The Rydell Saga

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The Rydell Saga

Postby Scientific Guy » Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:32 pm

AIOWiki: Rydell Saga
I've been working on the Morrie Rydell saga on the wiki and I'm up to the point where I get to make conjectures. So what do you think Morrie's up to?
My theory:
Morrie gets Emily elected on purpose, for some reason.
He opens a specific locker to find some information, but decides that it'll be worth it to see if Emily and Matthew can keep up with him if he opens all of them.
He tries to frame his sister and Dion Farkus by giving Dion a key, Emily a haiku, and suggesting that Mr. Redekop set up a camera.
Whatever secret he's looking for can be deciphered with the Nazi Enigma Machine, which he keeps in a secret hiding place.
Things went awry where he previously lived (perhaps Japan but we can't be sure). Not sure about this one.

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