~~~ Odyssey Episode Competition: Season 5 Finale ~~~VOTE NOW

Whit's wiping down the counter, Connie's mopping the floor, and the kids are sipping on their milkshakes. If you want to talk about Adventures in Odyssey the radio drama, this is the spot to do just that!

Out of the final two Odyssey Episodes, which one is your favorite??

Poll ended at Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:06 am

The Painting
Strange Boy in a Strange Land
Total votes : 9

~~~ Odyssey Episode Competition: Season 5 Finale ~~~VOTE NOW

Postby shadowdog » Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:06 am

We have our final two episodes!!!

The Painting
Strange Boy in a Strange Land

Which episode will win?

Please choose your favorite Odyssey Episode of the two above in the poll.

The poll will be open for one week.

Whichever episode has more votes will win!!! (you will not be able to see the results until the poll has closed)

In case of a tie, whichever movie had more points before the poll started will win. (In this case, Strange Boy in a Strange Land would win)

Feel free to discuss which episode you voted for and why. (Unless you want to keep it a secret ;) )

After we have a winner, I will hold an awards ceremony. Stay tuned! :D

I encourage everyone to listen to both episodes, in order to give an honest opinion. ;)
Thanks to everyone voting!
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