveway and reached for the house keys. Once I reached the front door, I stopped short, and I immediately knew something was very, very wrong.

So, what did you think? Feedback is needed please :) If you want to find out what happens next, Volume 2 will be released shortly (I'll announce it here) and you can send me $5 with mmam2 in the message part. This way I know you're not just giving me money and I'll be able to PM it to you.

In the future you will be able to PM me saying (for example) mmam5 or mmam22 (depending on which volume you would like). Does this make any sense? Okay I hope it does and volume 2 will be released soon! It will be announced here so don't miss it :D thanks guys!! \:D/

"Remember: we have nothing to fear, except being afraid.. of itself! Or something like that!" -Alex Jefferson

"She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future." Proverbs 31:25

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